January 16th, 2012
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Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: The 2012 BET Honors, The 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards and More!
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Happy Monday!!!

It’s awards season, folks! If celeb sightings over the last few weeks seemed scarce, it’s likely because they were all living in the gym getting it tight for those evening gowns.

Last night the 2012 BET Honors taped and the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards aired, so you know this post is jam-packed with tons of looks. Sit back, relax, and let’s just jump right into it…

Gabrielle Union attended a pre-BET Honors dinner before she assumed her hosting tasks at the awards. LOVE the dress, but not loving the shoe choice (black peep toe pumps though versatile just don’t go with everything).

Her hair and makeup?

Flawless as usual. Can’t think of a single time Gabby didn’t come through with hair and makeup. HOT!

Then for the red carpet…

…she wore a ivory cap sleeved Emilio Pucci sheath dress. I adore how the ivory dress looks on her creamy complexion and she pretty much nailed it with the slicked back ‘do. But again with the peep-toe pumps. Welp.

During the show Gabrielle changed into another ivory cap sleeved Emilio Pucci dress, this time with a plunging neck line and in a floor length. I LOVE everything about this look (but I bet you all $20 she’s wearing some peep toe pumps underneath that gown…lol).

But are you getting into Michelle Obama‘s raspberry J. Mendel frock? Yes, ma’am! Mrs. Obama knows this silhouette (quite similar to the Jason Wu gown she wore at the inauguration) works for her bod. I’m not mad. AT ALL.

Hair and makeup are flawless! I’m doing an extra session of my Insanity DVD this week in honor of these arms.

Then Shug AveryMichelle Williams graced the stage in a floor length boat neckline sequined dress. I love the silhouette, but I definitely had to remind myself that Michelle is in her early 30s—this dress ages her a bit.

Cute hair though…

Ledisi sauntered in wearing an asymmetrical black gown. I see somebody’s been hitting the gym. Go, girl!

Kelly Rowland broke out her color wheel and hit the red carpet. Her choice of dress looks a little casual for the event, right? I’m usually on board for a cobalt blue suede pump but again—it’s too casual for the affair.

But uh, Kelly…girl, I know your cup doth not runneth over but you can’t just run out all willy nilly without some support on. Hmm…

Hair and makeup are on point, but again…too casual for this type of event. Where ya going, Kelly?

Kat Graham posed for the cameras and made me extremely aware of my back fat. Guess we’ll have to imagine what her dress might be like since it seemed the photographers only cared enough to snap her from this angle. I adore the sleek top knot and dark lip.

Common looked dapper as usual. Gotta love a guy who can go from crocheted pants to jeans to a tailored suit and looks good in it all.

I really like Rocsi‘s dress but I’m on the fence on whether or not it was appropriate. Sure she’s following the rules and showing something while covering up the rest, but I can see all the old Black women in attendance shaking their heads at this. *shrug* Great hair and makeup though. I especially love when a nude lip is used with dark attire.

Jill Scott looked great in a figure hugging sequin dress. Everything on Jilly from Philly is sitting and her hair is laid like royalty. HOT!

And finally, rounding it out for the 2012 BET Honors we have Spike Lee and wife Tonya Lewis Lee. I’m digging Spike’s velvet suit and love the mint color of Tonya’s dress—there just seems to be a tad too much material used in both looks.

Then at a W magazine party…

Yaya DaCosta shut it down in this saucy little number. I’m not huge on the shoe and bracelet choice with the dress though I would love them with a more casual outfit. Makeup and skin is flawless and her hair is LAID.

At the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards…

Golden Globe nominee Viola Davis dazzled in an Emilio Pucci wine colored gown. The color and cut of this dress looks fabulous on her! She killed it with the little sliver of leg poking out, too. HOT! She gets my vote for best dressed.

Hair and makeup?

I’m not too fond of the hair though I love the color. The rosy gloss is a great complement to her look.

I’m not in love with Shaun Robinson‘s dress. I feel like either the whole dress should take on the Grecian feel of the white part or be all clingy like the black part. It’s almost like she wasn’t sure what to go with so she did both.

Can’t argue with her side swept cascading curls and smoky eye/bronzy lip combo though. HOT!

Paula Patton…*sigh* Such a gorgeous girl yet such a bad dress. OK…that was harsh. It’s not a bad dress—it just looks like it should be sitting on top of a lemon wedding cake.

Great choice of luminous pink blush with matching gloss. Her brows are AMAZING.

Golden Globe winner Octavia Spencer looked great in this lilac gown. Perfect choice for her in both color and fit. But uh, O? Why is your face set up like you tasted the pie Minny Jackson made for Hilly Holbrook? Chile, smile!!!

“Glee’ star Naya Rivera showed up in what I initially thought was a shapeless, high collar gown…

…but then she turned around and POW! I love the back detail. This dress looks better going than coming.

Simple hair and makeup with a touch of color via the lips is the way to go!

I definitely stand by how edgy Maya Rudolph‘s alligator print dress is, even though she looks a little uncomfortable in it. You better own that dress, Maya!

*SIGH* Look, Mary J. Blige, you just had a birthday—perfect chance to show these youngins how it’s done, but what do you do? Come out looking like somebody’s crazy auntie in a suntan crystal embroidered stretch tulle Michael Kors gown with feather detail.

If there’s one thing to be learned here, young people of the world, it’s that if you’re contemplating tattoos on your arms, just think….one day you just might be in your 40s and beyond on the red carpet.

Jessica Alba looked great in Gucci. The blush colored gown complements her complexion well.

She’s bronzed to perfection! Head to toe gorgeous. HOT!

At first I thought Idris Elba was joking with these studded sneakers, but after browsing through his pictures from the night, I see he was dead serious. Well, he did win the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or a Motion Picture so I’m letting it slide for now, but don’t try this at the Academy Awards, man.

Freida Pinto looked ravishing in a teal Prada gown. Everything about this look is perfect head to toe. But just in case we need to confirm…

…yep! Hair and makeup look great up close, too. I almost always co-sign a brown smoky eye. HOT!

Amber Riley definitely has a team of people who truly look out for her at all times because girlfriend is ALWAYS killing it on the red carpet. This fire engine red sweetheart neckline ruffled dress works each and every one of her curves.

Yes!!! Brava! The side swept bangs, golden brown tinted tresses, and nude lip and nail combo pulls it all together.

That wraps it up for the weekend looks! Which one is your favorite?


Images via Ryan Shapiro / WENN.com

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36 Responses to “Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: The 2012 BET Honors, The 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards and More!”

  1. mzri says:

    Where were you when I was in 9th grade to warn me about that arm tatt?
    Commentary on point as always :)

  2. Aurélie says:

    I prefer Paula Patton’s dress to Freida Pinto. The yellow (although the dress is meringue like) brightens her up. She’s gorgeous!

  3. Lena120 says:

    I agree about Amber’s people. She ALWAYS looks great. It doesn’t matter what size you are, you can always look your best and she does.

  4. Miss Smith says:

    Hahaha! My friend said the same thing about arm tattoos last night! I guess that’s Mary though. I actually liked Paula Patton’s dress. And I love First Lady Obama’s hair!

  5. HitTheRunway says:

    Looks like Idris was fighting with his stylist to keep those studded sneakers on…look at his cheeky grin!

  6. T1K says:

    LOVE Amber and Jessica Alba! Ok now, Mary needs to cover up those tats! Paula…so wrong, everything, she looks like something that doesn’t have any flavor in it. What’s up with Michelle Williams? She looks soo old. Don’t like Kelly’s dress, and Yaya’s feet looking a little too vainy.

  7. Azia says:

    Amber & Jessica stood out the most.

  8. TT says:

    I really like Kelly’s dress. When the event happened on Saturday…all people were talking about was how great Kelly and Willow (who was there) looked.

  9. sheKiltit says:

    hey gurl, hey Danielle, how you doin!

    YOU had me dead with the ´i bet ya 20 dollars she´s wearin some peeptoes under that dress´ LMAO!

    I have to disagree on miss Kellendria Rowland though, cause, that bitch look good. Can´t front. She killed alla these hoes, Donna Summer style.

  10. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    I am so #teamAmberRiley! Girlfriend can WERK a red carpet! And her hair is laid like a thrown smoothie hunty!

  11. autumnbreeze says:

    Idris could be wearing a garbage bag and he would still look fine.

  12. sun.kissed says:

    “On top of a lemon wedding cake?”-DEAD! Gabby is killing in all three of her looks even with the peep toes.

  13. llehsal says:

    Woooooo! Jill!!!!! Wowzers! My least fav is Michelle…the makeup is just too much! Gabby and Viola are my FAVS!

  14. Yakini says:

    I love Naya Rivera and Kat Graham’s looks
    Michelle looks awful. Goodness! She is not aging well at all. If I didn’t know who she was, and someone told me that was a 56 year old woman, I would believe it.

  15. Crystal says:

    Gabby killed it. Idris can do no wrong. Michelle W. looks about 85 years old.

  16. FashionOne says:

    Kelly for the win!

  17. shelly says:

    From the beginning:
    Gabrielle looks meh…as usual, sadly. I’ve definitely seen better from her…and Michelle Obama for that matter.

    OMG…Michelle Williams looks so old in that picture, smh. And it’s a shame, because I love that dress. The make-up and hair make her look like she’s been embalmed, smh.

    *Kelly Rowland looks gorgeous! So glad to see her forehead again, like, foreal, lol. She is giving so much face in that pic.

    *Rocsi looks amazing in that dress. And I agree, not sure if it was appropriate for the occasion, but nonetheless, it’s gorgeous.

    Viola’s dress is really nice…not sure about the hair though.

    *I actually really like Robin’s black & white ensemble. It looks chic on her.

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Paula is too damn pretty to be looking like a fool on the red carpet, smh.

    *Jessica Alba looks amazing, and that skin….*Glorious*. Summer, where are you? I miss you, lol.

    Freida and Amber both look nice, but there are elements of their dresses that make the looks look a bit off/cheap. Freida’s dress would have been better without the black belt/ribbon, and Amber’s dress would have looked better without those ruffles.

    For everyone I missed, they just looked alright, lol.

  18. Coco says:

    I love Paulas look!

  19. Nicole says:

    If you have stretch marks on your arms it should be covered. Makeup or sleeve. Choose!

  20. SHAQ NICHOLE says:

    Where to begin:
    Gabrielle: Her face looks hard and seems like she’s aging…sorry, just saying.
    Mrs Obama: She looks very nice, just wish they would fill in her eyebrows a bit. Too thin
    Kat Graham: Why does she stay making weird facial expressions. Crooked smile?? Just saying LOL
    Kelly: Nothing special and nothing new
    Jessic Alba: Flawless, love the make-up and dress
    Frieda Pinto: Flawless, love the make-up but NOT the dress

  21. aries says:

    Ledisi, glad to see her in a long dress and i like her locks in another style. jessica alba, amber riley and naya rivera was giving me everything. idris, i don’t like those sneakers with that. i know he thought it was fly, but it wasn’t and somebody need to help michelle from DC. it is not that hard to get the makeup, hair and dress right even on my budget.

  22. Dom says:

    Kelly looks ahmaazing! I saw pics in Sat and had to catch my breath!

    Ledisis hair looks good, Viola looks hot, and I like the short white lace on Gabby. Her shoe choice is usually off but you’re right, her hair and makeup always look good.

  23. Grace says:

    OMG, Michelle looks HORRIBLE for her age. I’m 29 and she looks old enough to be my mother, smdh….
    I couldn’t agree more about Mary’s tattoos, sooo tacky.
    PS Re: mzri: Who is getting tatted up in the 9th grade?!

  24. Sandra says:

    Jessica, Amber, Frieda, Octavia, Jill and Gabby looked nice. Love Mary but the tattoos cheapen her look. People have to keep in mind that tats may look good when you are young but when you get old, it it not that interesting.

  25. Danielle says:

    @mzri girl, not the 9th grade! Did your parents know? lol.

    @shekiltit heyyyy, gurl! No, Kelly definitely looks great but I felt the whole look was too casual for the BET Honors with all the distinguished guests that attend. It’s perfect to host a night of X Factor but the BET Honors—not really.

  26. NikkiBellaRay says:

    Gabby shuttin it down, all day, and that hair and those highlights are a definite plus.
    Naya Rivera’s dress was a pleasant surprise.
    Amber is doing Amber that girl is on top of it!

  27. Tramaine says:


  28. Dnice says:

    Crazy auntie! LMAO.

  29. Courtney says:

    Jessica Alba did it for me in the best dressed category…along with hair and makeup…FLAWLESS!!!

  30. Pinky says:

    Loved: kelly, viola, Gabby’s short pucci dress, octavia’s dress was very flattering for her.
    I liked michelles williams dress also.
    Hated: MJB & poor paula patton, I’ve Never seen her wear anything fashionable or complimentary, which sucks because she’s a gorgeous girl

  31. Dobe says:

    So many great looks in this one post! I love Michelle’s (DC) dress!

    Although the style and color of Kelly’s dress is on point, I think the jersey-ish material cheapens the looks… and the lack of a bra doesn’t help, either.

    I personally like Mary’s look… but then again, I love Mary, lol.

  32. Debra Perkins says:

    Gab union is simple and chic as always.
    Shaun Robinson does not age a bit! I can’t wait to reach her age and look that great.
    Kelly Rowland’s hair looks the best here and is cute. She is totally using the hair from onyc. girl i did my research and found it at this link http://onycworld.com/kelly-rowland-in-an-onyc-kinky-look/

  33. Kahalia says:

    Good to see most people were on board with Paula’s look… All the banana and lemon jokes are so over. So in that case you just can”t wear a yellow evening dress? Boooo!
    MJ made a great dress choice, but tatts=never classy. Octavia obviously hasn’t embraced her gap-hence the closed lip smile. And I would haved loved for you to highlight Sofia Vegara? (latina lady) from Modern family-her dress was a killer!

  34. katrina says:

    the bit you said about mary j blige had me laughing out loud in the middle of a dead silent classroom.

    i loved most of the looks and agreed with you 90% of the way :)

  35. lax says:

    How do I keep neighborhood cats from coming into our yard and leaping our fence?

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