February 16th, 2012
Celebrity Style, Hot or Hmm, Nicki Minaj
Hot! or Hmm…: Nicki Minaj’s Mac Viva Glam Nanette Lepore Spring 2012 Stripes and Giuseppe Zanotti Colorblock Sandals
By Claire

Nicki Minaj has been clinging to color lately, appearing at a recent MAC Viva Glam event in a striped Spring 2012 jacket and dress by Nanette Lepore:

She accessorized the striped look with a Chanel bag and a $1,150 pair Giuseppe Zanotti colorblock sandals.
Her button down dress and jacket both appeared separately on Nanette’s neon infused Spring 2012 runway:

Her two toned sandals have a 6 inch heel and feature a swirling of suede straps which overlap and weave together, shaping geometric cutouts.

Nicki keeps it fun, and I personally think this look suits her to a tee. It’s cool to see her mixing high and low, and even dabbling in a full on runway look.
What do you think?

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51 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm…: Nicki Minaj’s Mac Viva Glam Nanette Lepore Spring 2012 Stripes and Giuseppe Zanotti Colorblock Sandals”

  1. Tia says:

    fashion FAIL. prime example of doing too much in my opinion (typical nikki minaj tho).. butttt…i love the shoes :)

  2. I wish she had left the last few buttons on the dress open like the runway b/c they are screaming for life on her!

  3. Yakini says:

    Cute! I like her look.

  4. andrea says:

    A mess….as usual. ugh

  5. yeahisaidit says:

    @ aLadynamedB : too tru, but u kno she dont have the build to be able to do that, thighs n cooch be all over the place in minutes!

  6. Lil Kim look alike says:

    Bitch talking she the queen when she looking like a Lab Rat (Nicki)

  7. mary says:

    classic nicki DOING THE MOST , but i kinda love this and like i said yesterday. take that damn wig off

  8. Love the look. Pink and royal blue pops!

  9. LuvLaNise says:

    I think the 2nd runway look would have worked better for her

  10. sun.kissed says:

    Loves this look! She is doing too much for all the right reasons. Roman’s wig must die though!

  11. Savage says:

    LOL @ Roman’s Wig!! But here is Ms. Minaj looking a draggy hot ass mess, trying to pull it of as quirky..like the joke is over, ur establihed, ur talented. Get urself together.

  12. Too much going on. It’s time for Nicki to grow up.

  13. NikkiBellaRay says:

    Those wigs Nicki wear sometimes make a cute outfit look completely déclassé. I want to like what she wears but it goes left when I look up.

  14. Marsha D says:

    That wig needs an exorcism…..death to lace fronts! She looks cute tho…(is her nose gett’n bigger???)

  15. Moorgsss says:

    Looooove this look , Hot!

  16. Kitty B. says:

    On Nicki i say hmmmmmmm, but on the models its HOT!!!

  17. Nicole says:

    This is what happens when good clothes meet the wrong person…she made this outfit look awful…and you have glu on your fivehead…gurl stop!

  18. Jaz says:

    a cute solid colered blazer would’ve been preferred. but the shoes r HOTTTT

  19. lolodoll11 says:

    She has some cute pieces but typically a fail at putting them together.

  20. My Response says:

    if a certain person had did this ya’ll would’ve been praising her. I’m not usually a fan of Nicki’s fashion choices but this looks good compared to others.

  21. Bella Honey says:


  22. Amber says:

    I won’t even address what’s happening above the neck, but I do like the rest. I would have preferred that she break up the look like on the runway. Either the dress alone or with a solid colored jacket or sweater and the jacket with a solid dress or whatever.

  23. CC says:

    I like all of the pieces she’s wearing…just not all together. It’s quite busy. The jacket and dress are really cute but together, it’s just too much going on. Maybe a solid colored jacket would have been better? Or, if the stripes on the jacket and dress were different, like in the picture with the second model, that probably would have been better. And I prefer Nicki with bangs. These lacefronts she’s been rocking lately are sitting on her eyebrows and I just can’t deal. Whoever is doing her hair is doing her a disservice and needs to be fired.

  24. I love the dress but I would have never put the cardigan with it. she looks matronly

  25. Ifey says:

    How do you take a runway look and make it look a mess…Let Nikki Minaj wear it. I can’t with her. Lady Gaga called she wants her style back, stop swagger jacking. This is just a hmmmm all the way.

  26. ladyluo says:

    Surprisingly I like this look except for that wig

  27. Kishonda says:

    She looks ridiculous. From the wig on down..this girl is a mess.

  28. B. says:

    Hot! This is how to do “Barbie” if you’re going to.

  29. kim says:

    she forgot to contour her nose.. dish the jacket … too much going on/

  30. Sassncurlz says:

    This would be cute if she didn’t pile on everything. I like the way it was shown worn on the runway. Oh and I have to agree with everyone—the hair MUST go!

  31. binks says:

    Not it….

  32. rebecca says:

    she actually looks cute….for nicki minaj. This is considered toned down for her and its definitely better then the full fledged antics she usually pulls with her wordrobe….. and the shoes are FIYAH!!

  33. I don’t like the wig. I like the outfit.

  34. JenG says:

    I like the outfit. It is a nice change for her.

  35. i luv everything except her hair!!!!

  36. Ninjo says:

    No ma’am! Her curves don’t work at all with this look. It looks matronly on her and those poor buttons are holding on for dear life! In this case, more skin would do her some good. It worked so much better on the runway with the last few buttons undone. I’m sorry Nikki… once again, you get an F.

  37. lanenabuena says:

    I would have loved to see the shoes and the dress together but she made it look a hot mess with that wig and jacket!!

  38. Jaz says:

    I think the jacket is too much. A white blazer would have been nice. I hate that monstrosity on her head though

  39. lu says:

    not too bad compared to her usual get ups

  40. MIssRich says:

    she looks cute, love this look on her!!

  41. Mona L says:

    Nicki been losing lately i swear!

  42. michezulu says:

    This outfit is giving me a headace this early in the morning.

  43. alice says:

    UGH!!! I’ve been sick of that atrocious lace front since the grammys!!! I’ve loved her fashion picks this week!! but come on!! that wig???!! FAIL!

  44. vonne says:

    When will this chick stop with the tacky weaves? She’s a beautiful woman but she always looks a hot steamy mess. The shoes are nice. Someone with good fashion sense would make them look better.

  45. Diggs says:

    Love the jacket and the shoes….It was over done with the dress, but someone who didn’t look crazy from the neck up could pull it off. The hair and makeup just take away from a beautiful outfit.

  46. Liz says:

    hate her look.love her shoes

  47. Na415 says:

    This is a cute look, I can’t get over that baby blue Chanel bag I love it!!! I love the colors in this outfit, I would have wore the dress without the matching jacket & would have pair it with a solid color jacket. But still think this is a cute look & that Chanel bag I wish that I could afford it :(

  48. VeryLivingEND says:

    A mess, as usual. But, what’s new?

  49. Khadi says:

    She looks like a barbie has anyone she looked kinda different does she got botox or something??? but i luv her wig it look real

  50. TokyoSpinna says:

    but that lace front though???

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