August 19th, 2011
Celebrity Style, Hot or Hmm
Hot! or Hmm….: Lala’s Full Court Life Premiere Party Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2011 Star Printed Dress
By Claire

We’re seeing stars!
Lala Vazquez-Anthony slipped on a floor length star printed maxi dress from Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall 2011 collection for the Los Angeles premiere of her reality show, Lala’s Full Court Life:

The slightly sheer dress does quite enough on its own, so Lala simply accessorized with a white clutch and pointy black pumps.
The long sleeve black frock features the signature print from Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall 2011 collection, and was originally modeled on the runway with a patterned bag, printed pumps, and low black socks.

I definitely prefer Lala’s accents, but…that’s a lot of print! And for a long sleeve dress? Hmmm….Dolce actually showed shorter versions of the dress that I think I prefer.

What say you?

See a few more pictures from the event:


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58 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm….: Lala’s Full Court Life Premiere Party Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2011 Star Printed Dress”

  1. Meme says:

    Just because something is designer doesn’t mean it’s fashionable. That dress looks like something to wear to sleep.

  2. Elle says:

    I think Dolce and Gabbana need to get this together. It looks like that thing came from 7 days or rainbow. Now if we saw this there, then this would not even be up for discussion. And just like the Beyonce dress on the cover with the stars. It looked cheesy and over the top and not in a good way at all. Im disappointed in D&G because I really like their attire but this right here honey is not where its at. I aint going nowhere with big ass random stars on my outfit, this is not the 90′s nor 70′s and that trend is nothing I want to recap

  3. @velvetpout says:

    Sorry Lala but this is a FAT no. Did her stylist go missing and she ended up shopping herself?? Serena……you know what, I’m going to this thought to myself.

  4. Marsha D says:

    The dress looks better on the model than Lala….and the fact that Lala went opaque from bust to toe…she got a girdle on underneath there (no prob with that tho). Serena looks like a man-Gabrielle and Hill….adorable shot.

  5. YoursTruly says:

    Looord Snoop Dogg’s wife and those cornrows….

  6. HmmHoney says:

    It would have looked a million times better short. Just above the knee.

  7. Crystal says:

    i’m not feeling D&G’s stars at all! And this dress is ugly…guess she wore it because it’s D&G fall 2011.

  8. Crystal says:

    ok, lala has on a runway dress (even though it’s ugly) and her man has on jeans and a jordan shirt? i hate when couples do that!

  9. KBS says:

    I’m not a Lala fan; she goes in the pile with Kate Gosling & David Blaine.. The dress looks like fabulous pajamas. Hmm honey was right, the dress needs to be short.
    Serena needs to exfoliate her cleavage.

  10. Savage says:

    The stars theme is tacky and gimmicky..The fourth is over..She looks like a nightmare..And shout out to Serena to for making the stereotype true for female athletes..The they can and do looke like men in dresses..Appreciate it..

  11. t says:

    Hated it! and why can’t serena EVER get it right?

    Hill Harper is still my older man crush lol

  12. Madpet says:

    Hmmmmm! I wanted to like it, but I couldn’t. Maybe if it were in a shorter length and rocked with a more rounded toe shoe. Idk.

  13. I understand what she was trying to do, but it went wrong with all those dag on stars. If it was a plain black dress, I think it would’ve worked out for her. The shoes are cute with the dress, it’s just those dag on stars.

  14. llehsal says:! and what is up with Serena? Something is waaaay off…gabrielle looks nice though.

  15. Melissa V says:

    Uh no LaLa.
    Snoops stopped wearing braids years ago…same should apply to his wife.
    Serena looks like a drag queen. Is that baby powder in between her clevage?!?!??!

  16. Perrinelaine says:

    ~Lala is my girl and all, but I just can’t get with this look..maybe if it was shortened to like a mini dress or something.. def not a floor legnth print.And Serena…smh…if I’m not mistaken, I think I can see a hint of baby powder in her cleavage. I could/hope I’m wrong and its like the flash or something, but either way its not a good look my dear.

  17. C says:

    The dress is giving me sort of a Morticia from the Addam’s Family vibe…I would’ve been more on board if she had kept the leg part sheer and no pointy toed shoe. I like that she kept the hair simple with a sleek pony tail. And yeah…Serena…ooooohhh giiirrrrll…I can’t.

  18. Tiffany says:

    I like it with the length worn on the runway..its more fun; much like the event she was hosting…and with her hair being up it doesnt balance the look well. I imagine in she’d worn her hair big with that dress length it would give it a different finish..but I like LaLa. I wear things all the time that some and even I say were wrong…eye of the beholder.

  19. Mrs Windy city says:

    a whole lotta “no bueno” in this post!!

    I love Gabby’s dress. Wonder who is the designer?

  20. Jihan says:

    This is the first time in a minute I’ve seen Serena looking less-than-scrumptious. Bad day, bad lighting, I guess.

    As for LaLa, that star print dress is not for her.

  21. chi_girl says:

    Let’s by pass Lala’s horrible dress decision…and talk about how horrible Serena looks..she looks like she stuffed her self in that dress and holding her breath for those pic…no ma’am go back in the house

  22. Courtney says:

    Tragic…but hey Gabrielle was cute!!!

  23. Tate® says:

    LaLa’s cleavage is not flattering in this dress, and its throwing off the entire look, she probably should have had the dress hemmed to right below the knee. But it doesnt look HALF as bad as what Serena has going on. The hair, the dress, shoes, skin discoloration, I cant…I just cant…

  24. yusufswifee says:

    lala bores me to tears and this dress is no exception…she definitely didn’t make use of the sheer factor and I would have done yellow shoes and hair up – but I would not have done the dress. I think D&G is laughing at us with these stars…it’s a recession and folks will still buy anything.

    Serena – I just can not with you today.

  25. Bonifant says:

    I swear if Serena doesn’t sit down somewhere and take care of her health. Bum toe and ankle and you’re still squeezing them into Loubs.
    Don’t turn your back on your talent b/c Hollywood is enticing. Balance!

  26. [...] Letoya Luckett, Melody Thornton, Teairra Mari, Pooch Hall, Terrence J and more. Lala, dressed in a Fall 2011 Dolce & Gabana dress , caught up with Letoya Luckett and Serena Williams Lala, Terrence J, celebrity trainer Jeanette [...]

  27. Ebony says:

    HEY me and my friend need clarification…. is that VENUS or SERENA Williams????

  28. Valerie says:

    Ummm not really feeling the structure of the dress, but Britney Spears had the same dress on the cover of Bazaar Magazine, which was a lot looser and much more flattering.

  29. Kishonda says:

    Love Lala but ehh Im not feeling it and the pointy shoes…nah. But she is still pretty! Serena..whats up with the eyebrows? Not a good look.

  30. LawyerChic says:

    Everybody looks a mess IMO. Serena looks like she came straight from Bedrock. Lala looks like a human pack of pop rocks. And Snoop Dogg’s wife’s braids are pulled so tight MY forehead hurts! Hmmmm hmmmm hmmm *in my mother of the church voice*

  31. lipz says:

    If she wore the dress scrunched up like the model, so it didnt look like she was a mummy! It would look good.

  32. Alissa says:

    I like Lala’s dress, it’s just not for her. I would have shortened it. Rolled up the sleeves and wore a bold solid color necklace to break up the print.

    Serena- I think she might have been having an eczema breakout. Sometimes the skin gets irritated so that’s why it’s looking discolored. I don’t like the hair on her. I almost didn’t recognize her. It looks like an impersonator. We all have our rough days so she gets a pass.

    I am going to need Snoops wife to get a makeover. Seriously Shante! Everything about her look is all wrong. I hate when celebrity wives look so boring and dull.

    Gabrielle to me always plays it safe. I would like to see her pump it up a notch. However that leather dress is quite cute

  33. FashionOne says:

    When bad fashion happens to good people! “Tragic”

  34. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    Serena Williams, that weave! That dress! That pose! Lookin like the Geico cavegirl…and D&G, please stop with those stars, I haven’t seen it look right yet! Not on Fergie, not on Lala.

  35. Grace says:

    That is the manliest I have seen Serena look in a while, so sad… Is it just me or does Lala kinda look like Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street. The resemblance is uncanny…

  36. candylicker says:

    At first I thought that was Miss Jay, then I realized it was Serena. What happened, she has been looking alright lately now she looks horrible.

  37. Loni says:

    KBS is so right. LaLa is the worst and never will be a celebrity. I really don’t care for her. She rides those coattails so well she’d put derby jockeys to shame. Who is she? Put her out of her misery if not put me out of mine.
    That dress and big eyes and toothy grin gross! Its not all her fault D&G totally set her up…lol!
    On top of that Serena is my girl but yeah she totally looks like a TO Wong Foo (sp?)
    Gabrielle needs to step her game up and glam it up once in a while!

  38. sun.kissed says:

    Not feeling the dress, long or short. The stars are not whats up. Sarena looks a hot ass mess! And what’s with the visible baby powder in her cleavage? No ma’am!

  39. jUICElOVE says:

    Love D&G but Im not feeling this collection looks very juvenile

  40. Gail says:

    There is nothing I can say, that hasn’t already been said; I too believe the dress would look better shortened with a different shoe. However, on the model, the dress, shoes, socks – look good. Serena? needs a “No Man”

  41. Tameka says:

    I like the shorter version. It would have been nice had it stopped right below the knee.

  42. Jessica says:

    I’m not feeling Lala’s look, save the star pattern for the kids. And Serena, when you have strong features you have to soften them. Thinner eyebrows and less hair may have done the trick. I think she needs to keep a hair and makeup artist on call for events like this.

  43. lauren says:

    the dress needed a high split, i think showing off some legs would have helped it a bit.

  44. krystel says:

    one of her first fashion choices i can’t co-sign at all. And Serena as usual a total mess!!!

  45. Alexis says:

    SERENA FAIL DOT COM!!! I like the star dress on LALA, but what is the weather like? I’m in NC and I feel like I couldn’t wear a long dress like that until November… wtf

  46. MsYenckopowa says:

    I’m really disapointed in LaLa for this one. I always love her looks, but this is a flop. I really don’t think it’s her fault though, quite honestly I think D&G failed with trying to bring back kiddy star graphics with their fall selection. I mean what were they thinking?! Poor Lala attempted to be fashion forward, in what was already destined to be a fashion flop.

  47. betty says:

    what is wrong with serena’s skin it looks so dry!!!! not loving her look @all , lala looks just ok , i’ve seen her look so much better

  48. Frost says:

    It would look cuter if it were a mini-dress. I LOVED the one that Fergie wore a week or two ago.

    But honestly, I don’t really like Lala’s look. I’ve never found her attractive so a lot of the things she wears just looks meeh to me. :(

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