September 13th, 2011
Celebrity Style, Hot or Hmm, Nicki Minaj
Hot! or Hmm…: Nicki Minaj at Carolina Herrera Spring 2012
By Claire

Nicki Minaj continues her fashionable rounds, hitting up an assortment of shows. Yesterday she sat next to industry heavyweights Stefano Tonchi and Anna Wintour in a confectionary outfit seemingly inspired by gumballs:

The beehive blond hair was there, of course, along with an orange knife pleat mini skirt, neon green leggings, and wedged red shoes.

I wonder what Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour thought of Nicki’s ensemble? While we contemplate…what do you think?

What could they be discussing? Hmm…
*Random: Meenal Mistry on called Minaj’s presence ‘muppet like.’ Youch. Read the rest of the show review here.

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42 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm…: Nicki Minaj at Carolina Herrera Spring 2012”

  1. Dominique says:

    Ughhh! This outfit was just disrespectful. Carolina Herrera is the queen of class, Nikki could have been a bit more tasteful. It would have been different if the outfit made sense but it doesn’t. It has no styling technique what so ever. She woke up and said make me look like a clown smh. I can’t…..

  2. Pink Crystal says:

    It’s a shame that she has chosen this as her signature way of dressing. Im anxious to see if and when she breaks out of “Barbie” mode.

  3. Sylvie says:

    ::SIGHS::ughh nicki I understand she wants to stick to her harajuku barbie get up…thats her aesthetic. okay fine…but this is a mess.. its like she’s getting worse..SMH… ::waves wand:: keep the top keep the hair pair it with some uber chic black pants.. and off- the-wall shoes… wa-lah! Thats the nicki I’m used too

  4. iCanD says:

    LOL at the first pic, Ann W, is thinking who did I piss off this time to deserve to sit next to this clown…

  5. Sylvie says:

    and is that safaree aka bf/hype-man right behind her looking he just came from the basketball court??!!! #zeeeeaadddddd

  6. Savage says:

    I am done! Now she’s just wrong. Like it or not she is a black woman in the fashion world and she chooses to look like a buffoon? Thanks Nikki..much appreciated. Over her. She’s at a point where her awful choices in wardrobe are going to overshadow her talent.

  7. michelebeezit says:

    You can have fun with your fashion choices without looking like an idiot.
    bye girl fly girl

  8. sun.kissed says:

    Good idea, poorly executed. This would have worked had it not looked like a 3rd grader put it together, it looks very cheap.

  9. Brittany says:

    Nicki will always be a Hmm..

  10. jasmine says:


  11. B says:

    She looks like a buffoon…Nothing new.

  12. Oldhousecoat says:

    I truly don’t believe she dresses herself! Proof positive that your stylist and your producer shouldn’t always dress you according to your stage image. There’s a time and a place for everything. She’s so lovely that no matter what she wears she will be noticed and photographed – there is no need for the 24/7 theatrics

  13. Jules says:

    she just think she looks like a clown

  14. Dinka Don says:

    Ya know what? I bet she does this because she knows she has no fashion sense. ‘Cause before all this her fashion choice was that of a Lil Wayne sidehoe. She probably has no idea how to dress so she does this to distract. Such a shame. Girl just get a stylist

  15. hey me says:

    too damn old to be walking around looking like a fake behind harajuku confused mess.

  16. @velvetpout says:

    Poor Anna Wintour, whomever sat her next to Nicki should be fired!

  17. perrinelaine says:

    Hmmm…nothing short of pure fu*kery.

  18. Liviy says:

    I wish Nicki would tone it down…she’s a lovely gal but this is HMMMM HMMM HMMMM NO !

  19. Anonymous says:

    Style does not mean everyone will like it, but you can understand where the person is taking it and the feel that they are trying to give off. I dont pick up anything from Niki’s style. Its ALOT. Lady GaGa is over the top, but I understand what she is going for and it fits her personality.

  20. Kikidiva says:

    this is ugly AF….thatisall

  21. LawyerChic says:

    Maybe its us. We don’t get it. That’s it! *scratches head*

  22. LawyerChic says:

    By the way she was Anna Wintour’s guest. You don’t accidentally get seated front row right next to the boss.

  23. Danielle Monifa says:

    Though I’m sure the venue was properly ventilated, I still get the feeling she was sweating something serious under all that mess.

  24. Brandi says:

    Did it really need to be asked? Hmmm as usually. She’s always a HAM!

  25. Jihan says:

    Nicki is comitted to the Harajuku Barbie schtick. She’s getting that paper though so… go ‘head, Nicki! :)

  26. Jaida says:

    She needs to STOP. Come out of character for ONCE. Sheesh! I can’t take her seriously.

  27. Sonia says:

    Looks like art and craft in kindergarten. .

  28. NikkiBellaRay says:

    what @Dominique said! Cosigned!

  29. ashleyv says:

    I wonder if she knew where she was going. I agree with hey me. Too old for this.

  30. B. says:

    No one complains this much when Gaga shows up in her outrageous outfits. For branding, it’s important that artists project the same image all the time. I think it’s outstanding that a female in rap isn’t projecting herself as purely a sex object (which she used to do under Gucci Mane’s guidance). Sure, by all mainstream/Western style standards, this outfit is a ‘hmm…’ but it’s a costume that actually proves Nicki’s commitment to her mantra of ‘being whoever you want to be, wherever you want to’. The outfit isn’t my thing, but the philosophy behind it surely is and for that reason, I think Nicki looks great.

  31. Miss Naomi says:


    I am NOT feeling NICKI. I mean, come on. This is just TACKY. I agree with Sylvie. She’s getting worse. I don’t like her barbie theme. It’s immature and obnoxious. I mean, I don’t remeber Lil’ Kim tirading herself to this extreme. Are you female MC, or CARTOON Character. Seriously? Enough with the play clothes… It’s not cute.

  32. Siyam says:

    It’s the individuals who are willing to be themselves to the fullest that are able to bypass the “average”. I do not like everything I see Nicki in, but it takes courage to be able to do different variations on what you like, and still be considered relevant. As there are few female MCs in the game getting as much recognition, ( and I”m sure there are many who should) I applaud Nicki for being Nicki all the time, not some, not half, not most, ALL. What that evolves into from here on out, I am anxious and excited to see. If Coko from SWV got everybody wearing extra-long nails, then I say Nicki should be able to deal with and represent HER fanbase as she pleases, not just do what everyone else is too scared to do or ha too much “class” to do. She might be a very classy individual, but since I’ve never sat down with her and had a long conversation, I’m not one to cast the first stone or call the kettle black.

  33. Grace says:

    She looks like a complete and utter jackass. Often when people lack style, they often go either the “I don’t care route” or “Look at how different I am!”

  34. lola says:

    Lighten up guys, it’s just fashion.

  35. Crystal says:

    this is not fashion, this not her being herself…this is her wanting attention and she looks foolish.

  36. Nelly says:

    Nicki looks crazy!..smh. I know she’s trying to be different and animated, but I’ve seen Harajuku style before and they are at least more coordinated than this. She looks like she’s trying too hard and that she just wants to find everything in her closet and throw it all on at once. To wear this at Carolina Herrera’s fashion show is absurd. Betsy Johnson…yes. I’m feel sorry for the models, I’m shocked none of them got distracted and fell off the runway. Outta control.

  37. Alexis says:


  38. Tia says:

    Nicki minaj is so beautiful but does stuff like this and it takes away from her beauty . Some nude colors would have suited her alot better for the event , smh .

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