August 17th, 2011
Fashion News
The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kalenna of Dirty Money’s New Look, Check Out The Full Missoni For Target Lookbook, and Abercrombie Doesn’t Want The Jersey Shore Cast Wearing Their Clothes
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

• Father, give me the strength. Kalenna from Dirty Money opted to go blonde, topping off her half shaved, half weave look.

Hot! or Hmm… (Necole Bitchie)

• In an effort to make more money by slapping her name on goods of questionable quality, Kris Jenner will debut an apparel collection with QVC September 8th (just in time for fashion week). Prices range from $35-$145. She’s laughing because she’ll never wear that trench again. (Racked)

Attention Shopaholics: A docu-series for a major cable network about “extreme shoppers”  is in the works. Casting directors are currently looking for those who participate in “over the top” shopping, spending exorbitant amounts of money for items they may or (most times) may not actually need. If this sounds like you, shoot an e-mail with the subject “Shopping Project (Your Name)” with detailed information about your situation to

• You’ve waited, and it’s finally here! The full lookbook for the Missoni x Target collection is available! Deck yourself in zigzags this fall with everything from sweaters to rain boots! The collection will hit stores September 13- October 22. Let the mad dash begin! (nitro:licious)

• Looking for a flesh tone nail color that is actually the color of your flesh? Rococo Nail Apparel has created a “Nude Wardrobe Collection,” with shades to match any fashionista’s skin tone. Co-founders Ange and Vernice Walker said; “The aim was to create an I-want-them-all collection of nudes that delivers a highly polished and chic finish. We definitely predict nudes as the new black this autumn/winter.” The two say they looked at all the different shades of concealer to inspire the collection. The lacquers will retail for $16.50 each, and will be available in September. (Beauty High)

• So they might keep their good name and maintain their positive image, Abercrombie and Fitch has asked Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino of Jersey Shore to refrain from wearing their clothes. They are willing to offer him and the rest of the cast monetary compensation for not wearing the brand on air. “We are deeply concerned that Mr. Sorrentino’s association with our brand could cause significant damage to our image. We understand that the show is for entertainment purposes, but believe this association is contrary to the aspirational nature of our brand, and may be distressing to many of our fans…We have also extended this offer to other members of the cast, and are urgently waiting a response.” In an ideal world, Abercrombie bans everyone from wearing their clothes, and the people are finally set free from the bonds of uninspired floral tanks and overpriced plaid button downs. (CNNMoney)


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31 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kalenna of Dirty Money’s New Look, Check Out The Full Missoni For Target Lookbook, and Abercrombie Doesn’t Want The Jersey Shore Cast Wearing Their Clothes”

  1. fashion fun says:

    cracking up at Kris not wearing that trench again LOL

  2. sun.kissed says:

    Abercrombie needs to sit down and have a seat, yes both of them! They want to pick a fight with everyone. I hope everyone stops shopping there and they’re forced to close down. Then what? Kaleena—why? Not cute, not cute at all. Kris’ trench is cute, I’d buy it on clearance as I’m sure it’s overpriced.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jihan you are too much…that Kris punch line was classic!

  4. EntertainmentsFuture says:

    Jihan girl you got spunk… <—- me likey…lol. Abercrombie gets on my nerves. If its not one with them its the next. 1st it was banning ppl that are purchasing so much to resell their clothes. Now they are offering money not to wear their clothes. I dont think they see these "lil" incidents are creating the bad publicity they are trying to stop.. Do they care about revenue at all?

  5. Mona L says:

    She’s laughing because she’ll never wear that trench again. HYSTERICAL!!!!!!

    Def excited for Missioni and dare I say it I kinda like Kalenna’s hair :-x

  6. court says:

    Abercrombie is full of it for more reasons than this I bet Ed Hardy doesnt feel this way lol.

  7. slick p says:

    Ha ha at abercrombie for not wanting to ruin their “holy” brand. Their a joke!
    And Kris and the crew are just money hungry! They just had a case with two stores over using their “names” just the first for a shoe and the other for a look alike. Smh. The polish is the business. :-)

  8. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    Jihan wins all my Internets for the day lol! Abercrombie and Fitch needs to have several seats, the people that watch Jersey Shore are the same ones that wear your clothes, ummm duh!

  9. @velvetpout says:

    I thought AB&F would be happy to receive free advertisement from a white male, this is who they would rather see wearing there clothes then those of us with a tint.

    *Dead* at Kris not wearing that trench again, you are so wrong girl :)

  10. Kimmoy says:

    LOL Jihan, I feel like this whole post was a practical joke on us. Horrible trench? Flesh colored nails, head to toe zig zag and getting paid not to wear a particular brand? Where’s Ashton Kutcher?

  11. Crystal says:

    A&F is on one…

  12. BOOBOO says:

    I lik Kalenna’s hair. Its mos def NOT for the everyday girl but she is a celebrity and i dig it:0

  13. Axum says:

    @ velvet pout yes he is white but not the right kind of “all american” (major sarcasm) preppy white this is how discriminatory A&F is.

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  15. Marsha D says:

    Cracking up! No Kris “Kardashian” needs to go somewhere with that line…..*sigh* once again Diddy dances with wolves….AB&F….the audacity…floored at their nerve…they need to take that Dawson’s Creek line and shove it (over priced boredom) Me!

  16. Marsha D says:

    Oh and Zig Zag’s?? No way Missoni…I’m thinking “Charlie Brown sweater” but from head to toe…
    Jihan- I am DEAD with laughter over here…you spot on today girl….

  17. dyshaun says:

    Love MISSIONI and finally i can get a piece thats not consignment! LOL Even tho its diffusion…thats okay!!!

    I LOVE KALEENA’S HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Ashley says:

    Kaleena looks haute as usual!!! Check out this site for the lightning bolt earrings Cassie wore in Wiz Khalifa’s video. The site also has earrings with cool saying like “Kick Rocks” and “Badd Bitch”

  19. Ms. One says:

    mm mmm mm tsk tsk….Kaleena is channeling her inner Janice Combs…..

  20. FashionBoys says:

    Soon, A&F Will be paying black people not to wear their clothes, I’m not sure what their deal is but they need to calm down and be happy anybody’s buying their plain over-priced clothes.
    And as for Kris Jenner LMFAO.
    &I like the Dirty Money girls Hair.

  21. Empress says:

    Lmao @ Kris not wearing that trench again!

    No thank you..Missoni..not wearing a whole zig zag outfit!

    Wow @A&F…I’m surprised they not banning black ppl from wearing their clothes too…that’s funny!

  22. Empress says:

    Btw…I like Kaleena hair but she is an ugly girl…..but she has a nice body!

  23. Drea says:

    Jihan I love your posts!! I can always tell when its you writing. You are dead on about Kris Jenner and that trench. I feel like the only celebrity that wears their own clothing is Nicole Richie.

  24. Thandie says:

    Why in the world would this woman step out with a platinum blonde weave and blue contacts??

  25. OMG Kalena … smh

  26. michelebeezit says:

    Unless Kaleena is going to audition for Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome – get yo a%% off the street lookin like that.

  27. Nunyabizniz says:

    @Empress, how do you find the strength to type that anyone is ugly??! really? I am so shocked… SMH

  28. Tiffany says:

    A&F is no longer for somewhat, wanna-be elitist, preppy white guys: everyone wears their stuff now. Their clothing is overpriced and quality questionable. How can you have personal style wearing A&F, that’s a carbon copy. A&F, have a coliseum of seats.

  29. Ms.Lyss says:

    Jihan is FReakin HIlarious!

  30. KBS says:

    “She’s laughing because she’ll never wear that trench again. “…. pure comedy

    Why, why, WHY are we still wearing blonde weaves and blue contacts?

    I was with the nudie polish until I saw $16.50, back to Sally Hansen

    Pass on the full body Missoni suit

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