June 27th, 2011
Beauty, Hot or Hmm
Weekend Beauty Hot! or Hmm…: Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, Kerry Washington, and More at The 2011 BET Awards
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Happy Monday!

The 2011 BET Awards went down last night and I totally missed it trying to catch every last second of this weekend outside. But from the looks of things—well, you’ll see for yourselves because girl

Nicki Minaj‘s facial expression in this pic is the same exact one I had on my face when I noticed she was wearing blue contacts. Chile, I can’t take colored contacts. And this Ramona Quimby Age 8 hair though.

Toni Braxton has one of my favorite voices and the woman is sooo drop dead gorgeous. I love the honey brown hair and her makeup looks great, too. Not sure why she decided to go with auburn brows though. Darken the brows and Toni has another hit look.

BET Ultimate Fan winner Tiffany Greene rocked the red carpet in glowing skin paired with minimal makeup and soft pink lip gloss. I’m digging the side bun (which you can’t really see in the pic) and I’m totally going to ignore that enlarged Barbie necklace.

Shaun Robinson is such a beautiful woman—her makeup is perfectly applied and is perfect for summer. But girl, this hair hat? Hmm…

Wait…was there a 2-for-1 sale on hair hats? It’s like when bad wigs happen to good people, but also like Groundhog’s Day because this seems to always happen to Kelly Rowland. Kelly, WHYYYYYYYYY? You’re so much better than this.

Michelle Williams on the other hand is rocking a perfectly coiffed head of hair. Makeup looks good, too. Hot!

I just don’t get Meagan Good‘s love of such full coverage foundation when it appears as if she has pretty nice skin. The waxy finish of her face and the dramatic brows age the young star.

L-Y, L-Y-T-E (MC Lyte) rocked the party with a shaved sides blonde natural. I like the hair but those lashes are too long and her brows are a bit Paper Thin. Love me some Lyte though!

Lola Monroe is another fan of the “too much foundation” club. I don’t get it—you can tell she has pretty decent skin, too. That hair is FIRE though—love it!

I’m loving Kimberly Nicole‘s natural! The shape and color suit her well. I love the green shadow, too but would opt for a more natural looking brow.

Kerry Washington is giving “I’m cute and I know it” with this pose. I know it, too Kerry girl! Hot!

Oh, Keke Palmer. Such a cute girl and positive role model for both the kiddies and adults, but this ombre look isn’t your best, girlfriend. I also would have blended that shadow out a lot more.

I don’t even know what to say about Joyful Drake‘s look here. Well maybe I do—it’s A LOT of “look”. I would have either switched out the smoky eye with something more neutral to pair with the red lips or kept the makeup as is and did a more simple hairdo, or switched the red with a nude lip. Beautiful skin though.

Don’t you all remember loving everything about Eve‘s style back in the early 2000′s? And now…ugh. This whole look is giving me Prince Akeem before he came to Queens in “Coming to America”.

Psst…somebody tap Elise Neal on the shoulder and tell her them edges are showing…

Ashanti always looks cute as a button—her makeup is niiiiice here. I just wish the height on her side pony was shortened just a tad.

It’s like the side pony was a mini trend at the BET Awards. I like this rendition of it on Alicia Keys. Makeup looks good though I would have loved to see a little liner on her eyes and less lashes–the way they’re set here seems to make her eyes look smaller and more close-set.

And that’s that, folks! Chime in on the looks in the comments :)

Images via Getty

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28 Responses to “Weekend Beauty Hot! or Hmm…: Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, Kerry Washington, and More at The 2011 BET Awards”

  1. MsA says:

    Nicki- get rid of those contact lenses STAT! And the face is too cakey.
    Toni- brows too red. I made that mistake too once lol
    Kelly- why oh why with that wig?? All that damn money and a wig from the local Korean spot? Girl stop.
    Michelle- lovely!
    Meagan- those brows look like cartoons and too much makeup on that pretty skin.
    Lyte- a win from the nose down.
    Lola- wayyy to much light foundation.
    Keri- she knows she got it lol
    Keke- she has grown into a beautiful young woman.
    Eve- all I see is a shadow over her face.
    Elise- not enough color on her face. Just one shade of pasty foundation. And yea those edges (or what’s left of them) need to be covered, or uncovered in the front and weaved in the rest at least.
    Ashanti- lovely.
    Alicia- looks rather old.

  2. Gemini says:

    I love Ashanti, Eve, KeKe Palmer, Michelle Williams & Shaun Robinson look HAWT!

    I don’t really like AKeys look too much here. Congrats to her 4 losing baby weight!

    Oh what was Elise Neal thinking??
    Nicki looks mad lol.

  3. Girl let me gather my bearings.

    First of all, speaking as a loyal citizen of Zamunda, I will warn you against slandering the name of Prince Akeem again! Now moving on:

    Toni – Agreed. I dont’ care how light your hair is, light brows are not ever really an option.

    Keke, Tiffany, Elise – I’m not sure why you dinged Elise alone. All of these ladies are in the “Thirsty Edges” crew. I’m so sad that Naomi’s withered hairline (shouts out to Restoration International) has done nothing to discourage tight weaves. And Keke is way too young to be wispy.

    Lyte – Girl I amost got shamwowd by those winged eyelashes too. Don’t do it – leave them in Ulta!

    Eve, Alicia – I’m sorry but I refuse to allow women who make or have made as much money as these two to walk around with scuzzy braids. If at this price point you can’t get someone to trim the flyaways on that rat tail, there is clearly no god. And does Alicia have a RUBBER BAND on there??? DONE.

    Now, will someone PLEASE address how absolutely ovah that Tiffany Green girl is in the face? Damn rappin, can we get her on a cover????

  4. WaliyyahS says:

    The only look that I love is Kerry Washington’s. Makeup, hair, pose is perfecto!!! After that is Keke Palmer & Ashanti. Everybody else needs to try again with something or everything.

  5. ShiftC says:

    I can’t think of one good thing to say about any of these folks. Everyone looks sweaty, wiggy, and uncute.

  6. Ashley says:

    Danielle girl you had me rolling all the way through this. All the hair styles in this were lackluster at best but it is the BET Awards… smh

  7. Savage says:

    Omg…almost everyone looks pretty dreadful..
    Ms. Keys looks tired
    Ashanti looks old, not mature but just old.
    MC Lyte who looks amazing w/o makeup let some queen loose on her face..

    Not impressed
    Keri looks gorgeous but then she always does…

    Like noone looks spectacular..

  8. Natasha says:

    Nicki- Needs to fire her makeup artist lords know I’m tired of that same ol pink lip with noticeable lip liner with winged eyeliner and gold shadow.
    Toni- Could have used some lipgloss and don’t like the brows
    Tiffany- Are you serious with that barbie necklace SMFH
    Kelly- Gets a pass because she’s so adorable
    Michelle- Looks Gorge
    Meagan- Stays losing and the dress looked like she bought it from a clearance rack
    Keke- If her eyeshadow was blended with a transition color it would have worked
    Joyful Drake- The cardinal sin of makeup. You only emphasize or playup one feature at a time.
    Keri- Looked Radiant and beautiful
    Ashanti- Looked the best makeup wise for me.
    Alicia- Love the her makeup but I agree that she needed some eyeliner even if it was a flesh toned one. I looove the hair though
    Eve- Her makeup was on point but idk about leather leggings in the summer.
    Lola- Foundation was too cakey and the lipliner was too dark.

  9. EntertainmentsFuture says:

    I actually like EVEs hair. I thought it was cute. It was different from the usual lace front, long hair center part look. Alicia though could had used a comb..

  10. I hated the awards!!!!! says:

    ALICA’S hair looked like her child braided it…. FAIL FAIL FAIL

  11. KBS says:

    Ctfu @ loyal citizen of zamunda!

    Danielle is a eyebrow nazi fa sure!

  12. GlammourGirl says:

    I’m a daily reader, but I rarely comment. Danielle, you cracked me up! Not Ramona Quimby! And I loves me some L-Y, L-Y-T-E too!

    It’s funny that I can usually read the comments and know who they’re by. Hostile Negress, you’re hilarious!

  13. BOOBOO says:

    Its ALOT of H.A.M. but if i had to chose the winners..

    Best Hair-Lola (still tryin 2 remember what she does n who she is thou)
    Best Makeup-Ashanti
    Best Overall-Keri

    Did they NOT get the memo that it is summer and its a awards show?! Everybody got on hair hats n sweating..a.total.mess.

  14. Dobe says:

    LMAOOOOOO! RAMONA QUIMBY AGE 8!!! I CANNOT! You better cut it out right now, Danielle! Gonna get me sent home early!

  15. Joanne_ says:

    I like Eve’s makeup here, she looks lovely.
    My favorite this week is Ashanti’s look.
    MC Lyte….hmmmm, what was she thinking?!
    Kerry Washington is just looking as classy as she can be!

  16. Adriana says:

    Nicki – must’ve been looking in a mirror
    Toni – almost need sunglasses when looking at this picture
    Tiffany – like eating too much candy, just too much “sweet”
    Shaun – crest white strips ad
    Kelly – used the First Lady’s stylist for this one
    Michelle – should always wear purple, looks amazing with her skintone
    Meagan – eyebrows could move an inch or two down
    MC Lyte – you go girl!
    Lola Monroe – killer hair…i’m extremely jealous
    Kimberly – walked off the Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire set
    Kerry – belongs on a beach in Rio, looks summer ready!
    Keke – i would not know where her lips are if not for that pouty face
    Joyful – joyful
    Eve – no comment
    Ashanti – adorable
    Alicia – can do no wrong

  17. sun.kissed says:

    LOL at the two for one hair hats and the tap Elise on the shoulders! Danielle, you slay me! I actually like Nicki’s hair. Kerry, Michelle and Tiffany Greene look good (I’ll excuse the Barbie necklace since it was announced that she’s Nicki Minaj’s #1 fan), everyone else needs to quit. They were either doing too much or not enough.

  18. Madpet says:

    What’s up with the “not matching your foundation” look? Nicki, Kelly, Lola, and Meagan. Your Foundation doesn’t match!! Fire your makeup artist!!

  19. Cmoni says:

    Lmao @ Danielle…Girl you are hilarious!

  20. LawyerChic says:

    The wigs and hair pieces were the true stars of the night

  21. Ugh..ick! Sorry but the fashion and makeup at that show was hideous.

  22. CollegeGrad11 says:

    Was it just me, or was this post full of negativity? Honestly, i don’t think anyone here looked as awful as they were described. The green carpet was outside, and it is summer time. Also, these people are human, and no one is perfect.

  23. binks says:

    lol you basically summed it up nicely, a lot of misses and nearly hits made yesterday. I wasn’t really feeling anyone and don’t get me started on the guys :(

  24. lolol omg poor baby …i know she said she was Nicki Minaj’s “biggest fan” but please lets leave the bubble gum machin barbie chains at home and to make it worse they made her read the wrong name off the tablet and teleprompter lol *sheesh* ..its too much fashion over load , i cant keep up!!! lol …P.S. #uknowitwashot cuz everbody had that upperlip sweat mustache glow lol gotta luv it lol…

  25. Danielle says:

    I CANNOT with “loyal citizen of Zamunda” @The Hostile Negress LMAOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    @KBS yesss—brows are super duper super important. They frame the face :)

    Thanks for all your comments, everyone :D

  26. cortney says:

    ashanti looks amazing everybody else hmmmm…

  27. Demi says:

    Ermm.. How can you get onto Nicki Minaj about wearing colored contacts, when LOLA MONROE wears them too?! ¬_¬ (Also, Toni Braxton has a fake nose) Chile please….

  28. MSAW says:

    You called it with the terrible wigs. Such beautiful ladies – such terrible wigs.

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