February 23rd, 2012
Fashion News
The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Animal Activist Hires Hit Man to Kill Fur Supporter, Your Skinny Jeans May Be Killing You, and Inside Margherita Macapani Missoni’s Apartment
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

• In “you whylin’” news, a 27 year-old Ohio woman tried to hire a hit man to kill any person over the age of 14 seen wearing fur. No, you read that correctly. Merdeith Marie Lowell, probable P.E.T.A supporter and definite crazy person, put out an advertisement on Facebook searching for an executioner.

Her post was immediately picked up by an FBI agent, and her plan was subsequently foiled. She offered $850 for the job, money which could have bought a very nice fur stole. (Jezebel)


Glee star Amber Riley has always been confident about her weight, but chronic stomach pains caused by an unhealthy diet made her rethink her eating: “I decided I was going to make a change and eat healthier,” she said, remarking that fast foods “were attacking my stomach.” If you’ve noticed, the actress has been rocking a trimmer figure; “I’ve dropped two dress sizes!”, she told People. Good for her! (Daily Mail)


Rihanna, don’t you know those jeans are a ticking time bomb?

• Are you wearing skinny jeans? Are you still alive? Count your lucky stars, then. A medical report say that your too-tight skinny jeans can cause nerve problems, abdominal discomfort and (gasp!) blood clots in the legs. How can one avoid certain death by denim? Wear jeans that fit. (Jezebel)


• Effective today, Raf Simons has left Jil Sander as creative director of the brand. Fashion insiders are now speculating he could be next in line at Dior. The intrigue mounts. (Fashionista)


Mary Katrantzou has designed an Easter Egg for the Fabergé Easter Egg Hunt in London. You can bid on the giant floral-embellished egg, which will be on display at the Mayfair Hotel for 40 days and 40 nights. Proceeds will go to one of the several charities the Egg Hunt supports, including Action for Children and Elephant Family. I wonder if the egg has a treat in it; like, I don’t know, a dress from Katrantzou’s Fall 2012 collection, maybe? (Incentive Travel)


• The Lifestyle Mirror goes into Margherita Macapani Missoni‘s apartment, to chat about her sartorial proclivities. Both are fabulous. (Lifestyle Mirror)



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19 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Animal Activist Hires Hit Man to Kill Fur Supporter, Your Skinny Jeans May Be Killing You, and Inside Margherita Macapani Missoni’s Apartment”

  1. dayuum_chelz says:

    that shizz is CRAY! tryna kill people who kill animals for fashion. Isn’t that hypocritical? lmao. i don’t wear fur and i think people who do are idiots but you don’t see me tryna bust a cap in people’s a*$es lol.

  2. noirmuse says:

    Folks have lost their minds, the FBI doesn’t play!!!!

    I’m glad for amber, she knows what’s best for her body. I wish I could have seen more of Margherita’s apartment!

  3. cc says:

    Just because they’re skinny doesn’t make them tight! They are just fitted….and you go Amber!!

  4. exfatchic says:

    YAYYYYYY AMBER!!!!!! Let’s hope the “plus-size/curvy world” will not attack her attempts to live longer !!! (::forshadowing a J.Hud Backlash::)

    …as for those skinny jeans .. NOTE TAKEN!

  5. Nessa B says:

    @exfatchic: In my peersonal opinion, it wasn’t the fact that J Hud lost weight. I feel she lost too much weight. She looks unhealthy to me. She looks about 10 pounds too light. Now dont get me wrong im all for staying fit and being healthy, but you have to find the right size that fits your frame and i believe jennifer hudson passed that and kept going, thus the too skininess

  6. KBS says:

    “money which could have bought a very nice fur stole” you ain’t right…but you might as well throw in some leather upper, sole & lined boots too!

  7. Dee says:

    Funny thing is Amber use to be very slender according to an article she did in Marie Claire. Good for her.

  8. sun.kissed says:

    $850 is all you have to offer for killing multiple people? Where they do that at? “I’mma need at least 10 g’s G.” In my Bro Man voice. It doesn’t matter if your jeans are skinny, flared, straight legged or knickers the only way you’ll have abdominal pain or nerve damage is if they are two sizes too small!

  9. bougiehippie says:

    I mean how tight are your jeans?

  10. Lea says:

    If Amber actually loses all that extra weight, JHud will have a stroke…lol serious competition for a weight watchers deal.

  11. LawyerChic says:

    Amber Riley is undoubtedly succumb to the pressures of Hollyweird. I’m all for health, but I don’t believe its the reason plus sized women in the industry slim down.

  12. LawyerChic says:

    I agree with whomever said J. Hudd doesn’t look healthy. She looks slim, there’s a huge difference.

  13. SHAQ NICHOLE says:

    That is so true about skinny jeans! I so believe it!

  14. Marthe says:

    I know here on the fashion bomb you’re not keen on P.E.T.A. etc. but i would like to say that not every animallover or someone who protests against fur has such a big hate against people who wear fur (I mean, YOU wear fur, and I love you Jihan!). I’m for vintage fur, but against buying fur this time now, the fashionindustry can make lovely replicas of real fur, it is a little crazy to think about killing an animal now because of something we actually don’t need anymore. + Love Rihanna’s outfit.

  15. Jihan says:

    @Marthe, oh of course… not every animal lover hates people who wear animal products. This particular chick is just CRAY.

    * love you too :) *

  16. Vanessa says:

    Wow. Some people are so passionate about their beliefs they forget its just still an opinion. So you kill a life…because a life was killed? SMH. Hey good advice tips with the skinny jeans!

  17. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    Killing people for killing animals. But aren’t we animals too? That’s as dumb as killing abortion doctors. Life is life people!

  18. Cheri V says:

    So we’re just not gonna comment on the fact that that woman was looking for an executioner via Facebook advertisement….forreal?

  19. Ashleey Dramatiicsxz says:

    I will always loveeeeee Amber :* !

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