October 14th, 2011
Fashion News
The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Introducing Vybz Kartel’s Skin Bleaching Product Line, Kim Kardashian Rocks A Burqa, and More Versace x H&M Ads
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

• Black men, exactly how much do you hate yourselves? If the answer is “a lot,” you might want to look into copping one of dancehall artist Vybz Kartel‘s new skin lightening products for men! Yes, Addi Bleacha is turning his controversial image into cold hard cash, capitalizing off those young men who still feel the brainwashing effects of colonialism. Kartel is currently awaiting trial for conspiracy to commit murder. What a way to raise money for legal fees! (Crunk + Disorderly)

• Tablet using fashionistas rejoice! By the end of this year, Vogue magazine will be available for the iPad, along with other Condé Nast titles like Bon Appétit and Condé Nast Traveler. (WWD)

Kim Kardashian tries on a burqa in Dubai, to which I have no comment. (Daily Mail)

• Kanye West is really serious about fashion, guys. Hadley Freeman of the UK Guardian describes Yeezy’s reaction to presenting Phoebe Philo with her CFDA award: “he tearfully recounted visiting Chloé stores around the world just to stroke the bags and admire the stitching. By the time she got up on stage, she had to comfort the near sobbing West.” (UK Guardian)

• October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, providing us all with ample opportunity to shop and support an amazing cause. $145 of this $175 Melissa Joy Manning handmade cuff goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and to top it all off, the piece is completely eco-friendly made of recycled oxidized sterling silver and 14-karat pink gold. Head over to www.melissajoymanning.com to purchase.

• If Lindsey Wixon cannot entice you to purchase this $249 Versace x H&M metallic dress, perhaps the gentleman in the background touching her wrist ever so softly will. (nitro:licious)


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40 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Introducing Vybz Kartel’s Skin Bleaching Product Line, Kim Kardashian Rocks A Burqa, and More Versace x H&M Ads”

  1. KBS says:

    Kanye in tears?….Chile please

  2. llehsal says:

    Vybz Kartel….a skin bleaching line? LMAO!! If the results of this venture gets you to look like him….and you in fact WANT to look for him….well man….Jesus take the wheel!!!!

    No comment on Kim….she just needs to take a seat somewhere.

  3. LocalCeleb says:

    I remember that song Cake Soap Vybz made, he looks rediculous! Why would you ever want to do that?! Kanye sobbing.. I would have to see that to believe it..

  4. T1K says:

    I have lost all respect for Kartel, he has changed himself into something completely opposite of the image he conveyed when he first started out, I mean, he actually has a song questioning woman bleaching their skin “what the bleaching for”. Just silly.

  5. Mrs Windy city says:

    The burqa is not a photo op…. thats life for some women.


  6. Savage says:

    Lindsey looks hot, skin bleaching is the devil’s creation…but the packaging is cute..And Kanye sobbing uncontrollably?? @KBS said it best..”Chile please”..

  7. Ladyshawann says:

    Brothers your lovely just the way you are.

  8. islandgirl says:

    lol …..addi gone global, I understand he has spoken out about skin bleaching in previous times, but I think this is all about the publicity for him……kartel is a popularity/fame whore,

  9. Simms says:

    I swear Jihan is my long lost twin. I died @ “addi bleacha” and now I cannot stop singing it to the beat of “ramping shop”. Le Sigh.

  10. stephanie says:

    Jamaican accent: Dat no mek no kina sense; Kartel need fi stop; a wah wrong wid him… but anyway a so it go the amount skin bleaching ting deh pon de shelve a yaad mi no understand y him tink sey it alright; the doctor dem tell the people dem fi stop use the product because it no good fi whey but seh deh him a come do the same seng ting

  11. zimbabwechic says:

    He’ll still be known as a black man who used to be very dark. Light or not, black is black in other people’s eyes. He needs to go somewhere and take a hella of a long seat. I adore being black, I love it and you know if you love yourself other people will love you.

  12. Speckled1 says:

    Isn’t Vybz getting his color back in jail? Does the product line even work ??? lols

  13. BlackEmpress says:

    Addi ah di boss..Gaza!

  14. monica says:

    erykah badu rocked a burqa at the bet hip hop awards, but she is unique anyway, but kim, no words. i am not hating, kim is pretty, but that’s it. i am really tired of her. and i have to agree with another response, some women HAVE to wear that in Dubai and i read about a women in Somalia got beat for wearing a bra, so they have to be covered. so the burqa is nothing to play with, while she standing up there looking silly. sorry, had to vent.

  15. Nunyabizniz says:

    Just like wearing wigs/weaves, skin bleaching is a preference… remember? not saying that makes it right, but to each his own, all we can do is educate ourselves and ours about the dangerous sides of such actions. Kartel is doing what all US “celebrities” are doing so well: capitalize on any publicity they get (cue Kim K), so I ain’t even mad at him.
    Anywho, y’all ain’t heard Kanye’s next gig after fashion, is acting? he just practicing his tears for now… but he needs to try again because he ain’t fooling nobody!

  16. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    Imma need Kanye to take a swig of some “man the f**k up”, Kim K in a burqa shows us that there is a God, and He too is tired of her boobs/ass, and they are gonna need to re-open Studio 54 just for that Versace/H&M dress.

  17. sun.kissed says:

    Wow, they were just talking about men bleaching their skin on the radio earlier this week, I guess this line is why. Men who bleach their skin were actually calling the radio station, so maybe his line will do well. Give Kim a break, if I went to Dubai I would want to try on a burqa too, everything is not done maliciously or to make fun. The metallic dress is the business.

  18. J says:

    Jihan is doing a wonderful job for this site! Disclaimer: I’m an Atlanta reader, I don’t know her personally!!

  19. Madpet says:

    My Brother Kanye can cry if he wants!!

  20. LMBO Not she had to consol him while she is winning an award. LMBO It’s old news but it’s still funny when I read it! LLS Boy Gather yourself!

    VK needs to have a damn seat, he looks like the freaking crypt keeper with his skin like that, he doesn’t even know he is prone to skin cancer at this point since he killed the melanocytes in his skin! They are there for a reason! Whatever I won’t even get into that.

  21. by the way had Kim been trying on some other customary outfit in another country nobody would care, but because it’s Muslim and it basically is forced upon women thats the only reason people are going to talk. I

  22. Alyssa says:

    Not all Muslim women are forced to wear the burqa (Especially not in Dubai). Many women wear it by choice, out of tradition and respect, similar to African women who don traditional garments. Just because non-Muslims view it as a symbol of oppression, does not mean it actually is one.

  23. Joanne_ says:

    Really, Vybz? hmmmm

  24. LOOKALIKE a Monsta!! says:

    Bring back di war lord!!! u see it deh… bounty know seh him ugly not from him complexion just him dna.. But hi was the best. see i was cool wit the world boss until he started to frighten me.. u hear mi seh him gimme a fright! Then he started with hair extensions and bleach wtf!
    So now when Im dancing to pitcha me and u.. u and me K-i-s-s-i-n-g … I have to picture someone else otherwise i get scared and loose my step . jeezum

  25. Ashley says:

    Jihan colonialism have nothing to do with it.. they have bleaching products here in the states, Philippines ,uk ( one of the biggest market) if you want to write something about his line u need to address him, (kartel) not the country as a whole or the men that live there… address kartel self hating , it is more about how he feels.. u taking about “capitalizing off those young men who still feel brainwashing effects of colonialism” those young men didnot live in a colonial era so i know what the heck! you talking about capitalizing of them because they are still feel the effect of colonialism… if you are trying to address colonialism here it not here… what he( kartle) is capitalizing off these young men are the fact they they stupidly look up to him. thats how he is making his profits by feeding off their highly respect of him.. again these young men are not affected by colonialism… because they didnt live in a colonial era.. nor did their parents … before you write something, think twice because that is nonsense.. check your facts…

  26. Ashley,

    In Jihan’s defense, you don’t have to live in an era to be affected by it. Her point was that these men wouldn’t be concerned at all about changing their skin tone if lighter tones weren’t the preference for _generations_ of people before then, who came to influence their current perception. See: racism, slavery, generational wealth, etc.

  27. artsylee says:

    Vybes Kartel needs to RIDE OUT with that nonsense. steeeuuuuups!

  28. Jihan says:

    @ Ashley, I am readily aware of the worldwide bleaching trend, and have been for a long time. I am actually in the Philippines right now, and my father just bought soap that turned out to be bleaching soap! He had no idea! (Don’t worry, we have no intention of using it!) There’s all kinds of bleaching products, including (the strangest) nipple lightening cream to turn your nipples from brown to pink! I mean, who cares what color your nips are!

    My point, as Jennifer Elise eloquently put, was to show the lasting effect British colonialism has had on the West Indies, one being the idea that lighter skin is better, which has served as a catalyst for bleaching.

    and @J thank you so much!!

  29. addikted2fashion says:

    can kim wear those all the time so i dont have to constantly see her face everywhere?!?

  30. eSSJAye says:

    As Kartel so eloquently put it before, “when women stop perm their hair, tan, put in weave or inject botox into their face…” then come talk to him. I in no way shape or form agree or support his bleaching. But if thats what makes him feel good about himself and keeps the tunes coming then who am i to judge? A girl that gets a weave, hair colour and a relaxer regular. No kettle no pot thank you. The amount of celebrities that bleach is astronomical but because they dont promote it no one talks shit about them. Leave the world boss, Gaza fi life!!

  31. L.E.X says:

    btw its not Chloe its Celine

  32. Brandi says:

    kim kardashian is shameful.

  33. anonymous says:

    In a few years, we’ll hear that everyone who used his line has skin cancer.

    Can’t say I’ll be shedding any tears for anyone who used it either. We may be physically free, but it’s obvious that some of our brothers & sisters are still (mentally) in chains.

  34. Mads says:

    Re Vybz and @anonymous’ last comment. Bob marley said it best – ‘Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselevs can free our minds’.

    As a 2nd generation JA and cos I feel the need to defend Jihan, in most of the WIndies, the lighter you are the prettier and more successful you are. That’s slave mentality right there. My lighter skinned friend actually boasted that her family would have been house slaves cos they are light, unlike my family who would have been field slaves cos of their chocolate skin. Cos that’s something to boast about!

  35. Edit says:

    This self-hating, lighter skin is prettier is old news. Engaging in dialogue is good, but I don’t think we should beat a “dead” horse on blogs; teach younger generations around you better. VK, however in/famous, is one individual, he can do with himself as he likes. Look what white hollywood does to itself with plastic surgery. So politics aside, it’s a smart venture to have capitalized on. I’m sure most skin lighteners are Not made by black people. The people who will Actually buy it need to be addressed.

  36. Empress says:

    Jamaican accent: Kartel waan some bloodclaat lik!……

    KIM K who?….There is no comment for her…so why make her relevant by posting about her?..#justsaying

  37. Laila says:

    Jihan … that 1st line was amazing!

    You just became my fav blogger on fashionbomb.

    So funny!

  38. Laila says:


    And they have skin bleaching products in all the countries you named.

    Vybz is one individual but he is a part of the bigger problem.

  39. Paz Gates says:

    Exactly what I was looking for

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