March 23rd, 2012
Celebrity Style, Mail Bombs
Mail Bombs: Ciara’s Raptors vs. Knicks Game Topshop White Coast Print Sweatshirt and Airtex Side Panel Trousers, Kim Kardashian’s Jay Leno Lela Rose Lace Trim Dress, and Emily B’s ASOS Extended Sleeve Cape Top
By Claire

Yayay it’s the weekend! What do you have planned? I’m popping into Massachusetts for a Great Gatsby themed party. I need to get my outfit together (now!), but in the meantime, I figured I’d crank out some Mail Bombs.
Sure, we found Cici’s Raptors vs. Knicks game Giuseppe Zanotti platform sneakers (and dern near deconstructed her friend’s look), but alll that wasn’t enough! You guys needed more, particularly the tea on Ciara’s pants:

Majorly Couture commented, “What kind of pants are those?”
Ciara splurged on her $995 sneakers, but saved on her outfit, wearing a $55 White Coast Print Sweatshirt from Topman along with $76 Airtex Side Panel Trousers from Topshop:

Get her shoes here and her outfit here:

Though some of you have expressed serious disdain/disgust over Kim Kardashian, others just can’t get enough of her! Kay e-mailed, saying, “ Please can you find out what designer Kim is wearing!”

“… I adore the dress. Thank you and keep up the good work.”
Kim Kardashian chatted with Jay Leno in a prim white dress by Lela Rose. Her particular dress doesn’t seem to be available for purchase, though you can get dresses with similar fits by the designer here:

Dana types, ” I love this top Emily’s wearing!

” I can’t seem to find similar ones anywhere! Help?”

You do know Emily B gets almost everything she wears from ASOS, right? According to, Emily posed in the pic above in a ASOS Extended Cape Sleeve Top:

Because Love & Hip Hop taped nearly a year ago, a lot of her wardrobe items (including this one) are no longer available. Get a simliar look with these options:

Keyosha says, “I wanted to know who makes the rosary that Kelly Rowland is wearing in her “Keep it Between Us” video.”

“… If you can’t find the exact one, could you do a look for less??”

Not sure of Kelly’s exact necklace, but you can get the look with these:

Though most of us were shocked with Rihanna’s racy Da Silvano top, some of you loved it!

Marthe said, ” Claire, where to buy the top? I’m in LOVE! I would rock it WITH a black bra underneath!”
Well, as long as you promise to wear a bra:) It looks like Rihanna paired a sheer knit body suit by Maison Martin Margiela under a $1,090 Givenchy shrug. Get both pieces here and get to working it!

Sydney was watching Rip the Runway (ow!), and needed the 411 on an outfit she saw. She said, “I love this dress and am so anxious to know who makes it!”

“… I saw it on a girl at a club last week and loved it, then on BET’s Rip the Runway last night and the more I see it, the more I want it. Claire, since you were there I’m hoping this will be an easy one for you! Please & thank-you in advance!”
No need for the inside scoop! We blogged about the brand before. The model was outfitted in Giuseppe Zanotti heels and a colorful fitted dress by Rue 107:

Unfortunately it seems her $95 ‘Fifi’ dress is sold out (probably due to popularity after getting featured on Rip the Runway), but you can get a shirt version of the dress for $50:

Get it, plus browse other dress options here.
I’m strapped for time, so am closing this out with a few unsolved Mail Bombs!

Robin says, “Who make these shoes Blac Chyna wears ?”

No. clue. SN: Who is this Blac Chyna and why does everyone want her accessories?

S.Will says, ” I love Tae Heckard’s style and would LOVE to know where she purchased this romper!”

“Please help me out!!”

I couldn’t find it by searching online, so my guess is it’s vintage or from a small boutique. But if you have better info, let me know!
Lastly, Aquaya writes, “Can you PLEASE find out who makes these shades Lala has on!”

Sometimes shades are super distinctive and easy to spot, other times they’re so versatile they could be from anywhere. Didn’t search for these, but if you know, leave a comment.
That does it. I am off to Beantown (after scheduling a few more posts for today).
Stay tuned for more fashionable fun and have great weekends!

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51 Responses to “Mail Bombs: Ciara’s Raptors vs. Knicks Game Topshop White Coast Print Sweatshirt and Airtex Side Panel Trousers, Kim Kardashian’s Jay Leno Lela Rose Lace Trim Dress, and Emily B’s ASOS Extended Sleeve Cape Top”

  1. Bella says:

    Blac Chyna is a stripper with ass injections who is now Tyga’s girlfriend….

  2. The Antifash says:

    Lawdamercy…. Are these really the items chica’s are checking for?

    That explains a lot lol.

  3. Blac Chyna is a stripper in Miami and people are requesting her shoes… I can’t. LOL!

  4. Courtney says:


  5. Chimee says:

    Who wants those Blac Cyna shoes? lmao A

  6. Chimee says:

    typo Chyna.

  7. MonaLisa_310 says:

    Those Blac China shoes=trash truck juice
    We Gotta Do Better.

  8. Mrs Windy city says:

    Lawd! ….smh

  9. Amused says:

    Really? The shoes….A little part of me just died. :(

  10. Tia says:

    People want the stripper’s shoes… i see hoes STILL be winning in 2012!

  11. Ena says:

    Ciara’s pants look like a nurse’s uniform pants to me.

  12. GlamourFanatic says:

    Those are stripper shoes. Like really ppl, unless you are a stripper also you shouldn’t be searching for who makes Blac Chyna’s shoes. Lawd the horror!!

  13. Kitana says:

    LMAO I feel you Claire from Emily’s skin tight outfits to stripper shoes? Poor Claire, they just won’t cut you a break…

  14. love says:

    I really like tae heckards floral jump suit ibreally hope someone knows…and a look for less would be nice lol

  15. WHY LAWWWD says:

    I see hood rats all day, every day with that dyed blonde hair or tracks that look drier than the Sahara and some version of a romper or jumpsuit and then add the platform stripper shoes and you have the HOOD RAT OFFICIAL UNIFORM

  16. mary says:

    UUUUHHH NO CLAIRE i wont entertain mail bombs that ask about blac chynas stripper shoes. i was thrown off by that one. what even is this? Ciara’s has on hospital SCRUB PANTS and emily shirt looks like it came from Rainbow. #wow

  17. Claire says:

    @mary LOL, ok.

  18. LOL @ the Blac Chyna request, don’t let me catch you in public with those on!

  19. T1K says:

    I just can’t with some of these mail bombs…. What kind of site some people think this is?? Stripper shoes? Like really??

  20. LILA says:


  21. LILA says:


  22. Tiny says:

    Ciara looks like hobo senior citizen lol

  23. AB says:

    I am SO disturbed by some of these mail bombs.

  24. Sharde Monet says:

    Black Chyna is the exotic dancer from King of Diamonds who dates Tyga …cant you tell by the shoes!!! Lawd why did somebody ask about who makes them?, they look HOME made , no Guisseppe Zanottis here lmaaaoo , Im sorry for laughing but it was hilarious…Chile get yo life *Tamar Braxton voice*

  25. PrettyGeez says:


    eff everything — people want those damn stripper shoes tho!?
    That is NOT attractive. All that makes u is DTF or down to shake that a$$ for this cash. tuh—

    HOES ARE FOREVER LOSING. LOSING…. lost. confused. #Dead

  26. makeeasweet says:

    i wish women would stop calling other women hoes and sluts.even if the women a stripper.cant believe someone is asking about those shoes though.thanks for the ciara info,i wanted to buy that sweat shirt.

  27. Tmarie says:

    Soo just because Chyna is a stripper, she is automatically a hoe? I guess Eve is a hoe, along with Amber Rose and all the other thousands of dancers out there….don’t be a kettle calling the pot black….this is all! :)

  28. Tmarie says:

    Or however the saying goes….carry on!

  29. Crystal says:

    you could’ve omitted the chyna shoe request instead of throwing shade at the requester since the mail bomb wasn’t answered anyway. i know it’s a little off putting but still. whomever said ciara has on scrubs…i concur.

  30. koko says:

    bahahahahaha! i died @tia’s comment.
    and @Tmarie im laughing because I CAN GUARANTEE someone is going to read your comment (the first one) and say…um…yes.

    it shan’t be me though because i do not use words like that :) and to each their own!
    however to me the bigger issue is that i just do not think the shoes are cute. not the fact of who wore them :/

    but Claire i DO feel for you, yikes

  31. Hello says:

    That better be a stripper asking for Black Chyna’s shoes & if it is shes delusional & needs to find a better job smh I hope whoever that was reads these comments to see how stupid it was to ask about those hideous stone stompers Chyna calls shoes

  32. Shanita says:

    Yes Tmarie….strippers are hoes! Ohhhhhh…(giggle)…u didn’t know?!

  33. Shanita says:

    And BTW…Ciara looks like she’s on her way to shuffleboard with Blanch, Rose, and Dorothy!!!

  34. Dom says:

    LOL@ Shanita. Not the Golden Girls!

    Icantandwont with shoe shoes. Cant and WONT!

    That romper is super duper cute!

  35. dyshaun says:

    I swear I gotta stop reading this. Ugh.

  36. kat says:

    Blac Chyna’s shoes remind me of that scene from “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka” when Huggie got out of jail.

  37. Amber says:

    Omg there are so many other people that send Claire requests about real fashion items and they never get answered or a email reply but everything blac chyna pops up her questions are answered first her lip gloss the her ugly Louis Vuitton bag now some bust downs stripper shoes shame on whatever ratchet chick that’s keep requesting these items why would u wanna look like some $2 chick where do they do that at I’m so confused its bad enough Draya questions keeps getting answered Smh

  38. makeeasweet says:

    Yes Tmarie….strippers are hoes! Ohhhhhh…(giggle)…u didn’t know?!

    if you had sex before marriage some would consider you a hoe. people love to throw stones.

  39. Meme says:

    i love Tae n her floral suit is really nice…. that Lela Rose dress Kim K was wearing is very lady-like, i love it!

  40. Sharde Monet says:

    Ciara look like she about to play Shuffle Board w/ the Golden Girls ah hahahhaaa lmaaaao hecks yea @ Shanita

  41. binks says:

    Lol at the comments, but yeah some of these inquries are very wtf. I swear reality Tv and music videos are killing fashion

  42. lindsey says:

    you can find that fifi dress at sonya bee big cartel

  43. Kissmybeauty says:

    Ciara does NOTHING for me! She jumps on the band waggon too much

  44. Nia says:

    I understand that there aren’t a lot of “high fashion” requests for mail bombs but when you think about people inquire about the people they see a lot. and with social media, blogs, tv, etc we aren’t seeing a lot of different looks. if we saw diversity maybe the mail bombs would diversify.

  45. MCMxDVFgirl says:

    Blac Chyna has her body suits and shoes made … She works/worked(??) at King of Diamonds strip clubs where exotic dancer outfit designers go to sell to strippers. Just go to your nearest strip club and pay one of the girls to tell you who designs their stuff

  46. Marthe says:

    Even though it’s faaaaar from my budget (i’m just a highschool student), thankyou so much Claire, for helping me out. Maybe I had a little too much hope on Rihanna wearing a shirt of a lower price for once… lol.
    Also, with all these people commenting on these awful shoes, I don’t even feel shame for wearing the Rihanna top anymore! (well, again, if i had the budget) xoxo

  47. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    No comment on this Black Chyna person and her shoes. But Ciara’s outfit…why? why would you spend your money to wear a CareBears sweatshirt from 1989 and scrubs?!

  48. BePoliteFolks says:

    Wow. It’s cool to call women hoes now? No matter her occupation she is still a woman.

  49. Darling Cocoa says:

    But do yall honestly know how many men Black Chyna has screwed?! Who are yall to judge anyway? Sounds like jealousy.

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