December 30th, 2011
Celebrity Style, Mail Bombs
Mail Bombs: Sheree Whitfield’s Louis Vuitton x Edun Monogram Revelation Keepall 45 Handbag, Beyonce’s Party Video Brian Lichtenberg Leggings, and Last Minute New Year’s Wardrobe Queries!
By Claire

It’s our last Mail Bombs post of 2011!
I’m getting ready to go get my nails done, hair done, everything did for the New Year’s Eve party I’m co-hosting tomorrow (did you get your tix?!?).
At any rate, let’s tackle these Mail Bombs!
First up, Joey says, “I have been looking all over trying to find the name of the Louis Vuitton handbag that Sheree Whitfield from Real Housewives of Atlanta is wearing.”

“Thank you and have a Happy New Years.”
You too! Well, everybody knows Sheree Whitfield has expensive taste, so she stepped out on the social circuit in this $5,000 limited edition Louis Vuitton x Edun Monogram Revelation Keepall 45:

The bag was originally a runway piece from Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2009 Menswear collection. In 2010 they re-released the bag in collaboration with Edun in a rich brown color inspired by Africa. The Revelation Keepall comes with a Masai bag charm hand-crafted in Kenya by Made, a fair-trade fashion accessory company which provides employment and promotes ethical trade in Africa. Only 1500 were made, so the bag is sold out…but you can find other Louis Vuitton products at

Nickey says, “My birthday is coming up and I’m looking for something a lil edgy like Beyonce’s black look in her Party video (it’s the black jacket and black leggings towards end of video).”

“… I’ve searched online ALL OVER. I am specifically looking for these black slit leggings or something similar.”
Yep! Reader Sun.kissed tipped us off, pointing us in the direction of Beyonce’s $172 Brian Lichtenberg Blindsided Leggings:

If $172 is too much for you, get a similar slit look with these:


Justin is most likely wearing a vintage piece, so your best bet is to patrol Ebay. Seller Jeremy8mn claims to be selling this authentic pin for $100:

We also found this Big Cartel site selling the pin for $140. With all unverified, independent sellers, however, simply use your best judgment. Read feedback, check their return policy, and pay via Paypal in case you end up buying a fake!

Next, Cici says, “I saw the stage play What My Husband Doesn’t Know on BET last weekend. Michelle Williams wore this outfit in it.”

“… I can’t find any pants like this anywhere. Do you know where I can find them or something like them?”
Not sure of the exact pants Michelle is wearing, though you can try these for a similar look:

Robyn writes, “Where can I find this style of sweater that Chrissy has on?”

Yep! Slip on any of these asymmetrical, cozy knits:

Lastly, we had a couple last minute New Year’s Eve Wardrobe questions!
Shani says, “I bought this fab pencil sequin skirt from ASOS.”

“… I love it and want to wear it for NYE, but I have no top. I can never think straight when I do things last minute. Do you have any suggestions?”
Of course if you want to go for safe, a top in gold or black would work fabulously. But since we’re bringing colorblocking into 2012, why not jazz up your skirt with a purple, pink, or jeweled colored top? The skirt looks to be both high waisted and long, so you can get away with an abbreviated top–think a close fit one shoulder number or a strapless bustier if you’re feeling racy:

Try on a bunch with the skirt to see which one looks/feels best.

Lastly, Liceika says, “I recently purchased a great pair of Christian Louboutin spike flats and I am having a hard time finding the right outfit.”

“… Being that its getting cold can I wear a skinny pant with socks and the flats?”
Cute shoes! I’d say yes to the skinny pants, no to the socks. If you’re worried about your feet getting cold, I’d recommend you wear a pair of skin toned sheer stockings under your pants. Find brands pegged for brown skinned Bombshells in this post.
That does it!
Hope those were helpful.
Stay tuned for my New Year’s Fashion Resolutions and much, much more!

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14 Responses to “Mail Bombs: Sheree Whitfield’s Louis Vuitton x Edun Monogram Revelation Keepall 45 Handbag, Beyonce’s Party Video Brian Lichtenberg Leggings, and Last Minute New Year’s Wardrobe Queries!”

  1. Englishvers says:

    Enjoy the festive season. I’m sure you’ll look great;-)

  2. GOALdigger says:

    then thow Sheree get it. smh. I know who still has it.

  3. sun.kissed says:

    Sheree needs to buy less shoes and handbags and focus on furnishing her sparsely decorated home.

  4. Banksie K. says:

    How can she afford a bag like that when her kids dont have a real bed



  6. tiffany says:

    hmph, $5000 would buy a real nice bedroom set for her children (Shreree). See what happens when you put your business out there? We all have an opinion. Fabu bag though, I must say.

  7. PG says:

    Nice expensive pieces, especially for someone who is trying to squeeze out child support from their ex nfl husband. Sheree you really need to spend your money more wisely, instead of trying to LIVE WAY BEYOND YOUR MEANS. Don’t have what you can’t AFFORD!

  8. i wouldnt pay her any child support either if she’s able to drop $5k on a limited edition handbag and build Chateau Sheree.

  9. kat says:

    Addikted, you should give Sheree your name because she obviously has a TRUE addiction! What’s the difference between her buying this bag and some other mother buying crack? Both neglecting their kids’ needs to get what they want and can’t seem to let go of. It really is a pity.

  10. Bellamoda says:

    Wow!! These posts are pretty harsh. It’s amazing how we looooove to judge one another, especially female on female. First of all, I don’t care how much money she has in her bank account. She did not have those kids alone and her husband has a financial responsibility to those kids as well! Second of all, as far as we can see Sheree has been a good provider on her own alone. I’m sure the reality show does not disclose the entire picture. So let’s stop the judging and be more supportive of one another for 2012. If you must emit something, make sure you emit rays of positivity:-)

  11. oh no Kat! she cant have my name! I’ve worked hard for it! *tina turner voice* LOL

    @Bellamoda Yes, their father needs to contribute, but when she’s trying to play this ‘Woe is me, Im the victim” role while rocking CLs, limited edition Louis bags, new weave every week, and driving brand new Porsches….I just cant feel sorry for her. She wants him to pay thousands every month to support her lifestyle & this image she’s trying to maintain. Its not about those kids. Im the child of a single mother that went without just to make sure me & my sister were fresh head to toe and were well taken care of. I dont see that from Sheree so I cant even begin to feel empathy for her. She can have multiple seats.

  12. Cyd says:

    Is this post about the items or sharee’s personal life? Lol……dag yall! Well any way I love sharee’s hair and Justins glasses…. I wana read info on her stylist lawrence right? someone help me….

  13. JustDionne says:

    Anyone have an idea of what kind of hair Sheree is rocking in this pic? i want that look for my sis’s wedding

  14. kat says:

    lol@addikted! I understand how you feel Bella, but the woman put her business in the streets as a profession. It’s up for discussion.

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