February 13th, 2012
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Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: 2012 Pre-Grammys Gala, NAACP Image Awards Luncheon, The 54th Annual Grammys, and More!
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Happy Monday!

Tons of celebs were out this weekend at various industry events making up for the last few weekends where sightings were scarce.

Let’s just jump right in…

Kelly Rowland donned a head of curls and blue shadow that matched her dress. The camera’s flash seems to have washed her out though :/

Love this long sleeve floor length sequined number though.

Oh, Toni Braxton :x I have so many questions. Why is it you and your sisters seldom ever get your foundation match right? *sigh* Did you say something mean to your makeup artist? Are there no mirrors in your house? Where did the red in the brows even come from?

But she turned it out in true Toni form with this long cut-out dress. Work!

Serena Williams killed it in this sleeveless green Dolce & Gabbana number. Hair, makeup, and everything look great. Hot!

Sanaa Lathan and her awesome hair came through. Wish there was more color in her makeup look—either on the cheeks or on the lips.

Not feeling the dress at all. The shape makes her look very broad up top :/

India.Arie showed up in an all-white suit and head wrap that I like.

I was rocking with the makeup until I got to the brows. Where’s the rest of them? And were they drawn on with a Sharpie?

Gladys Knight looks awesome in this teal floor length gown with ruching. Perfect silhouette for the “Midnight Train” singer. Hot!

Esperanza Spalding stepped out in organza and…shredded plastic? Can’t let the Bieber fans see you slip, E—especially after they roasted you on Twitter last Grammys for taking the Best New Artist award from their beloved prince.

Ciara decided to switch things up with her hair and opted for a bold ombre look. Love the style, hate the color. The blonde makes her hair look cheap :/

And only someone with a body like Ciara’s can rock a getup like this. Hmm…

Amber Rose sauntered in wearing this asymmetrical long slit leopard print number. Perfect look for Amber—tattoos and all.

The makeup is a little severe—OK, it’s a LOT severe. Not sure where the green lipstick and angled brows come in. Stay out of Lady Gaga‘s makeup bag, A!

Garcelle Beauvais looked hot in crisp white—but the detail on the dress makes her body look lumpy :(

Then at the NAACP Image Awards Nominee Luncheon…

I love everything about Keke Palmer‘s look—especially the bodycon dress—it’s age appropriate and won’t get her in trouble with her strict parents. Hot!

Tatyana Ali wore a cobalt blue off the shoulder dress. I appreciate that though this is quite a voluminous look, it’s still cinched where it matters. I’m underwhelmed with the shoe choice though–a pair of glittery strappy sandals would have done the look more justice.

Anika Noni Rose looks great in peach, but can’t say I’m digging this get up. I mean, it’s perfect for say a summer picnic, but for an NAACP luncheon? Too casual for me.

Tonya Lee Williams looks good in this long sleeve grey sheath accented with pearls and bow tip pumps.

Over in New York City…

Solange hit the 1s and 2s at the BCBGMAXAZRIA and Herve Leger after party in what else—BCBG. LOVE the high slit and this yellow and white combo suits her complexion well. Hot!

At the Grammys…

Alicia Keys wore an Alexandre Vauthier Spring 2012 Couture dress while her hubby Swizz Beats channeled his inner Prince and stepped out in a purple velvet blazer and matching bow tie. Love the dress on her, but I would have skipped the purple tie on him—seems a little gimmicky.

Continuing with the couple’s theme…

I actually like Wiz Khalifa‘s white tuxedo jacket and leather pants look (what size are those pants–a zero? sorry—couldn’t resist). Amber Rose loves her asymmetrical and high slit dresses doesn’t she? Within reason though because they fit her so well. Hot!

Oh Taraji :/ See, we KNOW you can do better than this, girlfriend. This ill-fitting disaster of a dress is so beneath you.

Can’t even say she made up for it with hair and makeup. Dag, Taraji—did you piss off your entire glam squad??

Goldie Hawn Rihanna wore a simple Armani deep V-neck gown that is boring me to tears. C’mon, Rihanna—we know you got a nice paying gig with the brand, but this is the Grammys! We need more–or at least I do…lol.

LOVE the makeup, but hate the hair.

Rick Ross looked like he came right from the wing stop and headed right over to the Grammy red carpet. We get that the Grammys aren’t say The Academy Awards, but dag dude—put in some effort.

Nicki Minaj added herself to the list of artists to upset the Catholic church when she arrived with this Pope prop and Versace costume. *sigh* *says three Hail Marys*

Yikes–this hair and makeup makes her look like Jocelyn Wildenstein :x

Melanie Fiona played it SUPER safe in this strapless printed maxi. It’s like two polar opposites with her dress and Nicki Minaj’s ensemble. Has no one seen outfits of Grammys past?

I like the pieces of MC Lyte‘s outfit, but not all together. The dress works for the former rapper and Recording Academy Los Angeles Chapter President, but take away that arm band and those horse shoes.

Marsha Ambrosius gets 10s all across the board for the 40s inspired ringlets, luminous makeup, silver long sleeve shift, and pewter pumps. HOT!

LL Cool J looks dapper in his suit, but I want to run up and snatch that hat off. Why, Todd??

Ledisi, girl, I was with you on this gown but we have got to support the girls. Over there looking like my grandma Esme with those things…smh

Makeup is applied perfectly—just not feeling the pink shadow and gloss on her.

Hey, Laurieann Gibson—take off your jacket and stay awhile! And are your boots and pants all in one? A leather onesie, perhaps? Hmm…

Kelly Rowland rocked this sheer appliqued bodice Alberta Ferretti gown. The color and fit are perfect for her frame.

I don’t hate the hair and makeup, but I also don’t love it. The too-light lip gloss throws it off.

John Legend could have stepped right out of the pages of GQ in this suit. Love the European tailoring.

Jennifer Hudson was stunning in this mid length hairstyle and honey’s face was BEAT! I totally missed the show last night so I’ll have to catch her tribute to my love Whitney Houston on Youtube. How did she do?

I can work with this belted draped ombre dress, Esperanza Spalding. It’s a bit out there but the shape brings it back to earth.

I can get the no makeup thing, but for the cameras-sake put something on, Esperanza! A little blush and brow grooming never hurt nobody.

Diana Ross took a more demure take on her wardrobe donning a simple pantsuit with coughstockingsandpromshoessneeze. I can dig it.

She makes it “Diana” with the big hair and soulful eyes.

Corrine Bailey Rae took a risk with this look–I’m down with the bold lip color and massive head of curls.

But this Christian Siriano dress paired with these Christian Siriano for Payless shoes was a miss. A simple sleek pump would have pulled it all together.

*wipes drool off keyboard* Common, Common, Common. Though his outfit is a tad too casual, the “I’m too cool for this” vibe he’s projecting makes it work. For me at least.

And finally AJ Calloway looked sharp in an open collar tie-less suit. This is my favorite red carpet look for a man—especially when tailored the way this one is. I’m ignoring the white shoes–will not let them ruin this moment.

And that rounds it out! Which look is your favorite?


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57 Responses to “Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: 2012 Pre-Grammys Gala, NAACP Image Awards Luncheon, The 54th Annual Grammys, and More!”

  1. C says:

    I believe Corrine Bailey Rae has on the actual Christian Siriano runway shoe. They have a higher platform and a studded inner heel when compared to the Payless ones.


  2. Keshia From Texas says:


  3. araspecial says:

    I agree. I was dying when I read the one about coming out of a chicken shop. Hilarious!! Seriously though, some folks were just way too casual. My favorite is Kelly Rowland.

  4. Dobe says:

    Are we not going to mention JHud’s lacefront?! I guess you didn’t see the performance, so you wouldn’t know… just yet, lol.

    And “…looking like my grandma Esme with those things”?? LMAO! I cannot and WILL NOT! Love me some Ledisi, though.

    There are plenty of great looks in this post. I won’t even give Nicki Minaj the attention she’s craving, lol… or AJ’s white shoes… or the white ones Victor Cruz wore :-/

  5. omgfantastic says:

    sorry but i couldn’t disagree more with the poster and the snarky tone was childish.

    besides that, riri looked hot. you don’t need a lot with that kind of dress and that body. her gold accessories set it off nicely. riri doesn’t often look “classy” but she does here.

    at the opposite end of the spectrum, i liked nicki minaj. not a fan of her music but i do like the fun she has with fashion/costumes.

  6. Caribbelle says:

    LOL. I’m underwhelmed with everyone and everything. The grammys just aren’t what they used to be. The show was a snooze, and I wasn’t wowed by anything. I’m ignoring Onika.

  7. Accent says:

    U were 2 hard on yur comment on Rihanna. I think she looks amazing head to toe. Kelly is also on point. I would love for someone to make a vidoe about Kellys hair. I need that style in my life

  8. ninjo says:

    Tens all around for the commentary! Encore! Encore!

  9. Martinique_Fr says:

    I actually loved Rihanna’s look. It was very minimal, but so sexy. Also, not many can pull off that look.

  10. candylicker says:

    Yall NEVER like anything Kelly wears, let it be bey yall would be all over it. lol.

  11. Est87 says:

    Goldie Hawn, that’s who she looked like!! Couldn’t put my finger on it lmao. I HATE this hair on Rhianna, but i must say, it worked for me this time round! Love her whole look. Also a fan of Kelly rowland’s get up!

    Nicki minaj came off as very contrived and manufactured. It smelled of lady gaga – not surprising that Laurianne was behind it!

  12. sun.kissed says:

    Esparanza, where the hell are your people??? Ledisi, I love you but where the hell is your bra? And where are the people who failed to tell you you forgot it? Garcelle, you hardly ever fail me, but this is a NO! I cannot with Corinne and those CS for Payless shoes, they’re nice but too chunky for that dress. Lauri Ann, boom boom kack yourself back home and change your outfit. Amber takes the crown for best dressed, is anyone else as surprised as I am?

  13. whatevs says:

    Rihanna’s body looked AMAZING…

  14. Dom says:

    Love this post! It just kept going and going and going and…

    Serena looks good, and I really like Corrine from head to toe. She looks interesting. Very appropriate for the Grammy’s.

  15. whatevs says:

    Solange looked great as well

  16. Jill says:

    Ledisi, girl, I was with you on this gown but we have got to support the girls. Over there looking like my grandma Esme with those things…smh

    DANIELLE, you are OUT OF LINE, OUT OF LINE. And I am out of breath. I give up today. I went through All of my dopamine on that one. *Looks at Danielle sideways*

    Gurl, I Have to ask you this. Kelly looks adorable, cute, awesome,you never really like her. Did she do something to you?Just askin. *rubs hands*

  17. Marthe says:

    Ciara and Rihanna are my faves. There’s something wrong with the rest, in my eyes. The make-up with the green lipstick (Amber Rose) must be the worst I’ve ever seen here on this site, it makes me feel a little bit ill.

  18. Shaniece says:

    I would have to say Kelly in the blue sequince killed it. It was appropriate and a little more contouring and blush wouldn’t have hurt either. I liked ledisi’s look as well, just wish she had better bra support like a corset and she would have been stunning !

  19. Brandon says:

    SERENA FOR THE WIN, she finally got it RIGHT!

  20. Miss Moore says:

    I was kinda unimpressed by the grammy fashion this year

  21. SHAQ NICHOLE says:

    You have this so right Danielle! What is up with Toni’s makeup? That concealer is atrocious! Is Alicia and Rihanna wearing the same shoes??

  22. OB says:

    Can Ledisi get a new hair stylist!!! That look is played out! I thought Alicia Keys and LL were the best dressed of the night.

  23. muah says:

    Rihanna looked amazing, how is this look boring? smh everybody is a critic.

  24. Crystal says:

    Rihanna gets my vote. It fit her personality and age. She does look like Goldie Hawn though. LMAO! Kelly just won’t give up that wig huh? It kills every look for me. So, everyone is ok with that purple velvet blazer? Ok.

  25. FWM Earrings says:

    taylor swift had the best grammy look hands down. at least on the red carpet anyway.

  26. Mel says:

    I thought Rihanna looked lovely(which is quite a change) I like that her look is minimal instead of doing too much, like she has been lately. Ciara’s extra ombre hair isn’t bad, but it does not really do a ton for her.

  27. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    I have disagree with three things 1) Esperanza’s lack of makeup, 2) Rihanna’s hair (my bitch SLAYS, no question!), and 3) Amber Rose’s green lip. Only she…and Ri if she wanted to…

  28. uptownchic says:

    LOLOL! Danielle..you’s a fool! I am over here ROLLL-LIINN!!! I lost it at, “Diana Ross took a more demure take on her wardrobe donning a simple pantsuit with coughstockingsandpromshoessneeze!”….DEAD!

  29. Diva says:

    Rhianna you looked amazing from head to toe….. Alicia you need to cover those cankles, ewww…..and her husband in that velvet mess…smh. Corrine rocked it head to toe even in PAYLESS shoes, lol …. AJ throw those shoes in the trash asap…someone get MC Lyte a stylist asap…..India, its time you start learning about fashion, Ciara not feeling the street walker chic you are rockin and Nicki you have lost a fan… your performance on the Grammy’s was a huge disappointment— you looked like a Lady Gaga knock-off.

  30. Danielle says:

    Maaan, ya’ll don’t even know my struggles writing this post at 2 A.M. then my computer froze and everything I wrote didn’t save so I had to recreate it AND I’m currently on the west coast so I’m jet lagged like a mug…lol.

    @Jill really? lol. I love me some Kelly! I said I liked her dress. Shoot…let me go back and check my past Rowland commentary and see if I was hating…lol. @candylicker Me personally, I love Bey but seldom like anything she wears…lol

    Re Rihanna’s dress: of course it looks good, but look at past Rihanna Grammy pics and you’ll see where I’m coming from.

  31. Kelly in that beige looks like Beyonce five years ago. I wish she would own her short hair!! I do not buy into this weave bro!! lol

    And Garcelle needs to gone and do a big chop, I think the long hair is aging her. :(

    Faves are Rihanna, Amber(in yellow. Just say no to green lipstick young ladies) and three cheers for Serena!

  32. Nobody stood out to me, Rihanna might have been simple, but she looked nice to me. I did like Kellys Blue Dress, Toni’s Dress looked nice as well. I think the bright lights will always bring out the make up flaws in peoples eyes and what not.

  33. Jasmine says:


  34. Sassncurlz says:

    Serena looks good, love the yellow on Solange and I adore Alicia’s heels—who are the btw?

  35. MissMeika says:

    you were completely on point w/Rihanna’s look… hate the hair & the dress was way to simple… I loved the dress & fit on Kelly but not loving the hair… John Legend was on point & AJ looked good but I hate men wearing white shoes!!!

  36. Diggs says:

    Kelly in the blue, Rihanna, Amber in the leopard without those brows (I like the green lip—she pulls it off), Serena, and Keke are all serving it. I loveTatiana and Toni’s dresses but the whole look did not come together.

  37. Ro says:

    I must say Amber has stepped it up a couple of notches especially with that leopard dress ( but I’m a leopard fan lol)! But the make up/green lips thing is too much. Kelly is also a fave in the blue dress.
    And Serenaaaa….HONAAAAYYY… you have been doing really good lately miss Lady. Better keep it up (especially when Common’s around lol!!).

    PS: Nicki is just disrespectful!

  38. Jill says:

    hey Danielle! I guess I am feeling Kelly way too much, that’s my Girl lol

    don’t worry you still #1 :D

  39. Char says:

    Love this post and agree with everything EXCEPT…

    I think Sanaa looked fab head to toe! And I liked Ledisi’s soft pink makeup.

    But thank goodness you said nuffin but da truth about Rihanna. Hair a mess with the 1992 dark roots! I hate that look and wish to God they would stop trying to bring it back!

  40. AmazinRee says:

    Yassss Kelly & Rihanna! Stunning! Wish you had a picture of Adele. She looked Gorge. Guess you missed it??

  41. Candace says:

    I LOVE Kelly’s hair! Please do a post on this style. I think Kelly killed it! She is FINALLY getting it CONSISTENTLY right. At first I thought Rhi’s hair looked skanky but I like her look here, Serena looked great! Green, sweatheart cut really works for her! I hope J-Hud shut the place down! R.I.P. Whitney!

  42. lola says:

    You got it all wrong with rhi rhi and kelly hun sorry!

  43. Ings says:

    I died at your commentary.
    We need you to start live-tweeting some shows. I would just read the tweets and not even bother with the actual broadcast – LMBO

  44. Vuitton says:

    DANIELLE!!!! You have my stomach caught up in the rapture how I’m laughing so hard! I. HAVE.COME.FULL.CIRCLE. But yes, Yes, YES to URRYTHANG you said! What will it take for Toni to see her nearest MAC consultant? Rihanna looked great from the hairline down. I can’t deal with the blonde. I’d much rather violet than that. And after Nicki’s performance last night, I had to hold onto my rosary as I drove to work this morning. J. Hud SLAUGHTERED! And somewhere, Daphne Guinness is completely unamused with Lady Gaga’s ensemble.

  45. MelyB says:

    Serena & Gladys – gorgeous!

    *Toni Braxton’s makeup artist clearly hates her and SHE should’ve checked herself out in a mirror before coming out like that. She is too pretty for this mess.
    * India.Aire = Ms. Jay
    *Ciara’s mouth looks strange. Did she have work done?
    *AKeys hair is not cute
    *Nicki Minaj – a messy fool or a foolish mess, take your pick.

  46. BeautyFull says:

    Kelly said in a recent interview that they tried her Grammy hair some years ago and it came out bad.So why try it again?Its not flattering and will never be!Love her outfits though.Guess riri is wearing the same shoes with Alicia Keys.Grammy fashion was an epic fail

  47. Fashionbum82 says:

    I love Amber that is all @Danielle im dead and gone over the Grandma Esme and stocking and prom shoes comment!

  48. Danielle says:

    Vuitton!!!! I’m trying to serve you well! I still DIE over a comment you made a while back about someone—probably Kelly Rowland—having some huge bag and you said she had biscuits or something in it. Lmao!!!!

    @Jill haha! Thanks!

    @Ings ha! I try to live tweet when I can catch shows live, but I like to think I’m funny outside of that, too…lol. Judge for yourself: twitter.com/stylenbeautydoc :)

    @everyone thanks!!!!

  49. krystel says:

    Fell in love with Rhianna last night to make such a simple dress look so divine hmmmm HOT. or and Solange looks so great also. #WERK

  50. Jennifer says:

    I think Rihanna looked incredibly chic. I don’t think you have to go over the top each time just to shut it down…Kelly looked hot in the blue ensemble too!

    Toni por que though?…clearly hair and make up isn’t apart of their family values :(((

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