March 5th, 2012
Celebrity Style, Rihanna, Steal
Steal: Rihanna’s Jonathan Ross Show BOY London Look
By Faith

Rihanna gave a fun performance on the Jonathan Ross Show in London, rocking a full look from a brand that is slowly becoming one of her favorites, BOY London.

Rihanna pulled the look from the cover of a 1980′s Italian magazine.

Though only the hat from her look is available now, none of the brand’s pieces retail for more than £55 (approximately $87). Telegraph UK reported that her appearance caused a 45% increase in the brand’s online sales on Saturday night alone. Talk about product placement!

You can get her hat and other pieces from the brand at Go now, who knows how long it will be before everything sells out.

Are you feeling Rihanna’s look?

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30 Responses to “Steal: Rihanna’s Jonathan Ross Show BOY London Look”

  1. She’s starting to remind me of Rita Ora and not in a good way. Blonde hair and all. Swagger jacking at its finest. SMH

  2. sun.kissed says:

    I totally agree. I didn’t know who Rita Ora was a few weeks ago, looking at her now, I can see what Rihanna totally jacked her steez. The same was said about Rihanna when Fefe Dobson first came on the scene and everyone denied that Rih Rih was the jacker, but this here is living proof. She picked the wrong month to debut her blonde look. The look like f’in twins!

  3. sun.kissed says:

    wasn’t* jacking Fefe.

  4. I like the look minus the hat!!

  5. Dobe says:

    Nice lip color. But everything else gets a no. She should have left that look in the ’80s.

  6. cc says:

    she lost mad weight, this is smallest shes ever been (since she came out)

  7. cc says:

    and yes she jocked rita DOWNE, but as usual the underdog will get called out while the more famous gets away with it smh. I feel like it was almost a race. Like rih tried to debut the look b4 rita got on the scene

  8. Azaleigha says:

    Sold out

  9. Joan says:

    Her outfit is boring! C’mon i think we all know why ppl are purchasing these ridiculous school girl meets tomboy style clothes.

    Her performance on Juelz Holland was whack & disgusting. Do we have to see you open your legs constantly for attention? #sosad

  10. Muah says:

    She looks adorable as always. I’m not really feeling the outfit though. She is still such a cute girl.

  11. lola says:

    Rihanna girl, I can’t.

  12. joan says:

    Oops meant Jonathan Ross

  13. jasmine says:

    i like the outfit minus the hat and her. because it says boy i would have went more femme

  14. Dana says:

    She looks atrocious!

  15. makeeasweet says:

    OMG,people really need to spot trying to pit rita againist rihanna.You morons should be happy to see more ethnic women doing their thing,but no instead you bash and compare them to one another.Would it make yall happier to kill rihanna and let rita shine,instead of them both shining.

  16. My Response says:

    this outfit is a NO

  17. B. says:

    Gorgeous. That silhouette is amazing on her.

    Lately it seems like it’s the cool thing to do to hate on Rihanna. Seriously, I don’t see a big difference between her style now and her Rated R era style, except that her hair is messier. She’s really doing the same thing she always has, and to be fair, she looks darn good.

  18. SJF says:

    Lately it seems the like the cool thing is to call everyone a hater just because they don’t agree with your opinion, fall over your fave, think that they’re the best thing to walk on two legs, look good, or is a fashionista to bow down to, etc. etc. etc. the list goes on….

  19. SJF says:

    *omit the first the

  20. Tisha says:

    Rhianna, go sit down

  21. Kishonda says:

    Sorry Ri, not a good look

  22. B. says:

    @SJF I didn’t call anyone a hater. I kind of think there’s a difference between being “a hater” and “hating on” something in the sense that “hating on” something reflects opinion, but being “a hater” reflects the person’s own personality, and I wouldn’t know what anyone hating on Rihanna’s fashion is like. It’s all well and good for people not to like the way someone dresses but so many people on so many sites seem to be saying that they miss the old Rihanna or the way she used to dress, and to be honest I just don’t see a big change. I like this style, that’s true, but I liked her style in previous days and I feel like the only thing that’s changed in between is what on trend items are incorporated into the look.

    Seems to me that the undeniable influence of media on public perception has created this shift because Rihanna’s public image has been less favourable in recent times.

  23. chev says:

    @ a hater does hating lol smh sit down riri …the spread eagle nonsense needs to stop!

  24. chev says:

    @ B….for my first comment

  25. Nece says:

    I love Rih rih but this buish look lately isnt working she needs to get rid of that lame fucking hair n lame ass poor ppl swag….. n she is stressed yes but she needs to lay off the weed n gain back her weight ^_^ still #RihannaNavy for life thou

  26. Nece says:

    @SJF i agree ereone think their important so if u dnt agree ur a hater its jus a mature problem ppl have lately they jus dnt kno to get a life n grow the fuck up

  27. B. says:

    @chev, sorry, I don’t really get the first part of your comment, makes no sense to me. But the second part seems to be a bit of “sl*t shaming” which I just find so distasteful. When Usher or any other male celebrity takes off his shirt in a performance and starts grinding around, next to no one responds with “lol this h*e needs to take a seat” but when any female dresses/dances provocatively all of a sudden it’s a question of morality/indecency. I just don’t buy into that way of thinking. The suggestion of sexuality, whether male or female, shouldn’t be viewed as something shameful. Feminism has come too far to get complacent about that, and when women shame other women for being comfortable in their own skin, we’re just taking the whole cause so far back.

    and @Nece, again, not calling anyone a “hater”, and to be honest, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with “hating on” something you don’t like, but what I do find wrong is that it seems from my observations that mainstream media has influenced this shift more than anything else because of their influence over public perception and because lately they have been painting Rihanna as a “floozy” of sorts. I find that so anti-feminist. To me, it’s not about stanning for Rihanna, it’s about supporting other women.

    But this is a fashion blog, so I’ll get back to what I think of the outfit, and that’s just that all Rihanna’s looks lately just remind me of Rude Boy with messy hair and Docs or Only Girl with blonde hair and studs. I don’t see a big change in her, but in the way she’s represented in the media.

  28. chev says:

    @ B sometimes silence is golden….

  29. Diva says:

    ummmm no thank you.

  30. shannonUncool says:

    I liked Rihanna ‘s “BOY” leggings and some jean shorts she had on in a video. Not a big fan of this whole “BOY” wardrobe !!

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