March 16th, 2012
Fashion News
The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Watch Episode 1 of Styled by June, Rihanna Gets a New Tattoo, and Grace Coddington Thinks Interns Need to Stop Whining
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

• It’s finally here! After months of waiting, Styled by June is finally here!

Watch stylist June Ambrose in her reality series debut right now! (Vh1)

• Our dear friend Robyn Fenty has new ink. For her 16th tattoo, Rihanna chose a small, simple cross on her collarbone. She got it done at the opening of her friend and tattoo artist, Bang Bang‘s new store. I think it’s a little superfluous, but who am I to judge someone else’s tat? (Daily Mail)

• Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Jennifer Lopez‘s Vogue cover shoot. In the vid, we find out that J.Lo is neither a size 0 or 2, but sometimes a 4 or a 6. She’s just an average chick, folks, marginalized by the strict body ideals of fashion like the rest of us. Only difference is she gets a Vogue cover for it, while we go unnoticed. (Vogue)

• If you thought rich people had it easy with all their glorious money and people waiting on them hand and foot, you thought wrong. Dion Leung Wai-yin is suing Hong Kong luxury department store Lane Crawford for 50,000 Hong Kong dollars ($6,441) and two Chanel purses for jailing her in a VIP waiting room for 90 minutes, waiting for store staff to authenticate a vintage Chanel purse. Not only was this poor woman force-fed delicious hot chocolate, but she was also made to listen to the ramblings of some vagrant commoner during her wait: “I was locked in a VIP room, [an employee] served me hot chocolate and he started to chit-chat with me. When I asked him when were we going to discuss the bag, he tried to [talk] about his divorce, the size of his feet and where he came from.” Hot chocolate and chit-chat? Wai-yin deserves justice! (WWD)

• Do you want to smell like money and erroneous conspiracies? Then ‘Success by Trump’ is your fragrance! Real Estate mogul and noted birther Donald Trump is releasing his second fragrance (yes, there was a first) in eight years through the Five Star Fragrance Co. (WWD)

Grace Coddington thinks fashion interns need to stop complaining. “They’re there to learn and observe. I think there are a lot of interns that feel very entitled. They think we owe them something. Good ones come through though. You really notice them.” On the heels of Condé Nast’s internship program overhaul, and that Harper’s Bazaar intern suing Hearst for the several hours of unpaid overtime she was made to complete, it seems the plight of the fashion intern is all over the news these days. But while Ms. Coddington has a point, the fact of the matter is interns are often taken advantage of, and this is a problem that needs to be addressed in the industry. But I guess it’s easy to say “stop complaining” when you’re the Creative Director at Vogue. (The Cut)

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28 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Watch Episode 1 of Styled by June, Rihanna Gets a New Tattoo, and Grace Coddington Thinks Interns Need to Stop Whining”

  1. Miss Smith says:

    I was wondering if the Fashion Bomb was going to go more into depth about the fashion intern situation. As someone who works in the industry, I can see it from both sides. I agree with your stance Jihan.

  2. Dee says:

    Loving Riri’s new tat. Excited about June’s show. I meant to watch online yesterday. This post reminded me. Lol! Got to support her.

  3. Sandra says:

    For someone with a bad internship experience under her belt, I am glad to see that more interns are speaking out about the abuse. That young woman suing Hearst was smart to record everything and she does have a legitimate lawsuit against them. I am following this story closely.

    I agree with some that say that if you are not happy leave instead of accepting the abuse, but you have to understand, some people want to get in that industry so much that they are willing to take so much crap. I know I did. Now I know better, I know what I want from an internship and if I don’t get it, I am out the door.

  4. chic therapy says:

    Regarding the intern case, i say everything in moderation.Yes, the interns are there to learn and observe but the industry also has to be fair.Getting coffee and picking up laundry is not a learning experience.They are not paid, yet they are expected to work crazy hours and work even harder than full time employees. The industry need to set reasonable and just hours for these unpaid interns.

  5. My Response says:

    Every since Rihanna got that tat across her collarbone her tattoo placements have been so wack! Her tats are starting to look tacky now and don’t talk about that thug life one, girl bye!

  6. Could Donald Trump just disappear.

  7. mahoganyb says:

    Hahaha at the Dion Leung Wai-yin case. Pure comedy.

  8. I agree that Rihanna’s new tat is unnecessary, I was so ready to be like ok…all of those tats are old until I saw that bit of red ink. Maybe she just wanted to get a lil’ something to bring him a lil’ more pup for the opening. I too think it’s great that interns are speaking out. The fashion industry makes too much money to participate in modern day slavery. That goes for interns and underpaid and overworked workers, Alexander Wang!

  9. I don’t have any tattoos but I like a few of Rihanna’s.

  10. MWGetMoney says:

    First, Styled by June was great. Refreashing to watch in a time in which reality tv has taken over our television networks, I use the term reality lightly. Second I agree with Grace Coddington. Interns who complain need to get over it or leave. At the end of the day, taken advantage of or not, what you won’t do someone else will!

  11. Oh, LOL at the woman suing Lane Crawford! Have several seats! _/ _/ _/

  12. caribbelle says:

    Well to be honest, many internships are at fault because the interns are supposed to gain practical experience beyond getting someone a latte and clerical duties etc.
    It’s irresponsible when the responsibilities for some internships are beyond that of paid employees, especially when some of these kids are working more than 40 hours a week. There needs to be stricter regulations because some of these interns are being run absolutely ragged.
    With all of that said, you’ll always find someone to do the work because the reality is that many of us who can’t find jobs within our desired fields will take an internship over nothing.

    Internships aren’t what they used to be, especially with this economy.

  13. p says:

    ehh, i’m not a fan of june’s but i will check out her show at least once and give it a chance. Dion Leung Wai-yin is completely ABSURD.

    lol, i already knew j.lo was a size 6. thank god, unlike kim k she’s willing to say it. and she’s still pretty small anyway.

    i think grace coddington is completely oblivious. in the magazine industry interns are completely taken advantage of. these magazines have tons of money and instead of hiring people, they hire interns who already have some source of money (typically their parents)
    and make them work full time hours and do errands that have nothing to do with learning anything. this doesn’t help the recession nor does it help magazines be more diverse if most of people able to work crazy full time hours for free for months or years at a time are typically white, well off or wealthy young women. this article details the issue .

  14. like_really_ray says:

    Too often are interns or student workers expected to perform as if they were full time employees, especially if they aren’t getting paid. And by that I mean ALL of them. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking the cream of the crop interns (the ones that you KNOW you’re gonna employ) and giving them more responsibility but that should be after you’ve made it very clear (legally clear) that they will be offered a permeant position.

  15. yusufswifee says:

    nothing wrong with tats, but work on the placement booboo…too much going on….especially in one place.

  16. Brandi says:

    uh, that vogue lady needs to shut her mouth before she catches a suit against herself, personally.

  17. Adrana says:

    Love, love, love June Ambrose and soooo happy that her show is finally on!!!

  18. dyshaun says:

    Jihan tried to give y’all a segway.. “but who am I to judge someone else’s tat?…”

    Recite and repeat if necessary. I dont have any tatts, but I imagine its much like clothing? You get what you like, not others..?

  19. Dobe says:

    Thanks for posting the first episode. Not all that interesting so far, but I’ll tune in again, lol.

  20. Jackie says:

    I agree with @dyshaun

  21. Dobe says:

    Oops! Just remembered the show doesn’t air until the 19th… thanks for posting the super trailer, lol!

  22. Miss Smith says:

    On one hand, I agree with Grace. If you really love fashion & want to be in the business, then you will do the work with a smile on your face. When someone doesn’t hand you learning experiences, then it becomes your duty to make sure that you’re learning. Ask your boss thousands of questions about what he/she does; how their department operates; ask to sit in meetings; & ask your boss to look over your resume & CV. One thing that I’ve learned being in this industry is that you have to be extremely proactive!

    On the other hand, I believe that these companies need to compensate their interns in some way. If they can’t pay them minimum wage, then they need to be able to at least provide lunch and/or transportation. Also if interns are going to slave away with no compensation, then at LEAST be respectful to them. I’ve seen so many bosses be so rude to their interns for no reason.

    Bottom line is that fashion interns regulations need to be changed. This is coming from someone with 4 fashion internships under her belt. I’d love to hear about the FB team’s experiences.

  23. Jen says:

    I dont get Rihannas tottoos at all. The only one I like is the tribal looking on on her hand.

  24. aj_wright says:

    hold up wait a minute these are the times I feel like I’ve been lied to my whole entire life. I am 22 years old 6 feet tall 165 lbs. and I still in considered skinny. is size 4 and 6 art average I don’t know what the hell I am… I thought j lo was a size 9 I’m done…I got a lot to learn

  25. alee says:

    The Intern situation is getting out of hand because of the high demand for people to gain experience any and every way they can. Employers know this and take full advantage of the interns are their mercy.

    The fashion intern situation is just like the sports industry. You want meet interns that bust their ass to please their supervisor but HARDLY get hired….meet a sports intern, particularly one that interns for a team.

    I interned for a team and on game day we had to be there at 11am and did not leave till 1am EVERY FREAKING GAME. To do what, complete tasks that the Operations Department were responsible for. Then show up the next day and do office hours from 8am-5pm with no pay. And sports jobs are HIGHLY COMPETITIVE, so you’re going to put up with the long hours and no pay to get the experience.

    I honestly think that when people interned before the recession, getting paid , free parking and lunch was a necessity. Now days, interns in most fields get none of those items.

    It’s truly a catch 22, either you put up with the non-pay, long hours, stupid tasks for experience on your resume to barely get a job OR you decide not to take that treatment and can’t get a job because you lack the needed experience.

  26. Anonymous says:

    that tattoo on rih isn’t new

  27. Cherokee says:

    Rihanna’s tattoo is cute.

    I do not work in the fashion industry, I work in the social work field. Like many, I too did an internship many, many, many years ago. I did the basic office assistant work as well as some hands on learning. While being an intern I wasn’t fed or given car fare. But I was paid, not monetary of course because it is an internship which means gaining hands on experience while working. My pay was the experience and knowledge I gained while I interned. There were times when I felt the permanent employees used me. However, I was very eager to learn all that I could and never complained. I was just taking it all in and learning as much as I could. Of course, where I interned there were set hours and nothing like the fashion industry so I am not comparing. No one should be taken advantage of or abused (verbally and/or emotionally) at work period no matter who you are. But the point of being an intern is to learn the job hands on. Every field has there own rules and how they work. At the time I was interning, I didn’t know the magnitude of my experience until actually working in the field. The knowlege I gained years ago, I am now putting to use. Everyday I am learning new things and I am growing. In social work thats extremely important. I don’t get paid nearly as much as I should for the hard ass work I do and long hours I put in. This is the field I chose.

    For interns that are being mistreated, go to your professors or school administrators and let them know what is going on. If it is that bad, leave. Don’t just take crap becasue you don’t have to.

  28. sirita says:

    My first internship in NYC was in the fashion dept. of a popular urban magazine, I had a similar experience to the woman in the article. However I felt like those who acted more entitled or “came from money” were easily accepted. I also agree that interns, not just in fashion, and especially since the recession are grossly taken advantage of. But, it has made for many people branching out and doing their own thing. Which is always good for business.

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