October 1st, 2011
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Show Review: DW by Kanye West Spring 2012
By Claire

Kanye West’s highly anticipated Spring 2012 Fashion Show took place October 1st at Lycee Henri IV in the 5th arrondissement in Paris. Noted fashion editors Anna Wintour, Suzy Menkes, Stefano Tonchi, Sally Singer, and Robin Givhan, along with celebrity guests Lindsay Lohan, Tameka Raymond, the Olsen twins, Jared Leto, and Ciara piled into the hot room to see what Kanye had in store.

Kanye certainly poured a lot of time into his latest endeavor. In addition to sitting front row for several seasons at women’s ready to wear shows (undoubtedly taking notes), he’d interned at Fendi, designed for Louis Vuitton, consulted with Central Saint Martins professor Louise Wilson, and tapped designer Louise Goldin and several CSM students to help him with his latest foray. The result was a mélange of saucy separates and club dresses, uplifted by well placed cut outs, dangerously low v’s, and high hems.

Working with neutral beige, white, and black, along with pops of cobalt blue and red, West proposed spandex mini dresses, crop tops, and maxi skirts, accessorized by name plate necklaces and fur trimmed as well as strappy Giuseppe Zanotti x Kanye West heels.

Models Karlie Kloss, Chanel Iman,Jourdan Dunn, and more stomped down the runway to songs by the Fugees, Waka Flocka Flame, and of course, West himself (unfortunately he didn’t play Ni**as in Paris. Too predictable).

Knit embellished jackets covered matching knit crop tops, which balanced loose fit pants and beige heels. Sequined blazers topped metallic bootcut pants. Leather also came to play in tunics and slashed shorts placed under luxurious fur vests.

With everyone dripping sweat in the tiny venue, it was hard to imagine fur for Spring. However, an off shoulder top and ivory maxi skirt with a slight mermaid hem certainly caught my eye. I would wear that.

All in all, Kanye did well. There were no samurai type costumes in sight, and in fact, most pieces were quite wearable. No word yet on the price point, though I’d certainly splurge on a piece or two. Yes, there were a few cringeworthy moments, most notably a back slit cut so high a model’s derriere seemd to spill out. But the color palette was simple, and the designs saucy with ample sass.

Check out the final walk:

Now the real question, Bombers and Bombshells: What did you think?

*Not sure, but we think DW stands for Donda West.

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107 Responses to “Show Review: DW by Kanye West Spring 2012”

  1. NeciaCouture says:

    High Fashion at its best . . Good job Kanye . It’s really hard for males to create women clothes & I appreciate his dedication . ;)

  2. SoFlyDiva says:

    I think he did a great job! There are certainly some pieces I’d cop and I’d buy ALL of the shoes I saw! LOVED THE SHOES!!!!

  3. I love the collection and feel extremely proud that someone from chicago (my hometown) is making his dreams come true. Im sure his mom is smiling down on him : ) I love it and if i could afford it i would wear it.

  4. Nicole says:

    That black dress with the plunging neckline is everything I want and more.

  5. JayBee says:

    Love it! Kudos kanye!

  6. nyoonyoo says:

    Deja vu, that’s what I think.

  7. Jaida says:

    Kanye did really well for his first collection. You can tell he really put a lot of work and thought into these pieces and did some research and studying of his own before launching this line. I really like the shoes and I love the neutral colors!

  8. Schlap says:

    that line was awful. It’s all over the place conceptually, most of the garments are badly fitting and a lot of it has been done before. There’s nothing “high fashion” about this. I anticipate a lot of scathing reviews.

  9. sophie says:

    very cool outfit <33 i like the collection !
    xx Sophie

  10. Let’s see…I liked the fur shoes. I don’t get them, but I liked them. I LOVED the zippered maxi. Everything else looked very similar to the Aqua line.

  11. zimbabwechic says:

    A higher priced baby phat

  12. L.E.X says:

    I think it was classic. The proportions were nice. Love the jacket chanel iman has on.

  13. Kitty B. says:

    I really wasn’t impressed…i thought it was OKAY 2 say the least…he still has a lot more growing to do….I don’t think he fully understnds a woman’s body….and i was hoping to see more curvier women for his models (maybe i was expecting to much) all in all i thought it was good for his 1st go round and im exicted to see me

    but one i thing i say is this man knows about SHOES!!!! those shoes in the show were killer!!

    luv ya Yeezy!!

  14. Kitty B. says:

    excited 2 c more*

  15. Miss Smith says:

    Hey Claire, is there a site that will show the actual show? I went to nowfashion.com but they only showed the images. Do you know of anyone who has a video?

  16. kanyetiddah says:

    Kanye is an inspiration! I give the collection a C for effort, it’s his first show and I’m sure he will continue to grow. The fitting was off and the collection was all over the place but I saw his vision also some of the pieces have been seen like the slit dress. I LOVE the all white look blazer slacks, and that cream draped skirt (died) OH and the SHOES (died again) but GOOD job KANYE im behind you all the way

  17. Claire says:

    @Miss Smith Not sure if another site has anything up regarding the show yet, but I’m sure by tomorrow morning/in a few hours, you’ll have all the DW by Kanye your heart desires. x

  18. tj says:

    I can’t believe how wearable it is. I was thinking Lady Gaga. It is really nice. The question is-how much does it cost?

  19. Jihan says:

    I would wear that mermaid tail skirt as well. The collection is alright. I’m not WOWED, but I’m not completely underwhelmed either.There’s some good pieces in there and I’m actually realllly feelin that maxi. I’ll get my mom to make it for me or something :)

    Not into that styling though, that hair should have been slicked back. It’s a poofy mess, and it takes away from the garments.

    Wish he played Ninjas in Paris though! That’s my jam!

  20. Talecia says:

    It was meh..But good try for your first show in paris which I can’t believe he landed ! There are so many more talented designers out there that haven’t shown in paris and look at dude showing his first line in fashion capital..I’ll give him thumbs up for that ! I’m not surprised that the collection was far from amazing but what will surprise me is who ever gives a bad review of the show cause everyone knows Kanye does not take kindly to criticism even if it creative lol

  21. B. says:

    I love it because it’s fun and wearable. I can’t get with fur at all, but I love the general feel of this collection. I also love the loose fits, I think it works nicely, especially where there are cut-outs involved. And the black plunging neckline dress, the gorgeous maxi and the beige body-con dress are all fabulous. Good work, Kanye!

  22. The T says:

    Bravo, Mr. West! For his first collection, I give him mad props! I’m so proud that a young designer of color delivered something for Paris Fashion Week. That’s big! He’s done the LV sneakers and more, but as a designer, to get your own on such as broad stage is MAJOR! I would wear every single piece. I don’t say that very often. I could find something/some place appropriate for it all. I thought it was a well edited, futuristic inspired collection. I could imagine he and Katy Perry’s “E.T.” booming from the speakers on the stage. When I first heard of this venture, I was biased to think that the collection might be something very pretentious or so extavagent it wouldn’t be wearable; but this is luxury in good, youthful taste. Well done!

  23. BLKROSE says:

    A couple of good pieces here and there, but lets keep it real, it looks like something college students would do who study fashion and design. Whoever sewed up thos outfits should be fired ASAP! not impressed by most of the collection, it needs some seriouse polishing up.The jacket that Chanel Iman is modeling had so much potential, but it turned into a disfigured mess. Nice try, but maybe next year!

  24. BLKROSE says:

    The shoes are the only thing I would purchase from this whole collection.

  25. Ms. One says:

    could have used more color, and the pants were poorly fitting but…I wanna say “Him”but his designers did alright. I’m sure he had the final say…nice job Mr. Ye….

  26. LawyerChic says:

    I need it to sink in….

  27. Exhibit_REY says:

    Overall I thought the line was pretty damn good although it seemed like the clothes were a bit “big” on the models…did they not have a tailor on staff?

  28. Christie says:

    FYI ladies , it’s NOT wearable .. do some research on the fabrics used and what he wanted to use … really really extremely priced fabrics that if you FART in some of these peices it will rip :( he had some outrageous requests that could not have been done .. so was left with this …

    I have LOTS to say but I will sum it up In shorter words : I’m not impressed . It was Ok , but not amazing . He shouldve just went the Avant- Garde way ..shouldve gone “GaGa” on you b*tches .

    First and foremost , I LOVED THE FOX FURS AND THE LEATHER JACKETS ..but ,

    Yes , this is WAY different from the usual “Celebrity-turned-Designer” looks , but there’s nothing here that screams “Original” or “Trend Setting” to it . I feel like I watched a faux- Alexander Wang , Issey Miyake , Philip Lim infused show .. very minimal , 90′s look . ill fitting clothing , unwearable and incredibly priced materials (do your research) . AND he thought he was sneaky with one of the pieces … the outfit with the Model in the white open shirt, enclosed at the top with a silver neck ring and orange and blue leather pants ? yeahhhhh … doesnt that look like the SAME colorway from the Women’s Celine shirt he wore at the concert ? yeah … I scoped . Then the boot-leg Herve Leger zipper dresses look a tad bit raggedy … If your going to do bondage and challenged the premier designer to do it , clean it up . He called upon all the greats and students and proffesors at Central Saint-Martins , yet this is it ? Try again Ye … I love YOUR personal style though .

  29. classCie says:

    I’m proud of Kanye. I think he did well for his first line. I thought it would be less wearable and more…over the top. But I can see myself in many of the pieces. Will I buy them? If the rumors are true about the extremity of the pricing, then no I won’t. But I’m happy for him and I look forward to seeing the line blossom.

  30. youknowme says:


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  32. Dameion says:

    I LOVE IT!

  33. [...] here to read the rest: Show Review: DW by Kanye West Spring 2012 « The Fashion Bomb … • Posted by admin • Saturday, October 1st, 2011 at 10:14 pm • (0) Comment [...]

  34. Is totally loving #KanyeWest DW SS12 collection. A job well done to a first timer. He pulled it outta the bag. That’s wassup! Love the sass each outfit has. The colours he used. Nice and clean. Love how the blue and orange work on the pants. Although he could of used more colour. A side that.. This man is in FASHION!!

  35. [...] Ciara rolled out to Kanye West’s DW Spring 2012 show wearing the same $990 Maison Martin Margiela fur collar scarf she wore last October in New York [...]

  36. Marthe says:

    I love the light pink zipper dress, but the rest is just awful. Except for that crêpe maxi skirt, if it was worn on a cruvier body, it would be very godess-like… But for the rest? I even think the shoes are bad.

  37. TheDoll says:

    Overall, he executed his vision very well. I think it’d exceptional, especially for a debut. Bravo to Yeezy!

  38. michelebeezit says:

    I think anything that needed to be said about the collection has been said. So I’ll just add, don’t you love how he used SO MANY BLACK MODELS -end sarcasm

  39. Hessboogie says:

    Not very original I expected more from Kanye. Kind of boring to me. Leave the club wear at the club.

  40. GlamnGorgeous says:

    Let’s keep it funky, if this were a line shown by anyone else the reaction would be lackluster at best. I agree with the assessment that this is high priced Babyphat. The low plunging black dress is total Donatella. He “created” what you see on a typical night at the VMA’s or the EBT awards. Kudos to him for creating an opportunity, but all in all… FAIL.

  41. yusufswifee says:

    love…surprisingly wearable…I was expecting something waaaay over the top…

  42. DivaFabulosa says:

    Overall, I think he did a good job. There are some pieces I would wear and some that made me cringe. Those pants with the orange on the inside of the thigh and black leather at the bottom were horrible! Other than that, I hope the line is affordable I definitely want those shoes!

  43. FORREAL says:

    CIARA GIVING ME LIFE AS USUAL. <3 HER!! She looked like she walked straight off the runway!!!

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  45. Toni says:

    Bosch. Do better Kanye. I am severly disappointed with this hode lodge, I’ll fitting attempt at high fashion.

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  47. temi says:

    I’M IN LOVEeeeeee with this collection i would wear 95% of everything lol kanye did well :))

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