November 17th, 2011
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This Week in Chic: Zoe Saldana, DJ Kiss, Fabolous, and more!
By Claire

Happy Thursday!
Let’s start the countdown to Turkey Day…! Stars showed out this week in their fall best, incorporating pops of color even as the weather gets chillier.

Let’s take a look at their very best:

If Zoe Saldana doesn’t show off how fantastic yellow looks on brown skin, I don’t know what to tell you. Her Michael Kors Spring 2012 marigold double face stretch wool crepe sheath and cocoa triple strap sandals are simply divine. Give her her 10′s! I’m also ready to steal DJ Kiss’s full outfit. The denim and fur combo topped off with the pencil skirt is so fall perfect. Love! The men also represented–I love Ne-Yo’s well coordinated hues.
But who was your fave this fine week?

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26 Responses to “This Week in Chic: Zoe Saldana, DJ Kiss, Fabolous, and more!”

  1. Crystal says:

    Eve looks old.
    Adrienne must not have any natural lighting in her house. *SMDH*
    Rachel Roy…you look so much better when you smile. :)
    Keri is so average.
    Fabolous and Eva look like midgets.
    Rihanna looks good. LOVE her hair.
    Ok Common and Hill…I see you!
    Nicole is a fashion genius!

  2. Nicole looks the best out of the ladies, although Rachel Roy’s girls are so cute! Fab and Trey Songz represent for the men.

  3. Marthe says:

    Too much handsome men in this post, except for those two between Jennifer Hudson and Nicole Richie, which I don’t know because I’m not from America . Oh yeah, and also that bodyguard of Rihanna is not my cup of tea.

  4. Ashnicky says:

    Zoe just gave me life! Joan Smalls looks very pretty.

  5. Kitty B. says:

    i love Nicole Richie!! Shes so my style! it’s sad to say but try to copy her to my best ability! And it help shes constantly wearing on her own “House of Harlow ” line

    Fab is looking oh so good and Amare if you cheap uncooperative NBA players dont sign that contract im goona scream! I need to see my Knicks kick ass already sheesh!

    You all know i can’t stand Rachel Roy, but Claire PLEASE find out the shoes she is wearing, I’m a girl who LOVES bows and i need those in my life! Her kiddies are adorable :-)

  6. Dom says:

    Check out Zoe, doing brights in fall with seasonally appropriate accessories. Lala—please take note!

    I’m also loving that the men this week really stepped up their game on the clothing tip. I see collars and shoes, wait-coats and actual fashion as opposed to just jeans and sneaks. Nice!

  7. Chimee says:

    Saw DJ Kiss look on another website and I am copying the entire look! love it

  8. sun.kissed says:

    Joan Smalls is doing the damn thing in that dress, and the rose backdrop only makes it better. J Hud looks good, but her sleeves are too short. Rihanna’s look is fab. Fabolous is killing it in that blue velvet blazer and bow tie!

  9. Marsha D says:

    No J-Hud & Serena.
    Fab’s blazer looks like he snatched the lining out of Little Richard’s coffin-
    Adrienne is serving up nipple, or is that a shadow of a nipple, no that’s a nipple….*sigh*
    Who botoxed my Eva??

  10. Crystal says:

    There must be a picture that’s not downloading on my end…cuz I don’t see a trace of Trey Songz.

  11. Luv says:

    I just love Zoe! I love how Eva blossomed into such a polished women, Jennifer is so little, I’m happy for her tho. I love me some Jeezy but he’s looking kinda old and tired. Khloe looks like a vampire. Adrian an Rocsi look cute but umm she didn’t know her nipple was showing. And fab… Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm

  12. dyshaun says:

    Joan Smalllsssss, fur vest chick, and Nicole Ritchie.

  13. SHAQ NICHOLE says:

    Nicole Richie’s style, impeccable! Adrienne, cover those up boo boo…she’s looks like she’s trying hard. Keri, now I have to say, she’s looks better than usual. Love her make-up. I usually never a fan of her looks but this pic, she looks better! Jessica White, that red dress looks cheap…just saying

  14. anonymous says:

    Jessica White’s dress does look cheap, smh. Every time I see her, nothing says “Super Model” to me. They could have cropped her out of the pic, as Angela looks naturally pretty and Aisha Renee looks lovely as well. And is it me, or do Jennifer Hudson’s wigs ALWAYS ruin her outfits, smh. I think Adrienne, sans nipple and nipple ring, has the best completed look on this post.

  15. Aurélie says:

    Zoe Saldana and Nicole Richie loooooooooove!

  16. Kina says:

    Jessica looks cheap while I can see Adrienne’s nips.

  17. Nicole Richie wins.

    Please tell me how to jack Keri’s makeup.

    Please also get Jeezy some chapstick.

    And also please tell me why Jessica White always looks like trash.

    Ok thanks.

  18. jme says:

    I was so HAPPY to see this….I am so tired of seeing post with people in spring/summer numbers. I love Fall, and more importantly, dressing for Fall.

    Thank you Zoe for that mustard colored dress….that’s how you’re suppose to do color during the cold season :-)

  19. coldplayer says:

    Love that color on Zoe. It would look ever more radiant on a darker tone.

  20. HavilandClarke says:

    TWO WORDS for Adrienne Bailon..Nipple Piercing..

  21. Englishvers says:

    Ah, I adore sunshine yellow;-)

  22. Nneka says:

    I LOVE DJ Kiss’s entire look it is actually perfect. I will def be recreating this

  23. tmarie says:

    Khloe looked nice and I likeAdrienne dress but her and Rocsi wack. The men took this one. Everyone else look tacky…

  24. Liah says:

    Look at Ava (Rachel Roy’s daughter)! She looks like a little women.

  25. Maryse says:

    I don’t know half of the people on these pictures, but that’s ok I’m from the Netherlands.
    But what I did see,
    -Zoe trying to hide her lower jaw in a fake smile
    -a woman whose top is casual autumn and whose bottom is giving ‘executive realness’ (to quote RuPaul <3 her!)
    -william looking for a cab
    -eve now not only has the paw prints but the actual fur of the animal that left said prints
    -a dude with beautiful blue eyes
    -keri showing her bra
    -two giants and eva longoria
    -another girl showing that she is very much NOT wearing a bra
    and either two very underdressed girls or one very overdressed girl.
    In no particular order, although that would have been better :p

  26. sonya carmen says:

    I really wanna know adrienne baillon dress ? whois d designer

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