March 6th, 2012
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First Look: Kanye West Fall 2012
By Claire

Kanye West unleashed his second Paris Fashion Week show in Halle Freyssinet, a somewhat cavernous venue in the city’s 13th arrondissement. Editors like Joe Zee, Tim Blanks, and André Leon Talley, along with stars like Teyana Taylor, Cassie, Waka Flocka Flame, Diddy, Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Rosario Dawson, Kim Kardashian, Common, and more, showed up to show support for the rapper cum designers’s latest foray:

Kanye bet on black for Fall 2012, showcasing a series of saucy onyx looks in leather and lace:



Ladies walked in fierce space age stiletto boots, holding luxuriously oversized fur bags and backpacks.

When he did play with color, he kept it solid, only introducing winter whites, browns, and pinks by way of cool capes and fur coats:


It seems Kanye listened to the critics, and put forth a more cohesive and seasonally appropriate collection. Though there were some issues with fit, particularly on one peach cape…

… the collection was largely wearable.

And even if those boots kill, there’s no denying they’re hot!

What do you think?


Take a look at the official pictures:

And what post would be complete without a video of the final walk?

What do you think of Kanye’s latest collection?

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45 Responses to “First Look: Kanye West Fall 2012”

  1. Such a thin ass heel! They are beautiful too look at though.

  2. I will wait on the official pix

  3. MEME says:

    Better than last time but there are still some WTF? moments going on there.

  4. B. says:

    I say hot. I love where he went with this. Who else bets that Kim Kardashian is going to snatch up a pair of those boots?

  5. mesa says:

    I love it not because I think kanye can do no wrong but he’s doing good. And the boots are just sexy! I like it. #teamyeezy

  6. Caribbelle says:

    This is better, than last season. I’m not wowed like I hopped to be but at least he’s growing. I definitely think he should a hire a head designer.

  7. Caribbelle says:

    the boots remind me of the Balmain buckle suede boots that came out.

  8. Elena says:

    I like it!

  9. K says:

    me too!

  10. Savage says:

    I am pleasantly surprised..not wowed, but surprised..

  11. jme says:

    major improvements

  12. sun.kissed says:

    Loves those buckle boots! Those are the business. I can’t tell how I feel about the rest of it, I’ll hold my comments until I see better pics.

  13. T1K says:

    For now the boots are kind of cute.

  14. Dee says:

    WOWZERS! I love this collection. Those jackets are beautiful as well as the footwear.

  15. Lea says:

    He has to stop. He isn’t bringing anything special to the table. Yes everything has been done but he should only limit himself to design specal edition sneakers for Vuitton, etc.

  16. Jama says:

    I’ve seen the high-res pictures. The collection is hot. Way to go Kanye!

    I need that peach fur coat and Joan Smalls’ dress in my life.

  17. Kitty B. says:

    I’m not wowed, but its better than the 1st collection

  18. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    I’m sorry, but Kim K, with her huge following and platform, could have supported Kanye’s line from the beginning. When the first collection came out, the only people that wore it were Anna della Russo and Chanel Iman. Now she shows up head to toe in Kanye’s designs like she’s been down with him. Fairweather ass…not just her, all his “friends”

  19. Deb says:

    It’s cool. But he’s not bringing anything new to the game. He should think about doing a capsule collection with an existing house or just do a collection 2x / year on his own timetable. Also, I can’t get a feel for who the customer is. Who will buy it?

  20. krystel says:

    i like it…well done yeezy!

  21. Diggs says:

    He’s definitely growing. Some super cute pieces and a few wishlist contenders (I saw the high res pics too). Yay Ye!

  22. Sandra says:

    Based on the photos that I have seen, this collection is really hot. I love it. Gotta give the man props for it.

  23. Aulelia says:

    I agree with Deb; I don’t really have an idea of who his consumer is going to be for this line – in so far as, are they Kim K wannabees? It looks like a hybrid of what she would wear.

  24. Fashionbum82 says:

    Its absolutely gorgeous! Congrats Kanye!

  25. lola says:

    I’m not even a Kardashian fan but stop! seriously! The first clothing line sucked. Why should the Kardashians be forced to wear ugly clothes? and why are you not on Teyana Taylor, Alicia Keys, Beyonce and Rosario Dawson’s case? These are all friends of Kanye but they didn’t wear clothes from his first line. Stop! you sound pressed. You seriously do and it’s not cute sweetheart.

    Now to this collection. Nothing spectacular really. Fur, leather, laced boots ya da ya da ya. Definitely better than his first collection but nothing inspiring. Kanye, Girl, bye!

  26. A says:

    Major improvement from the last collection. I can see him growing, and overall, I like the collection.

  27. Asha says:

    I see this new collection as a huge improvement to his last one. Although It was not ‘amazing’ I do think that we see he has grown and taken the criticism constructively. You can tell Kanye really wants to create something amazing and I think that from this collection he should continue to grow. One thing I hate is that other designers can make as many mistakes as they want but he can’t? Remember he is just starting out. Tha fashion industry didn’t want him designing clothes anyway. I think he is starting to come into his own and will do better next time around. But there are some hot pieces here.

  28. Justsayin says:

    I luv what I see. There are diffidently pieces in the collection that I would love to wear. I think he is growing to greatness. This is kanye’s style converted to womenswear. I would love to see what he can do with menswear. The boots are to die for.

  29. Sarah says:

    This high end Fashion!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE…..nothing bad to say this is
    pure dope brother took it up another notch. Beautiful fabrics, accessories great detail. I liked the last collection LOVE THIS even better! and someone asked who is the consumer trust me the consumer is not someone shopping at Macys.

  30. anaberela says:


    WTF ??

  31. Latanya says:

    I love it all!! I’m thoroughly impressed Mr. West.

  32. michelebeezit says:


    finally!! and cosign

    why should white designers be held accountable for not using black models and the black one’s don’t.
    this season is an improvement (as far as the clothes), but he could have made a much better statement with his models choices.
    I think we all know what that says about him.

  33. Rob says:

    Not impressed.

    I’ll leave it at that.

  34. d. roussard says:

    Much more thoughtful and cohesive than his presentation last year. Living across the pond and being exposed to great fashion culture is certainly helping him. He’s grown so much as a designer. Looking forward to seeing him at Fall fashion week now.

  35. QueenSafira says:

    Oh plz. This is nothing impressive. Better than his last collection: yes. Worthy of praise: nope.

    Also Kanye is quite obsessed with white woman. You seen the Watch the Throne video? Nothing but white women. I could have sworn a lot of black folks attended the show, but according to the video only white women went.

  36. Brandon says:

    I actually preferred the last COLLECTION better, but those boots are HOT ***Kanye Shrug***

  37. Maryse says:

    This looks pretty good. Though, from the start I always though Kanye would come out with a collection for men, seeing as he is so in to fashion. I thought he might want to give men more fashion options.

  38. Impressed. Very impressed.


  39. Vanessa says:

    Great improvement. I forsee him getting even better.

  40. the house of xistence fashion says:

    I expected more from such a fashion innovative person like Kenya west it just typical I more excited over the boots them any thing!

  41. e says:

    i love the leather, i love the fur, and i really love those boots.

  42. Nessa B says:

    I like the improvement that he’s made. I feel that he is putting forth more effort and that he has learned from his mistakes from the previous collection. He either got a better designer on his team or educated himself more on the fashion industry and how seasons work, or both. Either way, i see major improvements. And as far as originality goes…..well…. he is a celeb making an atempt to design clothes, so i dont really expect him to pop up with trully unique pieces. Basically he’s like those type of girls who go to fashion college because they love to shop and wear designer clothes; they have no true design skills or knowledge. But like i said i do admire his effort becuase he could have been a one try wonder #get it lol instead of one hit, its one try Ha! I crack myself up lol. No but really I admire his effort.

  43. koko says:

    i dont care for it. is that wrong?

    i like the boots, but im not looking through the pics again. which means i dont care for the clothing. sometimes i feel like he should be doing a more billionaire boys club-esq line? high end kicks, and urban hipster clothes or something??

    i respect the fact he is venturing out doing other things though :)

  44. Marie-josé says:

    There is plain hating going on…He’s a f-ING what?Means the guy can’t have talent..C’mon!
    The guy is trying hard, it shows! The last collection wasn’t so bad…Not season appropriate..but it could’ve been wearable at some other time I think.Now this one is much better.
    Appreciate any sort of hustle ladies…Life no be easy.

  45. 1 in Amil says:

    Absolutely loving Yeezy’s collection!!

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