December 15th, 2011
Fashion News
Pharrell Williams Launches Billionaire Girls Club
By Claire

Why should guys have all the fun?
Pharrell Williams is set to launch Billionaire Girls Club, a female counterpart to his already popular Billionaire Boys Club line:

As a prelude to the full collection, Pharrell has released fun t-shirts and sweaters featuring the BGC logo and the ‘Space Girl’ head, created by the legendary Japanese graphic artist SK8THING. The jersey creations come in casual cool colors like cobalt, heather gray, and teal.
Are you feeling it?

If so, click over to for price and buying info.

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55 Responses to “Pharrell Williams Launches Billionaire Girls Club”

  1. Marthe says:

    Pharell or not, this is bad.

  2. Jen says:

    no models of “color”… hmmm still love Pharrell though and well maybe I’ll grab a tshirt for casual days but overall not super impressed.. sigh!

  3. Tia says:

    this is not good. and also why all the white models? mostly women of color would buy this label

  4. Marsha D says:


  5. fly won says:

    Can you tell us where to find those tattoo hose?

  6. lola_uk says:

    Well, isn’t this a shocker! There aren’t any black girls in the ad.
    I am just soooo shocked…

  7. Bella says:

    Wow it looks so basic and cheap. Waste of money.

  8. COCO says:

    It doesnt look like anything…the ad looks so basic

  9. WestIndianGyal says:

    I can’t, with pharrel. I mean, it’s obvious that this guy has some serious issues with “blackness” in women.
    I guess you know you officially made it when you’re surrounded by nothing but “white light”

  10. says:

    they’re just basic tanks and tees with logos. i dont even wanna know how much they cost. but on another note: where da black girls at?

  11. yes, I said it says:

    Black women would be stupid to support this sell-out. he don’t love y’all, but y’all on here talkin’ ’bout “i loooove me some pharrell” ” that man is just TOO fine” while he’s laughin’ it up on a yacht somewhere warm with a bevy of beautiful “beckies”
    no thanks.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Dear Pharel,
    Why do you hate Black people?

    Little Black Girl.

  13. Dani says:

    Sucks. I was expecting a lot more seeing as the Boys line is so fly. This is crap, pure crap.

  14. Anon says:

    not feeling it.

  15. fashionforward says:

    why???!!! so boring so old navy, no old navy is better. where is the style. FFFFF for fail!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I have to agree with everyone else, this is not doing it for me. better luck next time

  17. Kitty B. says:

    I seen his line during and purchased the purple shirt seen above during FNO in NYC…I wasn’t really impressed, theres nothing to the shirts…but if u want something to workout n lounge around in…i guess you can use these. I use mine to run errands in **shrugs**

  18. Anonymous says:

    Too basuc

  19. Anonymous says:

    *basic* lol

  20. Kitty B. says: The shirts start at $50

  21. Ferg says:

    ….Not at all

  22. Lola says:

    The clothing looks pretty basic but I can see myself wearing a lot of this stuff as separates. I guess everyone is so clued in on all the white girls that no one saw the word “prelude.” Black females who are bitter about white women make black females like me look bad.

  23. LawyerChic says:

    Aside from the obvious issue, isn’t this a few years too late? Do guys even wear BBC anymore? I remember it being popular in undergrad my freshmen year (going on 6 years ago), I think mainly because I was in VA, but then it just disappeared.

  24. Anonymous says:

    @lola: as a black woman with the name “lola”, you’re making yourself look bad. #thatisall

  25. Drea says:

    I used to be obsessed with BBC….back in high school. And NOW Pharrell finally decides to come out with a girls line. Lol. Probably wont buy until I see the full line, but I at least have to check it out,

  26. sun.kissed says:

    Pharrell is about 7 years too late with this. I would have bought one back in college when I was obsessing over the BBC tees the guys were wearing. Besides that, it’s not even cute. I do dig the tattoo hose though, at least I hope they’re hose.

  27. Maryse says:

    @ fly won Those are not tattoo hose, but real tattoos me thinks

    also, bitter about white women? #b****hplease >>> someone is living in lalaland and I’m not talking about miss anthony-vasquez…

  28. Toni says:

    I know this may seem like a common complaint amongst the chocolate girls but well it’s a problem. Love Prell but i am starting to question if he loves ladies like me because i would wear BGC but maybe it’s not meant to be worn by someone like me. When will companies learn that you will not lose customers by adding color to your ads, we buy things too, thanks to freedom of rights.

  29. Allie says:

    This is not good Pharrell!!! I can buy these same t-shirts and tanks at American Apparel without the wack logo.They look like the AA Tricot tee’s… No sir!!!!!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Where are the black people PERIOD. Went to the site. Couldn’t find a one. :/ Doesn’t usually bother me but come on dude.

  31. SideEye Mimi says:

    it looks basic because it is basic, and those aren’t tattoo hose, I believe the are Tattoos just because of the way the light is shining off of them.

  32. Bella Honey says:

    okay So, whats w/ all skinny Whtie girls in this AD??!! I know he’s N2 the whole punk rock/ skater style but, WHERE ARE THE WEARABLE CLOTHES FOR THIS COLLECTION……disappoint to say the least. SMH!

  33. the truth says:

    I like diversity, period. I would even be happy with an Asian or Indian face in the mix. And something about this line looks like an AA rip-off.

  34. Anouk says:

    So incredibly meh. NEXT!

  35. tahi says:

    i noticed there werent any black male models on the site either

  36. Brit says:

    There is nothing wrong with people wanting diversity in ads. I will not be supporting this line with black women not in the ads, so Lola take your bitter self and have a seat!

  37. lola_uk says:

    @lola you should happy that there are “bitter” black women like us who arenot afraid to speak up and continue to fight to make sure that black people get the respect we deserve. If you as a black woman do not take issue with there being ZERO black representation in an ad for a BLACK-owned company( in the 21st century no less!) then, my dear you have some work to do.

  38. katie says:

    Lola no one is making you look bad but yourself. Anyway, the clothes look nothing like the BBC. That the line I want to wear and he know full well that is people of color who purchase his clothes, why are we not represented in his advertisement? Since he has such a problem with black people, he won’t be getting my black dollars. BYE!

  39. Britt Breezy says:

    He only selling up to medium , but you can’t even make a Large though everybody sell large

  40. Kitty B. says:

    @Britt Breezy The sizes start at XXS-M but the shirts fit extremely big! I brought a small, but an XS wouldve been fine.

    And ladies please note Pharrell does have black models for the promotion of the line…the posters were all over the BBC walls during FNO and he also had black models walking through the store with the shirts on.

  41. Afrikka! says:

    that one girl isnt middle eastern? now granted she not our color….but its his line and hes not feeling us…and in my case very few in his line of wrk feel girls like me….

  42. jade says:

    Time to break out my Ice Creams and Evisus… I would have been stoked about this like 7 years ago. Maybe in three years it’ll be retro and slightly ironic, right now it’s just dated.

    Ps. I realize beauty sees no color and etc, but a brown-ish girl or two thrown in the mix would have been nice.

  43. Kelley Barnes says:

    I give this a double fail! No offense to the white models but there’s no definition in their ass! You must have definition in your ass if you’re wearing high waist shorts! This ad needs some serious help! SMH

  44. Truth Teller says:

    -______________- THAT IS ALL.

  45. Leslie says:

    Not feeling it at all. I would have expected more.

  46. kk says:

    Bored of the black/white model talk- in fact bored of the black/ white debate period! Keep it moving people….

  47. michelebeezit says:

    I wonder why so many are going in on Pharrell? There wasn’t that much uproar about Kanye West’s show, only a few people talked about his lack of black models in his show. Anyone that isn’t concerned about the dearth of minority representation in media can also keep it movin’

  48. Anonymous says:

    why is it such a big deal if there are any black models. you suppose to be looking at the clothes

  49. Chianti4rmLA says:

    LMAO I am put off by this. Looks like America Apperal adds with a Gangsta Chola twist. Im sorry….PASS. and Yeah, Where the heck are the Sistas?

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