August 29th, 2011
Awards, Celebrity Style, Hot or Hmm
Hot! or Hmm…: The 2011 28th Annual MTV Video Music Awards
By Claire

The 28th Annual MTV Music Awards taped last night at Nokia Theatre in LA. From groundbreaking announcements to spectacular performances, the night certainly packed a punch.

Let’s take a look at the red carpet style, shall we?

A positively radiant Beyonce announced she was pregnant (!!!!) , thus definitively stealing the show. To bless her new arrival, she slipped on a tummy skimming blood orange Lanvin gown, accented no doubt by Lorraine Schwartz jewels. She accessorized her simple yet glam dress with dangling earrings and an “I’m a Mommy!” smile. Congrats, Beyonce, you look hot!

Kelly Rowland went for short and saucy in a black Falguni & Shane Peacock cocktail uplifted by gold embroidery and a feathered skirt. Peep toe spiked Christian Louboutin heels and a black clutch completed her look. I can’t say much about her hair (Danielle?), but she certainly looks piping hot from the neck down;) Work it gworl!

Colombiana star Zoe Saldana also opted for black, working a Barbari Bui Fall 2011 dress with Balenciaga snake skin heels. I love how dangerously low cut the v-neck is, and the leather and metal accents are dope! That said, this look is a bit luke warm at best for me. It seems a little safe for the MTV VMA’s! Cute shoes, though.

Kim Kardashian appeared fresh off her honeymoon in a sparkly silver halter Oriett Domenech gown, showing off her ample decolletage. She certainly looks like a Bombshell in this figure hugging creation. Hot!

Ne-Yo chilled backstage before his electric performance in a gold speckled v-neck brown sweater, anchored by chocolate sneaks and his signature fedora. I’m usually wary of brown people in all brown, but the varying tones look great on him. And that sweater? Hot!

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa posed for the cameras with Amber in an ivory playsuit and Wiz in a simple tank and light bronze jeans. Amber looks bodacious, though a pop of lip color would have made this look just a wee bit more interesting. Wiz has developed his own signature laid back style. Hey, it works.

Lastly, best hip-hop video winner Nicki Minaj seemingly threw on everything but the kitchen sink to twirl at the annual celebration. There are no words, but hmm….
Who were your faves?
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Stay tuned for more pix and MTV VMA fashion coverage!
Source: Wire Image

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56 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm…: The 2011 28th Annual MTV Video Music Awards”

  1. Anonymous says:

    forget HMMM!! There are a lot of Hell to the Nooooos lol

  2. Beyonce looks nice but it’s nothing spectacular. Kelly’s dress looks like something she would normally wear. Neyo looks nice. Wiz looks blah Amber rose is alright. Kim is wearing things similar to what she has worn before.
    Ummm of course Nikki is a hot melted, recycled crayon mess. Lady gaga the hood version.

  3. dinka do says:

    Go. Away. Nicki.

  4. T1K says:

    Kelly hmm, Zoe hmm, Kim hmm, Ne-Yo hmm, Amber not appropriate but kind of cute, Nicki hmm x 5.

  5. EntertainmentsFuture says:

    Interesting… there were a lot of hit a misses..

  6. Tam says:

    Beyonce looks beautiful!!!

  7. Tam says:

    Kim K looks like she enjoyed her honeymoon….the breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack in between. She looks like she has already gained 15 lbs of honeymoon/new marriage weight. This dress is not flaterring at all. No ma’am!!

  8. Mary says:

    SO HAPPY FOR B!!!! She stole the WHOLE show!!!!

  9. Celena says:

    Bey looked stunning. Not a Kim K fan, but she generally gets the sexy look right. Not this time…the fabric was not forgiving to her curves and the cut/proportion did not suit her body at all.

  10. jihan says:

    June Ambrose tweeted the VMA’s became the BMA’s… Beyoncé’s Maternity Announcement!

    clearly, I am as excited as if someone in my family is pregnant. woo hoo! That baby could come out looking any way though…

    also, Nicki Minaj… where is she going?

  11. Madpet says:

    Yay!! Beyonce’s pregnant. Not a big fan of her music but I’m absolutely happy for her!!

  12. Bronze says:

    Beyonce: It wasn’t even close to Halloween. Amber Rose: here piggy piggy….here piggy. Kim K: I will never buy discount foil paper ever. I don’t care how cheap it is. Niki Manij: Anime.

    The clear winner is Kelly Roland. She looks Flawless. The dress was made for her and she ‘werked’ it.

  13. Empress says:

    I am a BIG fan of Beyonce. I’m so happy for her and Jay. These two married..settled in their careers and have planned a family together….That’s how it’s suppose to be!….She is glowing as usual!

    KIM K looks a can see the line from the spanx/girdle….not dress is not flattering to her shape…

    Amber’s play suit is cute…but why does her legs always look like cottage cheese?..Smh

    Nicki Minay…expected…kind of cute..I guess

    Anyways Beyonce stole the show…#TEAMBEYONCENJAYZ

  14. a says:

    Rlmao @ “that baby could come out looking either way”. Could not have said it better.

  15. DivaFabulosa says:

    I agree with Tam, it does look like Kim K. put on some weight. That dress is a definite hmm. I have no words for Nicki. On a positive note, Beyonce , Zoe, and Kelly look gorgeous.

  16. Englishvers says:

    Beyonce looks radiant indeed and that colour looks so cheerful on her.
    Am less keen on the other looks.

  17. Ms. One says:

    Kimmy K looks like the first season of Keeping up with the Kardashians…..I’ve seen her look 10x’s better….that dress is not flattering.

  18. jasmine says:

    i dnt like beyonce like that but she got it zoes okay. nicki is becoming irratable she needs to know when enoughs enough. jersy shore kids look like themselves and amber rose always finds a way to the vmas

  19. briana says:

    kelly rowland looks best that dress is gorgeous on her and her skin is beautiful

  20. KBS says:

    B looked great. She wasn’t sparkling, wearing performance tights, in gold or silver, or pantless. A nice change

  21. Carmen says:

    I like Beyonce’s dress and love the side pony but her glow really stole the show. I saw a pic of Kim K’s dress from the back and it was much more flattering from that angle, I choose to believe she was in a hurry and never saw how the front looked. I want to love Kelly’s dress, the deep plunge is gawjus on her and the fit is great but for some reason it just feels too costumey to me. No comment on the Jersey Shore girls and Nicki

  22. jadakiss says:

    Beyonce looked radiant. Super happy for her and I don’t even know her ! Kim K . . . baby this dress could have worked if you would have taken the necessary precautions . . . . SPANX ! That’s all you needed . You can’t have rolls and bumps like that on hi-def tv nowadays . You know better ! Kelly looked great ! Loved the feathers ! Zoe is blah . . . like you said too safe . And nicki . . . . no comment !

  23. Courtney says:

    Everyone looked stunning with a special emphasis on Beyonce looking absolutely beautiful with an expecting glow on her face…Wiz and Nicki on the other hand #fail!!!

  24. Crystal says:

    kim k looks good to me. she’s actually covered up for once. she doesn’t look that big at all…alot more fit than the average woman so…what’s the deal? ne-yo…a man’s closet should not have anything sparkly…point blank period!

  25. Shakira says:

    Okay, here is what I think. Beyonce dress was pretty, congrats to her unborn baby :) Umm…I don’t really care too much for Wiz khalifa ever since he got w/ Amber rose. So moving on…Nicki minaj…looks a hot mess smh. Kim kardashian looks gorgeous btw and Kelly Rowland looks nice.

  26. JuJu says:

    @Tam ahahahaha girl let you tell it!

  27. Tequila says:

    Bey is wearing padding? Didn’t FBD have pics of her a month ago in a yellow skimpy Mark Fast dress? Hmm…

  28. @velvetpout says:

    Isn’t Kim married now, why was she by herself?

  29. Joanne_ says:

    Now that I’m able to take a full look at Bey’s look, I don’t like…:/
    Out of this bunch my fave is Zoe’s.

  30. Looks like Kim & Ne-Yo are wearing the same material.

  31. jUICElOVE says:

    kelly looked great…hated the makeup
    wiz and amber…love the both of them
    and nicki *sigh* first you jack lil kim now your channeling gaga i wish she would come into her own

  32. Darkieee says:

    I’m a fan of Nicki’s (being trini an all…) but I really wish she would do less wierd and more sexy! Bring back hood Nicki. I can stomach that a lil better than this mess we are getting now : (

  33. yusufswifee says:

    I need to see more pix of my gymspiration amber, but I’m thinking she either got a boob job or the cut of the playsuit is too small…great idea though…

    Happy for B.

  34. Miss Moon says:

    Nicki, Nicki, Nicki…. she looks like the toy section of Bobbie’s Discount Store threw up all over her!!!!

  35. mahoganyb says:

    Love, love, LOVE! Kelly’s dress. It is a YES.

  36. krystel says:

    Beyonce looks radiant….i actually like how Neyo looks. Hmmm not much else was poppin!

  37. Mona L says:

    Its time for a breast lift Kim!

  38. JCutie says:

    Kim looks frumpy to me… I think Neyo actually looks nice, bey looks great, and i really hope nicki is on her 14th minute of fame cause my eyes are over looking at her lol

  39. *sits in rocker* I see you all are gonna make me tell it.

    I want to take a closer look at why chesticles were so poorly supported last night: Lil Lhama, Amber R(h)ose, Zoe, Kim Hoedashian – all of you are officially on Cross My Heart warning.

    I won’t be addressing the couture (?!) of Nicki Wigs Almighty. I just refuse.

    I do find it interesting that Bey was just light skint in the face before she announced her gut full of human – then she’s “glowing”! lmao

  40. tantalizing tosh says:

    I would wear everyone’s outfit BUT Krepshawn and nikki minaj…I think Kelly Rowland is killing it, B rocked the maternity look and Kim K was wearing the slexy look (sexy and slutty)

  41. tantalizing tosh says:

    I use to want to buy Amber Rose body but she put on too many pds for my preference….now I want to buy Ciara body…rid i cu los

  42. jUICElOVE says:

    i dont understand whats the matter with amber’s body i see alot of comments about it…its the body of a “real women” not a stick figure

  43. whatevs says:

    Beyonce was radiant…Amber looks great…Kim K looks a mess…no comment on the rest..

  44. fashionislife~ says:

    I wonder if Kim K is preggers…her midsection was a bit puzzling…she still gorg! Bey looked pretty…

  45. binks says:

    I say kelly and Bey hot!

  46. antiSOCIAL says:

    Nicki is too old to be dressing like that…she’s damn near 30!
    Kelly looks uncomfortable.
    Beyonce looks plain as usual, her baby bump is the most SHOCKING news she’s had her entire career.
    Kim K looks boring but happy.

  47. Edit says:

    In the words of The Heathers’s Heather Chandler, “F**k me gently with a chainsaw” @ Nicki Minaj’s outfit. It literally breaks my heart to see her at this stage in her career dressing soo terribly. She needs to fire her stylist.

  48. B. says:

    I’m just going to throw a spanner in the works and say I love Nicki Minaj’s ensemble. She does claim that Harajuku Barbie persona, but I haven’t ever seen her really dress to it until now. Not that I would wear it, but I have been to Harajuku (best time of my life) and she looks just like the street fashion icons you see there. It’s uplifting to see her do it right like that, even if it’s ‘wrong’ by the paradigm of fashion as we know it. Love it.

  49. esme says:

    i’m not a huge beyonce fan, but the pregnancy belly rub onstage was very sweet. congrats to her and jay and lets hope the baby looks like her, lol. and i like the dress she was wearing because it was very demure and understated for her. she looked sophisticated.

    kelly looks fantastic. zoe looks looks cute. britney’s outfit didn’t do anything for her. kim’s out doesn’t really look that good on her either, and she looks like her breasts need more support. nicki looks like a cartoon character as usual.

  50. koko says:

    ok i am sorry. i NEVER respond to anything. ANYTHING. ever. but this post and the other about lil waynes release party were a HOT MESS. (not the post, the fashion in it.)

    i agree kelly looks nice, i think my dear kim k picked a dress that is…not doing good things for her. AT ALL. nicki minaj o_0 …why. @ a certain point u have to wonder does she really like this or is it for attention or is it just a way to not have to wear mainstream clothing?? Lord tell me there is a rational reason!

    as for neyo…i have no words, if i saw a NORMAL non celebrity wearing that anywhere i would double take and not in a good way. freaking HATE that sweater.

    im so frustrated right now, why do people come out looking any kind of way. and also its an award show. i get it might be “in” to look n act like you dont care, but a tank top n jeans??? n your girl is wearing a romper?? she looked better with yeezy…


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