March 15th, 2012
Celebrity Style, Week in Chic
This Week in Chic: June Ambrose, Jay-Z, First Lady and President Obama, and More!
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

This week was all about parties! From the screening of June Ambrose’s new reality show “Styled by June” to the star-studded Grey Goose Cherry Noir Event, we saw our favorite ladies and gents get dressed up for a good time. Of course, there were also a few casual ensembles that we couldn’t go without mentioning.

Check out this week’s hottest looks:


June Ambrose looked every bit the star at the screening of her new reality show, as did Jay-Z who came to show support. I love to see him in suits–and can we talk about how slim and trim he’s looking? The Obamas always shut it down and they looked regal at the White House State Dinner, with The First Lady stunting in an off-the-shoulder silk gown by Marchesa. Nicole Richie has been making the rounds this week and she opted for her own brand, Winter Kate while stopping by the Today Show. And Estelle, Keke Palmer, and Vashtie Kola went for edgy in most black ensembles.
Those were just a few of our favorite looks.
Who rocked your socks?

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35 Responses to “This Week in Chic: June Ambrose, Jay-Z, First Lady and President Obama, and More!”

  1. jme says:

    Such a demure look for Selita…. i love it

    I think an open-toe should would have been a better pairing for Estelle’s dress….

    And Ms. June can do no wrong in my eyes :-)

  2. entrefashionista says:

    This Rita Ora chick is KILLING. It seems to me that when Rihanna acts up, Rita gets the rights to the stylist as punishment. Ha!

  3. jme says:

    *open-toe shoe

  4. lola_uk says:

    Jay z is hugging that lady in the same way he hugs his wife. That’s a no-no for me.

  5. MIMI says:

    @lola_uk you think? This is not an affectionate hug at all.? Anyway they both look great

  6. Parisienne Couture says:

    Everyone looks fab!

    @lola_uk girl bye! have a seat….wait lemme pull out the chair for you \__

  7. Dom says:

    Keke looks so cute, I cant stand it. She’s so grown up!

  8. Everyone looks good! I just wish Estelle’s dress hit the floor. Rita Ora shut it all the way down. Get in where you fit in!

  9. Jen says:

    That bag Rita Ora has is to die for!!

  10. Est87 says:

    Estelle’s dress is looking all kinds of wrong to me – it’s horrid! Alexandra Burke is gorgeous, but sometimes she wears the wrong things for her shape. She’s quite broad and this outfit looks a little too tight and uncomfortable.

  11. ugk says:

    LOLA that is his stylist … That hug is SUPER DUPER INNOCENT! Looks like a hug he would give one of his MALE homies!

  12. KIM says:

    There will never be another Rihanna. This Rita chick needs to find her own calling. I’m sorry but it screams RiRi to me….Yes, I envy her bag…..

  13. jen says:

    not really feeling the rita girl’s look actually, mrs. obama is killing it though and Keke palmer is such a cutie!

  14. Marthe says:

    Alexandra Burke, i love her.

  15. Nakia P says:

    I’m not sure who all of these people are. But loving, First Lady, June and Vashtie

  16. Vanessa says:

    I’m loving June Ambrose and Jigga!

  17. mary says:

    NO to Rita and yes to Selita! nicole richie is serving too i loooooove it !

  18. Hepi says:

    Mrs Obama is killliiiinggg it!!!

  19. Randi says:

    ewwwwwwwww First Lady was the only one that looked nice! Of course June’s hair is always a 10!!!!!!

  20. Randi says:

    Oh and the Rhi Rhi impersonator is killing me softly! And KeKe looks cute!

    Estelle and those shoes though O_0 LOL

  21. Snooty Poodle says:

    Please Id Rita’s bag!!!

  22. WHOA! says:

    Rita’s outfit looks like the night version of Bey’s central park outfit yesterday with Blue

  23. Anonymous says:

    Wow Rita looks really awful

  24. Alyssa says:

    Everyone looks fab. Alexandra Burke’s outfit looks TIGHT and it makes her look bloated. Whoever said that Jay’s “hug” was too affectionate for June is getting some serious side eye from me. That’s not even a hug. It’s a let me rest my arm on this here shoulder, real casual like. It would suck if that’s the “hug” he’s giving to his wife. IMO

    This is kind of a similar way that Rihanna started. She was kind of eased into the public eye by appearing very similar visually to Beyonce and then slowly started morphing into “Rihanna”. I see that with Rita, she’s starting out very similar to Rihanna so maybe in a couple years she’ll have a different and more “her” look.

  25. p says:

    michelle obama and nicole richie look fab. rita ora’s outfit could have worked if she didn’t have that rug on her back and wasn’t carrying that ridiculously huge bag. i’m not wowed by june’s look. i’m not feeling estelle’s dress.

  26. yeahisaidit says:

    urkel i see u!! didnt even recognise him at first lol.. gold star for the kicks :)

  27. Angelese says:

    LOL at “that’s a no no for me” well good thing YOU’RE not his wife huh? Worry about YOUR man, not Beyonce’s @Lola_uk.

    I like June’s look. Can’t wait to catch the show.

    KeKe is such a cute sweetie pie to me. Always loving my President and First Lady. Like forever. Estelle’s look, however, is doing nothing for me…& I don’t really like Rita’s look, but I will say that it’s sad that the media and so many GROWN people want to start this Rita vs Rihanna “beef”…it’s very childish and immature.

  28. B. says:

    Why are the Obamas such a good looking pair? Is it fair to be that beautiful, smart and successful? Kidding :)

    Bow Wow is a good looking guy, but he looks soooo short next to that security guard/body guard/whatever. Nice clothes though.

    Rita Ora and Keke Palmer are killing their looks, to my way of thinking. And obviously everyone else looks great. I love the This Week In Chic posts.

  29. lu says:

    Jaleel still got it

  30. Afrikka! says:

    Kola has on Dookies ( Air Forces ) NO! HHHHHMMMMMMM I like the idea of it not with that outfit….

  31. Latonya says:

    Estelle’s dress immediately made me think of Tisha Campbell in School Daze…just sayin

  32. xi zane says:

    so why are we following this Rita chick. Think my eyes just burned right out my socket!! no more please.

    and come on Estelle I know you can do better.

    everyone else look fabulous. Was loving the stream till then.

  33. Vikeejeah says:

    did the rita chick kill a muppet for her shawl? is Grover missing from Sesame Street???

  34. Aya says:

    I think everyone looked good except Rita. pieces were nice but the look as a whole didn’t work for me. S/N I am a RiRi fan all day! BUT if you all just google Rita her style has been the same forever so please stop comparing the two. I think is just because RiRi decided to go blonde and they are both w/ Jay. *relax*

  35. Anonymous says:

    That Rita chick looks HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!

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