March 8th, 2012
Celebrity Style, Week in Chic
This Week in Chic: Rosario Dawson, Corinne Bailey Rae, Robin Thicke and More!
By Faith

This week was all about Fall 2012 Paris Fashion Week and it came to a close with stars turning out for Kanye West’s runway show as well as for Elie Saab and Miu Miu. Over in the US, there were parties galore from Cosmopolitan’s Fun and Fearless Men and Women party to Estelle’s performance at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas.

Check out some of this week’s hottest looks:

Rosario Dawson looked absolutely gorgeous in blue at Elie Saab. Corinne Bailey Rae and Shala Monroque went for two different kinds of femininity at Miu Miu: Corinne opted for a playful look while Shala was much more conservative, save for her fierce boots. Leather was the trend at Kanye West’s show and Diddy, Cassie and Alicia Keys all went for the trend. I loved Cassie’s Nike Blazers: another woman rocking the high-top sneaker trend. Robin Thicke looked dapper at Cosmopolitan’s Fun and Fearless Men and Women party and Freida Pinto also attended the fête, rocking Yves Saint Laurent. Jessica Alba and Estelle both showed lots of leg in all-black looks and Marlo Hampton blended fur and sequins at her birthday party in Atlanta wearing the Christian Louboutin Sex Pumps which stars just can’t get enough of.

Who had your favorite looks this week?

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33 Responses to “This Week in Chic: Rosario Dawson, Corinne Bailey Rae, Robin Thicke and More!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Freida Pinto’s look is my favorite, hands down. LOVE the whole look.

  2. Aziz_Mom says:

    In the Diddy photo, who dare I ask is sporting knickers? Is that Shyne sitting there – do tell!!

  3. katie says:

    Cassia and Corinne Bailey Rae are giving me life! I’m going to copy Corinne Bailey Rae’s outfit and adjust for my lifestyle. There should be a break down post on who they are wearing.

    Marlo: I like the outfit, just not her from what I’ve seen on RHOA.

    Shala Monroque: Meh, I never liked her style and sadly, I don’t like the outfit or the individual pieces. I’m trying though.

  4. Marthe says:

    All I can ask myself when i see this is ; did there live rappers in the 17th century? Lol at that man next to Diddy!

  5. Diva says:

    Diddy’s footwear really bothers me….. quite disturbing

  6. Amber says:

    Oh Diddy…not again

  7. Rhapsody says:

    Marlo Hampton and Robin Thicke were my faves. Effortless cool and chic.

  8. T1K says:

    Cassie looking like a Samurai ^.^

  9. Chele says:

    Love them all except Cassie lol! Love Love LOVE Marlo!!!!!

  10. Imani Z. says:

    why shyne, why?

  11. sun.kissed says:

    I love everyone’s look with the exception of Diddy and Shyne in the corner. Robin Thicke could have made his look pop with a red T instead of all grey.

  12. FashionOne says:

    Love Marlo & Freida Pinto looks…Hot!

  13. December Sidderwhite says:

    Diddy needs to stop! Please ! and I love Cassie and Corin Bailey! I need that in my life- wurk!!

  14. Sonia says:

    I could not see anything past Diddy!!!! I mean really is that fashion them shoes are to funny looking :-( NOOOOOOOOOO

  15. Dom says:

    Jessica Alba looks cute. Everyone else, not so much.

  16. NikkiNicole says:

    WHY SHYNE??? WHY?!?!?!

  17. ugk says:

    Score!!! definitely just bought estelle’s shorts on sale from FCUK! #Winning

  18. Missus says:

    Cassie:ur a weirdo. Diddy & Shine:WTF?! Corinne:so cute & playful<3. Rosario: errgh?! That's not you hun.

  19. Vanessa says:

    Not the best week so far.

  20. Jennifer says:

    Diddy is rocking two-thirds of a three-piece southern Easter suit, complete with the matching shoes.

  21. Dom says:

    @ Aziz– OH MY GAWD!That does look like Shyne. In knickers. With bows no less. And his legs crossed. Im sooooo turned off!

  22. SR says:

    Love them all except for Diddy.

  23. wallflower says:

    I really hate that crispity-crunchity crease down the front of Diddy’s SLACKS -_-

  24. alrighty now! I can get with each look! great

  25. p says:

    i love jessica alba’s outfit. cassie looks ridiculous. i feel like estelle’s outfit has a lot of elements that i like but for some reason i still don’t like this look on her. i can’t stand marlo’s crazy ass…the end.

  26. bougiehippie says:

    I was actual a fan of Cassie’s look very cool and kind of shady being that Kanye shoe was soooooo Givenchy!

  27. Rob says:

    I really like Corrine’s entire getup, super cute. Shala stays in Miu Miu or Prada. I consider her the most fashion forward of the bunch.

  28. Georgia says:

    I think Shyne is dressed as he is because he’s an Orthodox Jew. From Wikipedia:

    Some Hasidim wear a satin overcoat, known amongst Hungarian and Galitsyaner Hasidim as a rezhvolke, over the regular bekishe. A rebbe’s rezhvolke might be trimmed with velvet. Some rebbes wear a fur-lined rezhvolke known as a tilep (Yiddish: טולעפ fur coat).

    Dombrover Rebbe of Monsey with the Nadvorna Rebbe. Note the pelts (fur coat) worn by the rebbes.
    Most Hasidim do not wear neckties (with the exception of some Russian Hasidim, such as those stemming from Ruzhin, Karlin, and Lubavitch).

    Bekishe or rekelech serve as a sign of modesty and cover almost the entire body.
    The bekishe (kapote) is made of silk because of the Biblical prohibition of shaatnez (today it is common to make it out of polyester).

    Shoes worn on the Sabbath may be plain black slip-ons so as not to have to make a knot which is prohibited on that day and so as not to touch the shoes (which would ritually defile one’s hands, requiring ritual purification through washing with a special vessel).

    Some Hasidim wear breeches tucked in white socks so the trouser-bottoms do not touch the ground (which in former times was likely to be a source of waste, which is a Biblical prohibition).

  29. Anonymous says:

    Diddy and Cassie both looka mess!

  30. MelyB says:

    Complete dreckitude.

  31. I am 100% loving Corianne Bailey, Cassie, P’ Diddy’s jacket, Marlo’s coat, Estelle and Freida Pinto outfits..

    Alicia Keys shoes are chic.. Reminding me a certain pair of shoes which i’m wishing to get from Zara!!

  32. B. says:

    They all look good, but Jessica Alba is stealing this post. So gorgeous.

  33. Now to the Left Coast says:

    Cassie or her look-alike is trying way too hard! And Diddy did not get the prize with this look. He piled on too much together!

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