February 27th, 2012
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Weekend Hot! or Hmm: The 84th Annual Academy Awards, 2012 Independent Spirit Awards, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Baby Blue, and more!
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Happy Monday! Did you all have great weekends? Hope you did!

Between the Oscars, the Independent Spirit Awards, and the All Star Game, there was a lot going on this weekend. Let’s just jump right in…

Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer hit the red carpet in yet another Tadashi Shoji gown—and within reason because the designer sure knows how to dress her frame. This particular gown was a hit for me—it worked in length, texture, color, and cut. I cheered then cried like a baby when Octavia won the Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

I wasn’t a fan of the eye makeup nor the hair, but hey, you’re allowed, O—you Academy Award winner you!

OK seriously, the TV set I keep in my bedroom is the same TV I had since college and it looked like something fresh off the shelf because of how radiant Viola Davis looked last night. OMG—this woman is stunning! She decided to rock her natural hair and killed it with this green Vera Wang gown. HOT!

Makeup is quite cakey, but we know you can show out and give face, Viola. We won’t judge.

Yo, WHO let Sherri Shepherd get photographed in this dress with her bra showing like that? C’mon—-this lady is on “The View”—show her some respect (I totally could have added in a “this is not the view I wanted to see” pun here)

Shaun Robinson rocked a metallic halter gown with a ruched bodice. Gorgeous woman and can look good in just about anything but this doesn’t give free range for her stylist to just put her in anything.

Love the pop of green in the eye makeup!

OK, Sean Combs—I see you with your little Giancarlo Esposito part. Diddy looks quite dapper, right? HOT!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this purple sparkly eye makeup on Robin Roberts.

She showed out in a simple boat neckline form fitting dress. Nice!

I dig Pharell Williams in this suit and velvet bow tie.

Maya Rudolph looked lovely in this side swept mermaid ‘do. Love the matching lip and cheek makeup.

She looked great in a mauve Johanna Johnson gown with beaded trim.

I don’t like Jennifer Lopez‘s Zuhair Murad gown even though I feel almost forced to like it for J. Lo’s sake. Something about the plunging neckline AND the arm cutouts is a bit too much for me.

But of course the diva turned it out with hair and makeup! HOT!

Now this is how you do barely there makeup for the red carpet, Esperanza Spalding. Nothing wrong with no-makeup looks, but if you’re on a red carpet being photographed you have to kick things up a notch. P.S. Give me your hair.

The strapless steel blue dress is perfect for her complexion and style. HOT!

Then over at the 2012 Independent Spirit Awards…

Zoe Saldana killed it in this Balmain long sleeved sheath and Brian Atwood ankle strap pumps.

Simple hair and makeup completed the look. HOT!

Hey, Tracee Ellis Ross! LOVE the hair—style and color—and I like the peachy cheeks and lips, but with this new hair color comes changing the makeup colors you wear. Some black liner on the eyes would do the trick.

I’m completely underwhelmed with this blouse and skirt combo. And are you wearing ankle socks with those Alexander Wang booties I want?

So I was with Anthony Mackie until I scrolled down and saw those sneakers. Now I’m all about comfort, but c’mon, homey!!! SMH.

Rashida Jones kicked it in this beautiful floral Oscar de la Renta midi dress. I’m sooo going to be stalking Topshop and ASOS for something similar. Love the cut! And I’m so happy she chose a bright pink lip to really make everything pop—but not in an obnoxious way.

Garcelle Beauvais is such a beautiful woman–I just wish her team would let her brows be great and grow (or at least penciled in a little heavier). The thin brows age the ageless beauty.

Can’t co-sign on this tangerine ensemble though I love the color on her. The fit seems off.

Actress Adepero Oduye looked great and ready for spring in this printed suit. Gosh, what a beautiful woman.

Perfect hair and makeup. HOT!

Then Gabrielle Union hit some NBA All Star Game festivities in this hot deep-V LBD. How could anyone even pay attention to the game with all this hotness going on. Sheesh.

Awww, all three Carters had their first outdoors sighting this weekend as Beyoncé and Jay-Z took Baby Blue out for lunch in NYC. I can get with Jay’s ensemble, but Bey, oh Bey, leather stretch pants? And without a longer top? AND with those Isabel Marant kicks? We thick-thighed girls know better. Hmm…

And finally Rihanna was spotted in London with an…uh, interesting mix of clothing. She payed homage to the late Elizabeth Taylor in an oversized Topshop sweatshirt, but the midi pencil skirt and Giuseppe Zanotti pumps paired with a questionable top (no shade to Ms. Taylor) baffles me. But what do I know? I bet the kids think this is hot. *shrugs*

That rounds it out, folks! Which look is your favorite?

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38 Responses to “Weekend Hot! or Hmm: The 84th Annual Academy Awards, 2012 Independent Spirit Awards, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Baby Blue, and more!”

  1. Hot for octavia, diddy, mr. neptunes, a scorchimg hot for viola…she gets a pass this time on the makeup….luke warm for jlo….without those cold shoulders the dress was a go…..and my sweet darling TER I DON’T KNOW WHHHHYYYY u get wearing these

  2. …….not so flattering fits smh…I want the old TER back….the one who knows she has a killer bod!!!!!!! smh

  3. binks says:

    I don’t know why but I love Esperanza Spalding’s look she looks so simple and natural that she stood out the most to me. Why sherri? And I agree with you on j-lo’s dress it wasn’t doing it for me but for the most part mostly everyone looked decent

  4. trish says:

    Typical jlo dress to me
    Rih needs to pick a look casual or dressy
    Hopefully Bey will get back into the swing of things and get her sasha fierce back

  5. Tee says:

    Jay Lo’s face is SNATCHED in a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sort of way…ewwwww!

  6. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    Y’all need to bow down and pay some homage to Ms. Jennifer Lopez!!! *Lil Kim voice* I loved everything about that look, I’m not a super dressy kinda girl, but glam girls like her, Liz Taylor, Penelope Cruz, and Catherine Zeta-Jones are women I envy-never a hair out of place, lashes ON, makeup beat to the gods just to get a latte! One day, I’ll mature a little more and be able to to look like that all the time…and something about Zoe Saldana in that Balmain mini dress just perked me up today! I love it!

  7. Clarah Lopez says:

    wow i love really love Viola’s Vera Wang dress. It matches her skin tonebeautifully and fits her body perfectly. She made a good decision to keep her natuaral hair and the colour looked stunning. However, yes i agree, the makeup was a little too much and off her natual colour, buut aside from that she defo rocked that red carpet.

  8. Christie says:

    Danielle I think your VERY off with that little segment on Beyonce . Why does she have to cover her thighs ? Why does she need a longer shirt ? What’s wrong with the Isabela Marant kicks ? … I don’t get it at all . She has a wonderful shape ….. Thick thighs girls don’t have to hide ANYTHING … As if trying to hide it is even possible …. #GCheck .

  9. Amused says:

    Aaaaa My Monday morning snark from Danielle:) I co sign with everything you said…I’m underwhelmed with J Lo not so much because of the plunging and cut outs but it’s boring…same silhouette. It reminds me of the Grammy dress she wore with Diddy, but rather than a plunging neckline it was a high slit. Yawn.

  10. whatevs says:

    Luv Viola…

  11. whatevs says:

    jlo’s dress looked like it came out of Dolly Parton’s closet…the one at Vanity Fair was her grammy dress dipped in sequins

  12. Danielle says:

    @Christie #gcheck??? what does that mean? lol

    I didn’t say she needs to hide anything but those pants with the sneakers shorten and widen her. A longer shirt would provide a more flattering silhouette. Nothing wrong with the sneakers—I actually love them just not with those pants. She’s with her baby so I understand a pair of heels not being her first choice, but under other circumstances they would have been better with her outfit than the sneakers.

  13. Nessa B says:

    Rihanna…..smh #that is all

  14. K says:

    I want Zoe Saldana’s dress – LOVE it! & Gabrielle Union looks great as well – love her shoes!

  15. Apple says:

    Zoe, Adepero Oduye, Esperanza and Maya are my favorites. J.Lo looked great as usual.

  16. B says:

    Idk about the Beyonce comment. If THAT’S wide then…

    she looks fine to me. I thought the outfit was really cute and she has on an oversized coat. Her thighs don’t even look big to me…like at all. Plus she’s spending time with her family I don’t expect for her to be in a full drag 24/7 with a new baby.

    I pretty much agree with everything else though.

  17. lu says:

    it was nice to see Bey just look normal and dressed up i think its first time i see her in sneakers . Octavia looks classy as always .

  18. lu says:

    sorry meant NOT dressed up

  19. Mely B says:

    Octavia & Viola looked great – but whoever does Viola’s makeup needs tips from Adepero’s makeup artist. SHE looks gorgeous!

    Esperanza looked like who she is – simple, humble yet gorgeous.

    I’d like to see Rasheeda Jones rock that Michelle Williams cut – I think it’d do wonders for her. I’m not digging the two-tone no style hair.

    Finally – can we get Rihanna’s top with Eartha Kitt, Lena Horne, Pam Grier or one of our iconic females of color on it? I’d love a Tamara Dobson as Christy Love tee. IJS

  20. Ay says:

    I actually dig Bey’s laid back look :)

  21. My Response says:

    Jlo was the best dressed in my eyes. she looks so damn good.

  22. aries says:

    Robin Roberts and Esperanza look the best from this post. Actress Adepero Oduye outfit was really cute. Esperanza looked beautiful and comfortable. i love Viola hair, but put some clothes on, she is letting the girls come out a lot lately. Octavia looked better at some of the other awards. she didn’t look fresh, maybe too much excitement. jlo hair made her look older. i love zoe outfit and shoes. anthony mackie, no sneakers, look at diddy, that is how men should do it. beyonce look weird with the baby, still getting used to motherhood and no sleep, maybe.

  23. Marthe says:

    Adepero Oduye is EVERYTHING. Beyonce is still nice, although her outfit is not very visible in this picture. I like that color of Garcelle Beauvais’ dress. The rest is just boring.

  24. mecnbug says:

    I love Viola and wanted her to look amazing for the Oscars. I don’t see the greatness that you all see. Just a disappointment. And J. Lo is always amazing. May not be my fav look ever but she is a star and looks the part – consistently. Octavia looked great though her hair is always a little old school beauty shop.

  25. SHAQ NICHOLE says:

    Not feeling Octavia’s dress though she look nice but I just thought the dress made her look bigger.
    Viola Davis looked stunning. You can definitely see she’s been working out! Beautiful!
    J-Lo’s dress. Was not feeling, I thought those sunburst pleats or design on a curvy girl was a no no and kind of not appropriate for the Oscars. IDK
    Pharell: I saw you doing your thing, playing the drums with Sheila E. I thought he looks dapper along with Diddy.
    Esperalda: That last pic she looks like a mannequin. Not feeling the dress, her hair is beautiful as well as her performance! Very classy!

  26. bougiehippie says:

    JLo looked amazing as usual and the cut of that dress was wonderful. That’s how you do transparent clothing. Viola & the girl with the fro looked ridiculous. Clearly Rihanna is depressed.

  27. andie says:

    Viola: I really wanna love her look but I don’t.
    Octavia: War Eagle to my fellow alum for the win buttt I hate her hair :/
    J.lo: dress is fab but typical on her
    Esperanza: hair and dress don’t do it for me
    Bey: I’m on the I like it train
    Rihanna: I’M going to go into depression if she doesn’t get together!

  28. Afrikka! says:

    This kid doesn’t think its hot at all….

  29. Hello says:

    Bey looks cute & casual to me, & why can’t “thick thighed” girls wear pants as such & her coat is long enough I just don’t get it. You get a hmm from me for that…

  30. Kishonda says:

    Bey looks good to me. I dont agree with that thick thigh comment. Shoot her thighs dont even look that thick to me! Everyone looked great. Jlo is my girl and Viola looked amazing!

  31. Genie says:

    I think Viola looks lovely . . . but her makeup is a bit off, also she could have used a deeper brow color!

  32. LuvinTrey says:

    I agree w/u about J Lo’s dress, it could have been perfect if the cutout sleeves were just a solid sleeve. Gabrielle looked great, cant get with Garcelles look but the color looks good on her and I love how Esperanza has stayed true to who she is.

  33. MzMartinez says:

    how can we even see what kind of shirt bey has on with the oversize coat I think she looks great

  34. Lynaya says:

    Bey looks fab….”The Help” needs some help. That makeup is a cakey mess. Fancy needs a new stylist, stat. And I really think Tracy needs some type of intervention. I know she got them bug eyes but this is ridiculous!

  35. I think Jennifer looks quite amazing…quite.
    I really don’t know how anyone can truly disagree…Robin looks great too…Everyone else can use a revamp

  36. zoe, by far, looks the best out of the bunch. her dress is stylish and fits her to a t.

    rashida & adepero look great too. love both of their ensembles.

    i’m disappointed in pharrell. usually i love him. but that tux is ill-fitting {notice the way the buttons pull & the break on his pants is off}.

    as for the rest of them, i’m underwhelmed {or in rih, rih’s case just plain perplexed}.

  37. Shanita says:

    Rih-Rih….ohhhh Rih-Rih, me cyant!!!

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    I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more.
    Thanks for fantastic information I was looking for this info for my mission.

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