July 27th, 2011
Kelly Rowland, Snapshot
Snapshot: Kelly Rowland for Vibe Magazine August/September 2011
By Claire

Kelly Rowland for Vibe Magazine August/September 2011. Read excerpts of her interview at NecoleBitchie.com.

Snapshot is a section featuring fashionable, memorable moments. No words, just an image. Enjoy..and discuss!

Source: Necole Bitchie

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30 Responses to “Snapshot: Kelly Rowland for Vibe Magazine August/September 2011”

  1. llehsal says:

    It’s ok. There is alot of photoshop and I’m not sure if it’s the lighting or the (attempted) effect, but whatever it is, I don’t like it at all. I don’t get the wigs though…she should lose them.

  2. Sparkle Cupcake says:

    Super sad that posing topless, talking about sex & going into sex shops is what you are being interviewed about these days.

    So glad that women with TALENT such as :
    Sade, Natalie Cole, Teena Marie, Anglea Winbush, Stephanie Mills, Chaka Khan, Patti Labelle, and the other legends..(Dont Ever put Madonna in this list) decided to work hard for their success and not pose naked.
    It is time for female artists to stop posing nude, implied nude, half naked and gyrating all over the damn stage. Don’t come out in public in skimpy shorts, leotards, panties or bikins. Get it together

    Read more: Kelly Rowland Goes Topless On The Cover Of Vibe | Necole Bitchie.com

  3. Joan says:

    @Sparkle Cupcake

    I co-sign 100%

  4. bella says:

    terrible wig as usual

  5. Brittanyy says:

    Seriously, Kelly? Anything to [finally] sell, I guess.

  6. jadakiss says:

    uh sex sells. . . Kelly’s gorgeous and has a great body and an album to sell . If you got it flaunt it . Go Kelly .

  7. KK says:

    I was hoping that the interview would change my opinion of her( I am not a fan)….If anything it has made me dislike her even more….
    Kelly ‘on if she feels more appreciated in Europe’…. her response gave me the most amount of jokes.
    You dont feel apprechiated yet you took the job as Judge on UK Xfactor…? MOVE THEN!!!!
    How about you make some decent music and you will be appreciated in Europe more. The standard of music coming out of the UK is unreal…! Fix Up Rowland.

  8. MsA says:

    Wig- no. Having to pose “nude”- unnecessary.

  9. layo says:

    The shot is nice- but she has done better. And for those who never liked Kelly and never will- that’s fine. To each is his own- but lets remember we (the public) are the ones responsible for the “I look pretty but cant sing a lick” girls- we made RiRi, Shanti, Britney- and they all did that by sexing it up- why is motivation number one yet anything Chrisette Michelle has made not gone number 1. In all honesty- I prefer Europe singers to America’s trash- Adele, Amy (RIP), Duffy,- Beyonce does not get as much shine there as she does here- wonder why?

  10. Savage says:

    I feel as if she’s trying to hard to be a fashionista/sex kitten…Like instead of trying to conform, fitting into some mold of pop star, just do you. The public, no matter how fickle, better yet her fans are going to appreciate her no matter what. All of a sudden after all these years I’m supposed to believe that Kell Rowland is oozing w sexuality, and wears some of the hottest ish out? I’m not buying it. I’m sorry. Either change the image you’re trying to convey or get another PR team..

  11. Crystal says:

    co-sign @Sparkle Cupcake but please please add Anita Baker to that list. These women are still loved and honored today for the amazing music they gave to this world. You would be lucky to see a knee cap or a shoulder blade on Gladys Knight…you hear me? I feel like we’ve gone backwards….

    this is sad. yes sex sells but most men like a little class with it. this is just trashy. she is desperate and it’s not cute. and honestly, it’s too late in the game for her to pull this move. she’s been in the business fo 15 years.

  12. court says:

    I don’t ever see anyone bashing Rihanna this hard and at least Kelly has a) good singing voice and b) proven work ethic. She looks nice. Its Vibe not W. Vibe never has highly fashionable and unique covers. I am team Kelly as I believe the reason she has not been able to get the attention Beyonce and Rihanna does is her skin tone. Say what you want but name someone to me that has had that type of limelight that is dark complexion.

  13. Savage says:

    I don’t dig it, simply bc I find it hard to believe that after all this time Kelly Rowland is this sex kitten. It reeks of effort, like this woman and her PR team is trying entirely to hard. You mean you go from Commander to Motivation? Now your fashion is so edgy, and top notch? She needs to stop trying to comform, period. Put your shirt on dear sister, and hit the studio. The fans will follow.

  14. Erykah says:

    Uggh, I’ve seen her do this same look in hundreds of photos; and each one is a fail. Kelly is a gorgeous girl and what would have really lit up this cover is her megawatt smile and not this sultry gaze. I wanted to see her with hair that doesn’t cast a shadow on her slender face (preferably a style with a PART) and a to-die-for outfit. We already knew she’s a sexy songstress (the BET Awards performance but the doubters in their place); I think at this point she’s still trying to convince herself.

  15. Savage says:

    I think everyone holds Kelly in higher regrds over Rihanna bc Kelly is way more talented, and we as a public expect more from her. Esp bc she’s been in the game for so long.

  16. sun.kissed says:

    Another FAIL for Kelly. So sick of her and this ‘sex sells’ theory. It clearly isn’t working for her nor did it work for Ciara.
    @ Erykah I can’t say that she put haters in their place on the BET Awards, though the dancing was good (but exaggerated) she was clearly lip syncing. If you can’t dance and sing simultaneously on stage as a performer, you lose. Period.

  17. HohosAreTasty88 says:

    She’s very beautiful, but I would like to see her hairstyle changed up.

  18. whatevs says:

    everything ain’t for everybody…stop trying to censor people for your own personal feelings…you may also want to revise your list b/c I’ve seen pics of Sade, Chaka Khan, Teena Marie, Pattie Labelle,and Natlie Cole doing the “sexy” looks with the implied or barely nude posing…not to mention other legencds such as Diana Ross, Tina Turner, etc…and lets not forget all of these women have had their on demons and accusations thrown at them about needing a man to get to the top…as well as some were just not given the opportunity to be seen as sex symbols because of their appearance…

    someone mentioned Adelle, Amy and Duffy…none of them are seen as sex symbols because physically no one sees them as sex symbols…Amy lost her life due in part to all of the ridicule she got about her looks, Adelle is being glammed up more this time around and I’m sure she’s being pushed to lose the weight…the reason they still have mainstream successis because of the novelty of them being “blue-eyed” soul…if they were just some regular pop singer w/out a voice or a black girl with a voice…they would be pushed down this same road of sex sells to gain success…

    Steps off soap box…

  19. layo says:

    @whatevea- Adele has been the same weight for a while now and she still finds success, Amy had other issues besides her looks. My point is that no one in Europe gives a rats arse how their singers look- as long as they can sing. They leave the beauty stuff to the monarchy.

    Pray tell, what about GaGa- no one is saying she is ugly but she is “not the stereotype” and although she dresses provocatively that is her schtick to get NOTICED not her entire reason for singing. She is the only one out there- everyone has to do sex thing. J-Hud had to get sexy, Jillie from Philly had to get sexy-Kelly Price- I could go on and on about singers who had to get sexy to be noticed.

    It is us that makes these ridiculous demands of our entertainers- that is the whole point of “The Voice” show on NBC- listen to the voice and not the way they look. Hands down- Adele would be the biggest selling singer in the world (over Beyonce, GaGa, RiRi etc) if it were based solely on the voice and not the package. And Tina been selling sex- no one wears mini skirts and sells cookies.

  20. whatevs says:

    Gaga uses her “eccentric” look to her benefit…plenty of people have talked about her looks and her being ugly…

  21. layo says:

    Thats my point @whatevs Gaga has people saying WTF was she wearing and then people listen to her- and realize she has talent. While the ones who have talent HAVE to dress sexy to get noticed. Riri is talentless- she is cute but she sounds like a goat, yet she stays in the news. Chrisette Michelle, Ledisi are beyond Talented- yet they can barely get airplay on your local station.
    Kelly knows the game- in order for her to get noticed SHE has to do this- then people will be like “Oh I didn’t know she could sing.” It is what it is- but the problem I have is people complaining saying why is she going down that route- because we (the public) caused this. The radio only plays what we want to hear. Motivation is played eery 3 seconds but “stole” never got the time of day.

    Another case in point- Marsha Ambrosius- who I absolutely ADORE- in order to make it in the U.S she had to lose weight and sex it up- at least that’s the only reason BET played her music.
    Every woman on the 106 and park countdown is either singing about sex or is dressing overtly sexy- Beyonce Best- she is wearing lingerie, and I could go on. The only person who I admire and has not (at least by that much) sexed it up is Mary. And that is because she came up when being a tomboy or dressing cool (ala TLC, Aaliyah) was in.

  22. whatevs says:

    layo, I think were saying the same thing…my originial post was in reference to another poster…I think where we differ is that i’m not downing the women choosing to go along with the game…some women want to be sexy, want to be sex symbols…so many of these women look at “legends” like Marilyn Monroe and want to emulate them…if thats what they choose…good for them…

    look at Mariah…her career success is based on the time when she was covered up…but she chooses to be “sexy” because that satisfies her…

  23. Empress says:

    Come on now Kelly…not even Beyonce would stoop this low and pose nude..If you were looking got $$$$..you should have posed for Playboy..you would have gotten paid more..Hmm I wonder what Vibe paid her to pose nude??..
    Anyways she has always been a pretty girl!

  24. Blessed&Well Dressed says:


  25. ashleyv says:

    my boyfriend would LOVE this picture, but he still wouldn’t purchase the mag or the music. sex sells something, but i’m not too sure sex can sell the music. if it did ciara would have sold more.

  26. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    From the looks of these comments, St. Kelly Rowland has pissed a lot of people off. Maybe she’s never been that comfortable in her own skin, and so now she’s in a “sexy phase”. If Picasso can be blue, grey, red, or whatever, why can’t Kelly have a “sexy phase”?

  27. Princess says:

    I can’t seem to understand why you people are hating on Kelly!!! Besides it probably just took Kelly sometime to find herself, y’all have seen plenty of rap artist, R&b singers and actors and actrist nude!!! Sounds like alot of hating going on!!! Blah blah blah!!!! (Kelly is Whats Up) y’all need some motivation to shut the heck up!!!!

  28. court says:

    please look at all the past Vibe covers, everyone was naked, ciara (she claims she was dressed and they photshopped it), keyshia cole, dream and christiana miliAn its like an unwritten rule with Vibe covers or something actually kelly’s is the most tasteful of them all

  29. Mae says:

    Not a good look. She should have gone for edgy, not eejit with the unflattering wig and unbecoming nude pose. Funny how women don’t realize they can still look hot, sexy and style WITH clothes on. Shame really.

  30. MP says:

    I mildly dislike it for the following reasons:
    1. They washed out her beautiful skin.
    2. Don’t like her pink eye makeup.
    3. Don’t like her wig. It’s sitting funny and reads as very artificial.

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