August 3rd, 2011
Fashion News
The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Sessilee Lopez Talks About The Moment She Knew She Made It, Christian Louboutin Makes Shoes From Garbage, And Zara Will start Selling Online in September
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Sessilee Lopez recounted to Women’s Wear Daily the moment she knew she “made it.”

She says,“…One day, I got recognized when I was back home by some, like, thugged-out, gangster dude. And I was like, ‘Wait, how does this guy know about me? He’s not in fashion.’ But he said, ‘You’re the girl from here who made it. You made it! Know that! Own that!’ He took a picture on his phone and said, ‘I’m going to put this on Facebook.’” When the thugs know who you are, you’re truly somebody. (WWD)

• Starting September 7, you too can buy expensive designer knockoffs from Zara‘s e-commerce site. (Fashionista)

• Got an extra $1,095 to throw away (no pun intended) on garbage? Christian Louboutin has some rather questionable eco-friendly slingback pumps made from “pieces of thread, postage stamps, scribbled notes, leftover sequins, and fabric swatches from seasons past” for your wearing pleasure. Hmm… And no, I will not make a Zoolander joke, though I am tempted. (The Gloss)

• House of Deréon will unleash the “city jungle” at Selfridges in London this September. (NYDN)

• Because all awful trends need to be perpetuated, Newark-based denim company Sagz has created a pair of jeans with built-in boxers. Thank you, Sagz, prison chic is a look that should never die. (NYDN)


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25 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Sessilee Lopez Talks About The Moment She Knew She Made It, Christian Louboutin Makes Shoes From Garbage, And Zara Will start Selling Online in September”

  1. Anna says:

    I don’t agree at all with what Sessilee said. Thugs know who Amber Rose is, and she hasn’t actually “made it”. She made it when she had that Vogue Italia cover, those major designers’ campaign…smh not thug recognition…
    Oh well, Sessilee is a model so Why expecting something smart coming out of her mouth anyway. She’s gorgeous though.

  2. RHONYC says:

    i agree with her.
    coming from the ‘hood’ corner street thugs only know about either models like:
    a. fashion legends like ‘Naomi’
    b. fashion supermodels by association to street fashion moguls, i.e. Kimora (via Russell)
    c. Amber Rose types (via big booty publications, King, etc.)

    let’s face it Sessilee is super successful, but ‘not’ exactly a household name outside of fashionista world.

    but, if she is a household name in her home hood & Pookie, Moo-Moo & Rasheed & them know who she is, then kudos to her.
    you made it guuurl! holla. lol ! :-D

  3. MWGetMoney says:

    Anna don’t take yourself so serious, Im sure she was just being fun for the interview, and like you said she’s a model not a politician

  4. Jihan says:

    @RHONYC LMAO at Pookie, Moo-Moo, Rasheed nem!!! oh, you really made me laugh with that one!

  5. Michele says:

    So happy about ZARA!

  6. cheeky says:

    @ Michele- ECSTATIC about Zara!!! Now all I need is for H&M to get on board and I will never need to leave my house again to go shopping! lol!

  7. Danielle says:

    So CL is designing for Mogatu’s Derelicte campaign?

  8. Crystal says:

    “When the thugs know who you are, you’re truly somebody” ok, that was an ignorant statement. anyway…..yaaaaaay zara!

  9. Brooklyn Lady says:



  10. Dom says:

    Sesselie is so freaking gorgeous. Not the smartest thing to say though.

    Super amped for Zara! We have one in Boston but Im convinced we only get the leftovers.

  11. Gemini says:

    Huh? When thugs know who you are you have truly “made it” Uh do thugs not have TV, internet or billboard ads in their community? *scratching head*

    Her comments are really perplexing and make no sense at all. I would like to know what hood she comes from and I doubt a hoodlum took a photo of her on his/her phone and uploaded it on facebook . LOL

  12. Mocha says:

    Since when did Zara start selling designer knockoffs?? I don’t get it..

  13. shay says:

    Didn’t Zara already sell online? + Fo’real Since when did Zara start selling knock-offs?

  14. shay says:

    Sorry, was just told americans don’t have access to zara online.

  15. missb says:

    Zara has a lot of “inspired” items aka designer knockoffs.

  16. Mona L says:


  17. Nunyabizniz says:

    Zara online? Best. news. ever.
    I knew I made it when I went a year straight with no overdraft charges in my checking account. How ’bout that Sessillee? *sips tea*

  18. GOALdigger says:

    @cheeky I’m so excited about zara and yes H&M needs to get with the program. It’s 2011 everyone should be online.

  19. addikted2fashion says:

    @GOALdigger H&M released a statement earlier this year (or maybe it was late last year) that will be selling online in the US by the end of this year!

    I wasnt concerned with anything except the bit about Zara in this article! No offense Jihan! lol

  20. Bronze says:

    LOL!!!!!! Former 60 minutes reporter, Ed Bradley (1941-2006) said he was walking down the street and this thug said to him, “You that nigga from the news.” He said he just shook his head and said, “Yes!”

  21. sun.kissed says:

    I agree with Sessilee. I’m sure it was a very tongue in cheek statement, not something to be taken so seriously. It’s about time Zara will be online. Like someone else said, it’s 2011!

  22. shortylox says:

    im excited about ZARA

  23. Savage says:

    Sessilee Lopez has been my fav Super Model since the all black Italian Vogue dropped a few years back. She may not be a household name per say but that woman serves it!!

  24. [...] to catch flies with her open mouth– she’s posing for her House of Deréon UK promo shots! Catch the line at Selfridges in London this September. (Beauty is [...]

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