March 9th, 2012
Fashion News, Louis Vuitton
The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Robin Givhan Stripped of Front Row Seat at Chanel Show, M.A.C to Re-Release Discontinued Products, and Tommy Hilfiger Joins American Idol
By The Fashion Bomb Staff


• Thanks to a Daily Beast piece she wrote in January proclaiming Karl Lagerfeld as “overrated,” Robin Givhan was stripped of her usual front-row seat at the Chanel Fall 2012 show. “A pair of binoculars might have helped,” she joked. I guess Lagerfeld knows who she is after all! (The Cut)

Kohl’s “Classic. Remixed” from H.K. McCANN on Vimeo.

• Watch the new spot for Jennifer Lopez‘s range at Khols. Questionable wares aside, it’s clear the American Idol judge can at least, still shake her tailfeather. (Daily Mail)

M.A.C Cosmetics has compiled a list of some of their most popular discontinued products, and will have the public vote on which items they should resurrect for their upcoming M.A.C by Request collection. Voting starts March 12 and ends March 30. Expect the range to drop in late July. (Beauty High)

Hailey Hasbrook, the 17-year-old Marc Jacobs model who prefers to be paid in clothes rather than cash, walked in the Louis Vuitton Fall 2012 show. I guess that Jezebel story didn’t get her blacklisted after all! And if you’re wondering, yes, she was properly paid for her services this time, as France has strict labor laws. (The Cut)

• So they might be able to compete with other televised talent competitions, American Idol is tapping Tommy Hilfiger to serve as the show’s image consultant. They hope this new addition will bring a unique fashion edge to the show, and peak the interest of audiences fleeing to (better) programs like X Factor and The Voice. Hilfiger will advise contestants on how to craft a signature look. (WWD)


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10 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Robin Givhan Stripped of Front Row Seat at Chanel Show, M.A.C to Re-Release Discontinued Products, and Tommy Hilfiger Joins American Idol

  1. caribbelle says:

    iChuckled. I guess he put Givan in the nosebleeds then. I doubt he cares since he doesn’t handle everyone that gets invited to the show. I don’t know how I feel about Hilfiger, but then again I don’t watch American Idol so there’s that.

  2. Erica B. says:

    Robin should know that you can’t poke someone in the face with a sharp stick and expect to be thanked for it.

  3. Mary says:

    And she’s right! Chanel and Fendi are consistently more hype than haute

  4. p says:

    good for robin, at least she has some integrity, a mind of her own, and the skill to properly critique a designer collection which is more then i can say for some bloggers.

    I don’t think hailey hasbrook likes clothes more then money for compensation. She deleted her previous blog where she could have been construed as complaining about her long and possibly illegal hours as a minor and said she was fine being paid in trade because models are independent contractors and can be hired and fired at will. she probably didn’t want to be viewed as difficult and be blackballed as a result of it. even marc’s response was that if a model didn’t want to work under those conditions, they didn’t have to. instead of rectifying his current exploitative policies, which at the least have given him negative press, he just won’t hire models that have problems with them.

  5. bougiehippie says:

    ditto with Erica B.

  6. Sandra says:

    Ms Givhan is right for stating her honest opinion. Bloggers can do the butt kissing job. This woman which I have a profound respect based on her real journalistic work and fashion critic is inpsiring me to be a better blogger but in a journalist type of way.

    I love me some Marc Jacobs and he knows that when it comes to France, he better do things right. What he was able to get away with in the US, he could not get away with in France. Gotta love my people for that.

  7. Jaspe says:

    I think it’s kin dof pathetic and childish of Chanel. If they can’t take criticism… They can’t expect that everybody will always sing praise to them and if they do, that’s kind of arrogant.

  8. Georgia says:

    Well, Chanel is also a for-profit business–why would they willingly give a prime spot to someone who potentially hurts their bottom line?

  9. Missy says:

    I think Jaspe is full of crap, you want little bigheaded ‘journalists’ in your front row? Get your own show and put them there. Like Georgia said, this is a business. Not you or no Robin snooze Ghivan are going to mess with that.

  10. katie says:

    I’m #TeamRobinGivhan. If they can’t take criticism then maybe they shouldn’t be in the art world. Deal with the fact that people are going to critique Chanel and pulling her from her usual front row spot just proves that a hit dog hollers.

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