March 26th, 2012
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Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: La La, Brandy, Christina Milian, Willow Smith, and More!
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Happy Monday! How did the weekend treat ya?

Good I hope. Seems like our fave celebs had a good time—let’s take a look…

La La Anthony hit the 23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards in a form-fitting coral and cream number. I’m indifferent on the outfit, but hair and makeup look good as usual.

Malika Haqq celebrated her birthday over the weekend in an interesting little Mason by Michelle Mason color block jersey stretch dress. I love the beige paired with the lemon, but the shoes seem too heavy, no? I’d also love to see her with softer brows.

Dag, what happened to Jason Derulo? He and girlfriend Jordin Sparks hit Celebrity Fight Night XIII (and let the jokes write themselves). Jordin looks cute in her leopard print Roberto Cavalli frock, but that random leather on Jason’s Juun J. banded blazer looks like he got run over by a truck (which would explain the neck brace). Hmm…

Is it written in Esperanza Spalding‘s contract not to smile? Sheesh. Even at the signing of her new album it was pic after pic of this glum mug.

*whispers* and truth be told, I thought this was Jaden Smith at first glance.

Christina Milian looked absolutely GORGEOUS from head to toe while having a mommy’s night out this weekend. Even with the flash you can tell her makeup is great. I like how a simple outfit gets a little edge with the grommets on her Versace x H&M jacket and Fendi bag. Plus I love her Giuseppe Zanotti sculpted Jem sandals (dang, everyone has a pair, huh?). Hot!

Brandy hit the ATL and posed with TI. I give Brandy her 10′s for this makeup–honey’s face is BEAT!!! However, she gets disqualified for the visible lace front glue. Boo!!!

Speaking of ATL, Tiny‘s daughter Zonnique turned 16 this weekend and had a big extravangza that brought out all 128 colors in the Crayola box. I’m likely just hating because my mom would never let me have blue hair and matching lipstick when I was a teen. But hey, as long as the girls are all well-behaved and bring home all As, let them have at it with the hair color I guess.

And finally, speaking of hair color, little Willow Smith is now rocking a Lemonhead inspired look. Lucky kid, I guess. When I was 11 my mom wouldn’t even let me wear my two little cornrows in the front of my hair. And my wardrobe certainly wasn’t anywhere near this cool. *sigh* That’s Hollywood for ya!

And that also rounds out this weekend’s hot or hmm. Any looks make your favorites list?


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27 Responses to “Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: La La, Brandy, Christina Milian, Willow Smith, and More!”

  1. ugk says:

    i love lala dress DEETS Por Favor!!!

  2. erika0182 says:

    I understand allowing your kids to express themselves but this is getting ridiculous. Will and Jada, really?!?! O_o

  3. mary says:

    holding hands with gf??? willow did i miss something?

  4. Alyssa says:

    @mary or you know….it could be her nanny. smh she’s 11!

  5. Dom says:

    La la looks fab! I love that dress.

    The leather in Jason’s jacket looks like it matches the brace. A poor choice.

    As for Willow what’s the big deal? Why can’t kids hold hands with a friend without sick adults throwing their own freaking issues over something so innocent?

  6. Vanessa says:

    I like Lala’s dress. Love how it fits her body. Jason Derulo broke his neck because he fell off the stage while rehearsing. I don’t like Sparks dress. Brandy can do better and clean off that glue. I like Christina’s jacket as well,totally hot

  7. Rae says:

    Jason Derulo’s jacket is HIDEOUS!!

  8. FashionOne says:

    Love Lala dress…Hot!

  9. I don’t know what inspired LaLa to wear her Halloween clutch and Easter dress together, but ok…I won’t comment on Jason, he’s having a bad enough day. Christina Milian looks great from head to toe! I love everything about it. The OMG girls look cute, I love those orange wedges. Willow looks like Boy George, I can’t with the yellow hair.

  10. cyd says:

    i love the little OMG girls….they look so cute, fun and well behaved!!! I give my props to Miss Tiny!

    Willow is truely her own person and you cant do nothing but accept it!!

    Christina’s Giuseppe’s are to die for and La La stays on point.

    Does anyone know who is applying my girl Brandy’s wigs because this seems to be happening way too often :-( I think her hairstylist has a bad eye or something…either the wigs are too low or the glue is showing everywhere…..( shruggin my shoulders)

  11. Utibe A. says:

    Random: I didn’t know Jason and Jordin ever dated. I must be having too much fun under this rock. lol

    I love La La’s dress. I love her whole look (minus that clutch).

    I agree with you Danielle. My parents would have NEVER let me do all these crazy things with my hair when I was younger. Hollywood or not, I find this whole trend ridiculous, they are kids. Be kids. These parents can say no at things like this, sheesh. lol

    To this day, I still have not a clue how a lace front is applied to the head, so I don’t know about the glue and stuff. Her makeup is usually on point though. lol

  12. Empress says:

    Love Lala’s dress..Love Christina’s shoes…

    As for those heel-less shoes…Are there any affordable options other than Zanotti?

  13. metoo247 says:

    I love how Willow always has a huge smile on her face :-)

  14. Grace says:

    I love Lala’s dress.
    I wish Malika would switch up that heavy looking weave for once. She’s been wearing that syle since the beginning of time.
    I don’t see how Will and Jada’s awkward looking child is post-worthy…

  15. terilili says:

    I actually LOVE Willow’s hair like this. The fact that she wears it so short, I think, allows for creativity with regard to the color without it being over the top. Honestly, if my daughter kept her hair short like that, I’d probably be okay with the yellow. Especially if she were a pop singer.

  16. shelly says:

    Dang! Lala almost had it all right until someone pointed out that purse to me, smh. What was Lala thinking? Sigh…

    And yes, I love T.I., Tiny, and their family. And I think the OMG Girlz are adorable! Their outfits are always cute.

    And to @ Utibe A., you see how it’s light around Brandy’s hairline? That’s the lacefront glue, smh. So freaking tacky!!!! My only guess (and hope) is that the camera flash makes it visible…because I really hope she doesn’t leave the house looking like that.

    And speaking of tacky…Christina Milian always looks it to me. She always has too much going on, and in this outfit, it is the jacket and the purse. The both are embellished, so let one be the star. From the neck up, she is gorgeous, as always.

    And I didn’t know Jordin and Jason were an item! They make a cute little pop couple. I wonder if a duet (or collabo, as they say nowadays) could be coming soon, lol.

  17. laurafashionablyblessed says:

    has anyone ever seen malika with a different hairstyle?evvvvverrrrr?

  18. Monica says:

    Brandy’s lacefront = negative.

  19. Tifani says:

    If Lala would’ve worn a diffent clutch she would’ve looked perfect. @Shelly you’re so right about Christinia Millian, her outffit was doing waaay too much … Brandy never gets it rarely gets it right when it comes to her hair.

  20. Raven says:

    LOL @laurafashionablyblessed

    Come to think of it, I’ve never seen Malika with any other hairstyle…

  21. binks says:

    Lol Danielle…jaden though? Boy to be a teen today. I say the kids took it for me this weekend. I love Willow style she is a cute little girl who definately marches to her own beat

  22. Shanon says:

    Lol sooo much to say about this post!
    Jordan Sparx and Jason Derulo? This whole time I could have sworn he was gay. lls.

    Christina Milian looks adorable I love her look!

    Willow Smith? lol How old is she now? Her parents are allowing her to do the most with her hair! Im not really a fan of her looks lately, it’s real cool they’re completely supportive creatively though.

  23. lanenabuena says:

    LaLa Looks amazing love it! Ella siempre estas muy hermosa!!

  24. SHAQ NICHOLE says:

    LMBO @ Danielle. For real brandy, what’s up with that?!??!! And not only is her lace front glue visible but her concealer under her eyes is quite visible as well. Christina looks cute! Lala looks the same all the time which is kind of a good thing.

  25. nalanell says:

    Willow Smith hhmmmmmmm

  26. Deb says:

    Love lala’s dress!!! Does anyone know who’s the designer???

  27. Shari says:

    I’ve always liked that hat willow wears but I cannot find one online just like it. I love that it’s small.. Please help!!

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