December 19th, 2011
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Wardrobe Query: Keyshia Dior’s Trina 33rd Birthday DSQUARED2 Skate Ankle Boots
By Claire

Angelique writes, “I want to know where Keyshia got these amazing shoes.”

“Also her amazing outfit. She wore them to TRINA’s 33rd Birthday at Liv!!!!”
Keyshia Dior rocked out at Trina’s 33rd birthday fete in a splurgeworthy pair of Dsquared2′s Milly Abrasivato Skate Ankle Boots:

The $1,095 shoes have a 6 1/2″ heel, a leather upper, and a distinctive iceskate inspired aesthetic. She wore the boots with a Versace x H&M women’s bomber jacket …

…and what appears to be a bodysuit and blue tights. The Versace & H&M Jacket has long been sold out, but you can get her shoes here or get a similar look for less with these $255 Jeffrey Campbell Skate Leather Boots from Urban Outfitters:

Now that I’ve answered your question, Angelique, can you answer a few questions for me?

1. Who, again, is Keyshia Dior?
2. What exactly about this look is appealing to you?
3. Would you really wear this to a night out at the club?

No judgments, I really do want to know.

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55 Responses to “Wardrobe Query: Keyshia Dior’s Trina 33rd Birthday DSQUARED2 Skate Ankle Boots”

  1. Marthe says:

    I love this outfit if worn on stage, and the shoes are great without the iceskate thing under them, what is that for anyway? (don’t say ‘to go ice skating’)

  2. Latanya says:

    I know your questions weren’t directed at me but I HATE IT ALL!! Absolutely nothing about this look is appealing.

  3. katie says:

    WTH @ this whole look!?

  4. loverly says:

    LMAO Claire, you ain’t right. “What exactly about this look is appealing to you?” *tears*

  5. EntertainmentsFuture says:

    Keyshia Dior is a “video model/actress/stylist” who has been linked to some rappers.. Btw those skate boots are the BUSINESS!!!!!

  6. Apple says:

    She’s a video chick. She was in the Say something video.

  7. Savage says:

    Ok Claire you are clowning!! LMAO!!

  8. Nakia says:

    I don’t know about the outfit, but I enjoy the boots! They have a similar affordable pair at Urban Outfitters, they’re called Jeffrey Campbell Leather Skate Boots and $244

  9. nicole says:

    although i would never wear an outfit like the one above… I can see how it can be appealing to people.. especially because the video models “vixens” VH1 reality stars and everyone who watches too much BET dress like this. the pics I see on twitter look just like it… so i get it…

  10. Jihan says:

    Claire, I had the same questions. Wheeeerreeee would one be going in this look?

  11. Mzri says:

    I honestly don’t believe the person who sent this wardrobe query was serious. Maybe a friend of the video vixen who wanted to help her get some shine on a blog.
    Questions totally appropriate :)

  12. Claire says:

    @Mzri Good point. Sometimes I wonder who really is sending in these questions….

  13. Anonymous says:

    Lol @the questions! Exactly,a mess!

  14. Jazz says:

    The boots are SICKK. This whole ensemble just looks too “hood fab” for me though.
    The jacket is hot…maybe if just paired with black pants or jeans and the boots it would have been nice.

  15. Kristena says:

    Hey you guys she’s a stylist that have been in a few videos. She became popular by trending the blue lipstick everyone is wearing now. From that she started a lipstick line that is doing exceptionally well with all types of vibrant fun colors. A lot of celebs like Rihanna, Lady GaGa, Trina and runway models have been rocking her lipstick brand. The most notice color is the bright blue I have brought 3 colors from her line and there really cute. Check her lipstick line out its called Ka’ior, I think the website is probably named the same. But yes the outfit is NOT cute, boots are super haute!!! Hope I answered your inquiries…. (: HAvE a blessed and positive day!!

  16. Tia says:

    yeah….how would this person know that keyshia wore this to Trina’s bday party…..hmmmm i think an “insider” sent these questions lmao!!!!!

  17. Tia says:

    p.s. the whole thing is horrid

  18. @bumiSAYS says:

    I know she has a lipstick line & has been in a few videos *side eye*

    But I do love the lip color and look of confidence even though the outfit is EXTREMELY ratchet.

    Ohhhh & she’s been linked to rappers such a Yo Gotti & Gucci Mane *double side eye*

  19. Crystal says:

    the boots are good for a costume but i can’t see where they would be pratical in anybody’s everyday life. did this even have to be sent in period? those boots are unique enough that a google query on ‘stiletto skate boots’ would’ve brought them right up.

  20. SonyL says:

    “Hood Fab” is the perfect phrase! Party? NO! On Stage? Yes. Those leather skate boots have been around for a minute. June Ambrose rocked them at Fashion Week in September…but the question remains, what if the wood bottom breaks or cracks? Or am I being too practical?

  21. gagirl87 says:

    I like the boots there different..

  22. sun.kissed says:

    I totally agree with MzRi. That’s exactly what I thought when I read her name…who is this chick? LOL @ Claire for those questions!

  23. anon says:

    While I like Keyshia’s drive and ambition, I follow her on twitter, I am not a fan of her style. she always wears the same type of tight, super hero-ish type outfits, but I do like the boots.

  24. Anonymous says:


  25. ummmm says:

    LMAO @ Claire. I was wondering the same thing!

  26. lolodoll says:

    Someone really wants to go out wearing something like this in public? SMH!

  27. NikkiBellaRay says:

    Lol @ Who, again, is Keyshia Dior? *dying over here*, she has a cosmetic(lipstick) line also I stumbled across one day called Ka’oir ….but wow she really has a lot going on here, i mean like wow.

  28. Marsha D says:

    I hope those shoes come with an insurance policy……I just see a whole lotta “wh-wh-whoaaaaa!” going on… teetering to bl**dcleet! LOL!

  29. Afrikka! says:

    i kinda like her…i laff when i see her choice in clothing or calls herself an actress

  30. dyshaun says:

    If that was “no judging”, I hate to see whats typed when you are judging. Just wow. This place is turning into a mess. You could have just googled her, but then where is the drama in that.

    Im sorry Claire, but I’m used to you being cordial and nice. This just took me by surprise.

  31. Claire says:

    @Dyshaun The Fashion Bomb is indeed a positive place where I enjoy highlighting the best of multicultural and black style. Sometimes people wear amazing things, and sometimes outfits leave me scratching my head. I think it’s ok for me to have an opinion, and this particular look is not my cup of tea.
    I get Mail Bombs all the time from women asking me where they can get a sheer lace catsuit and where they can get a snake print body stocking–that I don’t post because I am really confused. So I have to ask a reader, what they think about an outfit is appealing, and where they would wear something like that. It’s an honest question, because I just can’t see how someone can walk outside with a lace bodysuit on (who is not in a music video or a well known celeb) and think, “Hey, this looks great!” And maybe this is another topic for discussion, but some of these Mail Bombs are befuddling, and some of these requested looks (though not this one in particular) seem best fit for a street walker. Perhaps these outfits shouldn’t have a place on the blog at all, but I personally can only suggest women dress in a way that at the very least exudes class, elegance, and good taste. x

  32. SideEye Mimi says:

    I am torn because sometimes i feel like the negativy just seeps from the comments in this blog, but people have to realize there is a fine line between being mean for example “murdering ” the love girls of Fashion Bombshell, and making comments on a celebs outfits. While we are suppose to give our thoughts, people have to realize some things are pretty hurtful, and negative, and then sometimes people may not like something.

    I personally don’t know what the hell this women was thinking when she put this one, weather she is a video vixen or not, it doesn’t excude elegance to me. I think it’s fare to say that, and not be a “hater” some people may not know who she is, I still don’t and would rather not google her lol. Claire I personally don’t blame you for having some better judgement for not posting a ton of these items that you dead streetwalker worthy. I personally would love to see more Queries about clothed women, or even some outfits of black celebs walking the street and not all glammed up. I just can’t dig, thinking this is a something a grown women would have one. The boots are hot yes, and they have been featured on the site like twice.

  33. dyshaun says:

    Claire, for sure, I ALWAYS appreciate when you offer your opinion (which you have started doing more of…) but I think your words are so influential(?) to your readers, that sometimes if your ending statement is less than encouraging, the poster/asker doesnt even stand a chance.

    With the lines blurring so much in fashion, I think its kinda archaic to say a certain style of clothing is only relegated to the “famous” or the “streetwalkers” amongst us. This is just my opinon, but when we get a bomber with a more basic wardrobe ppl throw him/her to the wolves…whats a stylista to do?

    And whats so bad about a sheer body suit? LOL Just kidding, because I understand….but think of a sheer piece underneath a tulle skirt and maybe topped with a jacket/blazer???? Youve had that outfit posted here numerous times from various submissions.

    I say that to say, maybe she would wear these items in pieces or maybe just maybe, she is as fly as Ms. Swank was and can pull this off. Although IDK cause that is a highly recognizable jacket.

    I love you AND your blog, Claire; always will. Thanks for your response. Im more amazed when you do postings like this cause if this isnt the most basic outfit with the most recognizable pieces…. :-) I always type that you have the patience of a Saint.

  34. The1 says:

    She is a pretty girl but her style sucks and comes off trashy and ghetto. She needs to tone the blues down too much!!! Tacky!!!

  35. Claire says:

    @Dyshaun Thx for your comment! I think my main issue is when people blur the lines between fantasy and reality…what’s tasteful and what’s tasteless.
    Regarding the sheer lace bodysuit…a reader asked me to find this, worn by Nicki Minaj:
    A friend who shoots for King Magazine told me a young lady came to an open casting wearing a similar outfit, with no underwear, camisole, underneath. And even though my photographer works for King (known for T&A), he told her, “You can’t walk around like this. Have some self respect.” Noone was feeling it, even the editors at King were shocked…and she ultimately didn’t get the job.
    Fashion is of course subjective, there are different strokes for different folks, and what you think is hot might not be what I think is hot.
    But in many situations, what you wear determines how people will treat you, how people will perceive you, and what opportunities you get (not to say if she had worn something more covered up, she would have gotten the job…the point is perhaps she would have been better wearing something more modest, yet still sexy. You don’t have to put it ALL out in the open for people to notice you).
    I hope that as a destination for black/multicultural fashionistas, I can encourage women to dress in a way that will garner respect from their peers, and from society at large. This is a personal choice, and some people forget that I’m a real person with thoughts and this blog is a reflection of what I like (and of course what readers like). All that to say, when asking these wardrobe queries, sometimes I’d really like to know where the reader is coming from…and why they feel its appropriate to step outside in a way that may elicit negative opinions, responses, or even violence/negative sexual attention. And hopefully by the litany of responses, someone can know that perhaps for a video vixen this look is what’s up….but for anyone else, please reconsider. Just my humble opinion.
    That was long, but hope it made sense.

  36. dyshaun says:

    Maybe its long in “blogdom” but not for me. LOL Im a voracious reader and a wordy commentor…no apologies necessary :)

    It made perfect sense as well. And I really cant thank you enough for the clarification. I just assumed that this was a “clubbing” look…but that KING story. SMH. Reality check for me, as I cannot believe that she showed up like that!

    I own a dupe of that body suit made by AmericanApparel. Thank the Fashion Gods I wore it tastefully and darn near covered and that was New Year’s in 2010 (a big fashion ight out!). LOL

    Im still stuck on that no underwear thing. SMH. XX.

  37. YoYo says:

    If yall really want to know…Keyshia is a video model and she has her own makeup line, Kaoir. Her outfit is really bad but hey…I think celebs do this to stay relevant. Trina models for Keyshia’s make up line.

  38. Diva says:

    its not fashion…. its a costume… THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE

  39. wallflower says:

    I thought this person (whomever they are) was dressed as Nicki Minaj for Halloween or something. And unless Coco and Breezy copied their blue lip look from her (which I doubt), I don’t see anything original about this look. Even the H&M/Versace jacket is everywhere.

  40. oui_paris says:

    Claire – ur a goddess. Love ur input. More please :) <3

  41. Yakini says:

    I hate everything about her look. :( When I posted pics of Trina’s cute Louboutin cake last week I really wanted to just crop this Keyshia person out altogether, but i wasnt able to because she was standing too close. #NOMAAM

  42. Frost says:

    The chicks who request the lace bodysuits, see through pantyhose, and the outfit above are just ghetto. Period.

    I live in Atlanta, and I see tacky females all the time around here who think they look cute because they see it in the music videos and strip clubs, but no “ladies”, it’s not cute. It’s tacky and the people who have class ARE looking down at you and laughing.

    But then again, they probably don’t know any better, which is exactly why Claire has been posting what she has. When you know better, you do better!

  43. Joanne_ says:

    What’s that jacket, Margiela? LoL
    I had to!

  44. Shamoira says:

    i have so much trust in you but must admit when i saw that you even choose to reseach this i was shocked. i became more and more tense as i read on … but … saved by the ending. *the bomber is the only thing i understand*

  45. Mona L says:

    Prime example of a winning hoe. Carry on.

  46. Keshia says:

    LMAO @ Claire.

  47. candylicker says:

    Thank you Claire, some of these broads don’t have common sense.

  48. tif says:

    I can’t believe this was even given the time of day.

  49. Sharde Monet says:

    yup thats Keisha Dior!! lol …shes doing her thing tho with her makeup line, she’s definitely doing this as part of a gimmick tho /costume nicki minaj type appeal because ive seen her in a lot of the cool finds and trendy stuff you guys have featured on the site as well….true everyone is obligated opinions but facts are facts, she’s doing her thing so kudos to her…

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