June 28th, 2011
Fashion News, Real Style
On the Huffington Post: Howard University Students are the 2nd Best Dressed Undergrads in the Nation
By Claire

Seems there’s no rolling to class in pajamas and Uggs for Howard University undergrads!
According to a Huffington Post article on the Best Dressed Colleges, Howard students rank #2  after New York University:

Citing Women’s Wear Daily, the article says, “Students dress to convey “an air of confidence, a sense of where they’re going” — thanks to bright pink blazers, bold animal prints, vintage blouses and slim-cut letterman jackets.”

Other schools on the list included Florida State University (#3), Parsons the New School of Design (#4), University of Southern California (#5), and the University of Arizona (#6).
Not surprisingly my alma mater didn’t make the list. We would probably rank as worst dressed. Ha.
Read the full Huffington Post article here.
Reminisce on Howard University style with this vintage Fashion Bomb Article.
Do you agree with the list?

Source: NBC & Huffington Post

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102 Responses to “On the Huffington Post: Howard University Students are the 2nd Best Dressed Undergrads in the Nation”

  1. Coldplayer says:


  2. RC Marie says:

    cool choices, but they could’ve did more research…

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s cool that they are well dressed. Not cool that they judge the kids who dress like…..well, college kids!

  4. yusufswifee says:

    ha…clearly. That is exactly one of the things that I didn’t miss when I transferred from my HBCU to a….ahem, school that was not! Flip flops, sweats and tshirts all day.

  5. Uhhh Immma need them to do a recount, seem like they just threw the token up north black school in there *side eye* ..anywyay..I heard about the Howard Hipsters and when I was in school a lot of the DC kids had style, but they didnt have nothing on the students who walked the brick runway (the promenade) at Clark Atlanta University #CAU #justsaying #winning lol

  6. Former Bison says:

    @ Sharde that is a very good point however just because the school is in DC does not mean the students are also from DC Lol. A large majority of my classmates came from Atlanta, Chicago, NY,LA ,Detroit etc. I’ve been to the AUC for Spell-House homecoming and other occassions and yes while yall do have style its still 3 schools compared to Howard’s one #justsaying #TheMecca

  7. Layla says:

    I wonder how they rank in academics…

  8. Simone says:

    What else do you expect from The Mecca?!?! Students from the DC area happen to be the minority here at Howard. Token?? I don’t think so, but hey, I’m up for a recount, that #1 spot will be much better than #2

  9. MWGETMONEY says:

    LOL to the person that said I wonder how they rank in academics, obviously Howard has great academics standings, I dont even go there and I know that. I would’ve loved to see more diverse looks but their style is nice.

  10. Dee says:

    Thats nice and all..but none of the adults in the pictures above are wearing anything I would consider as BEST DRESSED..no bueno!

  11. R.Y.E says:

    Having graduating from Howard, I can attest to the fact that I never EVER went to class in pajamas or sweats once in my entire 4 years there. With that being said, everyone doesn’t dress like the students in the picture, a very small minority or from DC (although i’m not saying our still isn’t influenced by DC because they are very fashionable in that city). And about the academics, the students at HU are on our A game regarding our education, its just plus that our style comes along with it :) … and of course im biased because I went there! LOL

  12. Joanne_ says:

    I must say that I am a proud graduate of THE Florida State University and I am ecstatic to see that we are number 3, a bit surprised but I see where it may be coming from. I do feel that it may be stifled a bit considering that alot of students from FAMU frequent FSU’s campus and that’s what they may have been seeing. No shade, however, because I can truly claim fashionista status! =)

  13. NAIJA VIX. says:

    this really isn’t surprising to me.. growing up i always knew Howard students bring their A-Game fashion wise..

  14. KBS says:

    They look cute.
    No one should, for any reason, leave the house in pajamas other than the house is engulfed in flames. And stop with the bonnets in public too. Wear a hat.

  15. Kitana says:

    “I wonder how they rank in academics…”

    That’s what I wanna know!

  16. D. says:

    Yet another reason not to send my kid to Howard… LOL! JUST KIDDING!!! that’s all fine and well. Don’t wear pajamas to class, but on the flip side, I would hate to be in college these days feeling pressure to “dress up” just to go to class. It’s school, not a a fashion show.

    As for academics? Howard is a great school. That I do know, but I’m Tuskegee always and forever. c/o 93

  17. Miss Smith says:

    I wish they would’ve included photos from the other schools that were ranked.

  18. 08Bison says:

    The year before I came Seventeen had us in the same ranking. And @Layla and Kitana, don’t worry HU ranks wonderfully when it comes to academics. We ranked #2 among HBCUs and top 100 among schools nationally.
    Students are just as serious about looking good as they are about their academics, internships, & extracurricular activities. And fyi: not everyone is coming to class in 4 inch stilettos or fully decked out. While I’d never wear pajamas to class (it is school) plenty of us would wear sweats and sneakers and call it a day.

  19. Kitana says:


    Thank you! Thats so refreshing to hear!

  20. GlammourGirl says:

    @Joanne…fellow Seminole here. I’m surprised to see us as number 3 as well. But I’m an old head, I’m sure things have changed since I graduated.

  21. Bukky says:

    HU c/o 06…I didn’t own a pair of sweats until I got to a PWI grad school, but I also wasn’t walking around in stilettos and strappy sandals while at Howard, I was in the College of Engineering.

    But besides the high fashion, Howard is also known for having undergrads that know what professional and business attire is supposed to look like. They stressed the importance of owning suits and how to present yourself appropriately for job interviews, job fairs, etc. I see some undergrads at job fairs at other schools and wince because I always feel like they’re too casual.

  22. ShuShumama says:

    HU!!!! YOU KNOW!!!!

  23. cameil says:

    um what about F.I.T. hello!?!?

  24. pz says:

    YES YES!! HU, U KNOW!! :-)

  25. Mia says:

    *howard hand* HU!!!! (also being one of the few Howard students from the DMV i agree somewhat that HU and DC cultures influences each other styles but the great thing about fashion at Howard is its diversity. Not everyone does the hipster thing but no matter everyone always looks put together for class. It’s Howard so you never know who may be on campus and you want to be decent if you do come in contact with a celebrity or anybody who could be in a position to help you get to the next level.

  26. Joanne_ says:

    @GlammourGirl, what year did you graduate??

  27. HUYouKnow says:

    Currently, Howard is ranked as the #1 HBCU in addition to our national top 100 ranking. We’re a very confident and competitive group in almost every aspect. Go us. **giveshowardhand

  28. mj says:

    Let me preface this by saying that they all look cute. BUT, they also look like the wardrobe stylist from the set of ‘A Different World’ dressed them all. Not a whole lot of diversity in the look they’re all going for… jmo

  29. Chardaesodivine says:

    That’s awesome!!! Love Hearing about the HBCU’S…i attend A HBCU missouri…

  30. Adrienne says:

    Yes I agree! As a Howard Alumni (Whoo Hoo), we are very fashionable as each student has their own individual style. It is “The Mecca” after all, did you expect anything less? Something about stepping onto “The Yard” gives you some style. Do some research about Howard style over the years…we’ve always been a fashion forward institution!

  31. addikted2fashion says:

    must be nice to go to a school thats getting press for being on the best dressed list. they must add that on their resumes once they graduate.

  32. Lola M says:

    I see that students at Howard care more about fashion then academics. This school isnt even ranked in the top 100.

  33. ShuShumama says:

    SMH @ all the haters….lol! *gives Howard hand*

  34. LawyerChic says:

    They obviously didn’t visit Hampton….and yes that’s shade lol

  35. Echo says:

    PLEASE stop with the HATE! Give props to the fact that HU is THE ONLY HBCU on the list. Just another case where HU takes it’s place as the leaders in the African-American community but we STILL handle biz academically. Why can’t we be stylish AND smart? What’s the negativity for? Just congratulate. Or as the saying goes… “If you dont have anything nice to say..” You know the rest


  36. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    Real talk, as a FAMU grad, if they went to FSU on Student Union Wednesday, that was FAMU students they were checking out. Proud graduate of Fashion and Modeling University, also known as Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University!

  37. tia says:

    wtf #1 HBCU!!!!!!!!!! we just so happen to do it all while getting 4.0′s. Dont hate that Howard name sends a message

  38. addikted2fashion says:

    nobody is hating.i love fashion just like everyone on here, but dressing up for class? for what? i’ve never understood why people feel the need to dress like they’re going to a club or hanging out when they’re going to class.

  39. Boho girl says:

    No hate, but thats one of the reasons why i did not even apply to an HBCU
    i love to show off my personal style but when i’m on my grind, academics is my main focus. Can’t be worried about getting the side eye from my peers for just dressing “normal”. (no head scarves outdoors of course, but no pumps and accessories either)

  40. Nikki says:

    Spelman College is ranked as the #1 HBCU. And it has for the past four years…


  41. FB says:

    the shade is a cackle. this is a FASHION blog. if you wanted to check the academic rankings of Howard and other HBCUS maybe you should’ve hopped on over to U.S. News and World Report or the National Science Foundation or The Chronicle of Higher Education. Nice job HU!

    @Sharde as a Spelman grad i have to agree with you that CAU students def killed it on the strip when i was there. #AUClove

  42. LawyerChic says:

    @BoHogirl if you based not applying to an HBCU off of people getting dressed you might want to reevaluate reasons for going to college.

    How you dress & present yourself are a big part of one’s overall professionalism. If you lack that no amount of education will mean anything.

  43. tay says:

    i love howard !

    i still want those boots that the girl w/ the blazer in the old post has on

  44. Amber says:

    cool! but too hipster for me.

  45. Kayla says:

    Woooohooo! #BISON #THEMECCA
    Actually, Howard does not only rank #2 in terms of fashion. According to the 2011 Princeton review, Howard falls a few points short behind Spelman College at #2 in academics. Take that! Take that! Also, Howard University is also ranked among the top 100 colleges and universities across the nation. Take that! Take that! (Diddy voice)

    Anywho, this is a FASHION blog. Maybe you should switch over to another blog or website for academic rankings. Uplift your fellow black men and women for not only being fashionable, but also for pursuing a higher education.

    Stop throwing #shade. This post is about HOWARD. If you want to state facts about Clark Atlanta or Spelman, let’s talk about their rate of enrolled students working at Magic City strip club or who are walking around the deadly disease I will refrain from mentioning.

    Howard shut’s in down. Case in point. No more facts will be mention. Google us..=)

  46. Citychic says:

    I’m gonna have to agree with @Boho Girl. That was ONE of my reasons for not attending an HBCU as well. I went to a HS that was pretty much a fashion show everyday. And while there’s a difference between dressing up and being presentable I knew I didn’t want to go to a school where I felt pressured to dress up and show out everyday.

    I agree that Howard is fly without a doubt but to each his/her own :)

  47. Martinika says:

    As a current Howard Bison, i will say yes we are known for our fashion, but we are also known for our legacy. Do some research before you throw negativity into this.Some of the greatest Doctors, Politicians, Musicians, Actors/Actresses,…etc. have gone to Howard. We are the “Mecca” and we hold ourselves with high standards, so yes, we have very good grades and we’re involved with our school and community. There’s nothing wrong with going to an HBCU, anyone that does can concur that it’s a great experience! So please stay positive and just congratulate! Thanks! By the way, I Love My Real HU! HU You know! *gives Howard Hand*

  48. IG says:

    @Kayla-If you want to state facts about Clark Atlanta or Spelman, let’s talk about their rate of enrolled students working at Magic City strip club or who are walking around the deadly disease I will refrain from mentioning” It’s sad that you have to throw shade at schools in the AUC. I can’t believe you actually sunk that low. You are a representation of your alma mater and your comments were really unnecessary. Thanks for showing us what Howard is really about.

  49. 05girl says:

    …You want to talk about RATES, let’s talk about the graduation rate at Spelman vs Howard…. #takethat #takethat..
    I guess I am biased, but based off THESE pics I’m not impressed. I remember Claire had a college style post before that got competitive in the comments lol… maybe Claire should do another one.. but first CALL for pics to be sent in.

  50. Redd says:

    When going to class, looking put together is important, if you the type of person who likes to dress up no matter what, ok thats you, but to have to feel like you have to be dressed to impressed going to class is not cool.
    I go to a university where everybody where pajamas, sweats, flip flop, whatever they rolled outta bed in, but i still go to class pretty much everyday dressed. Buts its nice to know that if I do have on some sweats, I wont be looked at crossed eyed.
    If everybody in your class is dressed up, you will feel outta place if you are not, but if its a mix you wont feel the pressure.
    And I go to one of the top universities in the nation and you best believe my fellow classmates be on they grind so much they go to class in whatever comfortable, no time for preparation for class.

    And honestly it is easier to just get up and go to class comfortable, but when I get up and gotta do my hair, makeup, and dress, its more. But at my school you gotta get dressed up for you, because trust those other students are not worrying about what you got on today. But at some hbcu they are, so its not just for you anymore, so thats added pressure for some.

    Now I’m not hating on an hbcu, because I did want to go to Howard. But one thing I was not gone miss at those schools is exactly that, I felt like that all in high school, going to class looking badd, but i did not want to do all that in college too. I mean I am still a fashionista, so I always go out looking my best for me, but sometimes you know and i know that nobody at my school will care.

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