December 23rd, 2011
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Mail Bombs: Lala Anthony’s Christmas Loren Jewels Earrings, Emily B’s Or-G Launch Teal ASOS Body Conscious Dress, and Mya’s 32nd Birthday LV23 Colorblock Dress!
By Claire

Happy Friday, Bombshells!
While I’m sure a lot of you are already gone for the holidays, we’d figure we’d squeeze out just one more post before taking a break. Let’s make these quick!
First up, Jennifer says, “I saw these sunglasses and earrings on Lala Vazquez Anthony and thought, OMG I HAVE TO HAVE THEM!”

“… Where can I get them or at least something similar?”
Lala stepped out with cutie Kiyan in a pair of $5,070 Sterling silver and 14kt gold pave diamond oval earrings by Loren Jewels (Lala’s buddy Kim Kardashian designs for Loren Jewels, so she might’ve gotten a hook up):

Unless sunglasses are super different, they’re difficult to identify. Get a similar look with these:

Next, Lauren says, “I saw this pic of Emily B. and Adrienne Bailon at the official NYC launch of OR-G Vodka, and I fell in love with Emily’s dress!”

“…Who makes it?”
According to the blog Style me Prissy, Emily was rocking a super affordable $50 ASOS Bodycon Dress in Cutwork Lattice:

I actually chatted with Emily at the OR-G launch…

…and it seems she loves to shop it up at ASOS. If you’re ever searching for her outfits from Love & Hip Hop, look there first!
Catelin writes, “I’m crazy in love with the dress that Mya wore to her 32nd B-day…”

“… Where is it from? … Can I get a look for less?”
No need for a look for less! Mya celebrated the big 3-2 in this $90 Visibly Jess dress by LV23:

It seems Mya’s exact color is sold out, though you can get the dress in pink/orange or purple/orange colorways here.

Chantel says, “I’m aware you may not know where I can get this exact top, but do you have any ideas where I can buy a top similar to Trina’s for my birthday celebration?”

Gold sequined tops are never hard to find! Try your hand with these pieces:

In a wardrobe query, Afrikka says, “I’m a long time reader and I need your help. I’m looking for gold heels without glitter I would just love if they didn’t have a peep toe…but anything would be helpful!”
Yep! Try these on for size:

Paris says, “Can you tell me what I could wear with these Timberlands?”

“… I’m 16 and I really like Cassie’s look on Roll Up video where she’s rocking them timbos! It’s my friends party in a club next week, I would really love if you could help me & send photo of what I could wear it with.”
Ah, to be 16 and going to clubs in Timberlands:) I’d suggest wearing a pair of fitted jeans (maybe even ripped) with an off the shoulder top. Go for a cropped top if you have the body for it, or a regular length will do:

Play up the look with a bad bag, bold jewelry, and popping makeup.
Be further inspired by these celebs and former Fashion Bombshells:

And we’re ending this week’s Mail Bombs with a few unsolved mysteries.
Nickia says, “I recently spotted this FAB coat that Monica is wearing on and have had no luck finding it. I love it so!”

“…Would you please help me hunt down the designer?”
We love it, too, but we’ve searched and searched to no avail. If one of you knows, leave a comment!
Lastly, Ahsile says, “Please tell me Chrissy Lampkin’s gold leaf earrings are from.”

“… I’m in love!!”
The closest we could find to Chrissy’s cute jewels were these $148 Wendy Mink “Inca Voyage” Cutout Leaf Earrings:

Close, but not quite, I know. If you know the exact designer, leave a comment for Ahsile!
That does it for today. Have safe and happy holidays and check back in next week for even more Fashion Bomb fun.

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29 Responses to “Mail Bombs: Lala Anthony’s Christmas Loren Jewels Earrings, Emily B’s Or-G Launch Teal ASOS Body Conscious Dress, and Mya’s 32nd Birthday LV23 Colorblock Dress!”

  1. Chrissy’s earrings are from

  2. Bie says:

    I HEART Chrissy!!!
    And I am more interest in Lala’s cape more than anything else!!
    Happy Hoildays!!

  3. Claire says:

    @Mikele Thx for the tip! Couldn’t find the earrings on their website, but once they’re live, I’ll do a post about ‘em. x

  4. Lauren says:

    @Claire: Thank you!

    Can you find who makes the booties Lala is rockin above?

  5. aries says:

    the lady with the gray sweatpants and timberland boots looks the best, just cause that is my style. love the tims’ with the gold chains. luvs that, had never seen them before. thanks for posting them.

  6. @Claire I’m not sure if they’re old or just not available yet. They’re friends of mine, I’ll check. ;)

  7. Yup she said they’ll probably be back. Stay tuned.

  8. sun.kissed says:

    $5,000 for errings? Child please. What the hell is Adrianne wearing? Something is not right about that skirt. Maya is making that dress look super cheap.

    SN: Who wants to drink vodka called OR-G…?

  9. Kitty B. says:

    I’m gonna need Emily to switch her style up, its the samething over and over Skin tight dress and her hair down in curls…shes a stylist but im starting to believe her style is a bit limited……

  10. Grace says:

    Emily looks like a transvestite, except more masculine. And “gag” at those Timberlands, females are still wearing those?!

  11. Ahsile says:

    @ Claire and Mikele -Oakland Girl thank you sooooo much for responding!! Hopefully I can get a pair…

  12. Catelin says:

    I’m super excited my question posted on my birthday today! I’m obsessed with La’La’s earrings….

  13. enrica says:

    Please do an entire post on Chrissy’s style cuz I usually like about 90% of what she wears on the show.

  14. hehe says:

    Chrissy has the best style on Love and Hip Hop.

  15. Avi says:

    I absolutely love Emily’s dress, especially the color, buttttttt am I the only one who sees the nip slip action? Maybe I’m looking to hard lol

  16. Solar says:

    I love Emily’s dress and the color is amazing but I do tire of seeing her in these looks, it’s always the same so it starts to look blah on her, time for something new

  17. Tammy says:

    Please do a celebstyle post on Chrissy’s wardrobe. I love her fashion swag. She dresses well for her body type and always looks so pulled together.

  18. katie says:

    @Avi No, you’re not the only one.
    @I agree, do a post on Chrissy’s wardrobe from Love & Hip Hop.

  19. ladyshawann says:

    I have a 16 year old & belly out is a no no unless she is at a pool party. I’m loving Lalas cape!

  20. FashionOne says:

    I also agree, would love a post dedicated to Chrissy’s fashion choices!

  21. Phi says:

    I would LOVE to know where Adrienne got that skirt and top from!Im in love with the whole look. Could you please help me find it Claire?

  22. fasdfwerwssd says:


  23. fasdsddfwerwssd says:


  24. SonyL says:

    Can I piggyback on Jennifer’s post? I’d love to find out about Lala’s cape as well. Thanks, Claire!

  25. Shawn says:

    lala’s cape and whole look is

  26. Toni Mitchell says:

    I really,really think that Chrissy should start her own line of clothing!
    She should name it “Ms.Chrissy”, I think she has the best fashion sense I have seen out all the reality show that are on! She is not skinny as twig and she looks so polished and classy. Please do it for yourself Chrissy, maybe even just open a on line store selling accessories!

  27. says:

    I’m in love with the outfit Chrissy has on when jim proposed to her. please tell me where to find it.

  28. Incandescent IV says:

    Chrissy tweeted that she made the earrings herself.

  29. Kisha says:

    Did any1 else notice Emily breast poppin out the dress. They could’ve used a diff pic….

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