August 5th, 2011
Beyonce, Fashion News
The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Beyoncé Discusses Feminism With Harper’s Bazaar UK, Tracee Ellis Ross Covers Essence Magazine’s September 2011 issue, and the YSL vs. Louboutin Case Rages On
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

• In Yaki news, Beyoncé was recently photographed with Kelly Rowland filming her video for “Party.” *Squeel!* one of my favorite songs off 4!

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK, The King discusses her feminist attitude present in many of her songs: “I don’t really feel that it’s necessary to define it. It’s just something that’s kind of natural for me, and I feel like…you know…it’s, like, what I live for.  I need to find a catchy new word for feminism, right? Like Bootylicious.” (The YBF)

• Love Miu Miu‘s glitter booties from their fall 2011 collection? Now you can get the look in a more comfy design. The line will release a five-piece collection of drool-worthy kicks later this month. Prices range from $450 to $585. Worth it?  (Fashionologie)

Tracee Ellis Ross covers Essence Magazine’s September 2011 issue. What do you think? (Beauty is Diverse)

• Louboutin v. YSL continues to rage in court, but a new development seems to suggest Louboutin might have a leg up. YSL submitted a chart of red soled shoes they’d manufactured since 2004, which turned out to cause quite the controversy. WWD says; “It had been a contentious document during the hearing because the plaintiff told the court it was unable to verify its accuracy.” of the document,  Louboutin’s lawyer said: “This exhibit is a bald attempt of YSL and counsel to circumvent the law and sneak into evidence the chart they acknowledged was a ‘demonstrative’ at the July 22 hearing.” The exhibit was subsequently thrown out. Ooh wee! With all that’s been unfolding in this case, it’s a wonder it isn’t televised. There’s something I’d like to watch! (WWD)

• It seems everyone’s doing all-star seasons! Rumor has it Project Runway is currently filming its first all-star season in NYC right now. And that’s not even the juicy part: word on the street is they’ve decided to replace Heidi Klum with a different supermodel host (please let it be Iman,) along with the judges just for this season. Dream judge? Betsey Johnson, mainly because she doesn’t know how to use a cell phone or computer. (Racked)



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18 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Beyoncé Discusses Feminism With Harper’s Bazaar UK, Tracee Ellis Ross Covers Essence Magazine’s September 2011 issue, and the YSL vs. Louboutin Case Rages On”

  1. Savage says:

    I think I keep getting Tracy Ellis Ross confused with Joan Carol Clayton..Bc whenever I see her out at an event, or on a cover, I think “Meh..underwhelming” Bc I kno Joan would show out! lol

  2. Crystal says:

    it’s so annoying when people call beyonce a king. wth?

  3. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    See, I was ridin’ with YSL (because I love Stefano Pilati and can’t stand Christian Louboutin’s attitude), but why would they damage their case like that, especially when it was so strong prior to?! Let them see the evidence, the shoes have been out and they wouldn’t have been able to get it tossed beforehand, and now its tossed. SMH

  4. Bonifant says:

    Project Runway without Heidi I can survive but no TIM GUNN… The horror they better not mess the show up!

  5. yusufswifee says:

    make it work!!!!

  6. YSL are much more comfortable. To say the least…

  7. TRUTH says:

    beyonce is overrated POINT BLANK! but ou must be a stan!

    tracee ellis ross is AMAZEBALLS!!!! she is classy, intelligent, educated and underrated!

    those miu mius are a MUST for my closet!!!

  8. sun.kissed says:

    Loves Joan, I mean Tracee Ellis and the cover. Can’t wait to see what’s inside. Those Miu Miu’s are cute, not worth the money though. I could cover some converse with gold or silver glitter for the same effect. I was hoping Party wouldn’t be her next official single though they wear it out already.

  9. MissSmith says:

    I love that song too Jihan. I was really hoping that the video would be a throwback to the 90s (complete with dookie braids and a Jeep) since the song has a 90s R&B groove.

  10. Coldplayer says:

    LOL. Beyonce know better than try to define feminism. Her simple minded self would get torn to pieces in the media. Im mad she tried to use Bootylicious as a new word for it. I think not.

    All star project runway sounds interesting! I might have to start watching again

  11. binks says:

    Not feeling the miu miu shoes it looks like a unicorn threw up on them…lol and I agree with Sticky-n-Sweet Christian Louboutin need to have a seat I still want to know how you claim a color especially since they weren’t the only shoes who did a red sole…blank stares…

  12. addikted2fashion says:

    @MissSmith me too! lol i was thinking late 80s/early 90s with guys dressing like Will Smith on the early episodes of Fresh Prince! Guess Bey didnt share our vision. *shrugs*

  13. wyo says:

    hmmm, a new word for feminism….Bootylicious!! This is why King Bey doesn’t give many interviews.

  14. Glamorous Goddess says:

    What’s up with the KIng B hatin’ today?

  15. Empress says:

    I love Bey..”Party” is one of my favs on the album..Tracer Ross looks nice on the cover..I always use to hate her frog eyes tho..Lol

  16. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    I really think Beyonce was trying to be sarcastic when she said that bootylicious was a new word for feminism, especially considering that she’s mentioned numerous times how much she hates that word now. But her grammar does need work…

  17. Frost says:

    @Jihan – do you watch The Fashion Show on Bravo? I saw the second season last year and it was actually a good counterpart to Project Runway. It’s hosted by Iman and Isaac Mizrahi.

  18. tiya says:

    I just got a copy of Sept Essence mag and was very dispointed
    Tracee maybe on the cover but was relgated to just 2 pages and one
    look even though she took several pics according to video blog
    on essence She must have made someone mad on the editioral staff
    why was she given such short srimp, I got nothing but love for her but
    she Does need a Stylist immediately and desperately.

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