January 5th, 2012
Style Inspiration, What to Wear for your Birthday
Style Inspiration: Electric Neon
By Claire

Though in winter it’s easy to sidle up to black and grays, consider adding a jolt of color with neon tinged accessories and garments:

I personally have this acid green Michael Kors Stretch wool-crepe dress on my wish list, along with this set of Marni bangles:

If the items above don’t appeal to you, you can still try the look with these Fashion Bomb certified picks:

And be further inspired by these celebs:

What do you think?
*Want to try neon this winter? We’re giving away two Clicloc watches:

Leave a comment about how you’d rock a Clicloc watch, and we’ll choose two winners by the end of the day.

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52 Responses to “Style Inspiration: Electric Neon”

  1. Kitty B. says:

    The Madison Square Park perfume bottle is giving me life!!! I dont even care how it smells, i just want the bottle lol,

    Recently purchase some neon blue and neon green silk button shirts…Claire you just gave me some ideas on what to do with the Neon green shirt, thx :)

  2. Apple says:

    Loving this inspiration. Those watches are too cute! I need one ASAP!

  3. Liz says:

    yay. just bought a neon green dress and was wondering how to style it. thanks much for this post

  4. Apple says:

    I would wear the Amazon Green Clicloc watch with a cute white tea, cobalt blazer rolled pushed up to my elbow , a pair of jeans and my lace up botties and a fushia clutch. I can see my self wearing this watch at least 3x a week. I can think how many other ways I can wear it. With short leave dresses. I would love to wear it with my cape too. I know when I’m in class everyone will ask where did I get it. The color is incredible.

  5. Martinique_Fr says:

    I love colors … Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Crystal says:

    I’ve been rocking neon green since college! Yaaay. Glad to see it trending.

  7. I am so over that Versace platform. It is ole so 2009. I appreciate the updated navy. Everybody and their mother rocked the original shoe. I also ordered my daughter the neon twist bracelet from Bloomingdales on sale a couple a weeks ago. I couldn’t understand the price difference until it arrived. The Bloomingdale one is smaller. She actually wanted the larger one but it had sold out at all our local department stores in pink. So I thought I was getting a deal but when it came I realize why it was so much cheaper. She said she still receive compliments on the piece so if you are a MARC fan you should try it.

  8. Tamara says:

    For a chica who tends to wear a lot of dark colors, the Clicloc would be a great way to add a pop of color to the wardrobe. And with winter here, the bright colors let you know that spring is not too far away.

  9. Haley Naomi says:

    I would rock a yellow clicloc watch with a white blazer over a little black dress with some funky accessories and even funkier shoes

  10. Drea says:

    That watch will certainly be a statement piece with a creme or black outfit…

  11. MissMaryMack says:

    I would definitely take the laid back approach and wear either of the Passion Fruit Purple or Molten Red with a chambray button up rolled up (to show it off of course) and dark denim jeans, with my military inspired boots.

  12. fashionably fab says:

    I love this watch. My birthday is tommorow and I would love to wear it to my celebration. I would pair it with a top I found at topshop that’s also Neon and A skirt I saw just yesterday. If I’m picked I would love you guys to see how diva Capricorn- alicious I am.

  13. MissMaryMack says:

    ….been looking for ways to incorporate some color into my (mostly) black wardrobe :)

  14. Ms. Jones says:

    I absolutely love neon; being a dark skin woman I love the brights with a passion. I just purchased a pair of boots with a strip of neon on them and the Clicloc watch would be a great addition to the ensemble! Honestly I could practically add the watch to almost anything in my closet and make it work….. My heart is tingling just thinking about it :-)

  15. Yes! I’m voting Clicloc for President!!

    The purple Clicloc would go proper with my new light lavender Paisley Lita boots, my Michael Kors winter white blazer one of my vintage tops and some neat jeans. Its a cool way to look casual but business. Proper for The days I have to meet with new or potential clients.

  16. Brittany says:

    I’ve been trying to incorporate pops of color into my wardrobe and the Clicloc watch would be just the thing. I would love to wear the bright orange one with denim and my neon yellow eternity scarf for a casual day out.

  17. Kimmoy says:

    I would definitely rock this watch with my grey sweater dress to give it that pop along with some coordinating earrings and my knee high boots :)

  18. MissTrish says:

    Though I was once color challenged (mostly wearing black clothes) I have definite grow out out of that and could definitely see myself wearing that green clicloc watch with a fushia three quarter sleeve blazer, white button button down, black and white horizonally striped body con skirt, nude Christian louboutin Mary Jane’s and a blue Mini celine bag.

  19. Dobe says:

    The Clicloc watches are cute (great name, too)! I’d rock one the weekend with a casual chic outfit in neutral colors, so the watch could really pop! Love fun watches.

  20. Trisha Renee says:

    Though I was once color challenged (mostly wearing black clothes) I have definitely grown out of it and could see myself wearing the green clicloc watch with a fushia three quarter blazer, white button down, black and white horizontally striped skirt, Nude Christian Louboutin Mary Jane’s and a blue mini Celine bag.

  21. Missus says:

    FYI Burlington Coat Factory has all those watches. I just got 2 for my little girls for 4.99 a piece.

  22. cyd says:

    from top to bottom …Balling on a budget but looking fly!!!! my jet black virgin wavy hair would be loosly curled hanging down 18 inches ….i would rock the pink watch my teal cotton spandex turtle neck dress with my crop tight fitted blue jean guess vintage jacket with the sleeves slightly rolled up..my lace up nude steve madden booties and a matching pink lip to compliment my gabrielle union chocolate skin!!! :-)

  23. cyd says:

    oh and also nude nails and a bold silver statement ring and to match the

  24. cyd says:

    details on my jacket and a black and white clutch to stand out….sorry computer issues :-(

  25. Nicole says:

    Yesssssss Claire!…You did this!…Love everythinga bout this post!..Colors, Colors and more Colors!!

  26. Jama says:

    In keeping with trends that should continue into 2012, I would colorblock an outfit an accessorize it with the passion fruit purple Clicloc watch and some diamond studs. I’m thinking my orange H&M blazer, some royal blue jeans, a loose purple tank, and my black Sam Edelman vixen boots.

  27. Gloria M says:

    i’ll wear the classic all black attire or all white attire and with a pop of color from the clicloc watch .. and VIOLA!!!!!! THANKS FOR THE GIVEAWAY :) hope i win…

  28. Muah says:

    Simple: i would wear it with a rolled up white button down shirt, jeans and pumps. Have the watch be the statement piece.

  29. Alysson says:

    I’m a registered nurse (RN) who has to wear white from head to toe at work. So I am constantly on the look out for bright colored accessories especially earings, headbands, and watches so I can keep fly while helping the sick. I would rock the Clicloc Watch with my pair of Orchid Earrings from Melody Ehsani and of course my white scrub tob and bottoms and white tennis shoes. :) My unique accessories at work frequently spark convos with patients and I know this Clicloc Watch would be spark a convo that could brighten someones day :D

  30. Laila says:

    The watches are super cute! I would rock one with a simple basic look, crisp button downs with jeans or slacks and minimal accessories. It would look great and keep me on time at school. As a med student, I’m always looking for cute watches that I can wear when we need to go into clinic, and one of these would be perfect!

  31. Stacey says:

    Great post. I would love that watch to add a jolt to my uber-conservative office. I’d wear it with a tailored shift and just peaking out from the sleeve of my blazer! Just enough pow to bring my personality to work without getting a side eye from the boss or any unexpected clients! (Please pick me!)

  32. Danae says:

    I would wear a purple clicloc watch with a black v neck, a blazer, skinny jeans and my concords! A nice chill everyday look :)

  33. Lindsey Brooks says:

    I love the inspiration for the neon colors. I love the watches too they remind me of the Swatch watches. I would rock the watches as my pop of color, whether it be all black everything or my fun statement piece for a laid back relaxed weekend outfit, I think the watch would def be a conversation piece.

  34. Chimee says:

    I would keep it simple with an over sized white sweat shirt, nice skinny jeans, cute color platform pumps and clutch to match the color of the watch.

  35. Luv this post! I just bought a neon pink blouse to wear with my blue wide legg pants and colorblock shoes. Silver earrings and this watch would not only tie the look together but leave me picture perfect!

  36. Azia says:

    I love neon colors…some people think they are too bright, especially in the winter but I like the teal and green one.. = )

  37. Danielle says:

    Claire!!!! Perfect timing! I have a great pair of Zulu beaded earrings that have various colored neon beads! Any one of these Clicloc watches would go great with my Zulu beaded tear drop earrings, a great pair of aviators, ahot red lip, a casual flowy white razor back tank, grey or white skinny jeans, and caged flats!! Can you tell I’m ready for spring and summer!! :( thanks Claire!

  38. gagirl87 says:

    Um Lala’s dress is K-UTE :) and Andriena whatever her name is looks adorable I don’t know about the neon look it’s cute but I wouldn’t rock it personally but those Versace heels are the biz :)

  39. Dobe says:

    Gotta love neon phone cases, as well. And I absolutely love those Marc by Marc Jacobs neon turnlock bracelets! Might have to cop one, now that they’re on sale.

  40. Amber says:

    I so loveeeeeeeeree this post a great way to start the year off girl Claire your on point with this one. Every girl should be willing to add a burst of bold color in there life in 2012 stop rocking those dark dull colors bring a little life to you personality. That’s how I can bring out any color of these watches into my life color is in black and white has faded. I would rock my watch with just about everything due to the fact I’m like a walking coloring book you never know what colors I will throw together to get my day going. Why should I walk around looking like everyone else when I can stand out in the crowd.

  41. Miss-K says:

    I love these watches. I might have to hop on this neon trend…it is super cute…and will go perfectly with my summa body (I am working on my fitness right now :) In the mean time…I would rock one of this watches with a super cute white dress or all black with some cool neon sky high heels, for my babes 30th bday or for my 28th bday (both next month:)

  42. LB says:

    How wouldn’t I rock this watch! Besides it being a super fun watch, those colors are to die for! I love the sleek design and that watch would be a perfect statement piece in my wardrobe. I’d rock it with a blazer and jeans, a long black dress (jersey) and denim sleeveless jacket, shoot, I would even rock the watch with skinny jeans, boots and cotton top. It’s a very versatile watch. Thanks for considering me!

  43. Corrie Burke says:

    I would love to pair the neon pink or green Clicloc watch with a sheer silk taupe button down blouse effortlessly tucked into a black leather skirt (above the knee but not too short). I would wear my hot pink lacy Chantelle bra under my blouse for some feminine detail. I’d wear some Brian Atwood black “Cassiane” Snake-Print Leather Fringe Sandals (5″ heel). Simple Kate Spake “Pastiche Brynn” patent clutch. Minimal jewelry w/ Forever 21 black “Rosette” studs.
    Hair in a simple top-knot bun.
    Makeup: MAC lipstick color in limited edition “Bust Out” (it’s mauve but not overpowering). Keep the rest simple with eyeliner, mascara and blush (MAC Raizin is great on brown skin)

    **can possibly switch to dark denim skinny jeans for the bottom 1/2 of outfit!!

  44. binks says:

    Cute!!! I’m usually afraid of bright color like these but I love this inspiration these suggestions would help me step out of my comfort zone

  45. Miss Rina says:

    I’d wear that HOT watch with all white everything, white joe skinny jean’s a white wife beater and them all white likta spike JC boots… POW

    2nd look Coral blue wrap dress with my custom rhinestone peacock feather shoes and that yummy hot neon watch.

  46. fly won says:

    I’d rock it every day! to brighten my day. I don’t own a single watch and was just saying that the other day.

  47. Jackie says:

    Any of these colored watches would be a great source for a pop of color in any outfit especially when attempting the popular color block trend . I’d love any of these bright colors .

  48. Tameka says:

    I would rock the clicloc watch with my rich harlots or Rashida gurl earrings, Denimocracy coblat blue skinny jeggings, miss selfridge blazer, Jeffery Campbell shoes, and my funky pink glasses from asos. I would be a human rainbow lol!!

  49. Tameka says:


  50. jenteel says:

    Love neon! I was just telling my friend a few weeks back that I wanted an orange watch. It would make a perfect belated birthday gift (Cappies rule)! I would wear the orange (my fave color) clicloc with a turquoise blouse, black skinny jeans, wedge booties and my orange tam!

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