October 20th, 2011
Fashion News, Rihanna
The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Rihanna and David LaChapelle Settle Lawsuit Over S&M Video, Paula Patton is Cover Girl Queen’s New Brand Ambassador, and A Look At Nicole Miller x Indego Africa
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Rihanna recently settled a lawsuit with photographer David LaChapelle, who accused the chanteuse of stealing his imagery in her eyebrow raising S&M video. LaChapelle, who sought $1 million in damages, said, “I like RiRi…This is not personal, it’s strictly business. Musicians commonly pay to sample music or use someone’s beats and there should be no difference when sampling an artist’s visuals.” Hear that, Beyoncé? (The Guardian)

Paula Patton is the newest face for the Cover Girl Queen collection! Great choice, no? I can’t wait for the campaign shots to drop! (HuffPost)

• Like the rest of us normal folk, First Lady Michelle Obama is conscious of her booty in certain outfits. She says: “My day-to-day wardrobe choices are very practical. I’m like, ‘What’s the temperature?’ ‘Am I going to be sitting in the grass?’ ‘Will I be playing with kids?’ ‘Can I sit on the floor?’” The First Lady explained that her key concerns are generally about her shirts bunching up or not covering enough of her back, because “if I bend over [I'm] worrying about that … embarrassing shot,” she joked.” As a person who has experienced those embarrassing shots, I can wholly sympathize! (StyleWatch)

• Freshly stamped with the First Lady’s seal of approval, Doo Ri Chung has been announced as the next guest designer for Macy’s Impulse collection. The collection will be available starting February 15th, so if you want to start hinting at Valentine’s Day gifts, here’s your big chance. (Fashionista)

• Need more opportunities to throw your money away? Cop a pair of these $19,000 24-karat gold shoelaces! Why not? Paying off college loans is only for the poor! These pricey handmade laces by Colombian company, Mr. Kennedy, take 120 hours to make. Enticed? (Fashionista)

Nicole Miller recently released an apparel and accessories collection made in collaboration with Rawndan women, many of whom have lived through the 1994 genocide. The pieces are affordable, raging from $25 for a set of three bracelets to $65 for a pair of shorts, with 15% of the proceeds going to the nonprofit Indego Africa. “Instead of just making a donation to charity, Miller has actually been helping these Rwandan women, most of whom survived the horrors of the 1994 genocide to lift themselves out of poverty and become successful entrepreneurs. She’s doing this by collaborating with them to produce clothing and accessories which she can then sell.” So, not only does part of every sale go to charity, but Ms. Miller is helping these women become financially independent. Sounds good to me! I just bought a set of bracelets, and I’m eyeing those shorts. Think you’ll support? (Racked)

• Stylists for VH1′s Love & Hip Hop are headed to Miami, and are looking for a few good designers to pull from while there. If you know a designer or boutique that’d be interested in a little VH1 shine, contact the team here.


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16 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Rihanna and David LaChapelle Settle Lawsuit Over S&M Video, Paula Patton is Cover Girl Queen’s New Brand Ambassador, and A Look At Nicole Miller x Indego Africa”

  1. sun.kissed says:

    I’m interested in seeing Paula’s campaign as well. She always has funny mouth movement to me, so this should be interesting. $19,000 shoelaces…no thanks! LOL at hear that Beyonce!

  2. Shalanda says:

    The First Lady looks amazing! I am the same with choosing what to wear to work as I am a high school math teacher, but being that I am 24 years old I still want to have fun!

  3. I totally feel David La Chapelle on his point and I believe he should be compensated, but is it Ri who actually came up with the theme of the video or was she presented with a bunch of treatments that she believed were original works and decided on which was her fave? I want to know THAT before we go around calling her a thief.

    Go Paula girl… I love her! She should have BEEN a Cover Girl!

    I can’t WAIT for Love & Hip Hop Season 2… that was my show!

  4. N--eazy says:

    I love Indigo africa

  5. Crystal says:

    if rihanna has to pay $1 million, beyonce should owe $100,000 million by now! wow! jim jones’ chick….looks amazing!

  6. Savage says:

    If you’re familiar with any of Lachapelle’s works that video was a ripoff from start to finish..Not just a few samples or homage. It was bad lol I would sue as well

  7. McKenzie says:

    The ladies of Love and Hip-Hop look like a bad 90s girl group lol

  8. Erin says:

    LOL @ the Beyonce dig. As many times as Bey has been sued, she more times than not wins them. That’s why blogs don’t talk about them after the fact. She’s the most respected artist in the mainstream for a reason.

  9. Crystal says:

    beyonce is not the most respected, she’s the most famous. big difference. she will always be a pop star and not an artist in my eyes because she’s not creative or original and never comes off true to her self or her music. lol @ McKenzie…they really do.

  10. katie says:

    Beyonce isn’t an artist, she’s an entertainer. I go to an art school and if she turned in that “Countdown” or that “Love on Top” video, she would get an F. And get in real big trouble for saying it was inspiration, homage, or a tribute when it’s clearly plagiarism.

  11. LocalCeleb says:

    Beyonce=*big yawn* @ McKenzie, I actually did think that was the badgirls club until I read! lol

  12. SHAQ NICHOLE says:

    Great choice…Paula Patton is so beautiful! Can’t wait to see…

  13. Brandi says:

    i agree with the comments about beyonce.. lets not get real art twisted with today’s entertainment. and dave la chapelle is right to do what he is doing.

  14. Dyshaun says:

    Beyonce is something…she seems to have taken over every post even if she isnt on it…

  15. Georgia says:

    David LaChapelle needs to quit. He stole his whole aesthetic from Jean Paul Goude.

  16. My Response says:

    Hear that Beyonce? Rihanna still had to pay the 1 million (i believe she paid more) to La chapelle. so what’s your point?

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