October 10th, 2011
Fashion News
The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kim Kardashian Covers InStyle Australia, Anais Mali Featured in M.A.C. Cosmetics Campaign, and Milan Fashion Week Scheduled to Cause Unprecedented Conflict Next September
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

InStyle Australia proclaims cover girl Kim Kardashian “The New Body,” letting little ladies all over the Outback know it’s okay to be curvy now that another lady is also curvy. The newlywed discusses the media maelstrom that was her wedding, saying she filmed it because she felt her fans “would feel cheated” if she didn’t. I feel cheated because this chick made $15million off her wedding, and I probably won’t be able to pay for mine! (InStyle Australia)

• Former model Omaima Aree Nelson has once again been denied parole after killing, cooking, and eating her husband back in 1991, whom she’d only been married to for three weeks. YUM! She says she killed him in self defense, as he was trying to strangle her: “If I didn’t defend my life, I would have been dead. I’m sorry it happened, but I’m glad I lived. I’m sorry I dismembered him.” Right. Thus saith the female praying mantis. (Coco Perez)

• The gorgeous Anais Mali is one of the faces for M.A.C. Cosmetics‘ Glitter & Ice holiday collection. Here she is alongside figure skater Johnny Weir and fellow model Ming Xi. She looks a little Joan Smalls-like in the shot, no? (Beauty is Diverse)

Francesco Cominelli, editor of Vogue Hommes International was found dead this morning in his Paris apartment. There are no details on the cause of death. (Fashionista)

• Welp, get ready for tons of confusion for next year’s season of Spring 2013 shows. The Italian Chamber of Fashion has snubbed its proverbial nose at New York and London, officially setting the dates for Milan Fashion Week from September 19-25. This will overlap with New York (Sept 13-20) and will run completely through poor London’s week (Sept 21-to 25). To the conflict, Mario Boselli, head of the Italian Chamber of Fashion, says “let the best one win.” Sir. You are whylin’. Condé Nast previously said they will boycott Milan if they dared scheduled such an overlap, but we’ll have to see what happens! Stay tuned! (Fashionista)

~ Jihan

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23 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kim Kardashian Covers InStyle Australia, Anais Mali Featured in M.A.C. Cosmetics Campaign, and Milan Fashion Week Scheduled to Cause Unprecedented Conflict Next September”

  1. Caribbelle says:

    I see that Milan is gunning for its original title as the fashion capital again. My initial reaction was WTF but now that I think about it, the rippling this will cause may be a call for innovation in terms of deciding who gets major coverage and by whom. Hopefully anyway lol!

  2. LocalCeleb says:

    Battle of the fashion weeks, fun!

  3. jillibooboo says:

    kim looks gorgeous on that cover. everyone says shes a hoe.

    i feel a need to defend her honor.

    she aint no ho.


  4. addikted2fashion says:

    @jillibooboo and you’re “defending her honor” because…..???

    kim didnt do it for the fans, she did it for the money. the end.

    milan needs to cooperate and move the dates. its not that serious.

  5. MIssRich says:

    i love how Kim let her Botox wear-off for the cover shoot, she’s back to looking like her old self!…Yay Kim! …. lol

  6. jillibooboo says:

    @addikted2fashion…mainly bc i dont like hearing women called “hoes”.

    obviously she did it for the money. but hey, so would almost everyone else.

  7. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    Well damn! Milan ain’t playin! Although I must say, London Fashion Week was such a snoozefest that they might as well hang it up (flatscreen…yes I did!) Milan had the best collections, but there’s no need to do everyone else like that. Conde Nast isn’t skipping Milan, LVMH would boycott their publications, and how would they support the mags then? Kim Kardashian- overrrr ittttt! I didn’t watch that mess, I like REAL celebs with an actual talent and some hubris.

  8. Sassncurlz says:

    Enough with Kim and her overrated wedding…just enjoy married life and keep some things sacred (not everything has to be televised). As for Milan…wow with the snubs! I am a bit biased as an American NYFW will also be close to my heart, I will just watch LFW and MFW battle it out for afar as it should be interesting!

  9. Woah she is the new body??? Okay there are a ton of actresses, models out there that have this body? It took her out there to say that this is the new thing? Now i see what H8R staged that crap! The same shyt she said is exactly what I am thinking as far “the new body” ha.

  10. sun.kissed says:

    I don’t like Kim’s cover, she looks caught off gaurd. Homegirl is looking just like Joan Smalls. How do you feel bad about killing and dismembering someone if you cooked and ate them directly after???

  11. Crystal says:

    i love kim’s dress! if she got famous and made money off doing normal everyday shit, then yay for her. i’m no more tired of her seeing her than i am ciara, beyonce, lala or rihanna. alot of celebrities are over-rated and get too much attention but that’s not their fault.

  12. Genie says:

    Kim’s time in the limelight is sooo over . . . if it wasn’t for the sex tape, we wouldn’t know who she is!

    Maybe someone else should fight for her “honor”, because she sure didn’t . . . that lil item was for sale, and has indeed sold very well!

  13. dayuum_chelz says:

    kim kardashian is pointless to me. i dont idolize her. she isnt talented at anything. She doesnt change the world or bring anything to anyone but the fact that she is a non-african american woman with a large ass and sleeps with men. because, thats the ONLY thing that makes her relevant.

  14. B. says:

    Not that I’m the biggest Kim K fan in the world, but as an Australian, I can say that this is actually a worthwhile thing to be promoting – a curvy figure. There’s obviously nothing wrong with being skinny and healthy, but in Australia the “fat police” and the “diet police” really go hard. I wish people would be a little less uptight. There are a lot of people even in my neighbourhood who would call Kim K fat, even though she is clearly a healthy (and beautiful) woman.

  15. Caribbelle says:

    There are many women with Kim K’s figure who are amazing and deserve equal if not more shine than she does. Having a figure like hers is nothing new, well for me at least.

  16. Crystal says:

    so i’ma keep it real…i know women with big butts and then i know women with big boobs but i know women with both AND a 6 pack AND toned legs AND arms. kim k. is not thick, she’s not hippy, she’s not big boned, she’s just plain damn near perfect curvy. i can’t think of another celebrity, let alone a non-celebrity with that type of body. nicki manaj doesn’t count since hers is fake. and well…kim k’s may be too but that’s another topic. lol.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Yesssssssssssssssss @ Crystal!! People need to just let her be great and celebrated.

  18. Tameka says:

    The New Body!? Black girls had that body since the beginning of time. Their bodies are natural and without all the surgery and injections.

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  21. [...] move its dates earlier, in exchange for a formal agreement about 2013 and beyond.” Honestly, with Milan’s unwillingness to budge, this sounds like the best solution considering the circumstances. [...]

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