February 21st, 2012
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Get the Look: Rochelle Wiseman’s Coral Scalloped Short Suit
By Claire

Tica Pica says, “ Spring cannot come fast enough for me to wear this beautiful orange suit Rochelle Wiseman has on.”

” Except…I don’t know who it’s by! Please help me out! (plus, any tips on how I could make it more office appropriate?) Thanks!!”
Rochelle Wiseman looked summery and cute in a short suit from Lipsy UK.
Her £45 (approximately $71) cropped blazer has a tailored look and bold color to boot:

Her £32 (approximately $50) shorts have a fun scalloped edge and cute button details on the pockets:

Love it? Get her jacket here and her shorts here.

As far as making this work appropriate…I don’t think you can. The shorts are way too short for any office environment, though perhaps you can swing it if you wear flats. What do you guys think?

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40 Responses to “Get the Look: Rochelle Wiseman’s Coral Scalloped Short Suit”

  1. sahsa says:

    Don’t wear it in an office….ever

  2. Ohhh I am 110% feeling this suit that Rochelle Wiseman is rocking!! Love the coral colour and the scallop detailed shorts.. It would soo look nice in a pastel yellow, blue and lilac..

  3. Len says:

    I thought I was the only one who caught the office thing lolo…maybe she works in a fashion environment and is going to wear with tights? Im guessing -___-

  4. V says:

    unless your office has a pole, please do not

  5. Lish says:

    What a cute outfit…not too much ..not to little ..a pop of color and she looks comfortable

  6. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    Even in fashion, I don’t think this is a good outfit for work. Would you really feel comfortable walking in Conde Nast with shorts that short?

  7. Keisha says:

    Very cute outfit but not work appropriate.

  8. Nakia P says:

    I love it…but not for work :)

  9. Sweat Pea says:

    Swap the shorts for a pencil skirt, with a not so revealing tank and hit pumps for the office. Those shorts should not be worn in the office EVER! Not appropriate.

  10. Sweat Pea says:

    I meant HOT* not hit

  11. Nicole says:

    This is nice to wear to a summer event…in the hamptons!

  12. Dom says:

    Love the suit. Is it ever appropriate to wear shorts to the office? I’ve got a few suits with shorts that I’d love to rock in the warmer months. But I always end up feeling too uncomfy to follow through.

  13. Nik says:

    I am feeling this so much, so classy and the color would be wonderful on any skin tone.

  14. Tam says:

    Very, very cute!! However, this is NOT, Absolutely NOT work appropriate!!

  15. jadakiss says:

    This is a great outfit. I love it. You can’t do the shorts in the office, but you can keep the blazer and add a nice embellished tank and some nude dress trousers and you have yourself a look for office !

  16. Shorts are a NO- NO at work! A intern came in here with them on one day and she was sent home. I’ll just say that I work for Hilary’s Department. I think the outfit is lovely though, but it’s def for outside of work. It is really cute though, and I’d love to see it other colors!

  17. Bridney says:

    in love!!
    going to order it tomorrow!! thanks fashionbomb!! ;)

  18. Erica B. says:

    Wearing this to the office would create one of those, “She KNOWS she’s dead azz wrong for that” moments.

  19. Crystal says:

    Oh….I love it! I know the shoes are old but I love those too.

  20. Sandra says:

    This look is cute but NOT appropriate for the office. Even if you work in the fashion industry. I will never attend a work meeting wearing shorts. What would that say about my character? On the other hand, on the streets, do you.

  21. sun.kissed says:

    Loves everything about this look. Too bad I can’t do shorts, I’d order this in a heart beat.

  22. Vanessa says:

    How totally cute and spring appropriate. I would love to wear something like that.

  23. Azaleigha says:

    Refreshed look. I heart

  24. Snooty poodle says:

    cute brunch outfit. You can not wear short to work. No matter how flat your shoe or “long” the shorts

  25. Nice outfit and I love the handbag too.

  26. Raynell says:

    This cannot be made work appropriate! But it’s pretty though.

  27. candylicker says:

    Seems a bit short…

  28. Mads says:

    I work for a VERY corporate FTSE100 company and one of the lawyers wore shorts about this short. She was the talk of the office that morning and her much older and rather embarrased boss had to tell her they were not appropriate for work. Don’t let that be you!

  29. TicaPica says:

    thanks so so much Claire and to everybody too for establishing the no-shorts-in-the-office edict! i work in the Eurocapital (sigh) in a formal setting. People seriously wear short suits to work round here, even in a corporate environment and not only in summer (often with black tights) – provided the shorts are no shorter than what would be appropriate for a skirt/dress; it’s known as “le costume bermuda” I’ve also seen them a lot in Holland, but I guess there it may be because of the prevalence of the bicycle, even in the financial centres. different strokes for different folks i guess!

  30. Lilmsknowitall says:

    Dang ticapica that sounds great! I need to relocate..

  31. WHO IS ROCHELLE WISEMAN? Guess i better google her. I do love this look. I am not fond of the shorts and heal look, not everyone can pull it off. Frequently the short is too SHORT, or to casual for the look. I truly am impress. Looks quite classy. Glad you were honest about this look not being appropriate for the office. that would be a no no

  32. lanenabuena says:


  33. binks says:

    Love the look but not for work

  34. ChasidyB says:

    Love it! From the color to the cut!

  35. Dani says:

    Loving this look & even thinking about getting it. I guess I’m the only one that would & could wear this to work on a nice July day & not worry about backlash. Then again… I never worry about backlash. lol [Don't like it? Don't look.] My work environment is soooo laid back. Gta love being a Graphic Designer! =D

  36. Bronze says:

    Of course u can wear this to the office. Just depends on the trade.

  37. Ronnie says:

    So cute!

  38. Lee in London says:

    Some of these outfit requests are a bit silly, common sense would tell you to replace the shorts with a knee length skirt or a pair of trousers…come on people let’s not waste Claire’s time.

  39. Diva says:

    she looks great, but you could never get away with that in corporate America.

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