August 11th, 2011
Fashion News
The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Christian Louboutin Loses Suit Against YSL, Kate Moss Covers US Vogue’s September 2011 Issue, And Forever 21 Peddles Christianity
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

• Christian Louboutin lost his case against YSL for their Resort 2011 red-soled velvet peep toe pumps.

Now how will we know what people are talking about when they go into a store and ask for “them red bottoms?” I’m already confused. (The Cut)

Condé Nast is all up in arms, trying to figure out who is behind the @CondeElevator twitter account that’s garnered over 50,000 followers since it launched on Saturday. The account features hilarious quotes heard from inside the Condé Nast elevator, as well as Anna Wintour sightings. A Condé Nast spokesperson says: “We have no idea if this is real or made up and don’t know who is behind it but it certainly suggests that many people care a great deal about what happens at Condé Nast.” When asked whether an effort is under way to uncover who is behind the Twitter account and if the company will allow the account to remain active, the spokeswoman said, “We are still looking into it, so I don’t know what will or won’t happen.” (Racked)

• For their September issue, actual model Kate Moss covers US Vogue wearing an Alexander McQueen gown from their fall 2011 collection. (Beauty is Diverse)

• Non model Jennifer Lopez covers Vanity Fair’s September issue. (Business Insider)

• Unlike Mariah Carey I’m not a huge Hello Kitty fan, but the prints they fashioned in collaboration with Liberty of London are too adorable! You’ll find them starting September 26 at Liberty’s new Margaret Dabb Sole Spa and beauty hall located on the ground floor of the store. Look for them on cosmetics and various toiletries! London readers, go check it out! (Racked)

• Rachel Kane, the blogger behind WTForever21, notes the pervasive Christian imagery and language in the store’s product. This graphic “pray” shirt, has got to be the most questionable. I love me some Jesus, but there are better ways to show the world you’re a Christian. Can the church say Amen? (HuffPost)


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32 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Christian Louboutin Loses Suit Against YSL, Kate Moss Covers US Vogue’s September 2011 Issue, And Forever 21 Peddles Christianity”

  1. Crystal says:

    forever 21 has always had religious themed clothing and accessories. their bags used to have a scripture quote.

    i’m confused as to why ysl would do a red bottom when it is obviously the iconic feature of another brand? i can see lower ended brands copying but why ysl?

  2. s says:

    You posted Kate Moss’s Vogue Cover, but not Jlos Vanity Fair cover, just saying, anywat, Kate looks good like usual. those red shoes are hot!

  3. sun.kissed says:

    Everyone who shops at F21 should know that the owners are Christian, they have John 3:16 on the bottom of every bag for Christ’s sake (pun intended) I don’t see anything wrong with it, I’m sure people who want it will buy it and the people who don’t will walk right past it.

  4. Michelle says:

    I purchased a Forever21 tank a few weeks ago that says Love, Peace, Faith and Jesus and I love it. The owners are Christian and are not afraid to show it, which I applaud because there are too many people afraid of what “The World” will think.

  5. sabu says:

    I think sometimes Christians in the fashion industry are too quiet, maybe because they’re scared folks will judge them harshly based on their spirituality or whatever – personally, I love the fact that Forever 21 did this – they’re bold, thy’re brave and they love themselves some Jesus – Amen to that!
    and besides…those shirts are mad hott!

  6. anon says:

    I agree with Michelle and sun.kissed. It’s their company and they sell what they want to sell. If a non-Christian finds their messages offensive, they don’t have to buy the products. I also don’t see anything wrong with wearing them if you are Christian. People can wear t-shirts that advocate homosexuality but they can’t wear clothing that show Who they believe in?

  7. Claire says:

    @ A I’ll update to include J. Lo. xx Claire

  8. K* says:

    <3 the praypraypraypray!

  9. Fatina says:

    I’m with several of the others who’ve commented already. I think it’s funny that in pop culture, we praise & highlight over(t)ly sexually charged & body-baring “fashion” and other music, trends, etc. (which sometimes is just tasteless trash) on a daily basis, but some tees that fully cover you are a problem. That blogger needs to do exactly what that shirt says-”PRAY” and go sit down somewhere!

  10. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    @ Crystal – The shoe in question comes in royal blue and purple, and the sole corresponds to the color of the shoe. The red shoe is red ALL OVER, and the blue pairs are blue all over, and so on and so forth. That, and the fact that Mr. Louboutin failed to copyright it beforehand, are what led to him losing the suit. And the fact that YSL has done red bottomed soles dating back to 1994, before Christian Louboutin even got started.

  11. wow says:

    If its said F#$% Me you would love it.

    F21 does not force you to buy the shirt, the owner is christian and he want to spread the Gospel to the youth, nothing wrong with that.

    “I love me some Jesus, but there are better ways to show the world you’re a Christian. Can the church say Amen?”

    Their should not be a BUT in that sentence

  12. missb says:

    I love Forever21′s tees and tank. I have a few that say “Jesus Rocks” , “Jesus is awesome” and ” I <3 JC" . I love it!! I will definately buy a few of their Christian tops.

  13. Avi says:

    No one is forcing non-Christians to buy the shirts. There is no “agenda.” The shirts appeal to many consumers who are Christian and want to have their love of Jesus on display for the world to see. And if that doesn’t appeal to you, you don’t have to buy it. Simple.

  14. jasmine says:

    as a christian i defend f21 because God would want us to glorify him with the talents he has blessed us with and i look at it as a way of ministry in some unseen way they can be saving ppl. “no matter who or what we are we must pray” peddle on f21.amen

  15. jasmine says:

    @Avi: thank you ma’am

  16. let's be honest says:

    I hate to sound controversial but how is wearing a shirt that says “pray, pray, pray” any different from a muslim wearing a hijab? See Christian symbols show up in many facets of fashion that that masses no longer take it seriously. Now a cross on a chain is just a cross on a chain but we don’t appreciate what that cross truly symbolizes. I’m catholic but I see instruments of praise like the rosary on the necks of artists promoting sex. I actually kneel and pray with that. Wearing a shirt that says pray is far from fanatical. Christians are their own worst enemy. Other religions don’t undermine their religious expression by caring how it appears to people that don’t share the same beliefs.

  17. Shaq Nichole says:

    Wow, you learn something new everyday. I have noticed Forever 21 makes clothing with some biblical references and did not know the owners are Christians! Well thanks be to God. I think they’re doing a fabulous job informing the youth, because it actually starts with the youth. I also do not think they are trying to persuade people into buying items having biblical references to them. Everyone has a right to buy it or not. You can simply, buy or keep it moving. And I 100% totally agree with Avi. She couldn’t have said it better…..Now, let the church say Amen…Have a blessed day all!!

  18. binks says:

    I’ am glad that YSL won, the red bottom is not iconic by C. Louboutins exclusively tons of shoes brands had red bottoms before they came out. My mom was telling me back in the day how Candies had red bottoms…lol so I don’t get how you would sue over a color

    I never notice that about F21 items…lol but I don’t think the “pray” shirt is offensive (but it is cute) however instead of the cross they could have some with “pray pray pray” going down the length of the tee instead of in a cross solely because praying isn’t exclusive to the Christian faith

  19. Jihan says:

    Wow yall. Let me clarify:personally, I am a bit troubled with the commodification of Jesus, and the ostentatious way our society expresses their religiosity. Like I said, being Christian is a wonderful thing and no one needs to buy the shirts, but again, talk is cheap. And @ wow I use “but” because there ARE better ways to show ur a christian besides just saying it or wearing it on a shirt. But! That’s just what I think :) and rest assured, if the shirt said f#### me, I would indeed not love it!

  20. ladyluo says:

    If this is the way someone wants to show they are Christian, I have no problem with it. It is always a personal choice even when someone else may think there is a “better way”. I don’t get why there is such a problem with being publicly Christian (more so than any other religion) when this is a free country. I will say that I never noticed the religious undertones of Forever 21 before.

  21. wow says:

    The whole F#%$% me thing was regarded to the hugging post lady. She was very snarky and rude.

    Yes they are better ways, doing charity work, spreading the gospel ex……. but wearing a shirt that says his name is powerful, I was having a rough day and I was on the high way and someone graffiti JESUS on a Building and immediately my spirit became lifted, that is the power in his name. That’s why I’m all down for F21 tees. I see what your trying to say just cause u got a Jesus tee don’t make you holy, but you don’t know who will be blessed by seeing one of their tees and that is the point.

  22. dyshaun says:

    Errrmmmmm NO. Maribou feathers next to Jesus shirts. Yall do too much.

    And the bigger question, some good Christians they are with their “inspired” selves! …some of these same posters always say that “knock offs” are the death of an industry and that’s all F21 makes, IMO! Not an original item in the darn store.

    Smug ass shirts. SMH.

  23. Ari says:

    “I am a bit troubled with the commodification of Jesus, and the ostentatious way our society expresses their religiosity”


    Sorry, but this is the dumbest sentence I’ve read in a while. Why are you so concerned about the way Christians are expressing their faith? Rather it be by wearing a F21 t-shirt or spreading the good news by witnessing to non-believers… is it really any of your business? It’s between them and God. At the end of the day, God knows the true intentions of our hearts. Christianity isn’t just a “religion” … it’s about having a personal relationship with God. Stop being so judgmental… worry about YOUR relationship with God (if you have one) and not what the next sista is wearing.

    That being said… I would so rock this shirt WITH some feather earrings to Wednesday night bible study. Yeah!

    Seriously though…this whole “I’m more holy than you” stereotype about Christians needs to stop. Most of us don’t walk around pushing our faith down someone’s throat. We’re human… we put our panties on one leg at a time just like the next chick.

  24. Since I do work for F21, I have notice the amount of the “Pray” and “Jesus” t-shirts we have been receiving. I don’t see a problem with it at all. Bought me a couple. However, I think some of us may assume that just because you place a scripture on the bottom of your bags, or you sell “Christian” merchandise, that that makes the owner a christian. How do we know? I work for the company and I’m not sure. However I do know my relationship with Jesus Christ. And it’s gonna take a lot more to profess Him, than wearing a t-shirt. I’ve seen people who don’t believe in God in general, where these shirts as a fashion statement. The real question is, how does our life profess Him? A shirt that says pray, won’t make you pray, but the Holy Spirit in you will urge you too. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with wearing them, because they can very well uplift. I’m just saying don’t rely totally on a shirt to say His name, but allow your life to profess the power in His name!

  25. zy says:

    @ Ari… I’m not even the most religious person and I must applaud your statement. couldn’t have said it better…

  26. Anonymous says:

    i work for forever 21 and i dont understand how they can be pushing all these ” i love jesus” and Have faith in me” shirt when they have ppl slaving away in sweat shops to make there cheap ass clothing…i hate my job

  27. Mona L says:

    I love the F21 shirts. If theres anything this world needs is Prayer!

  28. [...] was on the Fashion Bomb yesterday and saw a post about Forever 21 and their Christian tees and tanks. It caused quite an [...]

  29. Rosie says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with the Pray shirt, I’m sure non Christians are buying it too. I didn’t know F21 was a Christian company and that’s great but I am surprised you all are commending F21. The owners may be Christian but they are still grossly underpaying employees in retail stores and in corporate, they steal other design work, and the clothing is made in sweatshops.

  30. clarisa says:

    forever 21 has been selling ”faith-based” t-shirts for YEARS… the person who wrote the article just noticed it. if i’m going to buy a “faith-based” t-shirt i’d rather buy one of theirs (better fit, cuter designs) than one from a christian bookstore. besides if wet-seal (a juniors store for girls) can sell t-shirts that advocate lesbianism (they have an “i’m allergic to boys” t-shirt on-line now), why can’t they advocate their faith…now with that let me go put on my new Forever21 “Jesus *hearts* me” t-shirt and hit the streets ; ) *pardon my lazy punctuation*

  31. Kimberly says:

    Each line stands up and speaks for what a person / designer believes. That’s what they believe, what they love to express, and what they see fit for their brand. So I say — do it & more power to them. Just like we all have choices on what we can wear we also have choices on what we choose not to wear.

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