September 26th, 2011
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Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Angela Simmons and more!
By Claire

Hey everyone!
Vuitton here with a rundown of the weekend’s hottest looks as well as the looks of those who probably should have stayed under a rock.  With all the fashion month madness, it’s nice to stop and take in the stylish roses while trying to avoid being pricked by fashion faux pas thorns.  From music festivals to parties, the celebs were out if full force this weekend.  But who made the cut?

 Let’s take a look!

First up is Jennifer Lopez, who was spotted at the iHeartRadio Music Festival…

A modern take on a classic silhouette, the diva put her own spin on a high neck pink Camilla & Marc dress with fuchsia spiked peep toe booties.  Though I must say the dress was somewhat of a safe look compared to what we’re usually accustomed to from La Lopez, I loved that she kept it simple and brought the drama in the shoe.  Hot!

Nicole Scherzinger came to show face and legs as well…

She rocked a very cute sequined short suit with a white silk top and black patent leather Louboutin Daffodil platform pumps.  What I loved about her ensemble was how transitory it is.  The black mixed with a playful texture and length didn’t totally say goodbye to summer, but still doesn’t yearn for fall.  Get it?  Either way, she looked hot!

Nicki Minaj and her entire closet joined in on the festivities as well…

One can say a lot about Nicki Minaj, but one can never say that her mug is never beat to high heaven.  Makeup is always en pointe, and this picture is testament to that.  The ensemble, however, was much too much for me to properly analyze.  The big hair, the pink chicken wing necklace, the Super Sweet 16 dress, camouflage leggings and pink wellies simply didn’t cut the mustard for me.  Hmm… I honestly thought she was a character from a British children’s television show at first sight.

Eva Longoria smiled for the photogs at Variety’s 3rd Annual Women of Power event…

Fresh faced as can be, the actress wore a red belted tube dress with nude pumps.  Red wasn’t necessarily compulsory for all attendees to wear, thus I would’ve appreciated if Eva chose another color since she wears red and black so much.  Hmm…and she could have easily accessorized this simple frock with some bling.

Mary J. Blige was also in the building for the event…

…and could have taken Eva Longoria accessory shopping.  While I’m not a fan of Mary’s blonde hair, I must say that her cap sleeve belted red pencil dress looked stunning on her.  She completed her hot look with nude T-strap peep toe pumps and gold accessories.

At the 9th annual Teen Vogue Hollywood Party, Angela Simmons struck a pose for the cameras…

She wore a white top with a black bow, animal print skirt and red platform pumps.  While I loved the outfit itself because of the mix of classics and bold prints, the red shoes threw me off a bit.  Black pumps would have sufficed here, but it’s still a cute look.

Musician Raphael Saadiq showed face at the 25th annual amfAR event in Milano, Italy this weekend…

And I wanted everything he had on delivered to my doorstep.  It’s apparent he never lost his cool factor over the years wearing a black tuxedo sans neck or bow tie.  And that sealed the deal for me with his dapper look.  Again, mixing fall colors with summer elements make for a sophisticated, yet cool and approachable look.  Two thumbs up!

And last, but certainly not least, are  John Legend and Christine Teigen, who also made their way to amfAR’s event…

The couple that slays together, stays together.  However, my first thought… “Girl Christine, I can see your draws.” But the dress itself is beautiful, and I loved the risque element of it.  The color was a beautiful choice for her as well.  John Legend looked dapper as usual in a black tuxedo and shoes I need in my closet.  He never misses a beat.

And that’s that!  What say you, Bomb readers?


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39 Responses to “Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Angela Simmons and more!”

  1. T1K says:

    Nicki and the fired chicken around her neck……. when will this stop….

  2. endESQ says:

    Dear Nicki Minaj:

    Why, girl?

    The Public

  3. Marsha D says:

    Nicki….*sigh* J-lo’s outfit called for a ponytail….don’t show me anything else with John Legend…cannot stand him. Angela didn’t do it for me today- NEXT! Raph looks dapper, EVA!! Eva worship! Mary lookin’ like Janice Combs with that blonde hair, but red hot none the less. Nicole is always boring.

  4. Nessa B says:

    I really think nicki wants to be a little girl again. Thats my only explanation for her wardrobe. At first i thought she was trying to do the whole harajuku thing, but i see that i might be wrong. She looks like a big kid. As for everyone else, they look very good. I like J Lo’s outfit. It has the right balance of girliness and sophistication.

  5. ladyshawann says:

    Wish Mary would have done a true to herself nude shoe, on her that shoe is beige just like it would be on me.

  6. Nessa B says:

    I dont know how this will come off, but i think nicki was so much more beautiful before she got all the surgery done to her face.

  7. LocalCeleb says:

    Why does Angela look so annoyed to get her pic taken.. ?

    Mary’s shoes threw the dress off IMO.

  8. Crystal says:

    i like nicole’s sequin short outfit although i hate sequins (especially head to toe). j.lo’s shoes just made my day!
    ok, red dress and nude pumps … eva, looks elegant and fresh. mary j. blige looks hood. i think mary looked hood in her wedding dress, she just can’t help it i guess. *shrugs*. and why do her feet look ashy?
    i agree with the above poster that i hate when brown skin women wear ‘beige’ shoes! it doesn’t look nude and it actually draws more attention to your shoe which is the opposite of what you were trying to do. why does angela have on stockings?
    raphael is looking like he’s ready to school somebody!

  9. @velvetpout says:

    Fix your face Angie

  10. Madpet says:

    I like every look except for Nicki’s of course. I guess she’s channeling her inner Betsey Johnson. If I were Betsey, I would sue. He He. Plus there’s something off about Angela’s look, could be the makeup. And I wish Mary would tone down the hair color couple just a lil bit.

  11. Courtney says:

    J-Lo did it for me…everyone else was blah!!!

  12. Jani says:

    Nicki looks like she has a dress on from Toddlers and Tiara’s. haha

    Love J-Lo. Hello legs!! :)


  13. sun.kissed says:

    J. Lo’s look isn’t doing it for me. The pink is a little too child-like. I love Angela’s look, just wish she would have smiled. I’m so over the ‘my bloomers are showing dresses’ but Christine looks great.

  14. Martinique_Fr says:

    J-Lo was the only that made me look twice; everything is on point, and her shoes are HOT!

  15. MIssRich says:

    *Think to self* I wonder if Nicki’s chicken wing is flavored, and did she nibble on it throughout the show..hmm? *Thinks to self* Is John Legend’s channeling an Ice Skater?… yes!


  16. MIssRich says:

    *Thinks to self* Is John Legend’s *girlfriend channeling an Ice-skater?… yes!


  17. Lyn says:

    Jennifer Lopez: I love her look.

    Nicole Scherzinger: It’s simple and there is nothing wrong about that. Although, I would have loved to see her in a wide-leg trouser.

    Nicki Minaj: ….

    Eva Longoria: She looks lovely, a gold bracelet would have looked amazing. I’m not too keen on the belt. I agree, she’s the face of a red dress. I love her skin tone in emerald!

    Mary J. Blige: The shoes and the hair, are not complimenting her in the least bit. I would love to see her with black hair for a change, it’s getting old (the blonde) and aging her. It’s not flattering.

    Angela Simmons: I would love to see an actual bow in the look, and the hair seems a bit too long. Shoulder length compliments her face. I agree, black pumps or a more vivid orange would have looked great.

    Raphael Saadiq and John Legend: Both look handsome!

    Christine Teigen: (she deserves her own spot), the dress is amazing!

  18. MzMore says:

    I don’t care for J-Lo’s outfit, it is too juvenile for her in my opinion. I like Nicole’s outfit, simple but still chic. Would have been nice if she added slight variety like a metallic steel pump to match her necklace or maybe a colored pump. Nicki Minaj looks a H.A.M. like she does a lot as of late. Eva look is simple and classy but she could have used some drop earrings, or a necklace… maybe even a bracelet to give her look some life. LOVE Mary’s dress, hate the hair, accessories and shoes. Angela’s outfit would be cute with different shoes but her hair and makeup throws the look totally off. Raphael and John are both looking very dapper, nice and clean. Christine might as well have worn a swimsuit. No likey! Whew that was a lot lol

  19. B says:

    In the name of all that is good and holy, please REFRAIN from posting about Nicki Minaj! LOL She makes my head hurt!

  20. SheIs says:

    Raphael , Raphael…lawd have mercy

  21. ShrenAKO says:

    Angela needs to work on her pose and smile. Nikki Minaj looks like a fool as always, Mary is gorgeous, and everyone else looks fine. I’m not a fan of Jennifer’s look though. Different shoes I guess.

  22. NikkiBellaRay says:

    That girl Nicki sure is different. But J. Legend and Christine Teigen actually did it for me on this posts, love them.

  23. Alexis says:

    Nicki becoming more and more wacky!! Why does Angela look like that? lol poor thing! Why did they post that pic of her? It’s terrible!

  24. Tifani says:

    Jennifer lopez looked HOT as usual!!!!! Everbody else looks alright I guess!!!!!!!!

  25. DoubleR says:

    John Legend’s boo-thang should have worn nude underneath that. The white is too “accidental” looking…as if we weren’t supposed to see her underpants. Wait, were we?

  26. whatevs says:

    Why doesn’t nicki ever look genuinely happy…sheesh…I don’t really like anyone…

  27. Grace says:

    Angela is DOING THE MOST with all of that weave and the skirt looks a tad ill-fitting…
    I see London, I see France, I see Christine’s underpants…

  28. Schlap says:

    J.Lo’s looks over styled. Her stylist is trying too hard.

    Eva Longoria is always dressed like a bridesmaid to me lol

    Mary’s hair is so distracting. The contrast between the red, her complexion and the wig are too too too too too much. She needs a darker hair color.

    Saadiq looks incredible.

    I like John’s gf’s dress. Very nice and doesn’t looks too overdone or like she’s trying to hard.

  29. LinLin says:

    can i PLEASE get the info on Nicole’s fit…i NEED IT IN MY LIFE!!!

  30. Miss Smith says:

    Well Angela, if you didn’t want to take the picture….

  31. Ann Bee says:

    I like JLo’s dress but a better shoe would have made it a bit more sophisticated, I love Nicole Scherzinger, sexy and flirty without being, over the top, Nicki… I’m over it, its becoming clownish! Eva… flawless…Mary I love you but something is missing. Angela is looks like its a cute outfit but the expression makes me not interested…Raphael Saadiq always makes the red carpet even if hes not on it! Nothing is making me look twice at John L and his date.

  32. SHAQ NICHOLE says:

    Angela looks dumb founded like her expression read: “Huh”??

  33. I love the top two.
    Angela…i luv you girl, but she looks sleepy.

  34. Neya says:

    Did nicki’s stylist quit or somethin? Because lately her outfits have been lookin like crap.

  35. Tia says:

    -___________________- my face when i scrolled down and saw Nicki Minaj .

  36. [...] Doesn’t Nicole Scherzinger look fabulous? What a super cute ensemble. According to FashionBombDaily, she’s wearing a sequined short suit with a white silk top and black patent [...]

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