January 12th, 2012
Ethnic Models, Snapshot
Snapshot: Fatima Siad for Herve Leger
By Claire

Fatima Siad for Herve Leger
Snapshot is a section showcasing ad campaigns, pictures, and editorials featuring men and women of color. No words, just an image. Enjoy..and discuss!

Source: Fashin

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44 Responses to “Snapshot: Fatima Siad for Herve Leger”

  1. Dobe says:

    Wow! Gooorgeous!

  2. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    Looks good on her, can’t wait to see which reality star is gonna stretch that poor Herve until its ready to cry…

  3. kim says:

    she making that money.. it said that she cant have sex because they circumcised her as a child.. she could have pass on her lovely features to her child or children

  4. illchick says:


  5. Dominique says:


  6. FABBBB!!! && again HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAIRE!!!! LOL Enjoy Hun!

  7. Omgeezy!!! says:

    So beautiful!!!

  8. NikkiBellaRay says:

    Simply Gorgeous!!!

  9. Dom says:

    Happy Birthday Claire!

    Fatima is just as beautiful in person. This photo is ILL!

  10. LuvLaNise says:

    now that’s a TOP model!

  11. Truth Teller says:


  12. Flyy Mee says:

    funny thing is, i dont even remember who won on her season lol, but they damn sure aint on Fatimas level!

  13. Nakia P says:

    Co-sign with FlyyMee…I thought she was a star, I rarely like who they pick with the exception of Dani Evans.

  14. Kryss says:

    My goodness she looks ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful girl & beautiful dress. Nice

  16. ladyluo says:

    So happy that she is doing so well.

    @kim, I never heard that circumcision story but I am certain women who have gone thru it can have sex and get pregnant they just may not be able to enjoy sex or something like that

  17. Grace says:


  18. FashionOne says:

    Straight hotness…no chaser!

  19. Anna says:

    It is called excision when it comes to women, not circumcision.

  20. Whowhatandwhere says:

    SO TRUE!

  21. KBS says:

    i didn’t know claire was a cap…also fab, happy

  22. Miss Rina says:

    She looks stunning.

  23. Alicia says:

    I can only see great things in this girls future. ANTM really dropped the ball on this one.

  24. sun.kissed says:

    FAB! You better channel your inner pony! LOL at sticky-n-sweet!

  25. Coconut says:

    Sorry to bust the mood. Yes, she looks FAB…….but the advertisers are clearly comparing her to the horse [sub-human properties]. One step forward for black folks, two steps back.

  26. lola says:

    @coconut #chileboo! ……anyway she is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  27. V says:

    She’s really done well after the show, good for her

  28. aMoesLOLO says:

    Good composition, of the model and the horse in the background. The colorsof on the picture are in a pattern, from front to back white brown white brown. The hair of the horse model is similar, so that unity is formed. And the dress just stunning.
    It is a fab picture.

  29. Kim she was cicumsized, she can’t enjoy sex like us with a clitoris but she can have sex, and get preggo, it just wont be the sensation from a clitorial aspect. Sorry i don’t want people thinking that circumsion causes infertility, it’s two different aspects of the womens body. Hopefully i don’t get tagged for this, but i’m a nursing/science major. And this is done by a lot of cultures in Africa, its a way to hold women back in my opionon, or course your women wont go away if sex “doesn’t” feel good. But whatever that my personal thoughts, but clearly they have a population even from women who have had this procedure done.

  30. I was unaware of a horse having any sort racial connection…Horses are very graceful? Does that now mean that there is some negative connection to women wearing ponytails? LOL, i tell you sometimes i think folks are reaching, but unless there is some proof of that connection i’m more then willing to learn something new.

  31. Anna < You're right on the term but people also call it a female circumsion, but its widely known as Female genital mutilation (FGM) okay let me get off here with the Science FACTS. Have a good Friday Ladies and Gents.

  32. Jae says:

    @coconut i immediately thought that as well. we’re often displayed with animals, as animals, or roaring or crawling..
    hello, historically speaking, black women were thought to be animalistic in nature. so she’s not reaching when she made that comment.
    i think Fatima looks great, i also cringe at every future knock off.
    happy Friday.

  33. Mel says:

    What a striking ad. She looks like some sort of gorgeous ancient warrior woman, especially with that beautiful horse in the background or at least that’s what I thought at first glance, must be all of the mythology I’ve been reading lately:D

  34. I agree Mel, if anything i felt like its was more of a warrior connection, just because of history. Then again my head was in the books more then the average child. I see no racial connection with this, especially when there aren’t too many images of Black women Horseback riding or tending to horses, or being connected with horses. I think a lot of the time we tend to connect what we want. I’ve never really heard of women being connected as animalistic either.

    But you know somebody is going to try to knock this off, and not get it right. Just waiting to see which VH1 Star is going to try and pull this off.

  35. The HPDL says:

    She’s still a beaut!

    Ok elle i know you left but even if one who is circumcized couldnt she still have a vaginal orgasm… still be stimulated via Gspot…

  36. lolodoll says:

    Love Love Love this!

  37. LayLAz says:

    That is really pretty!

  38. FashionBoys says:

    Is This the Fatima, from ANTM ?

  39. Azia says:

    Her face and body are amazing!…[no homo]…

  40. jade says:

    wow she’s gorgeous and the dress is pretty nice

  41. Really nice dress, just as same as Herve Leger

  42. Tall waist designs, the drape close to waist have girded effect.

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