October 27th, 2011
Celebrity Style, Week in Chic
This Week in Chic: Solange Knowles, Zoe Saldana, Serena Williams, and the Ladies of Basketball Wives LA!
By Claire

Celebrities have been looking might-y fly, attending fragrance launches, charity events, and book signings.

Let’s see how they showed and proved this week, shall we?

Where to begin? Zoe Saldana and Eva Longoria looked glorious in Reed Krakoff and Victoria Beckham dresses at the 2011 Glamour Reel Moments Premiere. Serena Williams majorly stepped up since her Tower Heist ensemble in a beige shift and strappy sandals (yay! no clunky shoes!) for the Burberry Body Launch in Beverly Hills . And Imani, Laura, and Gloria from Basketball Wives L.A. (my guilty pleasure) looked positively lovely at T.I.’s book launch at Porta Via Restaurant in Beverly Hills. If I had to choose a favorite, I might have to go with Keri Hilson. Looking fresh after her European tour, she hit the streets of NYC in a black and gray outfit, accented by a funky haircut and funkier chains. Love the casual simplicity of it.

Who worked it for you?


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46 Responses to “This Week in Chic: Solange Knowles, Zoe Saldana, Serena Williams, and the Ladies of Basketball Wives LA!”

  1. Madpet says:

    Terrence Howard, that hat has got to go!! My uncle Eddie looks damn good!! I don’t care what anyone says. And Teanna Taylor’s eyebrows look hella scary.

  2. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    Terrence Howard won’t let go of his costumes from Jacksons: An American Family. Thandie Newton’s ensemble is doing the most, is Keri Hilson trying to be Mary J’s poparazzi stand-in, Solange SLAYS again, and OMG, does Serena look 1000x better than that picture of her in those Burberry booties and leather skirt!

  3. Aisha says:


    Imani’s (BB Wives LA) pink & black dress is niceeeee!!
    Could you find out from who/where?? I NEED!

  4. Okay…

    Serena recovered from that hot mess of an outfit the other day.
    Solo can do no wrong in my eye until she starts with that LopSided Afro thing/wig. Still love her tail though.

    Thandi and Zoe – Always look classy to me. I love Thandi’s Style!

    I Love Regina, but she looks super buff…and those boobies are abotu to hit her chin it looks like! But she still looks good, she just seems a little hard these days.

  5. Apple says:

    Terrance is so handsome in person but this right here smh . Thandie looks the best in my opinion.

  6. Apple says:

    Imani does look really nice. Looks like she lost weight too. I almost didn’t recognize her.

  7. No Ma’ams go to: Eddie/Laura G./Regina King/Zoe

  8. SHAQ NICHOLE says:

    Keri and that football helmut hairstyle..smh… Solange…that’s my girl, she can do no wrong in my book but you would think her hair would be longer after she did the “Big Chop” how many years ago now?? Kimora looks great!

  9. EntertainmentsFuture says:

    Im over Teyana with that look. Hair, Thigh high split dress, and eyebrows, and red lip.. Such a pretty girl, Im sure her handlers can provide a different style..

  10. Vonmiwi says:

    I’m beginning to look forward to seeing Solange out and about on the regular now because I love her style.

  11. Jihan says:

    @ Sticky-n-sweet u just killed me #dead with that Jacksons movie reference!!

    and Solange is giving me sustenance with that look!

  12. Savage says:

    T.I looks rediculous, The “Basketball Wives” look draggy, and not in a fun campy way. Regina needs to soften it up a bit..I think everyone looks a tad messy. Ms. Taylor’s fit is cute but that makeup is a certified no ma’am.

  13. Cee Lo says:

    That pink & black dress is on point, Where is it from?
    I think keri looks great here!
    Chanel looks cute but that dress looks too itsy bitsy for me

  14. Jazz says:

    Imani is werking the hell outta that dress! Love it…Claire where can I find it?

  15. Monica says:

    Solange, Zoe, And Teyana are my favorites!

  16. Monica says:

    Not Teyana’s make-up though. Mess.

  17. Nicole says:

    Cosign Claire!…Could you please give us the deets on that black and pink dress that Imani is wearing??

  18. Scarlett says:

    @ Nicole Imani’s dress is from asos.com.

  19. Crystal says:

    if see zoe kravitz a million times i will never get used to how beautiful she is. not the serena is doing anything special here but i will give her props for looking the best i’ve seen her in a looooon time. i see you eddie! umm…ok terrance..i guess it really is hard out here for a pimp huh?

  20. Indigo says:

    Regina… Ewww! ENOUGH!!

  21. Dom says:

    Thandie and Solo, everyone else looks utterly forgettable

  22. Digg says:

    Thandie has got it HANDS DOWN with Zoe S. coming in a close second. They both look fab. I like Kimora from the shirt up! Teyana is too pretty for this and I like everything on Solo except the shirt. I would have liked a different color combo, but I do like the idea.

  23. Aurélie says:

    I think I maj juts be obsessed with Solo’s style, looove her shoes!

  24. tantalizing tosh says:

    Thandie dress is Haute but what happened to the shoes????

  25. Marie-jo says:

    Teyana Taylor! Oh my….! She looks like one of those witches I see in Nigerian movies. Those drawn on eyebrows are not good.
    But her dress on the other hand is HOT! Claire WHERE? WHO? HOW? PLEASE?

  26. Lee says:

    Keri looks FAB!! Regina King, WTF!?! And I can’t take BBW serious (GROSS)!!!!

  27. Ladyshawann says:

    Imani, skin glowing dress is teaching them.Solo that skirt, yes, hair lovely.

  28. jUICElOVE says:

    everyone looks lovely…keri looks very rihanna circa 2009

  29. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know who she is and i’m not going to comment her brows, but that Teyena looks BEAUTIFUL.

  30. gi says:

    @aisha, I saw that dress on asos.com. Its not the asos brand, but I cant remember the designer. I believe it is sold out now, because I cant find it on there anymore (I definitely looked!)

  31. Jennifer says:

    Kimora is AMAZING!!!


  32. That Girl says:


  33. exfatchic says:

    Yayyyy! Serena Major improvement from the last fasionbombdaily post. I wish she realized she doesn’t need soo much make up.. she looks gawjes in that pic. This make up application looks much better.MJB..I have definitely seen that dress on Mary once before! I LOVE HER EVEN MORE FOR REPEATING! Now Estelle ……. HMPH!

  34. exfatchic says:

    LMMMMMMAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOO at Marie-Jo comment. Please dont get me fired here! “Nigerian Witches” I CAN NOT!!!!!

  35. L.E.X says:

    Imani from basketball wives dress/spandex/neon was scary…

  36. shelly says:

    Where do I start, lol.

    Solange: LOVE the shoes…that’s about it.
    Serena: YASSSSSSS….I almost cut a step! Total 180 from that last/horrid outfit.
    Zoe and Eva: Pretty as usual =)
    T.I.: Sir, you are NOT 19 anymore…
    Basketball Mistresses: I almost didn’t recognize Imani! She looks gorgeous and outshines the other two.
    Mary: that dress is fitting her like a glove, and I love it…the shoes…I like the nude concept, not sure if I like the shape of the toes.
    Zoe Kravitz: she is naturally beautiful…I just wish so much more for her wardrobe. I understand being BoHo chic, but um….
    Chanel Iman: I would never think she was a super model by the way she dresses OFF of the runway, and that’s a shame
    Terrence: That Michael Jackson movie reference was RIGHT ON POINT!
    Regina: ease up…please…
    Eddie: I actually kind of like it
    Teyana: I adore that dress, but the make-up is a no-no…shes too pretty for all that
    Kimora: basic Kimora
    Estelle: wait…is that LONG SLEEVE jacket really laying on your arms like that? she can do better
    Diddy: Tell me that doesn’t look like a Christmas sweater? Can we get through Halloween and Thanksgiving first, lol. (Take that, take that, lol)
    Thandie: Must be an English thing…it kind of works for her though (since she is English)
    And Keri just *pause*…..somebody help me out, lol

  37. Nunyabizniz says:

    ^^^ ctfu

  38. Solange looks cute.
    Imani actually looks nice here.

  39. Dobe says:

    Solange, Mary J., Thandie, and Kerri!

  40. Siyam says:

    anybody else think Teyanna Taylor is starting to look like Rihanna from back in the day?

  41. krystel says:

    keri all the way and loving imani’s dress!

  42. Jihan says:

    Zara also has a version of Teyana’s dres… but they also have a version of everything

  43. Kahalia says:

    STANDS AND APPLAUDS MARY J for the hair, so soft not too bright and the dress and that body. GO MARY!

  44. VeryLivingEND says:

    Love Solange’s look…as per usual.
    And, can we just give Serena a round of applause? It is my most sincere wish that she will continue to look this great, but alas…I know better.

  45. Nakia says:

    Claire, are mary’s shoes YSL?

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