October 24th, 2011
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Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: Zoe Saldana, Kat Graham, Christina Milian, and More!
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Happy Monday!

You guys love “Weekend Hot! or Hmm…” and “Weekend Beauty Hot! or Hmm…”, right? Now it’s combined so you can praise (or shade) your favorite celebrities and their get-ups! Woo hoo!
Let’s get started.

Variety kicked off their 5th Annual Power Of Youth Event over the weekend…

Kat Graham hit the scene in an over-sized yellow blazer, leather shorts, and oxford pumps. I love that she can rock black and yellow (black and yellow, black and yellow) without resembling a bumble bee. And her makeup…

Perfection! I’m really digging the purple shadow—perfect complement to the yellow blazer. Hot!

Also at the Variety event was actress Raven Goodwin (who Getty Images had tagged as Amber Riley *SMH*). I sympathize with the wardrobe plight of a young, hot actress like Raven who might struggle with finding age-appropriate clothing for her size, but this outfit is not doing her any good (nor would it on someone smaller). The vest could have been a bit bigger and her boots are cutting her legs off at one of their wider areas. I do like the mix of textures in her blouse with the sheer sleeves.

Hair and makeup…

Cute! The purple shadow and pink lipstick are perfectly applied and look playful and fun.

Then over in New York City…

Jessica Alba took a stroll through Central Park. I’m digging how she worked a summer dress into the fall by layering a snood, over-sized cardigan, and tights. Very grandma-chic.

Then a few celebs graced the “Puss in Boots” premiere in Los Angeles.

Can’t say I love Sharon Leal‘s dress. I almost want the skirt to be more A-line because she looks a little off balance. And the shoes? Meh. I can’t even think of a way to salvage this outfit other than to start all over with something else. Hmm…

She killed the hair and makeup though. Sharon is GORGEOUS!

Uh, somebody tap Vivica A. Fox on the shoulder. Lawd knows I love me some Aunty Viv, but I can’t right now with these ill-fitting leather pants and boxy jacket. The pairing of the Louboutins make it look like last minute someone said “Girl, at least put these Loubs on”.

Her face is beat to be damned though! Goodness, Viv is giving face! Yesss, honey! But while I’m not feeling that 1993 ponytail, it does make you want to commend her for still having edges.

Zoe Saldana hosted the Gen Art “Fresh Faces In Fashion LA”. I’m loving her beige Antonio Berardi Spring 2012 dress and look how shiny her hair is! HOT!

Christina Milian looked cute as a button shopping out in Los Angeles in an interesting pairing of accessories. The feather earrings, the grommets on her blouse, the shoes, and the Birkin bag all seem like they would clash together yet somehow it works.

And finally birthday boy Drake hit Tao in Vegas to celebrate his big 2-5 looking like Diddy in the “Hypnotize” video. I’m not even going to mention the fact that it looks like he has on McDonald’s worker pants nor that he resembles a character from the “Simpsons”. But uh, happy birthday, Drizzy!

That rounds it out, folks! Who was your favorite this week?


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31 Responses to “Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: Zoe Saldana, Kat Graham, Christina Milian, and More!”

  1. Jihan says:

    oh, Danielle you had me rollin’ through this whole post! “girl, at least put the loubs on,” did it for me. And although Sharon Leal is borderline looking like somebody’s auntie going to church in that dress (add a flamboyant hat and shawl and she’s ready to make that joyful noise), She is so adorable I love her button nose!

  2. Purple says:

    OMG! Drake looks like Disco Stu.

  3. katie says:

    I’ve seen these pictures of Christina Milian shopping with her daughter. Milian let her daughter go barefoot in the store and left her kid and nanny (see the image) to have the paparazzi take pictures of her SMH

    Sharon Leal: I adore her! I wondered what happened to her after Boston Public.

    Drake: Saw more pictures of this day as well. He looks sad or at least worn out.

  4. Courtney says:

    Zoe is smoking hott…that is all!!!

  5. Aurélie says:

    Danielle loool “Girl, at least put these Loubs on”. hahaha Kat Graham is my favourite!

  6. alicianicole says:

    Jessica Alba looks wintertime fine,and Zoe is age appropriate hot . The looks are all hot/fashion forward. Minus Drake , he looks like a skinny light skined Biggie Smalls. smh

  7. Yakini says:

    lmaoo @ this post. I was cracking up. Love your writing style, Danielle.
    Omg, Raven’s makeup is GORGEOUS! Would love to see a makeup tutorial on that one.
    lol @ Drake in those McDonalds pants. I know he has a stylist who could have provided him with some nice, tailored pants that flattered him.
    And Im disappointed with Viv’s outfit choice too. We all know she can do better than that! But yes, face is beat and she is looking as youthful and gorgeous as she wants to look!

  8. Savage says:

    LMAO ok now this is hilarious. Sharon Leal looks like she knows she looks rediculous, Lol @ Purple Disco Stu? Drake looks like straight Euro Trash, like where is his gold chain? Very much so the creepy guy in Vegas who tells you he can get you in every club..Vivica looks like Naptown’s finest right now..She indeed shopped her closet for this fit..I mean who makes leather pants that fit like that?? Wilson’s? I cannot take it..Jessica Alba looks amazing though.

  9. t says:

    aunt Viv looks a hot mess! sadness

  10. Savage says:

    HAHAHAHAH I am dying over here…Lol, ok Jessica Alba looks great! Lol @ Purple, Drake does look like Disco Stu! He’s very Euro trash, like all he’s missing is a gold chain..And Vivca is looking like Naptown’s finest..where does one find ill fitting leather pants like that? Wilson’s? She def shopped her closet for that fit..But that mug is beat to death..And that is not so Raven..not a good look..

  11. Crystal says:

    lmaoooooo! he does look like diddy…take that take that.

  12. Savage says:

    Ok I’m over here dying!!!! lol @ Purple, Drake does look like Disco Stu!! He’s very Euro trash, all he’s missing is a gold chain..He looks like a sleazy Vegas club promoter..And Viv is looking like Nap Town’s finest right now..Where does one find ill-fitting leather pants? Wilson’s? lol She def shopped her closet on this fit. Her mug is beat to death though! And that is not so Raven…

  13. Crystal says:

    @Savage..no no…I’M naptown’s finest. lol!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I died @ “I commend her for still having edges tho!” That is a HUGE accomplishment in our community for someone Viv’s age. Thats for damn sure.

    Ya’ll heard Marvin’s room, that is Drake’s cry for help! Poor Baby.

  15. I really just want to save Drake….first the bill cosby sweaters…now this Miami Vice of a mess shirt….and the perching (sp) of the lips…what are you doing boo?

  16. Dinka Don says:

    Drake looks like Zoolander o___o

  17. Crystal says:

    ya’ll are too funny…
    i’m just sayin’, you can can do better. *drizzy voice*

  18. SHAQ NICHOLE says:

    Drake looking real throwback with the shades and graphic shirt….can we say 90′s Puff Daddy??!!??!! lol

  19. vanessa says:

    Love Zoe Saldana style, always perfect!!!! But Vivica…


  20. sun.kissed says:

    Danielle, this is too funny. Saw you in this month’s Essence btw. Kat and Zoe look cute. Christina looks like she got dressed in the dark and Auntie Viv needs to quit playing.

  21. lmao…this post made me holla.

    Viv…Viv, what is going on?
    Drake & the McDonalds pants…Lord help me.

  22. Indigo says:

    It’s funny how today “beat” means good. I’m ole school so if your face is beat, you are ugly. I can’t see using it to say someone makeup or hair looks nice. lol

  23. B. says:

    Oh, I want to love Drake so much, because I used to really like his music, but if he wants to do the whole “Psychadelic side of the 70′s” kind of vibe, he really needs to try a little better (not harder, that’s already an issue). Like, for the love of God, is it so hard to find a paisley shirt that doesn’t look awful on? And I’m going to need him to get some nice trousers and not sag them. And if he wants to wear the tea-shades, he needs to match the rest of his accessories.

    In other news, Kat Graham is stunningly beautiful.

  24. Grace says:

    To whomever styled Raven: YOU’RE FIRED!

    Jessica and Zoe look great!

    Vivica depresses me. She, like Mary J Blige, reminds me of that older aunt who still tries/wants to be young and hip and just does NOT make the cut.

    Drake literally made me LOL

  25. Alexis says:

    Where are Christina’s shoes from?? LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! I knew you would feature this look Claire!

  26. Danielle says:

    LOL—thanks, guys! YOU all have me rolling…lol

    @Yakini thanks!

    @sun.kissed thanks for the Essence shout-out :)

  27. Digg says:

    LOL…I am also Naptown’s finest and Viv is not it!!!
    Love Kat, Jessica and Zoe’s look and Christina’s shoes. Sharon is pretty, but I don’t like anything she has on.

  28. JK says:

    See how good Kat looks when she’s not tryna imitate Lady Gaga.
    Those eyebrows are on point!

  29. Tifani says:

    I’m lovin’ Kat Grahm’s look and zoe saldana’s as well!!!!!!!!

  30. nina says:

    OMG!!Christina Milian shoes are killer. Can u please tell me who the designer is.

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