August 8th, 2011
Awards, Celebrity Style, Hot or Hmm
Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: The 2011 Teen Choice Awards!
By Claire

Happy Monday everyone!
Vuitton here with a sartorial rundown of this year’s Teen Choice Awards.  There were indeed a bevy of celebs, surfboards and tons of smiles at the awards show, and even more hits and misses.  Who surfed the waves and who “wiped out”?

Let’s take a look!
Tyra Banks appeared in a sleeveless leather catsuit with yellow piping around the bust….

While the idea may have been hot in theory, hmm… I couldn’t help but sweat for her when I saw this look.  In my opinion, it was too much leather for that Los Angeles sun.  Her bod looked amazing though!

Raven-Symone graced the blue carpet with her new physique and best blue-steel stare…

And as much as I love Raven-Symone, I can’t understand her ensemble.  A black strong shoulder jacket, white top, black capri pants and black platform pumps? She could have gone with more color, for one.  And the capris and nylon stockings took me for a complete loop.  Hmm… maybe a longer pant would have saved her.

Zoe Saldana and her gorgeous smile were in the building as well…

The actress wore a Lanvin Resort dress with a rope belt cinching the waist and gold metallic Alexander McQueen heels.  I’m usually on board with most of her looks, but this left me feeling a little underwhelmed.  Hmm… the dress itself is overpowering.  A simpler shoe and nixing the belt would’ve done it for me.  But we know she’s not privy to making fashion faux pas.  We’re sure to see her in something fabulous next time.

Next on the roster was Fergie

The “superstar” lived up to her title in a black and yellow Dolce & Gabbana star printed mini-dress, presumably chosen to match her black and yellow hair.  Definitely not  a fan of her newly colored mane, but the dress works for me.  Louboutin pumps completed her look.

Kim Kardashian joined in on the festivities…

With her face beat to the gods and pulled back hair, the reality starlet wore a white halter top with a black feather skirt.  Perfect balance of class and sass, this look was hot to me.  Louboutins completed her ensemble.

Sister Kourtney Kardashian was there as well…

For some reason I’d think Kourtney would go for short and tight, so this loose airy royal blue number is quite refreshing. Gold strappy sandals would have been a bit better than the snakeskin pumps, but her pumps can get a pass. Hot!

Rounding out the Kardashian klan is Khloe, who looked stunning in floor grazing Roberto Cavalli:

Out of all the Kardashians, this might have to be my favorite! I’m a sucker for animal print, and the nude pumps are the perfect accent. Hot!

That does it.

Whose look was your fave?


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44 Responses to “Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: The 2011 Teen Choice Awards!”

  1. Alexis says:

    I LOVE Khloe, Kim’s and Fergie’s dresses in that order…

  2. Tai says:

    ditto Alexis….I want all three in my closet!

  3. BOOBOO says:

    Everybody looked old n overdressed..smh
    Where is the fun n funky outfits?! I do love Khloe dress thou

  4. sun.kissed says:

    Fergie takes it. Kourtney looks great! Tyra and Raven need to have a seat. Those sheer stockings are killing me softly.

  5. yusufswifee says:

    tyra and her jumpsuit in august…wouldve looked better if her hair were up in a tight top knot…

  6. Ninjo says:

    Kourtney looked great.

    Overall everyone was all over the place. The looks went from casual and boring (Raven), to silly and costumey (Tyra), to chic and glam (Zoe), the rockstar (Fergie)… There was no sense of cohesive dress code to identify the mood of the event.

    Its Kids Choice people! I think flirty, bright and whimsical would have been an appropriate call for the attire of the event.

  7. Jaida says:

    I liked Kim’s & Kourtney’s looks the best. Raven’s style has always been hit or miss with me. The stocking were so unnecessary and I agree Claire, she could’ve used a pop of color. Maybe a bright colored pencil skirt or something.

  8. Frost says:

    I have to echo the sentiment about Fergie, Kim, and Khloe’s dresses! I really love that star printed dress —

    I saw something similar to Kim’s dress on awhile ago, and there is currently a white one that looks similar on Feathers is always something I really like.

    And this is definately the best I’ve seen Khloe look in awhile.

  9. fayva says:

    Trya i am sick and tired of seeing you in jumpsuits…smh……the Kardashians girls ROCK it !!!…… Raven i like too :)

  10. Dobe says:

    Where is Raven going in pantyhose?! Absolutely unnecessary.

  11. Nelly says:

    Fergie and the Kardashians look the best. I agree with Ninjo, for the Teen Choice Awards they all should have worn something fun and lighthearted but still age appropriate for them. Raven looks too dark and serious, Zoe looks like she’s about to go tap dancing with those shoes and the belt was unnecessary and poor Tyra looks like she’s auditioning for Batgirl…smdh

  12. llehsal says:

    Kourtney and Khloe gets best dressed for me….Raven….uh, no….Tyra, no!!!! Fergie’s hair…I can’t with that today….no ma’am!

  13. Dinka Don says:

    Khloe is just beaming!!!

  14. Savage says:

    No one really had a wow factor..And you would think for something like the Teen Choice everyone would’ve opted for a more youthful look. Kim looks uninspiring, Raven looks like she’s going to park my car, or seat me at my table for dinner. And Tyra..that’s not a jumpsuit, that’s an old fashioned cat suit honey..Khloe is cute, but with that much dress she should’ve had her hair up.

  15. Adrienne says:

    What is going on with Tyra? She should know better! She has been in the fashion game for too long to make a faux pas like this!

    I love you Tyra but…shame on you!

  16. No, no, no….that’s all.

  17. Gevae says:

    I knew there were going to be alot of Hmms… With the exception of the Kardashians of course. Those sisters can dress!!

  18. Carmen says:

    Khloe’s dress is the business!! I like Kim’s dress and make up too. As for the rest, my mother always said if you don’t have anything nice to say….

  19. Ms. One says:

    Kim looks great..a lil lace-front-ish but very youthful in the face. The Kardash’s looks good…Zoe nails it everytime. Fergie looks fun, Raven looks boring, looks like spray on legs to me….no more stockings boo. And TYRA….Her outfit is screaming X-men. Side Bar…have we ever really seen Ty-baby look all that great off the runway…guess that’s why her career was well….not as long as Naomi’s…(not nice I know).

  20. Nikki K. says:

    Why is Tyra always doing three much? That leather catsuit or whatever it is makes it seem like she’s trying to look younger than she is…and since it is the TEEN choice awards, I understand the compulsion, but NO. And for Raven…what? lol

  21. Zoe says:

    Fergie looks amazing, and I loved the entire Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2011 collection.

  22. Courtney says:

    The Kardashians killed it…HOTTT!!!

  23. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    I love love love Dolce and Gabbana’s stars!

  24. addikted2fashion says:

    oh Tyra….why? Just, why?
    very upset with raven for wearing those beyonce stockings.
    zoe looked gorgeous.
    kim……same as always. NEXT
    so glad Kourtney went with a flowy ensemble!
    khloe looks the BEST out of all the kardashians. HANDS DOWN. Always love a good flowy & exotic Cavalli dress.

  25. Fashionbum82 says:

    Oh man I want Fergie’s dress like hot! Raven why tho?

  26. DivaFabulosa says:

    I like Kortney & Kloe’s dresses the best. Kim looks like went heavy on the botox.

  27. Grace says:

    The Kardashians look nice, as does Fergie minus the hair. As far as the others, please try again.

    PS Raven, that face is NOT cute. You look silly.

  28. Chris Styles says:

    Everyone looks Hmm to me sans Kim Kardashian. Khole’s look would’ve been hot if not for all that hair…it’s too much she should’ve wore it in a bun or chignon or something. but I agree w/ most of the post’s commentary.

  29. ^_^ says:

    SMH all that $ n tyra n Raven cant put together to hire a stylist , they both look POPDOWN!!!

  30. ^_^ says:

    Love Kloe n Kourtney’s looks, kim looks the same as usual,

  31. Mona L says:

    Dare I say it… Khloe looks the best!

  32. Empress says:

    No wow factor to me..I like Khole’s dress….Didn’t expect that Oscar looking dress from Kourt….Kim always looks the same…Don’t know why ppl cherish these Kardashian bitches anyway!…..Everybody else look blah blah

  33. Why won’t you all accept Tyra’s identity as a super hero? I’m just saying.

    I vote for the blue dress. Airy. I’m a love of Kim Kardashian, but if you’re gonna pump your face up like that, you might as well hit your legs too. Face=25 and Legs=67.

    Log. Off.

  34. WinnieMae says:

    I happen to like Raven’s ensemble minus the pantyhose. But the forced pout she’s been giving in recent photos is a bit weird. It puts too many lines in her face. Very renee zellweger. >:{| idk…trying to make the face.

  35. Crystal says:

    oh fergie…oh kourtney…yes yes yes! does raven symone have on pantyhose? seriously? tyra looks like a skanky scuba diver. and it is 95 degrees outside….why does she have a on a leather body suit. wth am i missing?

  36. Jackie says:

    I liked the Kardashian sisters ensembles… :/

  37. dyshaun says:

    Kim wore this already….oh wait, no? It just all looks the same. Oh okay.

  38. Hawa says:

    I agree with dyshaun… Kim’s looks look alike and are boring to me. I looove Kourtney’s choice to that event. But Khloe was the biggest shocker, I didn’t expect her to look so flawless! She’s really playing up her features which her sisters don’t share… like her height and size. Long, sweeping dresses or gowns really do suit her – she should always dress like some Grecian princess!

  39. Love Kourtneys look !!

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  44. carla says:

    The kardashians hit the spotlight!!! i dont know what the hell Tyra was thinking???

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