November 4th, 2011
Celebrity Style, Hot or Hmm, Serena Williams
Hot! or Hmm… Serena Williams in Azzedine Alaia and a Giuseppe Zanotti Body Brace at The 8th Annual Keep A Child Alive Black Ball
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Serena Williams attended the Keep A Child Alive 8th Annual Black Ball last night in a sleeveless Azzedine Alaia knit black floor-length gown accessorized by a gold Giuseppe Zanotti body brace.

Ms. Williams is no stranger to taking fashion risks, so this ensemble comes as little surprise. She jazzed up her look with spiked Ofira gold cuffs, adding to the sexy chic tough-girl vibe she’s emanating. The tennis pro posed for photos with her girls Kerry Washington and Lala Vazquez-Anthony, also in attendance.


What say you?

*If the brace looks familiar to you, it’s because Beyoncé wore the same one in her music video for “Run The World (Girls).”

Who do you think wore it better?

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47 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm… Serena Williams in Azzedine Alaia and a Giuseppe Zanotti Body Brace at The 8th Annual Keep A Child Alive Black Ball”

  1. jasmine says:

    this is better, upgrade from the last outfit but i think she should be aware that everything does not fit her strong body type some things make her look more built than she is

  2. Oldhousecoat says:

    I completely agree with the previous comment but I would like to add that a sleeker hairstyle may have made for a better overall silhouette. That said, Serena is Beautiful and no outfit can hide that.

  3. sun.kissed says:

    No ma’am. She looks like she’s standing on stilts and the body brace is choking her. Everything isn’t for everybody Serena!

  4. KBS says:

    Golly, I wanna love Reeny’s dress, but it’s not very flattering on her frame. She looks a little uncomfortable. But it’s better than other looks. I do love Kerry’s after labor day white dress. Hot

  5. Crystal says:

    that thing looks horrid on both but it’s better suited as a costume in a music video than on the red carpet. does serena have a stylist? if so, she’s definitely being taken advantage of. if not, she needs one ASAP.

  6. Dobe says:

    This doesn’t suit her. It does nothing for her upper body but make it look a bit masuline. I don’t think this dress called for that body piece, maybe just a belt would’ve done the job; she looks stuffed and punished.

  7. Kimberly says:

    I agree with everyone about it not being suited for her body type. The outfit is hot but it showcases her arms which are way too muscular. The thought was good. She is growing and the hair looks very good.

  8. Savage says:

    It looks like an actual brace, as if she has scoliosis…she looks like she’s in pain..

  9. EntertainmentsFuture says:

    I see LaLa borrowed Kim K’s wedding day head piece… lol. I think Serena NEEDS to hire a stylist STAT!!!

  10. jasmine says:

    i just wanna add she is beautiful

  11. nsd says:

    serena hair is layed like john mcenroe for you h**s

    face is beat yaaas

    how you gonna walk around lookin like a zulu domanitrix

  12. A. O. says:

    Does Serena have a stylist? If she does, please stand up and be stoned!!! Fashion isn’t her thing.

  13. Jaida says:

    Serena’s looks are always hit or miss for me and this one was a miss. I think it’s the body brace that messed up for me. I know this is a sidebar, but I’m loving Kerry Washington’s dress! It’s so flowy and girly. LOVES IT!

  14. anon says:

    UGH! The brace does not fill well, especially when you look at it from the side. And I will say this again, she is very muscular. Her shoulders are broad as hell. Minus the boobs and booty, her body really does remind me of a mans. SORRY, this has nothing to do with her life achievements. She just needs a better fashion advisor.

  15. Afrikka! says:

    i dont care for any of thier looks…

  16. eKIbE says:

    The body brace is not cute. But I appreciate her commitment to taking risks.

  17. Savage You need to have a seat….I’m laughing so hard at you.

    Serena clearly is still finding herself with these clothes and these weaves. It looks good on bey because he boobs are not taking over. Serena needs to find more feminie outfits, and get a better hair stylist! I’m not feeling it the brace looks great, but i’m not feeling it on Serena, in fact i haven’t been feeling to much of what she is putting on.

  18. Courtney says:


  19. Diva says:

    EPIC FAIL…. sorry S’Rena

  20. Dom says:

    lmfao @ zulu dominatrix! Killt me dead!

  21. Kellie says:

    Serena needs to give up (that sounds so horrible). Despite her trying so hard to look feminine, her hair, makeup and clothing always looks atrocious.

  22. Marsha D says:

    Love Serena but Woooooooooooooooo *Maxwell high note* She looks like a man stuffed in a Serena suit- I can’t …….

  23. Marsha D says:

    Oh yes and Kerry can do nothing wrong in my eyes….

  24. Tajah M. Cotton says:

    ohhh, no I cant….. looks a mess !

  25. Jihan says:

    @nsd “serena hair is layed like john mcenroe for you h**s” is probably the funniest comment I’ve ever gotten on a post. You got me rollin’ over here!

  26. Nia says:

    wth!? She is entirely to buff to wear some of the clothing she chooses. a woman with an athletic build can’t just throw anything on. she should most definitely look into what fits her body type and rock it out.

  27. MsA says:

    ^_^___^________________ @ nsd!!!

  28. Tifani says:

    Note to Serena: This look that you were trying to pull off, was a complete fail!!!!! Dress according to your body-type, please and thank you!!!!!

  29. Mona L says:

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @ borrowing Kim K’s headpiece. Ya’ll are too much! Beyonce killed the brace, while Serena looks like the brace is killing her!

  30. Claire says:

    Hilarity on this Friday afternoon. #icant

  31. Humble says:

    I love Kerry’s look, just stunning! Lala look nice, I see she put a couple pounds. Serena please try again……

  32. EVE says:


  33. Lynaya says:

    At least she’s consistent……….consistently not on point. But she tries. She need help.

  34. CC says:

    I’m reading some of these post cracking up..That dam thing look like one contraption chocking the shit out of her. She head look like them just pick it up and stick it on top the contraption

  35. shelly says:

    Why does Serena look like she’s about to be in the movie Saw 15??? I didn’t want to go there, but she has way too much money to be stepping out the house like that. The make-up and hair look nice, but come on now! And LaLa…Halloween has passed mam. That head piece is doing NOTHING for that ensemble. Kerry is OUTSHINING them by a landslide, even though the bottom of the dress looks a little crazy at the bottom. Serena, please get a stylist.

  36. Nelly says:

    Cracking up over some of the comments… especially Shelly’s Saw comment…lmao. Anyway, Serena’s fashions have been improving a little bit though. I like the dress but the neck brace belt is a negative. It looks like she needed another link to the chain because it looks like all someone needs to do is add a leash to the neck and she’d follow them around like a puppy or the Hunchback of Notre Dame. She should have just worn a shiny metallic belt or a contemporary statement necklace and she would have been fine. Oh well, better luck next time, Serena. You were almost there…smh

  37. Miss Smith says:

    *sigh* Well at least Kerry was there to save the horrible fashion from this event.

  38. VeryLivingEND says:

    Kerry Washington looks like a dream.

  39. Jules says:

    ok i cant lie but this dress is not for her and that neck thing got to go.

  40. Humble_DIVA says:

    Kerry is ever flawless, the sight of Serena’s look is making me choke for air!!!!!!!!!! She needs better stylist! Honestly, I never like anything Serena wears. She has an amazing bod but doesn’t know what fits her well!

  41. browngirlbeauty says:

    Lala could’nt wait to wear a head piece like that. Ughhh, she’s suck a Kim K personality and originality. when will she stop copyin off of other female celebs. Rhianna’s tats, nicole richies ankle tat, Kim k’s everything.. Lala is truly pathetic!

  42. krystel says:

    she looks so much better here than in her last post i had to vote hot even though i see many flaws

  43. Bronze says:

    Where is the stylist?

  44. snapback says:

    double HMMMMMM……

  45. shema says:

    No mam Hott mess come rena lets get it together !

  46. Chianti4rmLA says:

    As long as she has those beautiful arms of glory she will most often always be a

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