December 23rd, 2011
Fashion News, Rihanna
The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Publisher of Jackie is Not Actually Sorry for Calling Rihanna ‘N’ Word, Zara’s Semiannual Sale Starts Today, and Rihanna’s Video for You Da One
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Yves Gijrath, publisher of Jackie magazine “will not be silenced” (his words), and is redacting former Editor-in-Chief Eva Hoeke‘s apology for calling Rihanna a “niggabitch”, saying, “[T]here is nothing wrong in the magazine. [Hoeke] presented it as a joke, but it most certainly was not a joke. It was an interpretation [of a fashion style]. [...] She should have said: “we did not realize this interpretation is such a touchy subject. We never meant any harm and offer our sincere and upright apologies.” But because of all the fuss, Eva started to wiggle in all directions, and therefore we have come to the conclusion her credibility has been undermined.” Mr. Gijrath is essentially sorry that we’re dense enough to be offended, and our backlash has damaged Eva Hoeke’s precious credibility. He continues, “People are totally off limits when calling both the magazine Jackie and Eva Hoeke racist. Jackie is even produced by an editorial staff that is of mixed origins.” Yes, Yves, how can Jackie do anything racist when they have an editorial staff of “mixed origins?” Yet I wonder how this beautiful rainbow of a multicultural staff let a word so racist and glaring like “niggabitch,” slip through the cracks? I think it’s time for Mr. Gijath to take a physical and metaphorical seat. (Fashionista)

Tracy Reese has teamed up with Fashion Fights Cancer to design a limited edition set of tote bags. The $40 carryalls are available online and at Tracy Reese’s flagship store at 641 Hudson Street. 100% of the proceeds go to the FFC. (WWD)

Zara‘s semiannual sale starts today. Enjoy discounts (which get lower every week) on overpriced designer knockoffs. As a former Zara employee, I beg of you, please try to keep the t-shirt tables neat when you’re shopping the sale. Don’t throw them around all willy-nilly. It’s hard and extremely stressful for the sales associates to constantly fold and refold them! (Racked)

Ivanka Trump‘s people are firing back at Derek Lam, saying their charges of copyright infringement are unfounded. Marc Fisher, producer of Ms. Trump’s shoe line says: “The Lam wedge sandals are of a popular design type that has been used by numerous manufacturers for many decades. There is nothing iconic about the appearance of the Lam sandal…The Ivanka Trump sandals prominently display the Ivanka Trump name, and there can be no confusion as to the source of the Ivanka Trump sandals. Therefore, Marc Fisher Footwear, the licensee of the Ivanka Trump brand, strongly denies Lam’s claims.” (WWD)

• And in case you’re not tired of hearing news about Rihanna, here’s the full video for her new single You Da One (Hello Beautiful)

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34 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Publisher of Jackie is Not Actually Sorry for Calling Rihanna ‘N’ Word, Zara’s Semiannual Sale Starts Today, and Rihanna’s Video for You Da One

  1. Shani G says:

    I used to work in retail and I have to cosign with you about the folded items. Please shoppers, try to fold them back, or place them in the right spot at least.

  2. Elegancy101 says:

    People should leave the Rihanna situation ALONE! I’m a Dutch black girl and the dutch humor is very sarcastic (they joke about everything, their parents, about people around them, about handicaps, gays etc) They’re just trying to be funny but sometimes they do take it too far and make unappropriate jokes. They have no idea that Americans take this VERY personally, They just view the N word as something “cool” (which is not) Because they here it in almost every Hip Hop song!

    I’m glad that RiRi put them on their place! What we need to do is leave this situation behind us and leave racism out of it, I dont believe that people like Eva Hoek hate black people while she is living in a country with multicultural inhabitants who lived here for (so to say many years)!

  3. Frost says:

    @Elegancy, thanks for your input! I can definately understand that, and you specifically mentioning that “nigga” is heard in rap songs constantly just really rings true. If black Americans want to be so pissed, be mad at the music that our rappers put out into the world that constantly say “nigga” and call women “bitch”. Shoot, “bitch” is sometimes even used as a term of endearment, ala Busta’s “I Love My Bitch” so really, I am not surprised if the Dutch would think “niggabitch” is this high, exalted compliment.

  4. Frost says:

    I also work in retail, and the sheer laziness of people is ridiculous.

    They leave clothes turned inside out and all over the floor in the dressing room, they throw clothes about, knock them on the floor, don’t bother putting it in the right place (at least put it in the back by the fitting room, don’t just shove it between other clothes and then we can’t find it when someone asks for it). The most hilarious thing to me is when people look at earrings, and instead of hanging it through the hole of the hanger, they just throw it on top of the rack or hang it through one of the earrings.

    Lazy, lazy, lazy.

  5. Chris styles says:

    I can always tell when posts are written by Jihan, lol. Love it.

  6. alice says:

    “The most hilarious thing to me is when people look at earrings, and instead of hanging it through the hole of the hanger, they just throw it on top of the rack or hang it through one of the earrings.

    Lazy, lazy, lazy.”

    too funny!!! i hated my retail days especially when peoples crusted deodorant would be all on the clothes after trying them on. ugh!

  7. J S says:

    Siiiigh, well at least she’s honest. I’d rather someone just be honest about their racism than to just say sh*t like that and constantly apologize when they don’t even mean it. That’s even more offensive in my eyes

  8. Frost says:

    @Alice, OMG!! I hate that. People are so disgusting! I’ve had women try on pants and no underwear, leaving “traces” behind, I’ve had blood on the pants… I mean, women can be far more disgusting than men.

  9. wallflower says:

    The thing about men is that they will do ANYTHING to avoid the dressing room. I worked at Banana Republic and I’ve seen men try on pants… over the pants they’re wearing… in the middle of the store…then leave them on the floor when they don’t fit (probably because they tried them on over another pair of pants.

  10. My Response says:

    what a trashy video. now wonder she’s often called degrading words

  11. misskhadiva says:

    The video is mucho slutty, i don’t like it…B.E.T you banned ciara’s ride it video, you better ban this atrocious video. i don’t want my little sister watching sexually charged videos like this.

  12. Why did she keep grabbing her crotch in that video? Was she having “female issues” or an underwear malfunction?

  13. B. says:

    Wow, I don’t understand how after the backlash of the Jackie incident (which I agree should be left behind us, but I feel was inexcusably insensitive and offensive) people are going to call Rihanna slutty and trashy. My mind is blown if people think that accusing a woman of being a slut based on her appearance or the way she dances is less insulting than calling a person of colour the “N word”. Both are tools of degradation used to keep the traditionally vulnerable under the thumb. Think before you say and do not play to the powers that still prevent all people from reaching equality.

  14. Joan says:


    What the editor-in-chief said, was wrong! But, I’m not going to act like we don’t use the term b*tch, hoes, n*gga to each other. We see it and hear it everyday in music and in real life. That doesn’t make it right. We must first start by educating and improving ourselves. Malcolm X, MLK & Marcus Garvey are probably rolling over in their graves. It is such a shame that we don’t respect ourselves as a race. smh

    Oh and Rihanna is too slutty & provocative. Sell music not sex!

  15. Livi says:

    I love the video ! & as far as the N*****B** situation..some people will never be above ignorance but she told them off nicely & may they never sale another magazine !!

    & zara oh how i wish they had one in my city but maybe the sale is online & yesss i used to wrk retail spending most of my time refolding & threatening people in my head its pure hell !

  16. B. says:


    Fair enough, but I feel very strongly that the young generations (my own included, I’m only 18) have become very complacent about civil rights for all, particularly feminism, and I see Rihanna as a post-sexual revolution feminist in a similar way to Germaine Greer. I don’t think that open sexuality should be a reason to tear a fellow woman down. With that said, your opinion is your own, and it’s only fair that you can have it/express it.

  17. sun.kissed says:

    I like the video. I love the shots with the shadows on her body. I agree she could have kept the crotch grabs.

  18. Dominique says:

    Yes, because Rihanna is not ashamed of her sexuality, it is PERFECTLY okay to call her disgusting names & racial slurs. GTFO.

  19. Shell says:

    Im gonna need you dutch/Jackie mag supporters to “have a physical and metaphorical seat.” I dont give a __ what KIND OF SENSE OF HUMOR or vocabulary a culture, race, or art has. What that mag printed was in POOR taste and judgement and should not be excused. Part of the problem with other nations is that they TOO READILY AND LAZILY get all their information about the black culture &its ppl from media &other biased, 2dimensional sources. &the last time I checked the media doesn’t do a very good job as representing US from an objective, lateral, multi-angled perspective! If u hear the experiences of black ppl who have traveled overseas to certain countries &hear how some white cultures relate to them u would be appalled and understand why it is NOT ok to simply blame rap for misrepresenting us as if all we have is rap. Oh &please, if you’re going to defend some ignorant s*t, GET YOUR GRAMMAR ON POINT. *sideeye*

  20. Shell says:

    (Yes I’m back, and I’m not done)
    To specifically address the Dutch mag publisher – he can go kick rocks with no socks. If there’s any justice in this world that mag will go under. I love how every white person’s defense against being racist is always a variation on the, “but I have a black friend” explanation. “But we have a mixed origins staff.” Employing a type of person or keeping them in your company doesn’t mean s*t if you continually psychologically and mentally reduce their entire race down to a cliche, stereotype, or song phrase. It’s these same attitudes and ways of thinking that have people thinking in 2011 that Africa is devoid of technology and fashion. (I guess that’s why VOGUE doesn’t have an African edition, they must think the entire continent doesn’t have a printing press.) To Yves Gijrath, Sir, in the words of Rihanna – “Go f*k yourself, and take your non-apology with you.”

  21. Dani says:

    Love the video! If she was Gaga or Old School Madonna no one would be calling her Slutty. Period. Gta love the double standards. =/

  22. katie says:

    I don’t give a crap what rap videos do nor say. It was inappropriate for a magazine to say that. It may have been a “joke” but the joke reflects real world opinions, beliefs, prejudices and discriminations that really do affect really real people of the black community. We deal with enough on a daily basis, but do they care? No. This “joke” tactic conveniently ignores that there is no genuine respite for Blacks when it comes to encountering bigotry, not even through a supposed entertainment medium, like a “joke.”

  23. FashionBoys says:

    I’m over the whole magazine situation, But too Rhianna ! Please stop grabbing your Vagine as if you have a “Peter” that buffoonery is not cute or appealing…It actually makes you look kind of dirty :l

  24. Bkbombshell says:

    So basicly the only words they can think of to describe urban fashion is nigga bitch. Gtfoh. Thats bullshit. its so funny how racism is sweep under the carpet.we have politicians calling our president a monkey.they all use the same was just a joke.but aint shit funny.

  25. NickieLuv621 says:

    @ Shell- right on point.
    @Bkbombshell- mos def…all that namecalling is funny until they get the $#%@ knocked out their azz one of these days.

  26. mak says:

    When you work in retail, you refold clothes. What’s the big deal? Lol

  27. binks says:

    I like the song and the video minus the crotch grabs. Co-sign Katie and everyone else I’m sick and tired of some white people pretending that they didn’t know the N-word was offensive I don’t care where you heard it or who said it that word is never a joke. I hear some white girls call each other c**ts does that mean I would say that to a white chick just because that group said let’s use common sense

  28. Neya says:

    I hate that song…I’m sorry but I feel like that is one of the worst songs rihanna has ever released. Whenever I hear it on the radio, I feel like gagging. I love rihanna but that song is just terrible! But the fact that that publisher called her the n word is messed up. I wonder how she would feel if someone called her a cracker.

  29. Nnickkiii says:

    Hi , I’m from the Caribbean and I’m 16

    @Joan big up for your comment and I totally agree wi everything you have said . But to also add to it @elegance 101 I think that’s a poor excuse because I listen to dancehall music from Jamaica alll the time nd I hear words such as bloodclaat bomboclath etc and they allll mean bad things so I will not go to Jamaica and say those words to people no matter how much I’ve heard it . . . . I mean there is always going to be “bad” messages or expletives that are going to be used in songs . And if you are unsure about the use of it , especially when it comes to different culture zones we ought to think twice and do the adequate research .nd if this research is done they will find these words not so funny.
    However if Rihanna chooses to brush this situation aside , thts her choice.

    Nd about her video , I didn’t think it matched the theme Or the meaning of her song , thought it was a bit sexual and serious for a fun song :)

  30. Anonymous says:

    Piss off, BULLSHITT! (pardon the language) Im A Dutch black girl as well and i find it pretty ignorant to say they joke around.
    Dutch white people are the most rasict pll i’ve ever met..
    No all of them but the ones that are have in sooo sooo deep flowin’ through their bones it’s scary.
    Always use phrases like: ohw i didn’t know that would offend annyone, your too sensitive or I DIDN”T MEAN IT LIKE THAT and you miss understood.
    I find it very sad because now it’s like their bein’ rasict in an “undercover” way. .

  31. Maaike says:

    Ooh and i don’t understand y everyone says AMERICANS take it hard! Tonssss of black ppl and white in Holland are extremely upset that actions like these are possible. Why?
    it happen alll the time, again and again.

  32. Amanda says:

    Hey, I’m a Dutchie too!
    I found the word ‘niggabitch” less offensive then the lil’ article this woman wrote underneath it. :O … How could that be okay?!
    It seemed like a Hate post to Rihanna on FB or Twitter.
    Highly unprofessional behaviour for an editor. (She didn’t even got her facts right)

  33. tea says:

    So some of yall all really don’t see an issue with someone calling a Rihanna a “niggabitch”… very sad and interesting

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