February 3rd, 2012
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Fashion Discussion: Is OMG Girlz’s “Gucci This, (Gucci That)” Video Irresponsible?
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle (rapper T.I.‘s wife) is expanding her sphere of influence, backing a girl group, OMG Girlz. Her young daughter Zonnique, is in the group under the alias “Star,” along with two other teenage girls “Beauty” and “Babydoll.” Yesterday, Necole Bitchie posted the music video for their debut single, “Gucci This (Gucci That)”

The lyrics go, “Gucci this, Gucci that, Gucci everything… give me this, give me that, give me everything,” and “What kind of chick you know rocks Gucci from head to toe?” (A grown, established woman, perhaps? Just my guess…) While I commend Tiny and co. for eschewing the over- sexualized image teenage performers are often made to project, I do take issue with the premise of the song.

Grown, accomplished woman Nia Long in Gucci

It’s no secret that hip-hop and R&B is rife with materialistic imagery, but to have teenage girls perpetuating these attitudes is a bit reckless.

Toya Carter’s got a Gucci “this”

Luxury labels will always be coveted. Who doesn’t like well-made clothes and accessories? But the bottom line is, as a teenage girl, you shouldn’t be worrying about wearing all Gucci everything. I’ve always been a fan of fashion, but when I was their age, I was busy thinking about “SAT this, college prep that” (or maybe a little “Gap This, Gap That“). At best, the song is catchy, at worst it is irresponsible. Tiny had a major opportunity to use her new group as a tool to uplift and inspire young black girls, and this time around, her message falls flat. (What happened to the days of “Independent Woman Part I?“)

I didn’t make it to Harvard, but at least I had my priorities straight!

What do you think? Is this video harmless or should Tiny have thought a little bit more about the message her group is sending?


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100 Responses to “Fashion Discussion: Is OMG Girlz’s “Gucci This, (Gucci That)” Video Irresponsible?”

  1. Bonnie says:


  2. TT says:

    Jihan that is the world we live in now. It’s not like when you an I (27) were growing up. As a grad student, I teach part time at a local middle school, and no lie, this bright black girl told me she wanted to work at McDonalds or become a video model. This is what they aspire to be. Everytime I see Mrs. Obama, I stiffen my back up a bit, hold my head a little higher—because I see myself in her.

    I dunno. There are times I veer between hopeful to thinking as a people, we are doomed.

  3. eden says:

    I think its a cute harmless video. Like you said way better than the overtly sexual videos some girls their age are making.

  4. Marsha D says:

    Spot on Jihan…and no I’m not just jumping on the “preach girl!” bandwagon…..I totally agree with you.

  5. Indigo says:

    I gave this video two seconds too many.. They are all lil birds.. The title alone makes me wanna throw up. Did anyone expect anything more from Tiny?

  6. Nicole says:

    It’s a song! Relax ppl!

  7. Indigo says:

    The video may be harmless,but the lyrics are very harmful.

  8. Shelly says:

    “Gucci-Gucci, Louis-Louis, Fendi-Fendi, Prada, basic (girlies) where that (stuff) so I don’t even bother!”

    I just wanted to start off with that, lol. I watched the video, and I think it’s cute and fun. But at the same time, I’m grown (24) and I know the difference entertainment and reality. Sure, I want Louis this and Louis that, but I still have to pay back undergrad college loans, and work to pay for graduate school.

    I also know that these are not your everyday teenage girls…they (especially Zonnique) have some money in their pockets, and that’s probably all they know right now. They can’t really sing about Wet Seal or Charlotte Russe, because most likely, they don’t shop there.

    At the end of the day, it’s up to kids’ parents to instill in them the importance of getting an education, getting a career, and making your own money. But unfortunately, a lot of parents aren’t doing so. These days, the parents need just as much guidance as the children.


    What kind of chick you know rocks Gucci from head to toe?” (A grown, established woman, perhaps? ) lol i was thinking the exact same thing.

  10. TT says:

    BET is also *only* a TV channel…and Basketball Wives is *only* just a show.

  11. Meme says:

    I think it’s a harmless video…as long as young girls know that you won’t get “gucci this, gucci that” without an education! It def won’t come from easy!

  12. OohLaLa! says:

    Great article. I don’t if it’s necessarily irresponsible so much as it is just shallow. As you wrote “hip-hop and R&B is rife with materialistic imagery”; perhaps the intention (albeit poorly delivered) was to inspire young girls to succeed?Just playing devil’s advocate ;) I agree that this is a missed opportunity but commend them for not portraying oversexed teenagers.

  13. SO says:

    unfortunately, we cant stop from songs like this from being released however as parents we can censor what our children listen to. AND more importantly Parents should become the great role-model children now-a-days desperately needs.

    Growing up my mom had a huge influence on what i listened to and I plan on doing the same with my childredn. It bothers me to no end when I see children singing along to a Rih Rih or Nicki M song. SMH.

    At the end of the day, its NOT up to these singers to shape the minds of our children, the responsibility should fall on the parents 100%.

  14. Char says:

    I agree, and although the hook is Gucci This, Gucci That – there are also lyrics that are saying ‘I have swag’ and ‘I rock my clothes well’ type of attitude. Yes, it could and maybe even should be less materialistic…and I actually do think many young people are way too label obsessed. But let’s not blame just this song, its most songs, most videos and most website/blogs…unfortunately. Even FBD probably has young people drooling over expensive labels and definitely overly-revealing clothing. Its just a reflection of the times. Shucks even grown women suffer from this attitude of needing/wanting “Gucci everything”

  15. HKO says:

    I think you provide a valid point of this music video being irresposinble. As a generation, we are moving towards an era focused on superficial values and morals. With music like this, it does not only exacerbate the issue, but it also corrupts the mentality of young girls. Due to this, issues of bullying arise when students don’t fit this category or lifestyle. It is important that we as adults instill important values for the younger generation, and while doing that….we inforce it through ourselves. We need more Beyonce’s pretty much

  16. Dom says:

    Wait, so our only choice is overtly sexual or disgustingly materialistic teen images? Where’s the third option?

    But really though, I didnt expect too much from Tiny or Toya’s daughters.

  17. DarkEmpress says:

    My thought watching this video was ok, they are singing about Gucci and Fendi look like they picked everything out from Gap and Forever 21. Being a brand whore, does not make you a fashionista. There are so many wanna be celebs decked from head to toe in high end labels, but they still look cheap. They may be wearing authentic name brands but they look like they are wearing cheap knockoffs. I still have to commend Tiny on keeping the girls covered up and not exploiting their sexuality. I am not impressed by their signing, but they are still developing. The girl who was rapping definitely has talent.

  18. Wow, a normal teenage music video… and you are finding something wrong with it? smh this is sad, no sex, drink, nor drugs. Its a song. Point blank. You all need to sit down.

  19. Dom says:

    We need more Beyonce’s pretty much

    Because Beyonce’s NOT materialistic? LOLOL

  20. Georgia says:

    Although I don’t endorse vapid materialism in children or adults, it’s hard in this Occupied moment to argue that higher education is the path to success, either. I’m still paying for my 3 advanced degrees, and I’m a professor, but would I advocate investing in our educational system? No. When this economy ever recovers, I hope it isn’t to restore the way things used to be, because the way things used to be are the reason for the way things are.

  21. Grace says:

    Sorry, couldn’t make it through the entire video but…If I were watching the video on mute, it looks like a fun, colorful age appropriate video. The lyrics are, like most rap songs, quite ridiculous. Let us not underestimate the power of music and pop culture on our children. Very few genres of music glorify materialism and the degradation of women and children like rap/hip hop. Let’s do better ppl…

  22. Claire says:

    True story, I asked my Dad for a Gucci bag in high school. Perhaps I was an overly materialistic teen (and some could argue I’m an overly materialistic adult, zoiks!!), but my Dad, rightfully, laughed at me, then bought me something very nice, but more age appropriate. So as some other commenters put it…it comes down to your parents. Though I did know a few classmates who were Louis Vuitton’d out, I didn’t feel any less confident in myself. Cue parents, again. xoxo

  23. I’m going to have to go with irresponsible..

  24. Girl Bye! says:

    Well let’s be honest…………………….the OMG Girlz are a direct product of their environment. Just like Dom said, you really can’t expect too much from Tiny or Toya’s children. We live in a celebrity filled culture, meaning that everyone is looking for a comeup and all the perks that come with it. Gucci, Louis and Prada are part of this.

    Hood mamas and Doo Doo Daddies in ATL are all about Gucci, Louis, Prada. I had to wait for the doorman at Louis Vuitton in Lenox to let me into the store because because there were too many people inside and a line was forming outside. You would’ve thought they were trying to get into a party. And yes………………they were all black.

  25. tambamgotdamn says:

    So what. it’s a song! These chicks are fully dressed, talking about clothes; not drugs sex hoes bitches. dont make me take you back to the 17 yr old destinys child days and theyre screaming bills bills bills. I think you are just looking to complain. have a 106 and park bench seat please and thank you!

  26. tambamgotdamn says:

    Oh and to add, it wasnt like they actually had on Gucci and Louis in the video. they were dressed like age appropriate teens. So where exactly is the problem?

  27. trish says:

    its just fun…..

  28. Just Wondering says:

    I think the video is fine but I don’t think they will be able to connect with their target audience. Most kids their age can’t afford or wear Gucci so I don’t think they will be able to relate in order for this to be a hit. When I was in high school (27 now) my friends and I were all about labels, eventually most of us grew out of it.

  29. sun.kissed says:

    I like the song and I think the viddy is cute. It could have been a lot worse. What Tiny and her team needs to focus on is their media presentation. I saw them on 106 and Park yesterday and they need coaching on how to stand, speak and respond to questions.

  30. TRAY says:

    How about we talk about taking responsibility for our own children, sisters, cousins, nieces, etc. instead of blaming popular culture when something pops up?

    It’s so easy to speak negatively about what this group is singing about and I find it beyond lame. We are responsible for the way in which our young loved ones’ minds are developed.

    Stop blaming these artists for the reasons why this kid or that kid aspires to be a video model. If u have had an opportunity to impact the kid’s life and they still choose to go that route, blame urself.

    Let’s just continue to do work and stop looking for cop outs.


  31. Nakia says:

    I actually think its fun and I have a large mentoring group for young girls. This is a message that can easily be spoken to, that these items don’t make you a better young lady. But most teens already have the little knock off bags and know many of the logo brands by reality tv shows and rap videos. What concerns me is that “independent women part 2″ was mentioned. That saddens me the lyrics of that song were good but the oversexualization in that video was a bigger problem for young women, did they need to be survivors in string bikinis. As a society we ignore the truly detrimental images for your girls and decide to focus on the smaller images. Just saying I’m with young ladies all the time and the very sexual representations of Nikki Minaj, Beyonce and Kim kardashian are having a way larger impact than some teens talking about labels.

  32. Vee says:

    why do they insist on not saying everything and say ‘errythang’?
    but although this song is materialistic–the video is cute, they’re not wearing anything outrageous, and look like children. i prefer that. nobody is trying to make a song about the SATs. that is not hot.

  33. Courtney says:

    For grown women, it’s not a bad song. I wouldn’t recommend the song for anyone under the age of say, 18 or 19. I have two younger female siblings and one of them wants the latest this and that. This song would just feed into her materialistic ways. I hope to take her to a homeless shelter one day and let her see that life could be much worse. It’s kind of hard to make songs about wanting to be a doctor or a scientist. I’d much rather see a tv show about a young group of ambitious black students.

  34. whatevs says:

    why do black women only seem to crititque/critize/find fault with other black women…in the 90s we had Bad boy. etc telling us all about labels,…hell Jay Z condemed women for wear Steve Madden…but ya’ll wanna act like these girls are doing something different…when this is all their generation as grown up seeing…ya’ll the birds…

    stop trying to make yourself sound deep when really all your being is spiteful…where are all the articles critiquing black men, their lyrics and video imagery…oh, that’s right your praising it and saying you gotta look deeper…

    ugh, some of you…smh

  35. Tas says:

    It is definitely irresponsible. The song is giving young girls the wrong impression of what is truly important. Also, I am tired of black entertainers freely promoting designers who do refuse to have black models on their runways and in their ads. Why advertise for someone who thinks someone with your features “won’t sell”?

  36. aries says:

    i don’t like all the colorful hair and makeup, cause they r cute girls and u can’t see the girls with all this crazy makeup and hair, but as long as the whole album isn’t like this. they can get away with one dumb down song, but the next song need to have some substance. back in the day, young groups sang about love and having a relationship like new editions’ popcorn love and is this the end.

  37. i must say that much like some others have pointed out that none of the young ladies had Gucci,Febdi, Louis Vuitton or Prada. They actually had on American Apparel, Forever 21 and other teenie bopper stores clothing. I understand that the message they were handing out was a little irresponsible but i would take teens singing bout fashion houses and dressing in age appropriate clothing and age appropriate dance moves.

  38. This is why we are las says:

    So it’s okay to be a crack dealer…but not a crack user. I can make music (men and women, boys and girls) that glorify getting rich by being a video model or rapper and/or coveting materialistic things, but I HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY how others perceive my message. Yes, I blame the parents because they are the last line of protection for kids, but you can’t tell me these folks don’t hold some modicum of responsibility. This is why nearly half of our black boys don’t graduate high school..this is why our little black girls are failing in Science and Math. Because everyone says “not my kid” It takes a village to raise a child my arse…at least not in the black community. To the person saying it’s just a song, yeah and MLK only said just a speech.

  39. MB says:

    its just a fun song. it doesn’t apply to my life and none of the teenagers i know but i would definitely hear this coming from a young girl/guy any day rather than smoking, drinking, and intercourse. they named some luxury labels like gucci and Louir but I did also hear them say “Betsey Johnson”. face it young kids today are materialistic, i went through that phase too. but i don’t believe this song will/should make any young kid feel any type of way besides wanting to dance and have fun. they definitely weren’t even IN the gucci store anyway lol

  40. Chianti4rmLA says:

    This is why girls turn into prostitutes. For the weaves, the clothes, the shoes, the jewelry…smh

  41. Lauren_Lite says:

    Maybe I’m one of the under privileged but I am a recent college graduate and I have yet to hit a “Gucci this, Gucci that” status and they are 16ish?! Must be nice. LOL

  42. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    I’m the child of a chiropractor and a college professor, and I was allll about the labels (maybe not Gucci, but still) at their age. The song doesn’t say exactly HOW they plan to become Gucci from head to toe, maybe via a Harvard law degree and an executive job. I’m a glass half full kinda girl, so I’ll look on the bright side.

  43. jiji says:

    Ehm, when have either Tiny or T.I. been known to be Malcolm X like in any way..

    I’m just saying. I think it’s catchy. It is the responsibility of the government, schools, parents to raise kids.

    Be picky about how they spend their time.

  44. Chimee says:

    Its just a song! They dont even have on Gucci in the video. If my parents were able to afford it at that time I would have loved to have it!

  45. ShardeMonet says:

    maaaannn…are yall serious? leave these little girls alone, just because you feel some type of way doesnt mean its wrong, if they were singing about liitle boys then everybody would have something to say too…And why is there a problem with Toya having Gucci this? yall put he pic up there as if to set an example like really?…she’s GROWN and earned that Gucci Bag lol

  46. fadf says:

    No… what’s the issue w/ gucci? If you can afford it it is what it is….. U can’t hate the girls for having rich parents

  47. Brittany says:

    Jihan is definitely REACHING with this one…NEXT

  48. Jamie says:

    Eh..Its cute song….*shrugs* every teenage I know, is just as materialistic but on a lower level( abercrombie, hollister, F21….) with “nann” job. smh. It all goes back to the parents. Folks working 14 hr shifts and part time jobs some their non working teens can have iPads and iPhones makes no sense.

    When I was there age…shhh…I was “Tommy this, Polo that, Coach this, Eddie Bauer that” LOL! Sanging Adina Howard’s Freak Like Me. LOL! We are so quick to judge but we forget WHO we were at that age.

  49. I just think its hilarious that theyre like “who rocks gucci head to toe?”…..you can, i’ll give you that. but only because of your PARENTS hard work. When you make the $$ to buy that on your own, then we can talk.

    however, i think its a cute and colorful video and im glad i didnt see underaged body parts on display. also, that color is gonna do serious damage to their hair. they might wanna put the gucci down and pick up some hair repairing products. just saying.

  50. phen says:

    jihan boo Im usually with ya but I think you are reading into this song a bit much. its cute & catchy. its not targeted for us older folks anyway…we’re not sposed to understand it. lol

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