January 31st, 2012
Fashion News
The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: First Lady Michelle Obama’s Alleged Shopping Spree , Marni x H&M in Russian Vogue, and Victoria by Victoria Beckham Launches at Harvey Nichols
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

• I wonder which member of the GOP started this rumor…! Reports surfaced yesterday that First Lady Michelle Obama went on a shopping spree with the queen of Quatar, Sheikha Mozah, spending over $50,000 on lingerie at Agent Provocateur.

Even if this were true, we would never know. A rep at Agent Provacteur says that not only is the rumor false, but they also don’t release their client’s billing information. (Fashionista)

• Russian Vogue has an exclusive peek at the upcoming Marni for H&M collection, and it has successfully made the fashion-obsessed masses more excited for its release. The oversized oblong peter pan collars, polka dots, and (my favorite) those glorious plastic flower necklaces have got me feeling warm weather can’t come soon enough! (Fashionista)

i-D magazine is ringing in the year of the Dragon with twelve gorgeous covers featuring bold looks on different Asian models, photographed by Chen Man. They’re a must-see. Several of these could easily be framed and mounted on the wall! (Models)

• Here’s a look at Kate Spade‘s spring 2012 campaign, styled by their newly-appointed brand stylist, Brad Goreski. Watch models clamor for hot pink and tangerine seats in a fashion forward game of musical chairs. (The Cut)

Victoria Beckham unveiled her new brand (not diffusion line,) Victoria by Victoria Beckham at Harvey Nichols in London yesterday. The collection features several flirty shift dresses that marry the clean look of the Beckham aesthetic with girlish whimsy. It’s wonderful to see the new BFA winner spreading her sphere of influence in the fashion world, especially at a (barely) more affordable price point. Prices range from $589 to $1,563 (compare that to a $3,120 silk dress from her namesake collection). Interested? You can shop the collection now in stores and online exclusively at Harvey Nichols. (Daily Mail)

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21 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: First Lady Michelle Obama’s Alleged Shopping Spree , Marni x H&M in Russian Vogue, and Victoria by Victoria Beckham Launches at Harvey Nichols”

  1. The Kate Spade Video is really cute, and styled well!

  2. Nessa B says:

    I dont understand what’s the problem if the first lady wants to go on a shopping spree. Shoot its her money, why not?

  3. Kitty B. says:

    Actually @Nessa B, its the TAX PAYERS money! We’re paying these ppl to do a job, a job as in PROTECT THIS COUNTY and make the ECONOMY BETTER. If she did go on a 50k shopping spree its a slap in the face to ALL americans we dont pay the Obamas to go on trips to Hawaii every other week, shop till drop and eat at Roscoes…smh

  4. Huh? says:

    @kittyb two words: shut up

  5. Vonmiwi says:

    It seems like @KittyB. fell for the rumor without knowing the truth. No wonder why the GOP can stir up the sheep, because they believe everything. FSMDH

  6. Marsha D says:

    Well damn it if I see any NYPD officers shopping any other place than CONWAY it’s gonna be on and poppin! ‘Cause that’s tax payers money they get paid with! -_- (laughing hysterically)

  7. Nakia P says:

    Uh Kitty B. Mrs. Obama was an executive and highly paid attorney, she has her own money and so did the President from books etc. Please stop with this tax payer crap, President’s annual expense account is 50K. And he can do what he wants with his salary of 400K.

  8. Nakia P says:

    Marsha D, your response is the best, way better than mine…lol

  9. Kandi B says:

    And the next time I see some chick at the grocery store buying lobster tail with her food stamp card I’mma have to check her and tell her to buy chicken instead, because it’s the tax payers money. Kitty B ….really?

  10. sun.kissed says:

    The first lady can buy whatever the hell she wants! Especially if it means the president is gonna be happy—a happy him equals a happy us! Marni for H&M looks cute.

  11. Kitty B. says:

    When you all researched who’s and what money their spending and how their vacays are being paid for, then talk to me, i refused to argue with uneducated misfits who simply want to believe what they want to because their so overly into this president…it’s quite sad.


  12. T1K says:

    Pfff… They mad?? Go get your sexy lengerie Michelle!

  13. Carribbelle says:

    omg get out of here. the rumor was started by a rag

  14. Carribbelle says:

    my comment was direced to Kitty B lol

  15. candicurl says:

    looked at the kate ad,not impressed. can we get some diversity please?

  16. Tai says:

    How is President Obama going to Hawaii any different than Bush going to his ranch in Texas? He is going to relax in a state he was born in and that is a negative? Come on now…that is just crazy. I can understand critizing excessive spending by an elected official when it is government money that they are spending on personal items but this case does not apply. The FLOTUS has her own money (that has nothing to do with her present position) to spend in anyway that she chooses whether this rumor is true or not, so get out of her pockets.

  17. Vanessa says:

    They always start rumors of public figures spending large amount of money on frivolous items. My take? Who cares? It’s not my money. && if she didnt spend it…still doesn’t impact MY own bank account one bit. Now wasteful GOVERNMENT spending…im all on it but celebrities? why even care?

  18. binks says:

    Tai co-sign but you know since there black in the white house its a problem if it was true and??? Its her money she is a top attorney but Romney can make 42 million dollars off your dumb as* by investing out of this country and get lesser tax breaks while being the 1% oh okay….

  19. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    She’s voting for Romney, the man who wants to be President because…well, he wants to be President. He has no plan to reduce unemployment, no plan to increase American manufacturing, no plan to reduce oil dependence, no plan at all. He’s a spoiled rich boy who has always gotten his way and wants to out do “Daddy” (who also failed to become President back in the day). Romney doesn’t care about us…and Bush took the most vacations. Who does that after starting TWO wars?! And Nancy Reagan was the shopaholic, never even saw her in an American designer though! #Obama2012!

  20. A-Danielle says:

    Basically summing up what eveyone is directing towards Kitty—> *bang bang*

  21. Jihan says:

    I’m partial to Newt Gingrich’s moon colony plan, as moon expansion is the most pertinent issue facing our country today. It’s a new age of manifest destiny, ya’ll! Let’s expand this great nation all the way to outer space! The moon: #51ststate

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