January 2nd, 2012
Beauty, Celebrity Style
New Year’s Weekend Hot or Hmm…: Amber Rose, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Diggy Simmons, and More!
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Beyoncé may or may not have given birth to her first child and 2012 rolled right in. Happy New Year!!! Hope you all had a wonderful time ringing it in.

Let’s see what our fave celebs wore as they celebrated…

Over at Surrender Nightclub…

Wiz Khalifah and Amber Rose partied it up. I loves me some Amber Rose but they both look like a good shower is in order here. Between the Beyoncé stage tights and Nicki Minaj Pink Friday lipstick and the fact that Wiz’s tattoos go all the way up to his neck, I think I need to pop an aspirin. Hmm…

will.I.am also hit the party channeling his inner “Legends of Bagger Vance“.

Moving along…

Leona Lewis was spotted at the HYDE Bellagio in a souped up prom dress. Makeup looks great, but the hair would have been better if worn up.

Brandy and Ryan Press posed for a pic at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas. Cute look for Brandy though I would have pulled back a little on the concealer, but her skin looks greaaaat.

Then for a little Dick Clark’s Rocking New Year’s Eve…

Drake hit the party in Times Square and played it safe in cargo pants and a bubble coat. Guess he got tired of ya’ll throwing jabs at his style after the whole leopard print fiasco. *shrugs*

Nicki Minaj held it down on the west coast for Rocking New Year’s Eve wearing…an outfit…or perhaps your third grade solar system project. Who knows? The rapper wore her signature teal eyeshadow and pink lips this time switching up the hair with a really low lace front wig. Welp.

Then over in Diddy land…

P. Diddy hosted a New Year’s party with Kim Porter and stopped to snap a pic with Vivica A. Fox. Aunty Viv pulled out her sequins while Diddy looked dapper in his tux. LOVE Viv’s makeup.

Then party girl Kim Porter posed with Nene Leakes. I like Kim’s dress (she certainly has the body for it) and her hair and makeup are on point—but uh, what’s up with the bright yellow polish? It just throws everything off. Nene on the other hand looks great from head to toe in her Lanvin number. She went a little OD on the under eye concealer, but still looks fab.

I’m all on board with this lace midi-length Tom Ford dress Rihanna wore to Diddy’s party. Red lips were a perfect choice and I love that she wore her hair up but would have loved to see something more sleek and polished.

106th and Park had a New Year’s special as well…

Young Jeezy hit it with a leather and fur bomber, shades, and ubiquitous gold chain. Terrence J looked handsome in a velvet blazer with satin trim. Two opposites, both HOT!

Diggy Simmons hit the stage at 106th and Park looking cute. This is how a teen should dress—jeans at the waist, nothing vulgar poking out, and he’s still fresh.

Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, and #demtwins bought out the entire white section of White House Black Market. I’m most often not a fan of Mariah’s style and this time is no exception (especially those Bambi for Christian Louboutin boots) but I love that Mimi will always do Mimi.

Lebron James was decked out in his Tartan best right after proposing to his long time girlfriend Savannah. Nas is over there all Miami Vice fresh *swoon*.

And finally…

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner were at TAO nightclub for New Year’s. Kim’s dress is a little on the tight side, but I adore Kris’s tux. No shade because I don’t watch any of their shows so I have nothing for or against Kim, but they both appear about the same age here :x

Kim’s makeup?

Pretty! I wish she would do less of the lashes coughandthebotoxsneeze. I’m not feeling the bangs either.

That rounds it up, folks! Which look is your favorite this week?


Images via Delaney/WENN

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34 Responses to “New Year’s Weekend Hot or Hmm…: Amber Rose, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Diggy Simmons, and More!”

  1. TT says:

    LOL at the cough sneeze on Kim…but you are exactly right. When Kim gets it right she gets it right…but when she misses (which is rare) she really misses. I heart Kris’s outfit. Very NYE appropo.

  2. loverly says:

    I don’t think I realized how much Kim looked like her mother until today. The bangs age her, though.

    Danielle, you’re such a Queens girl, swooning over Nas!

    Diggy looks like a little mini man version of Justine. I miss Run’s House!

  3. Yakini says:

    Brandi looks great to me!! I like Kim’s dress on her, since shes got the bod for it. I officially hate tuxes on women, and wish that trend had been left in 2011. So Kris’ look was a #fail for me.

  4. Jihan says:

    Kim Kardashian’s abuse of the botox needle is a tragedy. When you use botox too early, you wind up looking so much older than you really are, but who’s going to listen to me?

  5. Dee says:

    Diggy is such a cutie!!!!! I have to say everyone looks good. And yes Kimmy’s dress is a midge beyond tastefully fitted. lol!

  6. caribbelle says:

    Brandi looks great, loving the Pucci dress and I wish I could see a full length photo to see the shoes.
    Kim Porter looks fabulous and statuesque.

  7. Fashionbum82 says:

    This is the one time Rihanna does not stand out..I like Diggy and Terrence J…#thatisall

  8. Ings says:

    But, wait, but, are we going to ignore the girl behind Rihanna…the one with the cornrows? Ok, no problem, Happy New Year !!

  9. mrs.4est says:

    @ings!!! Thank U!! What the heck is that tatted up dude doing in a dress & a hot pink clutch?! Yikes!
    And Terrance J is really growing on me with his slim n cutey-patutey self ;o)

  10. Utibe Akpaninyie says:

    I saw the chick with the cornrows too. Two words: epic fail. You can’t show up to a Diddy party looking like that. C’mon now. lol. I guess no one else noticed Matt Kemp in the background of the pic either. He looked like one of the people working the party (from that pic). I would need another view.

    Brandy looks great.

    Rihanna’s dress is cute, but I wish she would have pulled her hair up or something.

    Terrence J is just a scrumptious little thing, so it would take a lot for him to do wrong in my book. lol

    I like Kim Porter’s dress, but she looks UBER frail. I have to disagree with saying that she has the body for that dress. I would think that dress would look amazing on a woman with a curvier figure. Maybe it’s just me.

    Kim Kardashian usually dresses nice, but she never really wears anything that is beyond amazing. But lol at the cough, sneeze *botox* lol

    We all know her face is frozen. I’m upset she and her mom look the same age. *tisk tisk* lol

  11. sun.kissed says:

    Diggy looks cute. I like Nene’s dress, but the color is wrong. These people aren’t rocking my boat. Maybe it wasn’t NYE where they live…Hates Kim’s bangs and LOL at Bambi for Christian Louboutin. Too funny!

  12. Danielle says:

    LMAO @ the lady with the cornrows in the background of the Rihanna pic. I did see her but figured I’d let you guys have at it…lol.

  13. Brittany says:

    Cue someone writing in and asking for the deets on Amber Rose’s outfit in 3…2…1.

  14. marlo says:

    Riri’s bodyguard, Wiz and Amber look like they hopped off the circus tourbus and went straight to the bar.

  15. Tamisha says:

    I am so over the blonde crop top hairstyle on Nene. Oh how I love Brandy but I don’t think bangs fit her face. Big fan of Amber Rose but way too much makeup. I vote Vivica for looking the best out of the bunch although I wish there could have been a better picture for her. And oh goodness what is going on with Kim? Although I love the dress on her, she def is looking older and. And her mom? Classic look but wish she would have threw on layers of pearls or silver accessories instead of the bow tie. Happy New Years everyone.

  16. Kloset Lover says:

    Kims bangs and long lashes are too heavy. With a heavier bang…you have to lighten the eyes.

  17. toyacoco says:

    I love Kim’s dress, the bangs and eyelashes are excessive though…She would have looked amazing in her sleek bun with it all pulled off her face!

    I can only guess that Nicky was in a rush putting her hair together..lol

    Brandy looked really nice! All I think is “soft” when I look at her pic, the hair, make up..looks good!

    Rihanna and Drake really played it safe, nothing wrong with that.

    Diddy always cleans up in a suit, I wonder what the front of Vivica’s dress looked like, she usually like’s showing off her “ol’girls” in some deep cleavage gown *shudders*…

  18. Frost says:

    I didn’t even realize Matt Kemp was in the background with Rihanna! I was too distracted by that blonde monstrisity and Riri’s nipple ring!

  19. MochaBelle says:

    Kris Jenner looks amazing, what a great fitted/feminine tux! I have always seen that Kim looks just like her Mom, but it’s really apparent in this picture. They could almost be twins?!? Guess stress is aging Kim….Oh…and is everyone glossing over the RiRi nip jewelry…not a fan of this look on her, but glad she tries new looks…

  20. Amanda says:

    Hey Claire I’m wondering what brand is Young Jeezy’s jacket??? My boyfriend is super obsessed with it.

  21. Misskhadiva says:

    kim porter is not pretty #That’sall

  22. Nessa B says:

    Now don’t get me wrong, i love me some diggy, but am i the only on that is always reminded of drake when i see him perform. Not with the lyrics, but how he moves, the ways he dresses and his haircut. idk, it may just be me.

  23. stephy says:

    looooool danielle… you always make me chuckle! :)

  24. chi chi says:

    not really excited about the looks o, bt Diggy really did good, so appropriate and clean. Kim’s dress is too tight, and she looks best with her hair in a sleek bun/up-do, the bangs are horrible, no comment on the botox bit though.

  25. Savage says:

    Lamo @ Will.i.am and the legend of Bagger Vance. And both the Kims are aging terribly…Like wow, Kim P. is way too thin and plus the older you get is not always the best to be so thin. And Kim K. is that a wig? And my sweet Leona..At first glance it looks like she has a baby all swaddled up. And Wiz and Amber..Are they on drugs?

  26. luvthissite says:

    Amber Rose looks like a fool. Aren’t those American Apparel underwear? I mean, how is this even an outfit. It’s stupid. She’s too pretty to wear such foolishness.

  27. whatevs says:

    anybody that co-signs that dress Kim K is wearing can never speak ill of any bombshell on this site…or maybe the people co-signing are the tacky bombshells…hmmmm


  29. Kahalia says:

    I love that Nick Cannon-Carey is carrying BOTH BABIES and Mariah is carrying her PURSE! LoL

  30. QKelly says:

    You’re on point with EVERYTHING you said! Lmao @ cough & sneeze. I do kinda like the bang though.. maybe because I’m so ready for something different from her!

  31. Styles says:

    Great roundup. But will somebody please tell will.i.am that “we’s free now” also why does LeBron look like he just stopped Nas for more bread sticks? Lastly am I the only one who feels like bangs are dead?

  32. Neya says:

    I Hate The Way Kim Looks Bangs. It Just Doesn’t Suite Her. Maybe A Side Bang Would Be Nice But Full Outgrown Bangs Just Look Bad On Her.

  33. Kim K looks cute as uaual

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