March 1st, 2012
Celebrity Style, Hot or Hmm
Hot! or Hmm… Rita Ora in Hussein Chalayan Spring 2012 and B Brian Atwood Bambola Pumps at the 2012 NME Awards
By Faith

Along with Santigold, Rita Ora also attended the 2012 NME Awards in a menswear-inspired look. For the occasion, she rocked an all-white suit from Hussein Chalayan Spring 2012 with $300 B Brian Atwood Bambola Pumps:

She rocked her signature curls and kept her makeup minimal for a very fresh look.

Work Rita! She has been so on point with her fashion choices. I’m really hoping that she blows up this year and keeps the high-fashion looks coming.

What do you think? Hot! or Hmm…

If you’re feeling Rita’s look, get it here.

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52 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm… Rita Ora in Hussein Chalayan Spring 2012 and B Brian Atwood Bambola Pumps at the 2012 NME Awards”

  1. Dannielle says:

    I like her outfit. She has been everywhere lately, so I guess the rumors are true that she supposed to be replacing Rihanna??? It will be interesting how this plays out

  2. Aisha says:

    As Rihanna starts dressing in the dark rita is taking her swag. Hey, do your thing Rita!

  3. Inward beauty says:

    Ehhh…. Shes no rihanna

  4. Jennifer says:

    Those shoes look horrendous with such a sleek suit.

  5. Fashionbum82 says:

    Shes becoming the new “it” girl! She looks great!

  6. polish says:

    in the 2nd pic she looks like rihanna ,. still just dont like the blond look on this girl she looks kind of dirty with the blond. oh didnt rihana wear a full white suit like this last year to the CMA .. still i love Rita’s better

  7. Nana says:

    I bet you Rihanna’s quaking in her hooker boots with this Rita character around.

  8. Amused says:

    Not that I am a RiRi fan…but there is a reason Letoya Luckett, Ashanti and Keri Hilson were one hit wonders. There is only one Beyonce. And Rita will soon find out, if she chooses to go that route. Stay in your own lane.

  9. cc says:

    Rita had this look since she was just behind the scenes for abt 2 years now, Rihanna just ventured into her current look. another case of stars stealing from the lessor known

  10. cc says:

    yes i know rihs been around longer than 2 yrs, but this current TTT Look has Rita all over it, but I personally think Rita does it better 0

  11. I can dig it! She looks pure and simple!

  12. Tiff says:


  13. LuvinTrey says:

    I think she looks cute-especially the shoes! Id love to own a pair of Atwoods one day

  14. Snooty Poodle says:

    Rhi Rhi already did this look. Not talking about the hair but the white suit and she did it better.

  15. makeeasweet says:

    UGH,why are people always comparing her to rihanna.There enough room for ALL OF US.Then people wonder why there so much competitiveness and cattiness among women.Not just young girls,but grown ass women acting catty.

  16. Monica says:

    WOW… hatersss… i think she looks great!

  17. bella says:

    haters. Rita is in her own lane and she definitely has more personal style than Rihanna. without a doubt.

  18. Ellea says:

    I love me some Rita Ora!! I also love this look. I dont think she is replacing Rih Rih. People just need something to talk about. She has her own lane as does Rihanna. Its room for both, and Rih is not the only celebrity that can dress and or has an amazing stlyist.

  19. Anonymous says:

    When i look at this chick she reminds me of Rihanna there is no denying that from the hair color to the choice of her clothes.

  20. mi manning says:

    must be some ritual sh**! Out w/ the old, and in w/ the new! First, Whitney now Rihanna (maybe?). Y’all lookin’ @ fashion and music, I’m lookin’ @ the truth!

  21. Rio says:

    @Mi Manning I totally understand where you are coming from! However, this is a fashion blog, i.e. focus on fashion, so your ideas may not resonate with everyone.

  22. My Response says:

    maybe rihanna already did a look similar to this but this outfit is much nicer. I love this look. Ya’ll could compare her to rihanna all you want ( i don’t get why) but there is one thing that she has for sure that rihanna doesn’t and that’s an actual singing voice. k….bye

  23. Pistol says:


  24. fashionably late says:

    Those are not B by Brian Atwood “Bambolas” but the Brian Atwood “Aleshas.”

  25. Sydni says:

    I dont have a favorite of the two (yet; however I am a Rihanna fan), but when it comes down to it, these two are the EXACT same on paper: blonde hair, light skin, can go from grunge chic to classy cool, pop musicians (although I don’t have extensive experience of Rita’s music, I’ve heard one song), both foreign to America, both signed to ROC Nation, and while one has claimed her spot in the industry among the best, the other is slowly but surely on her way there.

    Im just sayin..

    Yall KNOW it’s about to go down.

  26. binks says:

    Cute outfit, but how old is she? She looks so aged in the face maybe its the hair or harsh eyebrows. And can we come up with a new word besides hater/hating

  27. B. says:

    Love this look, except I wish she’d chosen a different shoe? Either a white shoe, or a dark/bright shoe that would pop more. Still a great look for her.

  28. I’m feeling that ‘Rated R’ Rihanna era and LOUD era, despite the blonde hair. she giving RiRi a run for her money but not to worry, there’s only one Rihanna.

  29. Tamara says:

    I see why celebs don’t like blogs. How many of you would say this stuff in person? Constructive criticism is great, but some of you just like to tear people down.

  30. MonaLisa_310 says:

    Not to jump on the mentioning Rihanna band wagon but all white, nude shoes??? hmm didn’t RiRi do that before???? She looks nice though…

  31. Martinique_Fr says:

    She looks good, but RiRi rocked this look already… Can we have a side by side of Rita and RiRi?

  32. LovelyAnon says:

    Ugh..Whats with all the comparisons between her & Rihanna? They are two different people, so they have similar style…so what? So does everyone, everyone is getting their look from someone else…its not the serious. She looks great & Rihanna looks great.

  33. whitney says:

    @makeeasweet & LovelyAnon I agree. They are different people! My gawdddddd- but that’s our society. We’re so harsh on these celebs. Rita is just coming out &&& already people jumping gun…” Rihanna lookalike?” are people that simple minded? Must be so frustrating!!!

  34. TRUTH TELLER says:


  35. Shanita says:

    Does she SOUND like Ri-Ri??? I gotta check her vocals first. I hope Jay wouldn’t do something that foolish.

  36. Jennesia says:

    Those are not B. Atwood pumps they are Giuseppe Zanotti.

  37. TRUTH TELLER says:

    she sounds like katy perry to me but has a stylish like rih. yeah very original roc nation!! smh

  38. TRUTH TELLER says:


  39. TRUTH TELLER says:


  40. Clarah Lopez says:

    Rita reminds me of Rihanna way too much, although i do love her white chic style, its very sophisticated . Hot!

  41. Coniaknowsfashion says:

    I love it .. I would had did a different color shoe

  42. Shanita says:

    Thnx Truth! Ummmm…Roc Nation needs to stop the madness and quit waggin the dog. We know how the plan goes. Put out all the poo, til Bey is ready to resurrect…and BOOM!

  43. Lauren says:

    Rihanna may have wore a similar white suit before, but Rita is not “taking Rihanna’s swag.” Rita has been wearing that curly, blond look for years. She was in Drake’s “Over” video in 2010 with the same look she has now…

  44. If Only says:

    The Rihanna comparisons are to be expected but because Rita ora is a newer artist she does not have a leg to stand on in this argument regarding the “who did it first” battle. She’ll look like a copy cat regardless of her being “underground” and doing it first.

    I’m personally a Rihanna fan but Rita Ora isn’t exactly intimidating because her music is not good. Style can only get you so far, see: Cassie.

  45. noi says:

    she looks nice…i use to look up to rihanna as a fashion icon but lately she looks like she just rolled out of bed. The whole dark/gothic look is a no no in my book. Rita is fresh and out and about & doing her own thang! cant hate on that…maybe rihanna will step her game up.Plus this girl can actually sing lol

  46. CA says:

    I am in love with this woman…I’m currently listening to a cover she did of “Somebody that I used to know” and my heart melts with every note she sings. Oh, and she can dress her butt off!!!!

  47. LoveclothesHatefashion (sometimes) says:

    What is on point about an all white tux? First of all, it’s been done and done. Rihanna did it a year or 2 ago and this very site said she slayed it.

    Now i’m not pitting Rita against RiRi (altho its really hard not to do) but what about this outfit slays?!?

    The pants are baggy and not in a hip way, just in a needs-tailoring way.

    Minimal makeup? Um, is it me, or does raccoon eyes qualify as minimal these days?

    The heels are Barbie-esque?

    This woman is gorge, she’s signed to the Roc, and she has fashion potential. Altho the London street urchin look is a little uhh…well, annoying as fuck. What is the purpose of that superfluous flannel shirt other than to add a punk edge?

    But mostly, I’m kind of annoyed by bloggers randomly covering her and not knowing why. I don’t see Bridget Kelly on the blogs. I don’t see JoJo, who is making a slow and steady comeback, on the blogs. I see Rita.

    I wish Rita would make a mixtape or release genuine hit-worthy music… and have a Frank Ocean or Weeknd coming up. People genuinely sharing about a unique and cool and dope sound rather than the latest buzzing chick that Jay-Z personally sees to the front page of blogs.

    Love You Rita! I just want you to come with the HITS and then we can start drooling over your (potential, I see it !!) style!

  48. Nique says:

    What is the purpose of comparing her to Rihanna?

    That’s a bad ass suit.

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