January 15th, 2012
Celebrity Style, Rihanna
Wardrobe Query: Rihanna’s LA Pendleton for Opening Ceremony Navajo Print Backless Pencil Dress
By Claire

Kitty B writes, “I found this pic of Rihanna and I must say the dress and bag this girl is wearing are HAAAAWWWWT!!! Please let me know the name of the bag and dress!!”


Rihanna stepped out in LA in a super cute $630 Pendleton for Opening Ceremony Backless Pencil Dress:


The scoop necked beaut (now on sale for $179) has a navajo print, a low back, and a flattering pencil silhouette.

Not sure of the make of her bag, but you can definitely get a similar look with this $90 Christian Audigier cross body fringe tote:

This is a relatively affordable look for Rihanna, no?

Would you rock it?

If so, get her dress, plus a few more options here:

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30 Responses to “Wardrobe Query: Rihanna’s LA Pendleton for Opening Ceremony Navajo Print Backless Pencil Dress”

  1. Tiffany says:

    She has definitely fallen off. I don’t know if she “got the big head” a couple of years ago and decided that she could style herself but as of late she’s been lookiing VERY ordinary. What happened to the Rihanna that would wear something as basic as a t-shirt and made it look like a million dollars. This – as well as many of her other looks – looks like something I can find at J.C. Penney. Puh-lease. Designers should only send close to a celebrity with the stipulation that they have a stylist complete the look – not the celebrity. FAIL.

    ..And that hair is blah! I hate to be so critical but Rihanna’s stylist(s) set the standard so high for her. She needs to get back on her game.

  2. Bella says:

    I hate her looks during this talk that talk era. She looked and dressed better with the red hair surprisingly.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Please Rihanna, you’re loosing me here. I such a hugh fan, but your’re killing me right now!!!! Just apologize to your old stylist and make good and move foward ….together this year!

  4. Mel says:

    It looks reasonably cute, but her style is so not cool anymore. During the “Good Girl Gone Bad” era every outfit gave me a raging case of outfit envy, but she looks like a style and beauty underachiever as of late.

  5. Gemini says:

    A lot of you are forgetting that Rihanna was never a fashionista. Give her the opportunity to dress her self this is the result. I’m so tired of people hyping her up every time she is in a post. I would like to see more coverage of Kelis on this site. She may be a little eccentric but I love her style. Rihanna is very overrated in my opinion. Rihanna had no style previous to GGGB era and she still has no style.

  6. Thanks so much for this I’m officially in love ! never purchased opening ceremony before but this is a must have


  7. Tiffany says:

    @Gemini agreed! Kelis – that’s someone that has individual style. Mind you, it seems that Rihanna WHOLE GGGB era was a straight copy of looks from Kelis’ Bossy video. lmao

  8. antiSOCIAL says:

    I love Jay…but I blame him! Since she signed to Roc Nation her fashion has been off and they’ve been trying to step Beyonce’s fashion game up smh its like they don’t want Rihanna to outshine Bey so they let her do whatever she wants and ruin her own reputation instead of making sure she’s nice and polished like she used to be…

  9. Hellloooo says:

    @antisocial girl please you’re reaching its not Jay’s fault the problem is her stylist or lack of a stylist point blank period, have a seat. Rihanna looks very not well put together those shoes are horrendous I just miss the Rated R Rih…

  10. binks says:

    I actually like the outfit…minus the shoes… but it is her hair and makeup that is throwing me. I think she needs another hairstyle ASAP I actually missed the red do. But she does need a style injection as of late

  11. jme says:

    @Gemini I totally agree with you in that it is apparent that she is now taking her style in her own hands, and this is who she is.

    I feel like the Rihanna of yore, was a facade….she was dressing the way she was being told to dress.

    I, personally, still dig her style. She’s just being truer to herself now….

    and that dress is hella dope.

  12. Grace says:

    Of course Rihanna’s older more fashionable looks were the work of her stylist. She was nothing more than a canvas, but she certainly made a great one. My only interest in Rihanna was her fashion. Now that that’s gone, I guess I’ll pretend that she can sing and start listening to her music…

  13. B. says:

    I adore the more toned-down Rihanna. That dress is fierce and I quite like the accessories. I also like the less ‘stylised’ hair. Personally, I feel like these looks are more accessible and prevent her from becoming too gimmicky, which I believe she said is what she actually wanted to achieve. Not hating on her old style though, because it was also great, just for different reasons.

  14. Kitty B. says:

    Thank you Claire!!!! That bag is soooo mine, ummm….the dress….I’ll wait for the sale lol

  15. sun.kissed says:

    I don’t know if it’s the wet poodle hair or the length of the dress, but I’m not feeling this look AT ALL. Not to mention the original price tag…I just can’t!

  16. My Response says:

    I love this dress but i ain’t buying it for that price. sale or not.

  17. Crystal says:

    Rihanna is still very young. Her style seems to change with every album, her whole look and attitude actually. The short black haired good girl gone bad was my favorite Rihanna era. However, she definitely keeps me interested and looking forward to what’s next.

  18. Definitely a lot of room to improve on the styling of this outfit. She could have pulled her hair up in a cute fluffy ponytail. Some bold black bracelets to accessorize, and different shoes …

  19. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    Whatever happened between her and Mariel Haenn, they need to patch things up, and QUICKLY! Rihanna’s personal style is laid-back to the point of sloppy, I think. And is Ursula Stephens still doing her hair?!

  20. Cherokee says:

    I think Rihanna looks really cute and laid back. She is not overdone and I am really feeling this look. I love Ri’s style because she switches it up all the time.

  21. llehsal says:

    She looks cute! Sans the hair.

  22. kelly says:

    i think her hair needs to be in a tight bun. Her let down hair is throwing everything off! And those shoes with this dress <<<

  23. Whowhatandwhere says:

    This look is booring and that dress does nothing for her figure. She looks boxy. She has no waist in that dress

  24. tt says:

    although i’ve never been a stan, I’ve always thought she was killing it when it came to fashion, but now…bummy chic is not what’s up rhi-rhi! she has fallen the fvkk off!!! did she fire her stylist? boo girl!

  25. Ej says:

    Does anyone seem to think that this is purposely done? Rihanna could definitely go right back to the era where she was fab every time she stepped out. She intentionally changes her style per album. She’s going for the london street chic and “basic” look nowadays. I actually think that’s what fashion is all about. It would have gotten boring. I personally like to see her changes.

  26. shelly says:

    ****WAIT**** You guys know she is on vacation right now. Sheesh…I didn’t know you had to step out in million dollar fits and sky high pumps when your just chilling and relaxing someone. Dang…calm down people, lol. She has the right to just throw on something and go. She IS human.

  27. Fashion Crusader says:

    Loving this OC look and her new stylist (Mel Ottenberg). Please google him ladies… he is the truth.

  28. Employee says:

    First off people, it is a Pendleton. A very highly respected company who has been around for 100 years. Their clothes are very well made and not particularly cheap either. I think she looks great in it. You Rocked it Rihanna.

  29. Eileen says:

    Please people shut the hell up will you? Your stupidity and ignorance is shining through so bright, it’s blinding and ruining this post! Are you so full of yourself to actually think that YOU have any rights to state what and how Rhianna should dress? Where’s your fashion degree, or wait..I’m sorry for insulting the real fashion consultants by thinking any of you were in their class!None of you throwing negative comments out know a dang thing about Pendleton Mills company! It is a fine, well respected, high quality company that specializes in Native American designed wool blankets, material amongst other fine products none of you could obviously afford! If you actually read the headlines, you would understand that she wore this particular Pendleton dress to show Her support of the grand opening of “LA Pendleton”!! Stupid idiots got nothing better to do, but put people down to make your miserable self feel better. So, unless your a highly paid fashion worker, or have a degree from the Fashion Institute, or have great knowledge of this company, get off of here and share your misery with someone who cares! I absolutely love what Rhianna is wearing, and thank her for recognizing us Native American People!

  30. Eileen Frank says:

    What a bunch of fools, she is at a grand opening for “LA Pendleton” you know, the line from Pendleton Wool Mills Company! You all have no room to speak when it comes to what or how Rhi wears period! None of you even went to college for fashion I bet!! I want to personally thank her for supporting us Native Americans, and our designs made by a high quality, fashion forward, nationally recognized company!Two thumbs way up!!

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