February 10th, 2012
Celebrity Style, Hot or Hmm
Hot! or Hmm…: Kelis’s Belvedere RED Pre-Grammys Party Prada Snake Skin Mary Jane Boots
By Claire

Kelis made an appearance at the Belvedere RED Pre-Grammys Party in LA in a marigold mini dress, studded leather jacket, and Prada Fall 2011 Snakeskin Mary Jane Boots:

The $2,400 bi-color heels give the allusion of a snake print leg with a Mary Jane heel.

Kelis is a risk taker, so it’s no surprise to see her with them on. I love her dress and hair, but the boots are a no-go for me.
What do you think?

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32 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm…: Kelis’s Belvedere RED Pre-Grammys Party Prada Snake Skin Mary Jane Boots”

  1. Dobe says:

    I wouldn’t necessarily call it a “fashion fail”… it’s Kelis, and it’s what she does. But I do love her dress + jacket and that hair!

    Everything else is just too much.

  2. laura fashionably blessed says:

    Poor Nas this is what his spousal/child support is going to…..Kelis buying the worst boots the season had to offer.

  3. EntertainmentsFuture says:

    I love the Dress jacket and hair!!!! The color just works so well against her skin

  4. Nakia P says:

    Besides the boots, she looks great. Claire its nice to see a post from you on Friday night :)

  5. Vanessa says:

    Oh no. This outfit just had too much going on. You don’t what to focus on. The hair, the dress, the jacket, the boots…Choose one loud piece and let that be it. The shoes can be a go…if she wore it with a more neutral look in my opinion.

  6. sun.kissed says:

    I surprisingly like the entire look, minus that blonde streak. I think she did a great job pulling this outfit together.

  7. Afrikka! says:

    I love kelis! And I like her hair wish I coulda got my hands on that jacket…the hair blogs don’t like her hair but the like her outfit and here its the other way around. Go figure…

  8. Chris Styles says:

    Those boots look dumb as hell but I’m feelin the rest of her outfit…lfor some reason that chartreuse/ neon yellowish green color speaks to me :)

  9. DarkEmpress says:

    Prada would have to pay me 2,400 to wear them. It’s a fashion fail bc it looks bad but mostly bc she paid so much money. The rest of the outfit was dope.

  10. Aurélie says:

    I actually love this whole look. Kelis made it work.

  11. PMo says:

    Throw a lap shade on the top of those boots and it could be the modern-day version of the lamp from “A Christmas Story”. Not a fan of those boots at all!

  12. Bella says:

    It looks good on HIM.

  13. lolodoll11 says:

    Fashion fail all around for me. Those boots are not cute at all.

  14. Truth Teller says:


  15. Truth Teller says:


  16. NikkiBellaRay says:

    Hmmm Kelis is so different, just different.

  17. MIssRich says:

    the boots arent bad at all!… She just has too much going I think it’s the hair. She makes it work for her tho, no one else could do it.

  18. Gemini says:

    I wouldn’t call this a fashion fail. We know this is how Kelis wears her stuff. Minus the shoes the outfit is pretty good. If it were on Rihanna many of you stans would rave about her outfit.

  19. AmazinRee says:

    This lady is the inspiration behind a lot of artist’s style. Kudos, Kelis

  20. nope….i dont care if they are prada or not, it’s not a flattering boot to me, nothing from that season was that flattering to me, the boots, nor the shoes.

  21. B. says:

    Awful. This is why I don’t get the comparison when people say Rihanna steals Kelis’ look because despite every questionable outfit Rihanna has ever worn, she has never looked quite this atrocious.

  22. KELIS says:


  23. KELIS says:


  24. Marsha D says:

    Kelis always looks a mess,her beauty is leaving her…..and death to those boots!

  25. krystel says:


  26. indiaa says:

    Kelis always do that and that’ts the reason why everybody loves her. She takes risk…:)

  27. lanenabuena says:

    A mess…..

  28. HavilandClarke says:

    Loves me some Kelis..but some days i just get so tired of defending her SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  29. Georgia says:

    It isn’t the boots alone that are bad, it’s that whole ensemble. I actually like a really flamboyant style, but she’s too old for it and looks desperate.

    And that second photo of her looks straight outta Hookers at the Point.

  30. Na415 says:

    This is a cute look, very well put together… I love It!!!

  31. Nika says:

    Ok. I have not seen much of anything that i loved about Kelis since the “bossy” video (my intro to her). Thought she would show more style, but she’s more creative with putting things together, rather than being a trend setter or stylish lady.

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