August 9th, 2011
Celebrity Style, Hot or Hmm, Rachel Roy
Hot! or Hmm…: Rachel Roy at the “One Day” premiere at AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13
By Claire

Designer Rachel Roy went for pajama chic at the “One Day” premiere at AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 in New York City, wearing a striped button down and matching pants on the red carpet:

Rachel uplifted her overwhelmingly casual look with strappy sandals, an oversized Céline clutch bag, and chic readers.

Ms. Roy usually knocks her looks out of the park, but this is a big old Hmm…for me. I get wearing an oversized pajama like shirt as a dress or even easy pants with a dressy top. But it literally looks like she rolled out of bed, put on some heels, and went. Not your best look, Rachel. Cute glasses, though.

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61 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm…: Rachel Roy at the “One Day” premiere at AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13”

  1. Samantha says:

    Ummm are those pajamas?!

  2. Lainea says:

    Um, no

  3. Anon says:

    What the….

  4. Simmy Says... says:

    She never does it for me….

  5. Alina says:

    The word “senile” comes to mind..

  6. amb bam says:

    this is ugly. she looks like she is going to pajama party.

  7. mahoganyb says:

    Ummm…No. That’s all I can think of. Straight no. Don’t do this again Rachel Roy. Not a good look.

  8. KBS says:

    Senile….funny. This won’t catch on, but it reminds me of high school when kids wore those plaid pajama pants with the triangle I think on the back pocket. Still not a good look

  9. zimbabwechic says:


  10. Savage says:


  11. Meme says:

    I don’t anyone could make this look good. Pajamas don’t make for a stylish outfit.

  12. Indigo says:

    She always looks sad and tacky… She is a beautiful woman,but something seems off about her.

  13. DianaN says:

    wow. this is SO BAD in sooooo many ways!

  14. Grace :) says:

    I had to re-read the event she was attending because she seemed to be dressed for a pajama party.

    She has a team of people getting her ready – no one stepped up and said “NO” to this look?!

  15. Sonia says:

    Nope hell no!!

  16. JCutie says:

    Thats a cute pajama set! LOL

  17. Crystal says:

    when being different goes wrong

  18. LawyerChic says:

    She’s one of those designers who has no personal style to me, but I do love me some RR shoes!

  19. llehsal says:


  20. Jadakiss says:

    I with @Indigo . . . something has always seemed a little off about her . . . like she’s not all the way there with us . . .

  21. Ing says:

    Her style choices never work for me.
    I just don’t get it – she designs very well. Why doesn’t she wear he rown designs?

  22. Anonymous says:

    these look like the holocaust pajamas.

  23. Subi says:

    Absolutely horrid. Not even “Hmm”worthy.

  24. Tifani says:

    This Pajama Trend should have never started … I can’t with this tacky look!!!!!

  25. I’m never really a fan of her style but I’m a little shocked that she would wear this. PJ’s and heels! Really now, how about no!

  26. sun.kissed says:

    Dear Rachel Roy,

    I understand that you are a busy mother of two and that between meetings for your clothing lines and being a mother, things can get hectic. BUT, that does not mean that you can show up to red carpet events wearing you father’s pajamas. This is not a good look and you’re embarrassing the kids.



  27. Nicole says:

    lol! At all the comments

  28. Georgia says:

    Her clutch is nice, too.

  29. MsYenckopowa says:

    Baby No…I’m sorry but this is a major NO NO!

  30. Anonymous says:


  31. Mary says:

    I can’t believe she went out in public dressed like that…. saying ‘hmmm’ is a understatement!

  32. Shaune says:

    “pajama chic” lol

  33. NotAFan says:

    Omg! Too far…

  34. Anonymous says:

    Ummm…those are PAJAMAS. Love me some Rachel Roy but this outfit is a no-no.

  35. missTIAUNDRA says:

    WTF???? O_o

  36. Jule$ says:


    P.S. I have the same outfit…but I wear it to bed!

  37. binks says:


  38. missj says:

    beautiful from the neck and up. Too bad she had to ruin it seriously, what was she thinking with this one

  39. Chris Styles says:

    Her personal style is always off (or Hmmm) IMO. Is she rocking a two piece pajama set ( no seriously)? However, I am feelin the glasses

  40. tt says:

    no ma’am. sorry, but she looks DUMB as hell for that one. she is trying way too hard to be different. epic FAIL!

  41. Sharon says:

    Agree with all of the above….but I’m surprised that no one mentioned how generic, run of the mill, discount store, cheap they look.

  42. Coldplayer says:

    IA Lawyerchic. Rachel Roy is usually always a fashion fail. Something is always off. She can never get it together

  43. fashionbum82 says:

    she always looks a mess to me here takes the cake!

  44. Mona L says:

    This is a big ass HELL NO and I agree with Coldplayer idk why everyone always makes such a big deal out of the way she dresses I think its terrible and this is another fail to add to the books!

  45. AD says:

    Hell. No. And I love Rachel Roy too!

  46. Lyzabeth says:

    Her stylist should be FIRED!!! (one of the worst outfits I’ve ever seen at an event… not even creative… it’s just men’s pj’s with bed hair and out of place heel?)…

  47. Bianka says:

    She looks foolish!

  48. Deb says:

    Agree with all the comments. Designers don’t have stylist do they? Maybe she should get one. Still baffled how the designer of some really amazing pieces could come out in public like this much less be photographed. I hope she’s not designing Milli Vanilli style…LOL

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