February 22nd, 2012
Awards, Celebrity Style, Rihanna
On the Scene: The 2012 Brit Awards
By Claire

The 2012 Brit Awards went down last night in London, with artists like Adele, Nicole Scherzinger, and Rihanna rocking the red carpet. Let’s take a look at who and what they wore:

Rihanna in Givenchy Couture
Nicole Scherzinger in Versace Spring 2012
Jessie J


Adele in Burberry

Alexandra Burke

While everyone made valiant efforts, I think Nicole Scherzinger truly shined in her lemon yellow Versace gown. She kept it simple, allowing the dress to shine. Rihanna could’ve taken some notes; I think I would have appreciated her halter neck Givenchy gown minus the long leather gloves.
What do you think? Which look was your fave?

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33 Responses to “On the Scene: The 2012 Brit Awards”

  1. Jay says:

    I looove what Alexandra is wearing. The Royal blue goes so well with her skin tone.

  2. Twerk says:

    Two snaps for will.I.am! He’s posing harder than the females in this post!

  3. cc says:

    no Rihanna, just NO! smh

  4. 5ucHUNNY says:

    not feeling the neckline on riri, or the gloves

  5. noirmuse says:

    Alexandra looks phenomenal in that royal blue. Nicole looks lovely, and understated. If Rihanna ditched the gloves and switched out the shoe for something a bit more dainty that didn’t compete with the dress, she could have had a hit.

  6. Fashionbum82 says:

    The gloves are unnecessary i actually like Jessie J’s dress edgy and sexy! oh Will *how you doin*

  7. Style Critic says:

    Adele is incredibly talented but she looks/dresses like a 45 yr old woman and she’s only 23!! That hair so matronly and the dress is MORBID and matronly. She needs to put on some color, shorten the hems a bit and experiment with accessories. So over her old lady red carpet outfits.

  8. Kitty B. says:

    I agree with I was staring at Rihanna saying to myself “i LOVE the dress, but whats off” Those gloves….alexandra is wearing that dress, lovely!! Nicole i thought looked rather boring….

  9. SxyDread says:

    LOVE Rhianna’s dress but the gloves should not have been added. They’re an unnecessary distraction. I’m LOVING Alexandra Burke’s dress… that chest piece is GORGEOUS and so unexpected! Jessie J’s makeup makes her look way too hard. she needed somthing to soften her up. I want to see Adele wear something other than black. Her hair and makeup are gorgeous as always though.

  10. Tiffany says:

    Yup. Those gloves make the look too clunky. Not necessarily feeling those shoes with that dress either – too distracting to how beautiful the dress is.

  11. Dom says:

    I love the royal blue on the dress, but not feeling the yellow part or the hair/makeup on AB.

    Nic brought her A game. But she’s highlighting the difficult part of carrying off a strapless: it’s falling down.

  12. Vanessa says:

    I wish Adelle would take more risk. Rihanna lookin sexy as usual.

  13. qwe says:

    if you cover up rihannas head she looks like beyonce, she got the beyonce pose downpat lol

  14. sun.kissed says:

    Not loving Rihanna’s look at all. Her dress would have been ok without the gloves and a different shoe. What’s going on with her this award season? I’m not totally on board with Alexandra’s look, but I can appreciate that it’s interesting and the color is fab!

  15. JR says:

    Rhianna almost looks classy and sophisticated! I like this for her sans the gloves.

  16. jim says:

    Rihanna has been looking OFF to me for the longest time now.
    Idk..she lost her magic when that record with breezy came out.

    Nicole, looks,fan-tastic.

    Adele looks like Margaret Thatcher.

  17. NikkiBellaRay says:

    Yess to Jessie J, I absolutely love her, that dress is racy and all things edgy!

  18. Dani says:

    Rih. Yes – gloves & all
    Nicole- No it’s a lil ill fitting to be honest. She looks lumpy & you know that girl has zero lumps.
    Jesse J – YES YES YES!!! I love it. Def my FAVE of the list.
    Will.I.Am – Yes. He looks very dapper & still let his personality shine through. I love the tie but wish he’d kill that glove.
    Adele… *sigh* NO NO NO!!!! I just wish she’d dress for her age. That dress is horrible & we’ve all seen that she has a nice shape from the Grammys. Maybe she’s not comfortable in her new skin but I SURE hope she gets comfortable real fast.
    Alexandria – No. Just… No.

  19. Shanita102 says:

    Off with her gloves!!!

  20. ladyluo says:

    LOVE Alexandra’s dress!

  21. Joan says:

    The stans always go bananas for Rihanna even when she makes the most ridiculous costume choices. smh

  22. Mel says:

    Rihanna looks gorgeous I think it’s a cool look.

  23. Marthe says:

    Alexandra Burke is beautiful.

  24. EbSoMajor says:

    Rihanna ruined the beauty of that dress with those gloves. They’re completely off putting and different from the direction of the dress.

    Jessie J’s dress is STUNNING! The artistry is amazing. I only wish she would’ve taken off those big earrings, threw on some studs, and slicked her hair back into a sleek bun!

  25. Maryse says:

    Rihanna finally looks like she took a comb through her hair, though her outfit is to much. The detailed dress and shoes? No, that should be an or ma’am.
    Nicole is hunching just to make sure her tata’s don’t pop out? You should have tried on a different dress girl. The color is nice though.

    Jessie J *crickets* like the hair though

    Will.i.am. looks ok, but I am still all for dressy shoes with that outfit.

    Adele looks could but I was never a fan of so much white on a french manicure.

    Alexandra Burke looks good in her dress from ‘…’ it’s different in a good way and her hair pulls the look together, though I would have gone for a different color nail polish.

  26. binks says:

    I am going to give it to jessie j I love her outfit for some reason, Nicole and Adele looks boring and rihanna……crickets

  27. yeahisaidit says:

    alexandria wins for me..unlike anything we’ve seen this awards season :)

    rihanna try again..less is more, nicole dress doesnt fit well, adele i dont mind her style if thats what she likes fine, just wish she would get the memo that dresses and gowns do come in other colours..

  28. Diva says:

    Adele looks awesome…. but she does need to get some variety in her wardrobe…. Will i am…. well if I can’t say something nice i won’t say anything at all….. (crickets)

  29. Sandy says:

    Adele needs some color in her life, being plus does not mean you only wear black, there’s other options.
    Rihanna no no no, gloves not necessary, shoes ok, dress is cute.
    Jessie J…your drawers showing i wish this look would die.
    Alenxendra burke….ok on to the next one!!

  30. Auty says:

    I like Riri’s outfit minus the gloves and Nicole is not doing it for me. Its a nice dress but the fit is alllllllll the way off she needs to pull it up and take it in plus its tool long just no she actually looks really awful to me.

  31. Porsche says:

    Okay I know that London is quite tacky but it seems like the stars took out the big guns for this show. Yikes

  32. DunnaB says:

    That yellow dress is gross….

  33. Na415 says:

    I love Rihanna look & the last dress too, It’s different!

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