November 7th, 2011
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Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: Janet Jackson, Jennifer Hudson, Rachel Roy, and More!
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Happy Monday! Did you guys catch “Black Girls Rock!” (then black girls fight on “Real Housewives of Atlanta”) last night? I LOVED!

Anyway, you know we love to get the week started with a dose of our fave celebs, what they were wearing, and if they were rocking it right…

So let’s get started…!

Jennifer Hudson attended Fashions Night Out festivities in Tokyo over at Michael Kors. The svelte singer rocked a Michael Kors leopard print shift dress with figure-slimming ruching at the waist. The frock (which was likely by the designer who also showed up for FNO fun) looks fantastic on Ms. Hudson and looks like someone got a hold of some body makeup for those legs. The shoes were a great simple choice as well.

Hair and makeup…

I like! The lob (long bob) suits J. Hud’s face and the makeup is subtle to not overpower the print of her dress. HOT, Jennifer!

Then over at the Think Pink event for breast cancer awareness…

Melanie Fiona partook in after-party activities serving hair, makeup, outfit, and body. I’ll be taking those Givenchy shoes please and thank you.

Then a quick change and photo with Shontelle

Who is killing the blonde and golden brown bang and wave look quite fiercely. I would have appreciated a little more color on the lips to break up the monotone look, but she’s still rocking it. As for her outfit, I would have taken several things off—the necklace, the clunky bracelet, and switched out the boots for a pair of platform pumps since the blouse is making enough of a statement on its own.

Flo Rida got festive for the event with a pink tee and pink laces. I’m digging the fit of his ensemble (perfect way to wear a slimmer fit on a big guy without looking like you’re about to bust out of it like the Hulk). I also love a guy who wears shirts with epaulets.

Then over at the Lucky Shops event…

*sigh* Usually when someone has great hair, great skin, and a pop of color on the lips, that’s all you really need to set off your look. But no–Rachel Roy seems to always want to remind us she has a fashion line by wearing every single piece from it in one outfit. *smh* I love each piece individually, but all together I just don’t know where to rest my eye (got me over here looking like Biggie on the cover of the “Juicy” single). Hmm…

Iman showed us how it’s done with this 70s-ish look. Love how she pulled off the paisley top (which I haven’t seen done since the days of De La Soul) with the purple blazer and I’m digging the wide leg jeans. Hair and makeup are both, of course, on fire. HOT!

Lala Anthony hit the streets of NYC and I’m totally understanding the look she has on her face. That’s that “I should have checked Weather on the 1s before I left because I’m freezing out here” look. I love the pink on her and even though this is more of a casual outfit, it’s screaming for balance—a longer shirt with more volume (or perhaps a coat) is needed here.

Angela Simmons, Cobi Yates, and Zawe Ashton hit the “Dazed & Confused” magazine party looking—-well, dazed and confused. It’s like there at three different events. I love Zawe’s dress and I guess Cobi is hitting his hipster vibe, but what in the entire world is going on with Angela’s outfit? Are those white rain boots? With socks that don’t quite reach the knees but are much longer than anklets? And a grey feather skirt? With a studded belt? And—-AND how about I just can’t. You’re better than this, Angela!!

Janet Jackson hit the concert scene in Sydney. Mama is giving you face, hair, and cheekbones for daaaaaays, honey. I always die for that little mole above her lip. Hot!

Zoe Saldana was spotted at the LACMA Art + Film Gala. LOVE the dress, hair, and makeup. Work it, Zoe!

And look, I know we can’t see Jason Derulo‘s whole outfit here (none of the pics I came across did), but can we just pause here for a moment so I can be a cougar to admire how great a simple henley tee, cargo pants, and a studded belt can look? *makes this my screen saver and joins Jason Derulo fan club*

That rounds it out, folks! Who was your favorite this week?


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47 Responses to “Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: Janet Jackson, Jennifer Hudson, Rachel Roy, and More!”

  1. JR says:


  2. LocalCeleb says:

    I love Mel’s little jumpsuit w/the belt and Rachel’s outfit is smokin’ hot! Those red pants and unique shoes make it.. LaLa’s fit looks uncomfortable.

  3. loverly says:

    Lala definitely needed a coat. LOL at “I should have checked Weather on the 1s.” NY1 be coming through in the clutch when you’re in a rush and need to know what’s weather-appropriate.

    That leopard print Michael Kors is to die for.

  4. Apple says:

    Jennifer Hudson is looking amazing. this is the best I have seen her since she lost weight. I like this hairstyle on her.

  5. Marsha D says:

    *sigh* J-Hud never ever does anything for me-
    Melanie looks simple yet amazing-
    Rachel needs to practice her smile, she always looks caught off guard-
    I could appreciate Iman a lil more if we knew what she really looked like at her age..BUT go girl nonetheless-
    Is Lala’s pants bussin’ open at the top??
    Angela has those booties in yellow I believe-but she look aight-
    Janet lookin’ like Katherine-
    Zoe can do no wrong in my eyes-
    Jason is a lil cutie…….TTFN

  6. Mona L says:

    Zoe’s make up makes her look DEAD! She could use a flush of color on those pale ass cheeks!

  7. Nessa B says:

    This is the first time that i can actually say the Jennifer Hudson really looks good. And its every part of her outfit too. Her hair doesn’t have its usual cheap lacefront look. It look like she actually spent some money to get it do. And the outfit fits her just right to where it doesn’t look like she’s overly trying to show of her thin waist. its nice. Whoever styled her for this event gets an A+ in my book. Hopefully she keeps it up.

  8. Shaune says:

    Zoe won this round

  9. zimbabwechic says:

    Wow Jennifer Hudson finally looks good form head to toe, none of the lace front glue, we can always see on her, for once

  10. sun.kissed says:

    J. Hud is looking good. I just wish the bob was a bit shorter, it’s a wee bit too long. Flo Rida looks like Pepto. Rachel is trying to pull me in with this look, but something is definitely off. Zoe looks good, I just wish she would smile with her teeth.

    SN: there’s a typo in the second graph. Should be rocked not rocker.

  11. Ladyshawann says:

    Jen & Zoe

  12. Sigh……………………………….
    and even longer sigh…………………………

    Lala looks like she has no bra on.

    Dammit Jennifer Hudson is about to make me renew my Weight Watchers membership! She is smoking in that dress!

    I love Rachel but she looks stressed, or upset about something.

    Melanie can DO no wrong in my eyes! She looks Gorge!! Like seriously, and those shoes are to Die FOR!

    Iman is still killing it! I love her hair, and angies hair as well!

  13. Lolodoll says:

    Jennifer looks cute and why do these posts on this site change soo much?

  14. Anonymous says:

    J hud looks great. I want that dress!!
    Janet is fierce with that face.
    Flo Rida is looking a mess. Lol
    Jason Derula is such a cutie but it must have been a bit cold in the room, no?
    My fave is Zoe just because she’s my girl crush lol
    Oh and the look that rachel has on looks a bit too young for her. Am I the only one? But I dig the pants.

  15. Brittany says:

    Are Rachel Roy’s shoes from her own line also? They’d got perfectly with an outfit of mine…anyone know where I can find those…or something similar?

    Oh and JHud and Melanie Fiona look great!

  16. Danielle says:

    @sunkissed good looking out!

    @lolodoll what do you mean?

  17. Wow are those Rachel Roy’s shoes. Love!!! Love the entire ensemble.

  18. TonTeezy says:

    Melanie Fiona make-up always look natural & flawless. I love how LaLa is walking around in her natural state.

  19. MonroeB says:

    Soooo we’re ok with a too-small tee on a man wearing a studded belt in 2011 but we’re coming at Rachel Roy and Lala? hmmmm

  20. Liz says:

    Melanie’s jumpsuit is from Motel, its a few seasons old though so don’t know if it’s still available.

  21. Afrikka! says:

    at first glance i thought Shontelle was eve…. shes cute though…

  22. Nunyabizniz says:

    Zoe is killing it as usual. Can anyone identify her entire outfit? especially the shoes… I love them.
    Jason Derulo.. yummy!!!!!

  23. Melanie Fiona jumpsuit is cute.

  24. SHAQ NICHOLE says:

    Melonie Fiona 1st pic…she looks amazing! Lala…now you know you was cold, “tryna” look cute!! lol

  25. Dobe says:

    Someone is throwing darts today! “…got a hold of some body makeup for those legs” and “…looking like Biggie on the cover of the ‘Juicy’ single”?? I CANNOT and WILL NOT! LOL

    Best looks are def J. Hud and Melonie Fiona (first pic). Janet’s face is gorg! Angela’s hair looks good, but can’t say the same for that ensemble.

    Now, Lala… there’s absolutely nothing wrong with repeating this pink article of clothing. But the last time she wore it, it was definitely warm outside, which made the look appropriate. Where are your sleeves? Your coat?? It looks like she just grabbed the first thing she could find to head out to the corner store. Pants not zipping all the way, and LOL at someone saying she has no bra on.

  26. Dobe says:

    Someone is throwing darts today! “…looks like someone got a hold of some body makeup for those legs” and “…looking like Biggie on the cover of the ‘Juicy’ single”?? SHADE! lol

    Best looks here are J. Hud and Melanie Fiona (first look). Janet’s face is gorgeous, and Angela’s hair looks good… can’t say the same about her ensemble.

    Now LaLa… absolutely nothing wrong with repeating the pink article, but the last time she wore it, it was warm outside. Where are your sleeves? Your coat?? Looks like she just grabbed the first thing she could get her hands on to head to the corner store. We all have our days/moments, but the pants not zipping all the way? And LOL @ someone saying she’s not wearing a bra.

  27. tantalizing tosh says:

    I actually like Rachel Roy and Angela looks, and would wear, excuse me, Rock it.

  28. gira says:

    dont know where to rest my eyes-

    got me lookin like biggie on the cover of juicy?

    *was already sitting in my casket, might as well close it* *shut!*

  29. @velvetpout says:

    Angela’s outfit was cute…until the knee. My gaydar is pretty good so I’m sure Jason is….

  30. Crystal says:

    jennifer hudson looks much better!

  31. ladyluo says:

    I love J-Hud the best but I may be biased since animal print always does it for me. I do like Zoe too. Love the shoes on Melanie and Rachel.

  32. BougieHippie says:

    I adore skinny JHud, M. Fiona always look amazing, the Simmons girl should have left the knee highs.


  34. Lolodoll says:

    Danielle – When I first read the post it was originally a pic of Jennifer Hudson on the main page. Then it changed to a Hot or Hmm photo collage. Have noticed this a lot recently. No biggee

  35. wannatastejasonskittles says:


    *heavy sigh of relief*

  36. Danielle says:

    @velvetpout welp. *goes back to ogling Nas then*

    @lolodoll ohhhh—that’s because Claire publishes the posts as soon as possible so you guys can get your dish early then updates the post with the collage that Ashley makes :)

  37. NikkiBellaRay says:

    Love J. Hud’s look!
    Mel. Fiona is such a beautiful girl! If her stylist could only create a more interesting look this lady would be unstoppable.
    Lala and Zoe are so excused, they are usually on point everyone deserves an off day.

  38. Meca38 says:

    Mel looks great as always love that jumpsuit.

  39. Kahalia says:

    I’m cosigning on RR’s look. That is fi-yah!

  40. Miss Smith says:

    Lala looks like she is NOT in the mood and Danielle, I loooove a man in a henley!

  41. Miss Smith says:

    Oh and I think that lady pictured with Melanie Fiona is singer Shontelle. Not completely sure though.

  42. Pls correct name!! says:

    That is Shontelle in both pics NOT Melanie Fiona….

  43. Danielle says:

    @ “pls correct name” please look again. Melanie Fiona is in two pics–one in a jumpsuit pictured with Shontelle (who is wearing a sequin blouse), the other in black & white with Givenchy shoes.

  44. Angela… -___-
    I love ur shoes Melanie
    And J HUD looks like they ran out of time to finish her hair
    Maybe she needs Iman’s stylist to hook her up bc her hair is luscioussssssssssss

  45. Shariena says:

    Shontelle needs a style intervention, Love J-Hud in the MK leopard print. Iman- what did you have to give up so that you would never age?

  46. Tina says:

    J-Hud looks like a total class act and her hair looks more natural these days. I think the shoes were a bad choice because they don’t look sophisticated at all but everything else was on point (hair, make up, dress, accessories, poise). Zoe looks cute, but needs a new make up artist. I love her thin, dainty figure. Iman looks AMAZING especially to be her age. Wow.

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